A list of heroes and villains found in the comic series ''ComicBook/{{Invincible}}''.

'''Spoilers below.'''

!!Invincible (Markus "Mark" Grayson)


''"Yeah...I can fly."''

The titular Invincible. A young man new to the superhero scene, but nonetheless [[JumpedAtTheCall enthusiastic about doing good in the world.]]

* [[spoiler: AchillesInHisTent: He's stayed out of super-heroics following Robot's takeover on the grounds that he's a father now and his responsibility is to his daughter.]]
* [[spoiler: ActionDad: To his daughter by Eve, Terra]].
* ArchEnemy: Considers Angstrom Levy to be his.
* BadassMustache: Does not have one, but due to his [[HalfHumanHybrid Viltrumite heritage]] may end up growing one.
* BaddieFlattery: Does this a bit.
* BerserkButton: Harming his loved ones or friends. [[spoiler:Angstrom Levy learns this the hard way after terrorizing his mother and half brother, and breaking the former's arm. [[NoHoldsBarredBeatdown Mark did NOT take kindly to this.]]]]
** When [[spoiler: an alien doctor at first refuses to help his daughter because she's part Viltrumite, Mark pulls a NeckLift and tells him to help or die]]. In the same incident, [[spoiler: he snaps at Oliver's girlfriend, who he blames for his daughter's predicament, mainly because he's terrified]].
* BewareTheNiceOnes: See BerserkButton above and NoHoldsBarredBeatdown below.
* BloodLust: Constantly has to deal with this in later issues [[spoiler:due to his Viltrumite DNA.]]
* CharacterDevelopment: Mark starts out full of idealism and WrongGenreSavvy - he thinks he's in a simple world of right and wrong. [[spoiler: As the series has gone on, numerous personal catastrophes and GrayAndGreyMorality choices have been forced on him. Whether this will result in a KnightInSourArmor or a KnightTemplar full of angst is yet to be seen.]]
* [[spoiler:ChubbyChaser:]] When he sees [[spoiler:the recently plumped-up Eve put on her costume again,]] he's quite pleased.
* ClarkKenting: His mask is just a pair of goggles and a headband, and gets torn often. [[SubvertedTrope Most people see right through it.]]
* CurbStompBattle: Either gives these out or is on the receiving end of one. [[spoiler:Notable ones on which he is on the business include [[FaceHeelTurn his father Omni-Man]], [[NighInvulnerable Conquest]]... [[HowMuchMoreCanHeTake and basically the entire Viltrumite War storyline]].]]
* DadTheVeteran: His father Nolan is Omni-Man, the world's premier superhero and [[spoiler:a high ranking soldier in the Viltrum Empire's army.]]
** [[spoiler: He's since become this to his own child.]]
* [[spoiler:DoubleStandardRapeFemaleOnMale: Averted. His rape by Anissa is so traumatizing that he's unable to bring it up to his father and, until he confesses what happened to Eve, he's unable to get intimate with anyone.]]
* FlyingBrick: His powerset. [[RunningGag He has to constantly remind people that he doesn't have super senses, though]].
* GoodIsNotDumb: He has tried to come up with non-violent solutions to problems before resorting to punching. It's also implied early on that he is (at least) a decent student.
* HalfHumanHybrid: Half Human, Half Viltrumite
* HeroesWantRedheads: Has this with Atom Eve.
* RetiredBadass: [[spoiler: After his daughter's born]].

!! Nolan Grayson (Omni-Man)


Mark's father, and an alien from the planet Viltrum. [[spoiler:Was once a secret advance scout for a Viltrumite invasion, but has since become a completely changed man.]]
* {{Expy}}: Starts out as an Expy of Franchise/{{Superman}} (but 10 issues in, [[spoiler:his plot becomes BewareTheSuperman]]).
* FlyingBrick: His powerset.
* [[spoiler:HeelFaceRevolvingDoor]]
* [[spoiler:RoyalBlood: Nolan is one of the lost heirs to the previous Viltrum king displaced due to the war that occurred after the King's death. He eventually takes the crown when it is discovered that Thragg had been hiding this fact after he discovered it.]]
* WalkingSpoiler: Oh Nolan. [[spoiler:His role as being one of the first major villains in the series first few arcs. then followed by his HeelFaceTurn later. Most recently his ascension to become King of the Viltrumites. ]]

!! Oliver Grayson


Mark's half-brother, Oliver was born to Nolan and an alien mantis woman whose species has an extremely short lifespan, but learns and develops ''very'' quickly. As such, he is a gifted boy with Viltrumite powers who grew from infancy to adolescence in just a few years.

* AnnoyingYoungerSibling: For Mark
* AntiHero
* [[HalfHumanHybrid Half Viltrumite Hybrid]]: He gets his purplish skin from his mother's side.
* MyGodWhatHaveIDone: [[spoiler:After accidentally infecting Mark with the Scourge virus when trying to poison those hiding on Earth even knowing it could possibly kill a massive amount of the human population. ]]
* ObviouslyEvil: This was played up pretty strongly when he first started fighting alongside Mark, but whatever plot thread this was leading to seems to have been dropped and he's been pretty normal since then.
* YoungerThanTheyLook: Like his skin color, a byproduct from his mother's species, he aged extremely rapidly.

!! Robot

Robot is, to all appearances, exactly what his name implies. He's actually [[spoiler:a mutated scientist using a remote-controlled robot body. He later transfers his mind to a clone of Rex Splode, and later still pays tribute to Rex's HeroicSacrifice by taking his name]]

* [[spoiler: HeroKiller: Attempts to kill off the vast majority of the world's heroes in his [[FaceHeelTurn attempt to take over the world]]. He succeeds.]]
* [[spoiler:OlderThanTheyLook: After changing to the clone body. Even more so after spending hundreds of years in the [[NarniaTime Flaxan dimension]] where time moves at a much slower pace.]]
* [[spoiler:PoweredArmor: After getting his cloned human body, he often wears a suit version of the original Robot, uh, robot.]]
* WalkingSpoiler: Just about everything to know about him came ''after'' the big reveal.
* [[spoiler:WellIntentionedExtremist: During and following his time spent in the Flaxan dimension.]]

!! Monster Girl

A charter member of the second Guardians of the Globe, Monster Girl can turn into a giant monster at will, but ages backwards with each transformation due to a curse. She is also Robot's longtime girlfriend.

* MonsterModesty: Originally her monster form only wore trunks, but since then it's been decked out in something like a lycra cycling suit.
* OlderThanTheyLook: She's around thirty but has the appearance of a pre-teen, [[spoiler:until Robot devises a cure for her condition. Taken even further after spending hundreds of years in another dimension]].
* SuperGenderBender: Her monster form is unambiguously male; she even [[spoiler:fathered a child in monster form.]]

!! Rex Splode

A cocksure young hero with explosive powers. Anything but popular due to his difficult behavior.

* DarkAndTroubledPast
* {{Expy}}: of ComicBook/{{Gambit}}.
* FreudianExcuse: Rex has a lot of reasons for being a huge asshole, including [[spoiler:the fact that his family gave him away and never thought about him again]] and [[spoiler:being used as an assassin by his evil father figure]].
* ImprovisedWeapon: Thanks to his powers, ''everything'' is a weapon to Rex.
* SimpleStaff: His primary weapons are simple nightsticks, which he usually charges before throwing.
* {{Tykebomb}}: [[spoiler:[[HeroicSacrifice Literally.]]]]

!!Allen the Alien
* {{Badass}}
** [[spoiler: {{Ambadassador}}: After the Viltrumite War he becomes leader of the Coalition of Planets]]
* DefeatMeansFriendship: Averted. Instead of fighting over a pointless misunderstanding, Mark tries talking ''first.''
* FlyingBrick
* HeroOfAnotherStory: Allen has his own vaguely Green Lantern-like career and adventures, of which we only see a few snippets.
* HumanoidAlien: A [[TopHeavyGuy burly]] cyclops with only three digits per hand.
* LetsYouAndHimFight: He repeatedly ran through this scenario with Mark's dad until Mark actually tried talking to him and found out his attacks were a mistake.

!!Angstrom Levy

Essentially Invincible's ArchEnemy. Blaming Invincible for his hideously mutated appearance, he's willing to go to whatever lengths necessary to have his revenge.

* CreateYourOwnVillain: Angstrom Levy was an amoral but harmless scientist who sought to perfect his technologies through less than legal means... until Invincible accidentally turned him into a freak with brains bulging out of his head and shoulders.
** It was, in fact, largely Levy's fault: the accident happened because Levy tried to stop the Mauler Twins, who he'd employed for his experiments, from killing Invincible. When Mark points this out, Levy refuses to believe it, because by that point he's too insane to realize there was ever a time that he ''didn't'' want Invincible dead.
* [[spoiler:HeelFaceDoorSlam: Atom Eve [[TalkingTheMonsterToDeath convinces him]] that Invincible is a good guy and it was a delusion that the explosion was his fault, finally making him remember that the explosion was caused by him trying to ''save'' Mark...then one of the evil Altvincibles drags him to another dimension and an unpleasant fate. However, this turns into a DefiedTrope as Mark immediately vows to track him down and rescue him.]]
* ItsPersonal: One of very few villains to have a personal quarrel with Invincible, and the ''only'' one for whom the feeling is mutual on Invincible's part.
* MeaningfulName: An ''angstrom'' is a microscopic unit of measurement. Levy is - or starts out as - an experimental physicist.
* MyBrainIsBig: Much to his dismay.

!! Atom Eve (Samantha Eve)
* [[spoiler: ActionMom: To Terra, her daughter by Invincible.]]
* {{Badass}}
* [[spoiler:BigBeautifulWoman: Eventually. That said, after her pregnancy she loses most of the weight]]
* DesperationAttack: Her powers can't alter living organic matter [[spoiler:unless she's near death.]]
* [[spoiler: DoubleStandardRapeFemaleOnMale: Seems upset at Mark after he confesses about this happening to him, but shortly after, having had a little think about it and realised how stupid her previous attitude was, comforts him, tells him to stop blaming himself for not fighting hard enough and says that she's there for him.]]
* ReedRichardsIsUseless: Subverts this by realizing that her matter-warping powers would be better used to stop famines than fight bank robbers. She does go back to superheroing eventually.
** She returns to heroics because using her powers to try to stop famines, and essentially change the world take a serious toll on her body, and the effects tend to be temporary at best, because of that this trope is actually played straight.
* SuperpowerLottery
** RealityWarper

!!Bulletproof [[spoiler: Invincible II]] (Zandale Randolph)
* AbusiveParents: See below.
* AccidentalMurder: [[spoiler:While his father is strangling his girlfriend, Zandale pulls him off her a little too hard and breaks his neck.]]
* AffirmativeActionLegacy: [[spoiler: To Invincible]]
* AscendedExtra
* {{Badass}}
* FlyingBrick
* DeadPersonImpersonation: [[spoiler:Of his [[EvilTwin evil]] [[MySiblingWillLiveThroughMe twin brother]].]]
* DevelopmentGag: His costume and name are the original pre-production name and look for the comic.
* HandsomeLech: Despite having a girlfriend, he hits on more then a few female heroes.
* {{Lolicon}}: Averted. He doesn't like being hit on by Monster Girl in early issues.
** Now that SheIsAllGrownUp, ''he'' has no problem hitting on ''her.''
* TheScapegoat: [[spoiler:When he makes the reveal about his origin, Zandale's parents do not believe his twin brother was an evil MadScientist that unwillingly tested on his artsy, less ambitious twin brother. Instead, they convince themselves [[TheUnfavourite Zandale]] killed his brother after receiving powers and assumed his identity ''out of jealously'']].
* [[spoiler:SelfMadeOrphan: He and his girlfriend accidentally kill both his parents.]]
* TallDarkAndHandsome
* TheUnfavourite: To his parents.
* [[spoiler: YouShouldHaveDiedInstead: Told this by his parents after revealing the fate of his brother, complete with threatening to see him executed for his involvement.]]

!! Cecil Steadman

A bigwig at the Pentagon, Cecil has employed Mark at various times and oversees the Guardians of the Globe.

* BigGood: Theoretically; Mark and others have considered him evil in the past.
* {{Expy}}: Is ComicBook/NickFury but just barely managed to keep his eye.
* VoiceWithAnInternetConnection: When Mark is working for him, more or less.
* WellIntentionedExtremist: He prefers to work with heroes and do things aboveboard, when he can. Unfortunately, once he's past the GodzillaThreshold, he stops being picky. At all.