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Jumped right in for season 43, and has entered almost every game since. Known for submitting many Toad Patrol characters.

Notable Tributes:
  • Earth Star: Of season 43. Notable for being both 4fterthought's first tribute and tying for most kills along with two others. Also appeared in season 77, where he froze to death.
  • Fur Foot: Of season 51, taking 3rd place.
  • Shane Acker: Of season 57, 2nd place.
  • Solar Sands: Of season 63, 2nd place.
  • Larry the Cucumber: Of season 68, taking 3rd place
  • Bob the Builder: Of season 75, taking 2nd place. Also notable are the other Bobs of 75, being Bob the Tomato, Bob Saget and Bob.
  • Elf Cup: Of season 77, taking 3rd place.
  • A small caterpillar named Chicken Nugget, taking the most lives in season 82, with 8 kills
  • Belisarius: Of season 83, taking 3rd place.
  • Other Mallard Duck, third place, season 104.
  • Orpheus: Of season 111, taking 2nd place.
  • Dark Yabu, first place, season 113, also tying for most kills.
  • Toaster, taking 3rd place in season 116.
  • A slice of toast in season 119, taking first place and also tied with the most kills.
  • A lookdown fish in season 140, at 3rd place.
  • A cupcake in season 141, with the most kills.
  • Newt: of season 146, taking second place.
  • Oyster: of season 148, tying with two others for the most kills (4).
  • Season 155: Henry got most kills, while Kleo the Misfit Unicorn took third place.
  • The Bridge: Of season 157, getting the most kills.
  • The Trojan Duck: of season 158, taking 3rd place.
  • Season 174: A Guitar (Most kills) and a Ukulele (Second place).
  • Panther Cap, winner of season 179.
  • Pussy Willow, winner of season 187.
  • A picture of a Beach in Sarnia ON, during season 82. Despite massive hype, it was killed in the bloodbath, and also did not fare well in season 83, where it was taken out by a hurricane. Likewise, in season 117 it dies on day two, being told it didn't exist. Despite the fact that it does, indeed, exist.
  • A blade of grass in season 83.
  • The almighty Gecko Cult of season 90. Returns in season 140, lasting to get 4th place.
  • 4fterthought herself, appearing in season 58, and seeking vengeance in season 81. Too bad she immediately got shot in the head with an arrow during the bloodbath that second time.

An observer since Season 12 and participant since Season 13, submitting tributes from League of Legends and other, scattered sources.

Notable Tributes:

Joined in season 159 and has regularly submitted tributes in subsequent seasons. Usually submits unusual tributes or characters from Homestuck.

Notable Tributes:

    Anomalocaris 20 
A participant since Season 52. Also likes to add new events to the Simulator. Mostly nominates memes and nonsensical characters.

Notable Tributes:

    arcada 188 
Has too sent in some contestants, and was the one who started the entire simulation.

Notable tributes:

    Awesome Wade 
A participant in the games who joined around Season 78. Is known for constant Foreshadowing.

Notable Tributes:

A player who started in the beginning, but quit before returning. Previously known as BaconZorp.

Notable Tributes:

Tropes involving her tributes:
  • Badass Pacifist: For a large majority of Season 89, Yellow didn't kill a single person despite the constant death of her sisters. Unfortunately, she broke her rule near the end.
  • The Rival: Tom shares a very bloody rivalry with Arnold.

    Cabe Bedlam 
Relatively new to the games since season 84, and tends to nominate tributes from his avatar gallery, especially from the Klonoa series.

Notable Tributes:
  • Klonoa: Winner of Season 95.
    • Sanity Slippage: Ends up skinning another tribute to use their skin as a coat, and wills Gladion out of existence.
      • Speaking of which, it's a bit odd that Klonoa of all people would do that to Gladion, as it's the same fate he met in his first game, meaning that it had a good chance of backfiring and killing him.
  • Squee, Spleen, and Spoon the Techies: Winner of Season 107.
  • Sly Cooper: Runner-up and tied for most kills of Season 110
    • Alternate Character Interpretation: While Sly is known for being a master thief, in Season 110, he expanded his repertoire to include the organs of fellow tributes.
    • Especially notable for Worfing Chaos during the bloodbath.

    Caliburn Absolute EX 
Formerly Caliburn_Absolute, he joined for the 109th season. All his tributes come from his avatar gallery, which is purely for his own convenience.

Noteworthy Tributes:

Other Tributes:

    Cosmos And Chaos 
Has joined since Season 40 and submits tributes pretty often.

Notable Tributes:

    Crossover Enthusiast 
Started watching sometime during Season 101, started entering tributes the Season after. Exclusively uses icons from her gallery.

Notable Tributes:
  • Popplio
    • Anti-Climax: Doesn't do anything that notable after the below, and suffers a death by Gutsman's Ass in an Arena Event.
    • Cute and Psycho: Gunned down five tributes in Season 102, then took a selfie afterward.

    Dark Destruction 
Has sent in quite a few contestants, mostly from video games.

Notable tributes:
  • Maxine Caulfield (Got 2nd place in season 1, became the champion of season 36)
    • Badass Pacifist: Survived long enough to make it to the top three without killing a single tribute in season 1. Averted in season 36, where she instead tied for the most kills with Cuphead due to an error in determining who made the most kills, which was only discovered more than 150 seasons after the fact.
  • Augustus Caesar (Got most kills in season 1, became the champion of season 37)
    • Stuff Blowing Up: utilized this trope to kill four tributes at once, securing the most kills of season 1.
  • Avatar Korra (Got 2nd place in season 2)
    • The Woobie: Constantly harried by the other tributes in season 9 and plagued by nightmares, then eventually loses the will to live and got an undignified death by being backstabbed, courtesy of Roman Torchwick.
  • Chloe Price (Got 2nd place in season 6)
    • Cute and Psycho: She killed the divine personification of Art in season 6, then went on a rampage in season 9, securing 3 kills and forcing Moltar to take Indonesia's life at gunpoint. It took an ambush by a three-man posse to finally bring her down along with Roman Torchwick and Maou-sama.
  • Hershel Layton (Got 3rd place in season 10)
  • Sans (Got most kills in season 17)
    • The Worf Effect: Felt the brunt of this trope when McHorn dispatches him during Season 17's Feast. Ironically, they proceed to share the title of 'most kills' for said season.
  • Linkle (Got 3rd place in season 19)
  • Amy Rose (Got 2nd place in season 20)
  • Agent G (The champion of season 21)
  • Samus Aran (Got 2nd place in season 21)
  • Jecht (Got most kills in season 25, but was completely forgotten about in the 1st Murderers' Death Battle (Season 37))
  • Blaze (Got most kills in season 27)
  • Professor Wikipedia (Got 3rd place in season 28)
  • Minako Arisato (The champion and most kills of season 30)
  • Avatar Aang (Got 3rd place in season 30, got 2nd place and most kills in season 35)
    • Took a Level in Badass: Went from getting dogpiled (or, as they said it, gaanged up) in his first season to snagging a podium finish in season 30 and 35.
  • Goku (3rd place and most kills in season 31)
  • Dragonite (The champion and most kills of season 32)
  • Kratos (Got 3rd place in season 33)
  • George Washington (Got 3rd place in season 36, despite being killed by Es, who should've placed 3rd because of the infamous poorly-worded "long, drawn-out battle" event)
  • Naga (Got 3rd place in season 38)
  • Tracer (Got 2nd place and most kills in season 40)
  • Lucifer (Got 2nd place in season 41)

    Darker Shining 
Joined in Season 15. Has submitted mostly characters from the Pretty Cure franchise.

Tributes she has nominated so far:

    dave the assassin 
A newer member, he joined the fray in Season 169. Has a diverse taste in entertainment (in short, expect a diverse cast from a lot of things) and enjoys making LOTS of puns, even if they're lame. Also a recurring host and runner (although real life issues would usually slow him down greatly), and sometimes posts "battle musics" if The Gamechanger isn't around or he's hosting (the latter was due to his own request).

His debut tributes are Nemo and Chester Bennington.

Notable tributes include:

  • Nemo (Season 169, 170, 174, 176, 179note  and 186)
    • Adaptational Villainy: Surprisingly, in Season 174 with Marlin. He's not as sweet as he was in the films. In the words of Dave himself (not exactly though), they turned into fish versions of Kano. In Season 179, however, it was no longer surprising. His solo appearance in 186 almost completely subverts this, as he didn't do very much there and usually maintains his canonical Nice Guy attitude before dying in the Feast in an attempted ambush. The only time he really went OOC there was spearing the Spy in the abdomen.
    • Ax-Crazy/Cute and Psycho: With his dad in Season 174, securing third place with 6 whopping kills (second highest total, after a guitar which the two later destroyed), and carrying a very different personality than in his debut film or its sequel nearly the whole time. In Season 179, the duo secured a tie for the most kills with 4 freaking kills, double the amount of Dory's. Season 186 however subverts it, with a brief Double Subversion once with the killing of the Spy.
    • Author Appeal: As said by Dave himself, Nemo totally has turned into his flagship character, even with Seasons 174 and 179's Adaptational Villainy.
    • Cruel and Unusual Death: In Season 170, he was flattened by A-Trak's self-made Gundam.
    • Improbable Weapon User: Nemo and his father seems to be taking a few pages of his mother figure Dory's book on how to be one. Such as killing a dreaded guitar and a dragon with a rocket launcher. And that's only Season 174. In fact, his only kill in Season 186 was by somehow spearing the Spy in the abdomen.
    • Karmic Death: After a rampage of improbable tribute killing in Season 174, Nemo and Marlin finally fell when they unknowingly lights a match near a toolshed packed with explosives. Then, in Season 179, Kazuichi Souda killed them, allowing him to end the season in second place with the most kills on a technicality.
    • One Steve Limit: Averted in Season 186, where he was nominated with Captain Nemo. Unfortunately, the little clownfish was killed in the Feast in a failed ambush against the Captain with two other tributes.
    • Reformed, but Not Tamed: Seems to realized the error of his Out of Character ways in Season 186. However, he sometimes slips, as shown in his killing of the Spy.
    • There Is No Kill Like Overkill: In Season 169. On the first day, Kuai Liang (Sub-Zero) stuck a "kill me" sign on Nemo's back. Dean Abigail Hardscrabble and Joey Claire followed it. Considering that the two are far bigger and more powerful than a young fish with an underdeveloped right fin.... However, a few seasons later, he Took a Level in Badass.
    • Took a Level in Badass: Went from being killed in Night 1 of Season 169 to surviving much later in Season 170 before finishing at third place and pocketing the second highest number of kills in Season 174 and tying for the most kills in Season 179, both with his father. The latter is particularly infamous, in part of the Badass Decay below.
      • Badass Decay: Unfortunately, Nemo and Marlin got hit by this HARD when Homura Akemi ate them in Season 176's Battle Royale. What makes it worse is that the she ate them "to avenge their latest victim", despite neither of them killing anyone prior to their death. Fortunately (for Dave, at least), their appeareance in Season 179 was in a much higher note.
      • Nemo's solo appearance in Season 186 has him lying between the two tropes, as he doesn't really do anything very notable beyond killing the Spy; however, he managed to make it to Night 7 before being killed in the next day's Feast.
  • Chester Bennington (Season 169, 171, 174 and 192note )
    • Badass Normal
    • Karmic Death: In Season 169, he left Vi and Doomfist to die. In the next day's Feast, the cornucopia ate him as retribution.
    • Took a Level in Badass: Chester is a Badass Normal in almost all of his appearances, but he finally upped his ante in Season 192, where he took over the winning trophy and the most murderous medal and earning his first time spot in the Hall of Fame.
  • Mike Shinoda (Season 171, 174note  and 192note )
  • Peter Cushing (Season 176)
    • Small Role, Big Impact: Peter mostly stays behind the scene, with his most prominent appearance being saving Marceline from death by transforming her into a cyborg after she was attacked by Daybreaker. However, this act paved way for Marcie's victory, ending with her killing Daybreaker and avenging both herself and Peter, whom Daybreaker had killed in a drowning "accident" long before.
  • Kairi (Season 178note )
    • Badass Pacifist: Rather unsurprisingly, due to her her pure heart of light. She reached the top five without killing anyone.
    • The Cassandra: She tried to make a point out to Fennec how dangerous SKAIA is. Fennec doesn't listen.
    • The Woobie: In Season 178. She secretly longs for home, but she hid it by doing other activities. At times, however, she's about to break from the stress, and it grew worse after her childhood friend crush Sora's death. Unfortunately, her journey abruptly ended when Fennec killed her by shooting her in the face with a coconut gun.
  • Yokai (Seasons 181note  and 189note )
    • Arch-Enemy: With Brittany in Season 189. Yokai desires to kill her out of disgust of her Cute and Psycho tendencies the previous Season. He finally manages to win their rivalry by sending her to Hell, where she is punished for eternity on Day 7.
    • Even Evil Has Standards: The reason why his Arch-Enemy in Season 189 is Brittany. Even he loathes her psychotic tendencies in Season 188.
    • The Starscream: In late Season 189, he starts to get along with Wander. But then Yokai secured his victory by bashing Wander's head in with a baseball bat.
  • Captain Nemo (Season 186note  and 189)
  • Soundwave (Season 195note )

Other tributes

Joined in Season 17.

Tributes so far in alphabetical order:
  • Hibiki Tachibana (18th place, season 45)
  • L'ananas, from the French Canadian Children's television show Telefrancais. (30th place, season 17. 34th place, season 47)
  • Palutena (7th place, season 18)
  • Spotted Garden Eel (2nd place, season 47)
  • Takumi (31st place, season 17)
  • Thomas the Dank Engine (13th place, season 18)
  • Yang Xiao Long (20th place, season 45)

Joined in season 162. Has mainly nominated characters from Square Enix franchises.

Notable Tributes:

Other Tributes:

    Graf von Tirol 
Is a participant in the thread since the third game, and also hosted a fair number of games himself. Formerly went by Earl of Sandvich. The following tributes he submitted reached the hall of fame:

Prefers to send in Kamen Riders as Tributes

Notable tributes:
Joined in Season 149. Not much is known about them, and as seen by how empty this folder is, they haven't got a single notable tribute yet.

    Ichigo Montoya 
A regular participant since Season 2. Has an average luck, but quite prone to complaining.

Notable tributes include:

  • Raiden (3rd place and tied for most kills in season 3)
  • General Hux (3rd place in Season 6)
  • Sub-Zero (2nd place in Season 7)
  • Darth Zannah (2nd place and most kills in Season 11)
  • Michonne (tied for most kills in Seasons 23 and 37)
  • Doctor Aphra (tied for most kills in Season 25)
  • Mordin Solus (tied for most kills in Season 25)
  • Grand Admiral Thrawn (3rd place in Season 26)
  • Ryuko Matoi (1st place and tied for most kills in Season 27)
  • SHODAN (tied for most kills in Season 27)
  • Luke Skywalker (3rd place in Season 27)
  • Zarya (1st place in Season 28)
  • The Heavy (tied for most kills in Season 28)
  • Soldier: 76 (1st place in Season 34, 1st place and most kills in Season 64)
  • Linkara (1st place in Season 38)
  • Kylo Ren (3rd place in Season 40, 2nd place in Season 192)
    • Took a Level in Badass: While he's appeared several times both before and after Season 40, it isn't until Season 192 that he achieves his greatest success thus far.
  • Charizard (tied for most kills in Season 42)
  • Darth Vader (3rd place in Season 43)
    • Evil Mentor: Took Coach Oleander on as his apprentice for a time in Season 69 before literally backstabbing him at the Feast in true Sith fashion.
    • Murder in the Family: Killed his grandson, Kylo Ren, during Season 48's Bloodbath. Averted in Season 173, however.
  • Allison Pregler (1st place and tied for most kills in Season 51)
  • Jack Sparrow (1st place in Season 52)
  • Captain Phasma (tied for most kills in season 54)
    • Took a Level in Badass: The first time she was nominated, she didn't accomplish much and met a rather ignominious end. Come season 54, she steps her game up and ties with Shinryu for most kills before going down.
  • Taylor Momsen (tied for most kills in Season 59)
  • Sasuke Uchiha (1st place in Season 62)
  • Kingsley Shacklebolt (2nd place in Season 63, 3rd place in Season 74)
  • Zeref (tied for most kills in Season 65)
  • Cho Chang (tied for most kills in Season 69)
    • Cute and Psycho: One day, she just snapped and slaughtered four tributes with an Avada Kedavra barrage in a fit of rage.
  • Smaug (Most kills in Season 85)
  • Marcus Holloway (3rd place in Season 103)
  • Mulan (Most kills in Season 106)
    • Sanity Slippage: If the fact that she laughed about shooting down Crowbard is any indication, the Games took a serious toll on her psyche.
  • D. Va (tied for most kills in Season 109)
  • Sombra (3rd place in Season 111)
  • Queen Chrysalis (2nd place in Season 113)
  • Genji Shimada (tied for most kills in Season 119)
  • Lightning Farron (1st place and most kills in Season 128, 1st place in Season 164, 1st place in Season 176)
  • Han Solo (2nd place in Season 143)
  • Ana Amari (2nd place in Season 144)
  • Captain Marvel (3rd place in Season 148)
  • Lord Voldemort (1st place and tied for most kills in Season 148, 2nd place in Season 150, 3rd place and most kills in Season 164)
    • Evil Mentor: May or may not have served as one for Randall Boggs in Season 148, if the latter's shrine to the dark lord was any indication.
    • Took a Level in Badass: After an extremely long run as a regular Butt-Monkey in the game, he finally managed to step his game up and claim victory in Season 148.
  • Widowmaker (1st place and most kills in Season 161)
    • Took a Level in Badass: After countless seasons of failure, she managed to step her game up and then some in Season 161.
  • Marceline (1st place in Season 177)
    • Arch-Enemy: To Daybreaker, after the tyrannical incarnation of Princess Celestia nearly killed her. Upon being saved and turned into a cyborg by Peter Cushing, however, she went on to enact vengeance on her would-be killer in the finale.
    • Combat Pragmatist: Mixed lemon juice into a sleeping Daybreaker's eye drops the night before the finale, presumably to temporarily blind her for an easier win the next day.
    • Cyborg: Peter Cushing's life-saving procedure involved turning Marceline into a cyborg vampire, following her near-fatal encounter with Daybreaker.
    • Did You Just Punch Out Cthulhu?: While Marcy's no pushover (being a vampire and all), she still ultimately slew Daybreaker, a powerful alicorn whose sun-based magic posed a very serious threat to her, by crushing her skull against the unforgiving ground with a Spinning Piledriver.
    • The Worf Effect: Despite her impressive victory in her debut season, Marcy unfortunately suffered from a case of Badass Decay in Season 189's Battle Royale, where she died during the Bloodbath (and to make matters worse, it wasn't in a rematch with her old arch-nemesis, Daybreaker).
  • Boomstick (2nd place in Season 193)
  • Yuno Gasai (1st place and most kills in Season 197)
  • Himself as a Jedi (3rd place in Season 200)
  • Gine (1st place in Season 201)
    • Crusading Widower: The death of her husband Bardock in the Bloodbath gave her more than enough drive to claim victory in the end.
    • Sanity Slippage: Judging by her killing of all the holiday icons, among other such antics, she didn't take Bardock's death very well.
  • Frost (3rd place in Season 203)
    • Took a Level in Badass: Compare his first appearance in Season 185, which saw him on the receiving end of a fatal Curbstomp Battle, to his much more successful run and podium finish in Season 203.

Joined somewhere in the Season 20-30 range (he doesn't remember). His tributes mainly come from video games and are mostly female. Notable tributes:

    Infinity Ryujin 
A participant since Season 1, he has sent in quite a few tributes, most of whom were from JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, Touhou, Undertale, Homestuck, or Len'en. The vast majority of them die anticlimactic and/or early deaths, and few have placed in the top 3. Is prone to complaining about his tributes' terrible luck. Occasionally suggests (usually fatal) custom events.

Notable tributes:

  • Roman Torchwick (Got 3rd place in Season 1. Has appeared many times afterwards, invariably performing poorly)
    • Back Stab: How he killed Korra in Season 9.
    • Butt-Monkey: Not quite on the level of Kars, since he has actually placed in the top 3 at one point, but the simulator doesn't treat Torchwick too kindly either.
    • Stuff Blowing Up: Killed two people, one of whom was the other tribute from his district, during Season 1's Feast using an explosive.
    • Unexplained Recovery: Manages to pull this quite often, considering his numerous appearances and deaths throughout the Seasons.
  • The Engineer (Got 3rd place in Season 12 and 2nd place in Season 22, and the one who adopted Toothless)
  • Kosaku Kawajiri (Placed 5th and got the most kills in Season 12, and placed 4th and got the most kills in Season 104)
  • Kars (Placed 5th in Season 11, also notable for being killed by Fluttershy of all people.)
    • Butt-Monkey: Died a rather undignified death in every season that he's been nominated for.
  • Flowey (A tribute in various seasons, notable for presumably being Mort's corrupter in Season 11 and appearing in multiple seasons)
  • Dio Brando (A tribute in Season 14, notable for killing his own son)
  • Snoop Dogg (A tribute in Season 16, notable for being black, and dying before any other tribute because of it)
  • Mystia Lorelei (Placed 3rd in Season 18. Also a tribute in Season 22.)
  • Cirno (A tribute in Season 18, notable for killing Slaanesh)
  • Asriel Dreemurr (Placed 3rd in Season 21. Also a tribute in Season 22.)
    • Irony: Despite the fact that it's impossible to lose his fight, he got two kills and placed third in the first season for which he was nominated.
  • Mettaton NEO (A tribute in Season 21, notable for being entirely unlike he is in Undertale)
    • Irony: A character infamous for being a Zero-Effort Boss who does nothing during his fight got three kills in the season for which he was nominated.
  • William A. Zeppeli (Placed 1st and got the most kills in Season 29.)
  • Joseph Joestar (A tribute in Seasons 29 and 30, and placed 2nd in Season 30. Notable for continuing the tradition of filicide among JoJo characters)
  • Josuke Higashikata (Tied for most kills in Season 30)
  • Giygas (A tribute in Season 4, but later got 2nd place in Season 32.)
  • Shulk (Tied with Kamina for most kills in Season 41)
  • Kuja (Was first nominated as a tribute in Season 1, and was nominated once more afterwards, not placing in the top 3 either of those times. However, upon being nominated as Trance Kuja in Season 45, he placed 1st and got the most kills in that season.)
  • Wolf O'Donnell (Placed first in Season 50)
  • Shinryu (Placed first and got the most kills (with Captain Phasma tying due to a coding error only discovered around Season 180s) in Season 54. Notable for being a powerful character in its work of origin and actually managing to place first here)
  • Star Dream (Placed second and got the most kills in Season 55.)
    • Ax-Crazy: Much like it is in its work of origin.
  • Jotaro Kujo (Tied for most kills in Season 57)
  • Christian Brutal Sniper (Placed 3rd in Season 58)
  • Infernoid Attondel (Tied for most kills in Season 66)
  • Garland (Placed 1st in Season 67)
    • Chainsaw Good: Seems to be adept with the chainsaw, if the finale of Season 67 is any indication.
  • Neopolitan (Tied for most kills in Season 70)
    • Cute and Psycho: Continues the tradition of a cute tribute going on a rampage in the arena.
  • Yoshikage Kira (Was nominated multiple times throughout the various Seasons before placing 1st and getting the most kills in Season 71)
  • Michael Rosen (Placed 2nd and got most kills in Season 72)
  • Flandre Scarlet (Placed 3rd in Season 79)
  • The World's Sharpest Knife(TM) (Placed first and tied for most kills in Season 96)
    • Lethal Joke Character: Managed to place first and tie for most kills in Season 96 despite being, well, a knife.
  • Himself (Placed 1st in Season 100, but also showed up once beforehand.)
  • Johnny Joestar (Placed 1st in Season 105, and placed 3rd and got most kills in Season 112, but showed up a couple of times beforehand)
    • Sanity Slippage: As (presumably) the result of Ridley's influence, during Season 112, Johnny went from saving Dumbo from being tied to a railroad track and performing other generally harmless antics in the earlier parts of the season to going berserk and going on a killing spree that would land him the most kills of the season later on.
    • Stalker with a Crush: Had one of these in the form of Ridley in Season 112.
    • Took a Level in Badass: While his appearances before Season 105 didn't result in him doing particularly well, he placed 1st in Season 105, and also managed to place on the podium and get the most kills in Season 112.
  • Qrow Branwen (Got the most kills in Season 108)
  • Tenkai Zuifeng (Technically tied for most kills in Season 116 by way of killing a group tribute)
  • Chef Excellence (Placed 1st in Season 117, and placed 3rd and tied for most kills in Season 199)
  • Leeroy Jenkins (Placed 1st and got the most kills in Season 118)
  • Mad Dummy (Placed 2nd in Season 118)
  • Elfin Mint (Placed 2nd in Season 128)
  • Draconian Dignitary (Placed 1st in Season 132, also notable for being the first Homestuck hall-of-famer)
    • Demonic Possession: Was somehow able to possess Inigo Montoya and use his body to kill another tribute.
    • Ship Tease: Had some of this with Inigo, of all people, in Season 132, with the two enjoying a hot spring together early on in the season, then having a duel in which neither were left-handed, then getting into a sled race with two other tributes, then being part of the same group selfie, and THEN, near the end of the season, getting drunk together and singing to celebrate the sudden deaths of three tributes.
    • Trap Master: He also managed to kill humanity's sanity with a trap. Somehow.
  • Sukune Katano (Placed 1st in Season 133)
  • Kurloz Makara (A tribute in Season 141, notable for sleeping with a good portion of that season's cast)
    • The Casanova: Managed to get his own harem at one point in the season.
  • The Dolorosa (Placed 2nd in Season 149, also the second Homestuck hall-of-famer)
    • The Stoner: Smoked weed on two separate occasions in Season 149.
  • Marquise Spinneret Mindfang (Placed 1st and tied for most kills in Season 152)
    • The Conqueror: Managed to conquer Heaven after being sent there to face punishment for her sins.
    • Demonic Possession: Like the Dignitary in Season 132, she possessed one tribute to kill another, but she does have mind control powers in her work of origin.
  • Kanaya Maryam (Placed 2nd in Season 153 and Season 163)
  • Scrafty (Placed 2nd in Season 160)
  • Yaldabaoth (Placed 1st in Season 173)
    • Cooking Duel: Took part in two of these, both against Mark, and won both.
    • Evil Chef: Was involved in several cooking-related events, one of which involved him cooking another tribute alive.
  • Tsurubami Senri (Placed 1st and tied for most kills in Season 184)
  • Eridan Ampora (Placed 2nd in Season 194, but showed up in a few Seasons beforehand)
  • Mark Hamill (Placed 1st and tied for most kills in Season 198)
    • Badass Normal: Managed to win and tie for most kills in Season 198 despite being from real life.
  • Davesprite (Placed 2nd in Season 203)
  • Suzumi Kuzu (Placed 2nd in Season 206)
  • Kunimitsu Ooya (Placed 1st in Season 209)
  • Quarters (Got the most kills in Season 211)
    • Ax-Crazy: Killed every single troper alongside three other tributes in the Bloodbath of Season 211.

    Jedi Ninja Kat 
A participant who joined around Season 170. I'm not really sure which season. Feel free to fill in the blanks.

Notable tributes:

Other tributes:

I have them but don't know how to post them and can't remember most of them anyways.

    KLS 2097 
A veteran Hunger Games Champion on You Chew with ten wins so far, KLS made his TV Tropes debut in Game 190, bringing in his first two successful tributes ever from the former site, Ernie the Giant Chicken and Nui Harime.

Notable Tributes

A participant that joined in Season 199.


A participant who sends cute girls straight to their dooms. Joined in Season 156.

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    Mk 97 
Occasional host and custom event person. First made his debut in Season 114, showing up out of the blue to host the games (he hosts simulator sessions on another website).

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  • Epic Fail / Never Live It Down: spoiled the results of Season 137 in the very first post.
    • And would sincerely appreciate it if no one mentions it ever again, not even in passing or in comparison to anything else...
      • Hypocritical Humor: unless you're making rapid fire jokes in the vein of "Warriors blew a 3-1 lead", hehe.
      • Self-Deprecation: unless he does it himself, that hypocrite. :\

    Mr Death Platypus 
Joined in Season 181.

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