Characters: Hot Wheels Accele Racers


Most characters from the Hot Wheels Acceleracers series can be seperated into factions for your convenience!

    Metal Maniacs 

Tork Maddox

The level headed leader of the team who keeps the other boys in line, which makes him markedly more responsible than one would expect a gang leader to be. Tork is plagued by guilt over the accidental death of the Teku's previous leader, Tone Pasaro. Also notable as one of only two characters of African descent.

Taro Kitano

Previously the leader of the Scorchers back in Highway 35: World Race, Taro has since settled for second in command after his relationship with Lani Tam came to a close.

Mark Wylde

Apparently could not come up with a better nickname than his last name. Kurt Wylde's annoyingly spunky little brother graduated from his role as Scrappy in the previous franchise entry to a badass psycho with a grudge against Kurt after he feels Kurt betrayed him in a bad business deal, because Prisons Are Gymnasiums.

Deezil "Pork Chop" Riggs

A long haul trucker with an ambiguously Southern accent who did not appear until halfway through "Ignition." Raucous, loud, and mean, the only thing that seems to let this ornery fellow keep his cool is his little buddy, Monkey.

Mitchell "Monkey" McClurg

Meek, mild-mannered and easily frightened, Monkey is the odd one out of the Metal Maniacs as the only guy willing to back down from a fight or run away. He is the quintessential Butt Monkey of the series, as his name would suggest— probably because his voice actor, Andrew Duncan, who also wrote and directed the series, did not wish to be accused of creating a Mary Sue. He has a Teku counterpart in Shirako.


Nolo Pasaro

Current leader of the Teku after the tragic death of his older brother, Nolo is nearly consumed by his lust for revenge against Tork Maddox, whom he holds responsible. But don't think he's an easy mark— his hot temper doesn't get in the way of his driving!

Karma Eiss

The only female racer on either team, she is cold and precise, an absolute perfectionist. Bares an uncannily strong resemblance to Gelorum, leader of the Racing Drones.

Kurt Wylde

Older brother of Mark Wylde, this reformed cheater seems to have calmed down quite a bit since his Highway 35 days, functioning as the effective group leader when Tezla is not around.

Josef "Vert" Wheeler

The protagonist of Acceleracers, the combination of slicing his beloved Deora II in half, failure to save Kadeem, and recklessness in the Water Realm that cost an Accelecharger leads him frustrated and doubting his skills after his win in the World Race.

Shirako Takamoto

The Teku's nearly silent mechanic who appears to care more about looking cool than winning races, yet the first driver to ever beat the previously undefeated Pork Chop. Loves his techno music, and loves it LOUD.

    Racing Drones 


Back from outer space or the Racing Realms or wherever she went after the events of Highway 35, this super-intelligent robot shed most semblances of her humanoid disguise and got real ugly.

A shadowy, ostensibly government run team. Only one driver is ever identified, though there was speculation in the Accelepedia forums as to who the others were planned to be. Sadly, the final two movies were never made and we're left wondering What Could Have Been.

    Other Characters 

Dr. Peter Tezla

A scientist and former Silencer who opens the realms for the drivers. He makes cars and wanted to recruit people in World Race because he couldn't get through the realms with just better cars, he needed better drivers.


Lani Tam

Brian Kadeem

A fellow driver, who comes back after World Race. He has been working with Tezla and meets up with both the drivers of Acceleracers in Tezla's cube, now wrecked to pieces.
  • Black Dude Dies First He's the first of the drivers to go down in the Storm Realm. He doesn't actually die though, he gets captured by Gelorum and made into a drone himself. He reappears later and falls from a high building by the end of Ultimate Race and his fate is unknown.
  • What Happened to the Mouse?: We never know what happens to him after his fall after his fight with the Wylde brothers, so with the next two movies never being made the rest of his story is a mystery.


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