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    n3rd d4sh 
Joined around Season 174

Notable Tributes

Debuting in Season 129, mostly just puts in tributes which are completely stupid and tries his luck.

Notable Tributes:

    Nie Orginalny 
First joined in season 105, also suggested some events later.Tributes:

    President Stalkeyes 
Has sent in a large number of varied Tributes to a pointless and agonising death. His Tributes tend to have bad luck.

Notable Tributes:

Psychedelicate first joined the game in its 5th season, and the first tributes they've ever submitted were Hatsune Miku and Stuart Ashen. From there, they became a regular member of the thread and primarily nominated anime characters - and sometimes the occasional inanimate object - as tributes for each season.

They took a hiatus somewhere between seasons 100-110, but from season 141 onwards they have returned to becoming a regular. The majority of the tributes they enter nowadays are Dangan Ronpa characters.

Tributes in the Hall of Fame and tropes applying to them include:

Tropes applying to their tributes as a whole plus non-Hall of Fame tributes include:

A contributor who joined in Season 72. Most of her Tributes are characters from Video Games, mainly Nintendo Franchises. She has also entered in characters from other franchises and series.

Notable Tributes:

Other Notable Tributes:

    Sailor Tardis 
A contributor who joined in the 108th season. Has had a little success but rarely comments.

Notable Tributes:

Had entered many characters, and was a frequent host. Had moderate success.

Notable tributes:

    Skiller 2 
A recurring player who joined the game in Season 4. Notable tributes include:

  • Chaos Sorcerer (winner of Season 10)
  • A Deathclaw (tied for most kills in Season 5)
  • Jason Brody (3rd place in season 14 and got the most kills that season)
    • Took a Level in Badass: In the first season he appeared in, Jason wound up dying alongside Kars. Come season 14, he puts in a far better performance.
  • Super Vegito (tied for most kills in Season 65; 1st place and got the most kills in Season 87)
    • Took a Level in Badass: After spending most of his appearances as one of the game's biggest and most infamous Butt Monkeys, later seasons have him performing much more competently, to the point that he actually won Season 87.
      • Badass Decay: Unfortunately, he took a severe hit when he was killed in the Bloodbath for the third time (after Seasons 14 and 15) in Season 173.
  • The Chosen Undead (winner of Season 69)
  • The Ashen One (3rd place in Season 70)
  • Sweden (3rd place in Season 75)
  • Scott Pilgrim (most kills in Season 79)

    Smiley 100 P 
Started in season 173. Very fun piece of trash.

Tributes in Alphabetical Order:

  • Amber [1] (S174: Nobody seems to recognize her. Made a very obvious choice in a trolley dilemma. Three strangers or Justin Bieber? Killed the latter. And then was pushed off a freaking cliff.)
  • Barnaby (S179: "Killed" a tiny candy birb and lost his kite in the process. Failed to hack the HGS. Tried to be cheered up by a couple of fish. Realized that a third was secretly badass. Betrayed and killed by Opal.)
  • Cappy (S177: Killed a vampire by pushing him off a cliff, then broke copyright laws. And then got run over by a freaking train. gosh, man.)
  • Cat Noir (S185: I think he's doing good in his Grail Search? He did cross a canyon on a tight rope, which probably helped. Eventually got killed out of jealousy. Won a gag save, though... Sigh.)
  • The 13th Doctor (S181: Seems to have gotten her stapler stolen. Found a rifle and won Wheel of Fortune. Got offended by a cowboy impression so badly that she freaking died.)
  • The Hunger Games SIMULATOR (S185: Beat Brant Steele's meat and got shot.)
  • Ichabod (S177: Killed immediately. S186: Mugged a guy for a smash invitation and was forced by Terezi to marry Malcom. He then proceeded to be shot by Kanaya. Who laughed about it.)
  • John Egbert (S182: gleefully killed two tributes, one of which was Gene from The Emoji Movie. Proceeded to be revealed to be worthy to be the king of Britain before he was killed by... Gene's ally? holy-)
  • John Watson (S182: Started the Fashion Police. Shoved Nagasi inside an iron maiden even though she looked quite nice. Now harpooned.)
  • Litten (S184: Seems important. She had stolen 40 cakes (that's four tens And That's Terrible) and a pretzel, also killing Sweet Bro using a tactic she may or may not have learned from The Other Fire Cat... And then she got impregnated by aliens and anticlimactically thrown off a cliff by Tsurubami, who proceeded to win the games, much to my... disappointment.)
  • Done-With-Everything Opal (S179: Turns out, she's an alchemist. And a teacher. And a musician. And somehow similar to Panther Cap. And a bestiality victim. And now a potion.)
  • OW THE EDGE (S183: Did awkward things and played Spin the Bottle until he got elected President. When he destroyed Shere Kahn's computer, the tiger shortly killed him on a Judas Cradle.)
  • Pantalaimon (S173: Started a cult, even though he'd be the last animal to do so. Weird crap is happeninggggg)
  • Rockruff (S184: Detective Gamechanger cashed in on her life insurance which by proxy means she's dead??? ...Wow hon)
  • Sherlock (S181: won a naval battle once. Then SLAYED A FREAKING GIANT MONSTER THING AND A GIANT APE THING. Then blown up by a 7-and-a-half-year-old child. Poor boi)
  • Shovel Knight (S174: In-character during the bloodbath, but screwed his characterization on day 1. He paid for it by being killed by a guitar.)
  • Silverstream (S173: Started a lemonade stand. Killed by Nobita Nobi when they were both Kaiju. S186: Eaten by The Rake during the bloodbath.)
  • Tigerstar (S183: He turns out to be literally Satan and makes a deal with Queen Chrysalis. Then wrote a letter to Fawful before he was eaten by Maleficent. His second love was Vile, before his mortal form was horcruxed by The Warrior. The cat may have been killed, but the Devil Within...?)

    The Gamechanger 
He first appeared after Season 86 and suggested some custom events, he officially joined the Hunger Games in Season 89.

His Tributes Include

    The Silver Shroud 
A fairly new player, getting his start in Season 129, he has been a fairly regular player ever since.

Notable Tributes:

    Troper No 9001 
A regular since the beginning, she has sent in a rather diverse cast of tributes, especially from My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic, Disney (mostly from Lilo & Stitch: The Series), Undertale, Pokémon, and Harry Potter. She is one of the frequent "runners"note , and also suggests new events for future seasons. She is currently working on the HGS Tribute Database, documenting every single tribute submitted ever.

Her very first tributes she sent in were Discord and Starlight Glimmer.

Hall-of-Famers/Mass Murderers:

Honorable Mentions:

Other tributes, in order of appearance:

    Trumpet Zorua 
Some guy who joined in Season 183. He likes submitting tributes from various fighting games.

Notable Tributes:
  • Goenitz: Second place and most kills in Season 183.

Other Tributes:
  • Gill: Last place in Season 183.

    Weird Guy 149 
He has been an infrequent contributor to the Games but he nonetheless has a small collection of podium wins in his pocket. He utilizes avatars from both his avatar gallery and images from Google.

Notable tributes:
  • Blastoise: Winner of Season 6.
    • Butt-Monkey: In both seasons he participated in, he was injured several times. Subverted since he won the first season he was in.
  • Mufasa: Runner-up of Season 14 and winner of Season 22.
  • The Joker: Winner of Season 18.
    • Combat Pragmatist: He only killed during arena events, as a departure from usual Joker shenanigans.
  • Bill Cipher: Winner of Season 25.

She joined the cast in Season 140. Commonly submitting Ben 10 characters, she seems to have brought a curse upon the Games that causes Ben 10 tributes to have a really terrible luck.

Most Notable Tributes:

Joined in Season 162 and has been a regular ever since. Submits tributes from a variety of sources, mainly from video games, but also some anime, meme and various "joke" characters, plus the occasional tribute from her own webcomic. Also regularly suggests new events and occasionally runs or hosts seasons.