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    n3rd d4sh 
Joined around Season 174

Notable Tributes

Debuting in Season 129, mostly just puts in tributes which are completely stupid and tries his luck.

Notable Tributes:

    Nie Orginalny 
First joined in season 105, also suggested some events later.Tributes:

    Pink Celebi 
Joined in Season 205, nominates tributes mostly from video games and animation, including more obscure ones.

  • Name's the Same: His debut has caused The Gamechanger to change one of his tributes, due to the former's username being based off that tribute and would possibly cause confusion.

Podium Finishers and Mass Murderers

Other Notable Tributes

  • Geralt of Rivia (Season 209)
    • False Friend: Possibly Kinimitsu considering he died to them, after the whole Romeo/Juliet thing.
    • Technical Pacifist: Manages to get 4th place without killing anyone, in spite of his tries.
  • Yuma Chitose (Seasons 210 and 229)
    • Break the Cutie/The Woobie: Went through hell and back in a Season 210's gag save and it only continued in the official one. Doesn't help that the canon isn't that much better... Gets a little better next time around but still not perfect.
    • Disproportionate Retribution: On the receiving side in Season 210: after laughing at Chara, they wedgie her and possibly even molest her later. On the giving side in Season 229 gag save, killing fellow tribute Steve for calling her cute.
  • Aiai (Season 211)
  • Futaba Sakura (Season 231)
    • Action Girl: In the gag saves, she does a lot of stuff (sometimes hammy), making the other tribute feel insignificant. Not so much in the actual season, though.
    • Irony: In spite of being a social shutin, somehow manages to save a failing relationship in a gag save. Also has a temporary death to loot boxes in that same gag save.
    • Megaton Punch: Tried to do a Falcon Punch-like manuever in two different gag saves, though the first one was a miss.
    • Memetic Mutation: Invoked. In the first gag save alone she quotes three different memes.
    • Playful Hacker: Her hacking skills end up being used only to make speakers play Infinity in a gag save.
    • Properly Paranoid: Starts carrying salt once to protect herself against paranatural. Considering the events of Persona 5...
    • Stronger Than They Look: In gag saves, she wins an arm-wrestling contest against Plaguebearer and then as tiny version of her against Apollo Justice.
    • The Woobie: Suffers a bit during gag saves, which only adds to what she already went through.

    President Stalkeyes 
Has sent in a large number of varied Tributes to a pointless and agonising death. His Tributes tend to have bad luck.

Notable Tributes:

Psychedelicate first joined the game in its 5th season, and the first tributes they've ever submitted were Hatsune Miku and Stuart Ashen. From there, they became a regular member of the thread and primarily nominated anime characters - and sometimes the occasional inanimate object - as tributes for each season.

They took a hiatus somewhere between seasons 100-110, but from season 141 onwards they have returned to becoming a regular. The majority of the tributes they enter nowadays are Dangan Ronpa characters.

Tributes in the Hall of Fame and tropes applying to them include:

  • Stuart Ashen - Placed second in season 24
  • Haruhi Suzumiya - Placed third and second in seasons 8 and 9 respectively
    • Badass Adorable: She was a podium finisher in both her debut season and the Battle Royale that followed.
  • L Lawliet - Placed second in season 17
  • Sayaka Miki - Winner of season 26
  • Liechtenstein - Tied for most kills in season 27
    • Cute and Psycho: Not only did she tie for the most kills, but she was involved in the death of her brother Switzerland.
  • Groot - Placed second in season 28
  • Pikachu - Tied for most kills in season 28
  • Wikipe-tan - Placed third in season 29, first in season 39 and tied for most kills in the latter
    • Badass Adorable: She's a moe personification of Wikipedia who has entered the Hall of Fame more than once.
  • Mikuru Asahina - Winner and most kills of season 33
    • Cute and Psycho: She racked up 7 kills in a single season, and it all paid off to boot.
  • The Angry Video Game Nerd - Tied for most kills in season 42
  • Black★Rock Shooter - Placed third in season 45
  • Eminem - Placed third in season 47
  • Tsukasa Hiiragi – Placed third and tied for most kills in season 50
  • Peter Griffin - Placed second in season 51, third in season 61 and tied for the most kills in the former
  • Kaoru Hitachiin - Placed second and got most kills in season 52
  • Winry Rockbell - Placed third in season 54
  • Kyoko Sakura - Winner of seasons 57 and 61, and got the most kills in both seasons
  • Jiminy Cricket - Placed third in season 64
    • Good Angel, Bad Angel: Essentially served as the bad Angel during season 64, as he coaxed several tributes to kill each other.
    • Took a Level in Badass: He died in an Arena Event in season 65... and placed third the very next season.
  • Sora - Placed second in season 65
    • Broken Bird: In season 74, he really misses his little sister Shiro...
    • Name's the Same: No, he's not that Sora, despite what the tributes in the season 74 Battle Royale seem to think.
  • Maou Sadao - Placed third in season 72
    • One Steve Limit: Not to be confused with the two-time Hall of Famer, first ever HGS champion and president of the Capitol, Maou-sama. Although knowing that this Maou is Satan, he may just try to overthrow his namesake...
    • Took a Level in Badass: Was nominated at least twice before (once by 4maskwolf), but died very early on in both seasons. In season 72, however, he places third.
  • The Akatsuki - Winners of season 85
  • The Planet Earth - Winner and most kills of season 86. No, really.
    • Kick the Dog: It steals Iori Yagami's clothing, tries to kill him only for Gravity to intercept its attack, and finally succeeds in killing him the very next day.
  • Satoko Houjou - Placed second in season 94
  • One Direction - Placed third in season 94
  • Osaka - Winner and most kills of season 147
  • Kazuichi Souda - Placed second and tied for the most kills (though he technically scored the most kills) in season 179
  • Himiko Yumeno - Placed second in season 181
    • Badass Pacifist: She's just one spot away from victory, and she hadn't killed a single tribute throughout the entire season. Then again, she likely didn't make any kills because she was too lazy to.
    • Brilliant, but Lazy: Despite her canonical self being incredibly lazy, Himiko was still able to last long enough to secure a spot in the Hall of Fame.
  • Rabbitnote  - Winner of Season 210
    • Bestiality Is Depraved: He had some, um, fun with Yoshi on a plane in Season 210.
    • Karmic Death: In Season 216, after a period of time where he doesn’t make any advances on any tributes, Rabbit finally gives in to his urges and cheats on Shouto Todoroki, his boyfriend back home, once again by indulging in a makeout session with Tokido the night before the Feast. Queen Tyr’ahnee, seemingly aware of his relationship status, ruins the moment. During the Feast later that night, Tokido takes advantage of Rabbit, who accidentally cast a beer spell, by encouraging him to get drunk, before punching him to death.
    • Really Gets Around: He spent most of Season 210 getting rather intimate with a few other tributes, despite the fact that he has a boyfriend back home. In Season 216, he averts this... until he gives in to his urges and indulges in a makeout session with Tokido the night before the Feast.
  • Natsumi Kuzuryuu - Got the most kills in Season 217
    • Arch-Enemy: Implied to have had this kind of relationship with Rainbow Dash, who killed her beloved older brother, Fuyuhiko, during the Bloodbath. This is further supported by the fact that Rainbow Dash has tried to kill Natsumi as well later on in the season.
    • Ax-Crazy: She goes on two different killing sprees at two different points in the season, taking out three tributes each. In the first one, she teams up with Boba Fett to slay some tributes in the name of the Blood God. She then snaps again during the Feast, setting off an explosive that kills another three tributes. This may be caused by her grief from losing both her brother Fuyuhiko and her friend Megadramon.
    • Vitriolic Best Buds: She quickly develops this friendship with Megadramon, who is implied to harbour unrequited feelings for her. It should be noted that her rampage during the Feast occurred immediately after he died from choking on his own vomit.
  • Yuki Sohma - Winner of Season 223
    • Involuntary Shapeshifting: Aside from the Zodiac Curse he suffers from in canon, where he turns into a rat whenever he is hugged by a girl or under physical stress, he also turns into a Chaosrealmer partway through Season 223 after kissing Havik in an attempt to remove the latter’s curse (unrelated to the aforementioned Zodiac Curse).
    • Magical Girl: He tries to please Kyubey twice in a row, first by offering it jellybeans (it refused them), then by trying to give it a present. This implies that he may have contracted with Kyubey to become a Puella Magi - or at least attempted to.
    • Ninja Pirate Zombie Robot: Canonically, he’s a human boy who transforms into a rat whenever he is hugged by a girl or under physical stress. In Season 223, he becomes a Chaosrealmer, and is later implied to have become a Puella Magi.
    • Took a Level in Badass/Sanity Slippage: In the first half of the season, he doesn’t do anything noteworthy; however, his transformation into a Chaosrealmer has apparently resulted in him adopting the species’ murder-happy mindset, as he is so frustrated during a game of Akinator that he kills the genie in the middle of playing it. He later scores his victory by crashing a plane, killing the other three surviving tributes.
  • Eijirou Kirishima and Katsuki Bakugou (as one tribute) - Placed third in Season 231note 
    • Adaptational Villainy: Foreshadowed when they simply watched as Sobeys was kidnapped, then shown when they snap and destroy literally EVERYTHING. This alone cements their status as crazed villains within the HGS, despite the fact that in canon, they’re heroes in training who genuinely want to protect civilians and the world.
    • Disproportionate Retribution: Taken Up to Eleven. They killed and destroyed literally EVERYTHING, including everything that WILL exist... all because they got offended by a Yo Mama joke. However, they may have also snapped due to the pressures of bearing the MHA Hero Curse, and Kazuichi Souda and Fuyuhiko Kuzuryuu rubbed salt in the wound earlier on in the season by singing a blues song about the countless times they died early on in previous seasons.
    • Omnicidal Maniac: They destroyed literally everything. Everything that has ever existed, currently exists and will exist. They essentially did the job that many a My Hero Academia villain sought to do, despite being heroes in training.

A contributor who joined in Season 72. Most of her Tributes are characters from Video Games, mainly Nintendo Franchises. She has also entered in characters from other franchises and series.

Notable Tributes:

Other Notable Tributes:

    Sailor Tardis 
A contributor who joined in the 108th season. Has had some success but rarely comments.

Notable Tributes:

Had entered many characters, and was a frequent host. Had moderate success.

Notable tributes:

    Skiller 2 
A recurring player who joined the game in Season 4. Notable tributes include:

  • Chaos Sorcerer (winner of Season 10)
  • A Deathclaw (tied for most kills in Season 5)
  • Jason Brody (3rd place in season 14 and got the most kills that season)
    • Took a Level in Badass: In the first season he appeared in, Jason wound up dying alongside Kars. Come season 14, he puts in a far better performance.
  • Super Vegito (tied for most kills in Season 65; 1st place and got the most kills in Season 87)
    • Took a Level in Badass: After spending most of his appearances as one of the game's biggest and most infamous Butt Monkeys, later seasons have him performing much more competently, to the point that he actually won Season 87.
      • Badass Decay: Unfortunately, he took a severe hit when he was killed in the Bloodbath for the third time (after Seasons 14 and 15) in Season 173.
  • The Chosen Undead (winner of Season 69)
  • The Ashen One (3rd place in Season 70)
  • Sweden (3rd place in Season 75)
  • Scott Pilgrim (most kills in Season 79)

    Smiley 100 P 
Started in season 173. Very fun piece of trash.

Tributes in Alphabetical Order:

  • Amber [1] (S174: Nobody seems to recognize her. Made a very obvious choice in a trolley dilemma. Three strangers or Justin Bieber? Killed the latter. And then was pushed off a freaking cliff.)
  • Barnaby (S179: "Killed" a tiny candy birb and lost his kite in the process. Failed to hack the HGS. Tried to be cheered up by a couple of fish. Realized that a third was secretly badass. Betrayed and killed by Opal.)
  • Alternate Calliope (S195: Nominated.)
  • Bill Cipher (S194: Did a thing and... was vaporized by a chicken, okay.)
  • Cappy (S177: Killed a vampire by pushing him off a cliff, then broke copyright laws. And then got run over by a freaking train. gosh, man.)
  • Cat Noir (S185: I think he's doing good in his Grail Search? He did cross a canyon on a tight rope, which probably helped. Eventually got killed out of jealousy. Won a gag save, though... Sigh.)
  • Dave Strider (S193: Still perfectly in-character so far. Also somehow strangled a car. Eventually managed to finish... fourth. whyyy)
  • The 13th Doctor (S181: Seems to have gotten her stapler stolen. Found a rifle and won Wheel of Fortune. Got offended by a cowboy impression so badly that she freaking died.)
  • The Hunger Games SIMULATOR (S185: Beat Brant Steele's meat and got shot.)
  • Graystripe (S191: He seems to be having a nice time. Played some games, encouraged Water Cooler Delivery Guy to fly, got his camp raided, vented about his now-thrice-deceased mate and how she's in a different clan, then got eaten alive by Freeze Man. That was fun.)
  • Ichabod (S177: Killed immediately. S186: Mugged a guy for a smash invitation and was forced by Terezi to marry Malcom. He then proceeded to be shot by Kanaya. Who laughed about it.)
  • John Egbert (S182: gleefully killed two tributes, one of which was Gene from The Emoji Movie. Proceeded to be revealed to be worthy to be the king of Britain before he was killed by... Gene's ally? holy-)
  • John Watson (S182: Started the Fashion Police. Shoved Nagasi inside an iron maiden even though she looked quite nice. Now harpooned.)
  • Kanaya Maryam (S193: Yaay Kanaya destroyed an evil bottle I'm soooo proud- wELL @&$# YOU ZAPPA LEAVING HER TO DIE)
  • Laraminia (S192: Let's see. Out of memory she... hailed a virtual boy and... got hit by a boulder and probably got maimed to death by seagulls. sigh.)
  • Litten (S184: Seems important. She had stolen 40 cakes (that's four tens And That's Terrible) and a pretzel, also killing Sweet Bro using a tactic she may or may not have learned from The Other Fire Cat... And then she got impregnated by aliens and anticlimactically thrown off a cliff by Tsurubami, who proceeded to win the games, much to my... disappointment.)
  • Done-With-Everything Opal (S179: Turns out, she's an alchemist. And a teacher. And a musician. And somehow similar to Panther Cap. And a bestiality victim. And now a potion.)
  • OW THE EDGE (S183: Did awkward things and played Spin the Bottle until he got elected President. When he destroyed Shere Kahn's computer, the tiger shortly killed him on a Judas Cradle.)
  • Pantalaimon (S173: Started a cult, even though he'd be the last animal to do so. Weird crap is happeninggggg)
  • Qarakimio (S192: yayyy invincibility star- ONO A PIT)
  • Rockruff (S184: Detective Gamechanger cashed in on her life insurance which by proxy means she's dead??? ...Wow hon)
  • Sherlock (S181: won a naval battle once. Then SLAYED A FREAKING GIANT MONSTER THING AND A GIANT APE THING. Then blown up by a 7-and-a-half-year-old child. Poor boi)
  • Shovel Knight (S174: In-character during the bloodbath, but screwed his characterization on day 1. He paid for it by being killed by a guitar.)
  • Silverstream (S173: Started a lemonade stand. Killed by Nobita Nobi when they were both Kaiju. S186: Eaten by The Rake during the bloodbath.)
  • Smiley 100 P (S195: Nominated.)
  • Tigerstar (S183: He turns out to be literally Satan and makes a deal with Queen Chrysalis. Then wrote a letter to Fawful before he was eaten by Maleficent. His second love was Vile, before his mortal form was horcruxed by The Warrior. The cat may have been killed, but the Devil Within...?)
  • Unikitty (S191: Faded to rainbow and drank Brain Bleach. Also killed Christmas Geromy with sparkle matter. And other people with Sparkle Matter. And then she mishandled a lightsaber and fell to pieces. And when I checked to see if she was the mass killer of the season, it turns out she freaking wasn't. Damn you, agility fails. Damn you, PJ, Jim, who happened to win the entire freaking thing. You had ONE FREAKING JOB UNIKITTY AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAa ok)

    Star Android Jaguar 
They debuted in Season 205.
Hosted Seasons: 208, 216
Associated with the user:

Tropes associated with more than one tribute:
  • Forgot About His Powers
    • Ash's Greninja falls to its death after misjudging the distance during parkour practice.
    • Nihilego drowns in a frozen lake immediately after killing someone who tried to throw it off a cliff.
  • Ludicrous Gibs: KIU Hades and Bashmaster have both seen the wrong end of the BFG-9000.
  • The Worf Effect
    • The Time Eater was killed when Slick Rick revealed he wasn't left-handed.
    • It gets particularly absurd for Disney!Hades, who was pelted to death with cheese.
    • Downplayed for Kid Icarus Uprising's Hades. He was blown up by Bazelgeuse with a rocket launcher. Both of them pack some punch, but the latter isn't particularly godlike.
    • The Chaos Kin met its end at the hands of a thrown shield to the face, which was thrown by a record of all things.

Notable Tributes

Lord Farquaad (Tied most kills in 205)

Debuting in Season 205, he was the first one to make a kill, strangling Aqua Bomber to death with bag straps and first tribute to enter the Hall of Fame for StarAndroidJaguar. He then went on to obtain the tied most kills of the season (4) and place 9th.

Ash's Greninja (2nd in 213)

Nominated for the Scrappy Season, 213 and came second, to my ire.

Flowey the Flower (2nd in 214 and 216)

He has been nominated by other tropers, but came second twice in a row under my command (214 and 216, the Battle Royale).

The Chaos Kin (2nd in 219)

Other Tributes

    The Gamechanger 
He first appeared after Season 86 and suggested some custom events, he officially joined the Hunger Games in Season 89.

His Tributes Include

    The Silver Shroud 
A fairly new player, getting his start in Season 129, he has been a fairly regular player ever since.

Notable Tributes:

    Todbot 1 
Joined up in time for season 200, the second Troper Games. She really likes Touhou characters and nominates them often.

Notable Tributes:

Other Tributes:

    Troper No. 9001 
Has her own page.

    Trumpet Zorua 
Some guy who joined in Season 77, then disappeared before returning in Season 183. He likes submitting tributes from various fighting games.

Notable Tributes:
  • Goenitz: Second place and most kills in Season 183.

Other Tributes:
  • Gill: Last place in Season 183.

    Wario Guy 
A newcomer to the games, he struggles to put his debut tributes due to missing the nominations. Finally makes it into Season 198, and shows up every now and then. His debut tributes are Captain Lou and Live-Action Mario.

Notable Tributes:

Other Tributes:
  • Captain Lou: Debuted in Season 198, placed 30th
  • Live-Action Mario: Debuted in Season 198, placed 42th
  • Quick Man: Appears in Season 205, placed 38th
  • Hard Man: Appears in Season 205, placed 45th
  • Bwario: Appears in Season 206, placed 32th
  • Bwaluigi: Appears in Season 206, placed 42th
  • ROB: Appears in Season 204, placed 11th
  • A Dolly for Sue: Appears in Season 204, placed 48th
  • Black Spy Appears in Season 217, placed 8th
  • White Spy Appears in Season 217, placed 20th
    • Last Disrespects: Pees on the latest dead tribute's grave, in this case, Smokey's.

    Weird Guy 149 
He has been an infrequent contributor to the Games but he nonetheless has a small collection of podium wins in his pocket. He utilizes avatars from both his avatar gallery and images from Google.

Notable tributes:
  • Blastoise: Winner of Season 6.
    • Butt-Monkey: In both seasons he participated in, he was injured several times. Subverted since he won the first season he was in.
  • Mufasa: Runner-up of Season 14 and winner of Season 22.
  • The Joker: Winner of Season 18.
    • Combat Pragmatist: He only killed during arena events, as a departure from usual Joker shenanigans.
  • Bill Cipher: Winner of Season 25.

She joined the cast in Season 140. Commonly submitting Ben 10 characters, she seems to have brought a curse upon the Games that causes Ben 10 tributes to have a really terrible luck.

Most Notable Tributes:

  • Azmuth: Nominated in Season 179 AKA the Little Cup and one of the most successful Ben 10 tributes.
    • An Axe to Grind: Killed Flabébé by giving her forty whacks with an axe.
    • In Love with Your Carnage: Pleasured himself to Ant-Man crushing Piglet's skull in his hands.
    • Ship Tease: Possibly with Fidget, as they were seen enjoying a hot spring together.
    • There Is No Kill Like Overkill: Teamed up with three other tributes to Spirit Bomb a peep bunny.
    • Took a Level in Jerkass: Boy did he ever. Nobody thought much of Azmuth until after he and three other tributes teamed up against the peep bunny. His descent into jerkassery started when he somehow pushed Fuyuhiko into a mud puddle. He would later go on to murder two player-favorite tributes, Flabébé and Stitch. The latter death was made even worse by the fact that Stitch was totally betrayed by Azmuth and eternally punished in Hell even though he did nothing wrong.
    • You Have Outlived Your Usefulness: Presumably Azmuth's attitude towards Stitch. Despite being one of the tributes to team up with him against the peep bunny, Azmuth later sent him to Hell, where he is eternally punished.
  • Krobus: Nominated in Season 158 and 181. Earned the most kills in Season 181.

Joined in Season 162 and has been a regular ever since. Submits tributes from a variety of sources, mainly from video games, but also some anime, meme and various "joke" characters, plus the occasional tribute from her own webcomic. Also regularly suggests new events and occasionally runs or hosts seasons.

Podium Finishers and Mass Murderersnote :

  • Ika Musume (Season 162 (3rd place), 163[B], 228)
    • Badass Decay: After winning third place in Season 162, she was killed during Night 2 in Season 163.
    • The Soulless: Tried to sell her soul in Season 162, only to be informed she didn't have one.
  • Neptune (Season 166 (Winner), Season 176[B])
  • Histoire (Season 179 (most kills), 196[D])
    • Cute and Psycho: Killed 4 tributes at a time to combine them into a Frankenstein's Monster. This alone earned her a shared "most kills" spot despite dying as early as Day 3.
  • Croire (Season 179 (3rd place), Season 189[B])
    • Badass Pacifist: Got to third place without getting a single kill... though subverted since she did throw a frag grenade at Opal (but missed)
  • The Koopalings (Season 188 (2nd place), Season 189[B])
  • Meito Anizawa (Season 190 (most kills), 196[D])
    • Karmic Death: Started the season off by killing 3 other tributes with explosives in the Bloodbath. Then later, during the Feast, he was one of 3 tributes killed in the very same way.
  • Operator (Season 193 (Winner), 202[B])
  • Konami (Season 168, 195 (Winner+most kills), 196[D], 202[B])
  • Godot (Season 198 (3rd place), 202[B])
  • A zipperbelt (Season 201 (most kills), 220[D])
  • The Elite Beat Agents (Season 207 (Winner), 216[B])
  • Don-chan (Season 167, 208 (Winner), 216[B])
  • Yoshi (Season 210 (Most kills), 220[D])
    • Cute and Psycho: During Night 7, he would suddenly snap, roll up 5 other tributes and throw them off a cliff, followed by throwing St. Patrick into a garbage truck the next day. This late-game rampage got him most kills.
  • Chris Chiaki (Season 217 (Winner), 227[B])
  • Kichigai Record (Season 219 (Winner), 227[B])
  • Sony (Season 223 (Most kills))
  • Mimi (Season 225 (Most kills))
    • Break the Cutie: She did not take the early death of her best friend Nyami during Day 1 well, as she later that same day killed 3 other tributes with a pencil. She would just a few days later curse at Zanreo for nominating her, go on to set a trap for the Energy Sword, and later trick all six types of the Rakshi (though they were counted as 1 tribute) into a Pandora's Box trap, which ended up releasing evil after sucking them in. Even after dying from fall damage after throwing an Ender Pearl off a cliff, she'd get a taunt party thrown next to her grave right after.
  • Tibby's Mom (Season 226 (Most kills))

Other tributesnote :