Characters / Hulk

The characters who appear in the Hulk and its video game sequel.

    Bruce Banner/The Hulk 

Bruce "Krenzler" Banner/The Hulk

Played By: Eric Bana

"Even now I can feel it. Buried somewhere deep inside. Watching me, waiting. But you know what scares me the most? When I can't fight it anymore, when it takes over, when I totally lose control. I like it."

Bruce Banner was an orphaned child and became an intellectually gifted man that worked on gamma radiation tests. Once he tested it himself, he unlocked a hidden gene from his father.

  • Alliterative Name: Bruce Banner.
  • Anti-Hero: Averted. His seemingly senseless rampages in the labs and military bases throughout the film are all attempts to destroy the gamma research before they fall into the wrong hands. He overpowers soldiers but never attempts to kill them.
  • Terse Talker: His Hulk form only spoke twice.
    Hulk: "Puny human!"
    Hulk: "TAKE IT ALL!"

    Betty Ross 

Elizabeth "Betty" Ross

    David Banner 

David Banner

Played By: Nick Nolte
"Do you really believe that I am separate from you?"

"We're gonna have to watch that temper of yours."

  • Abusive Parent: David Banner killed his wife in front of his son before he planned to kill Bruce, resulting in him getting sent to jail.
  • Adaptation Personality Change: David Banner started out as a hard-working, but loving father, so unlike in the comics. Though David does eventually become antagonistic, mostly for different reasons.
  • Archnemesis Dad: To Bruce. After performing dangerous tests on himself, some of it was passed on genetically when Bruce was conceived. He attempted to murder Bruce but failed, striking down his wife in the process. Thirty years later, following his release from prison, he tracks down Bruce and attempts to rebuild their relationship while secretly plotting to drain Bruce's powers and alter-ego in order to rebuild his own decaying cellular structure and gain his revenge on the military. A very, very bad dude, though not without his sympathetic moments.
  • Big Bad: Of the film. He is responsible for destroying Bruce's life by experimenting on himself and his son out of an obsession with advancing humanity beyond its limits, creating the Hulk. He intends to drain Bruce's powers to regenerate himself and get his revenge on the military.
  • Composite Character: Is based on Brian Banner (Bruce’s father from the comics), but later gains the powers of Absorbing Man, before transforming into a being of pure electricity similar to Zzzax.
  • Disappeared Dad: Bruce Banner did not see David again until his adulthood.
  • Hollywood Atheist: David believed religion "infected humanity's soul".

    Thadeus Ross 

Thadeus Ross

Played By: Sam Elliott

  • Anti-Villain: He's portrayed as a concerned general who deeply loves his daughter and is just trying to stop the Hulk menace, but goes out of his way to pursue and distrust Banner because of who his father is.

    Glenn Talbot 

Major Glenn Talbot

Played By: Josh Lucas

    Samuel Sterns/The Leader 

Samuel Sterns/The Leader

Voiced By: Michael Dobson

  • We Will Meet Again:
    The Leader: "This is not a victory! Today, we both lose!" (cue angry noises followed by an exit via teleportation)