Characters / Horton Hears a Who!

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Jungle of Nool

    Horton the Elephant
Voiced by: Kent Rogers (1st, Horton Hatches the Egg cartoon), Hans Conried (1970 TV Special), Jim Carrey (2008 animated film)

An outgoing, big-hearted, loving, sweet, and thoughtful elephant. Horton has no tusks, lives by himself and possesses acute hearing abilities.

    Jane Kangaroo
Voiced by: Carol Burnett

The film's main antagonist, she thinks that Horton is a fool for thinking that there is life on a speck of dust.
  • Amazing Technicolor Wildlife: A purple kangaroo.
  • The Atoner: Becomes co-guardian of the Whos with Horton in the ending.
  • Big Bad: An unintentional example. She sees Horton's belief that a tiny civilization being real is absurd and tries to destroy the speck at various points. But once she realizes that Horton was right, she is deeply ashamed of what she almost did.
  • Curtains Match The Windows: She has purple fur and purple eyes.
  • Fantasy-Forbidding Mother: Doesn't want Rudy to join in the "spec nonsense".
  • Haughty "Hmph": Just like in the book, she belts out quite a few of these when she hears Horton's ridiculous stories about little people.
  • In-Series Nickname: "Sour Kanagroo".
  • Meaningful Name: More like "meaningful nickname" thanks to her sour disposition on things.
  • My God, What Have I Done?: She's truly ashamed of herself when she realizes that she almost destroyed an entire civilization.
  • Obliviously Evil: She really doesn't know that the spec is an entire civilization and just wants to keep order in Nool. She later comes to regret her actions.

    Morton the Mouse
Voiced by: Seth Rogen

Horton's best friend in the Jungle of Nool.

    Rudy Kangaroo
Voiced by: Chuck Jones (1970 TV Special); Josh Flitter (2008 animated film)

Sour Kangaroo's son.
  • Amazing Technicolor Wildlife: Like his mother, Rudy is a purple kangaroo.
  • Adaptational Nice Guy: In the book, Rudy willingly agrees with Jane that the existence of civilization on a tiny flower is nonsensical. In the film, Rudy is more accepting of Horton's assertions, and does not like it when Jane accuses Horton of being crazy.
  • Momma's Boy: Invoked by his bossy mom who always keeps Rudy in her protective pouch. Until the end.
  • Morality Pet: Zig-Zagged. Rudy does make Jane look more understandable, but his presence doesn't stop her from going after Horton.
  • Nice Guy: Has a sweeter disposition unlike his mother.
  • Strong Family Resemblance: A small, male version of Jane.

    Vlad Vladikoff
Voiced by: Will Arnett

A vulture hired by the Sour Kangaroo to steal Horton's clover.


    Mayor Nedd McDodd
Voiced by: Steve Carell (2008 animated film)

The mayor of Whoville. He has 96 daughters, 1 son named JoJo and his wife Sally.

    Sally O' Malley
Voiced by: Amy Poehler

Ned's wife and mother to JoJo and 96 daughters.

    Dr. Mary Lou LaRue
Voiced by: Isla Fisher

A teacher at Who U.

    JoJo McDodd
Voiced by: Jesse Mc Cartney

Ned and Sally's only son and eldest child. He's next in line for being the Mayor of Whoville.
  • Adaptational Badass: The book only showed him as the last resort to save Whoville. And while he still is the one to save Whoville in the animated adaptation, he also becomes a Gadgeteer Genius.
  • Ascended Extra: In the book, he was brought in as a last resort to save Whoville. In the movie, he's a much more prominent character and in the Seussical, he's the protagonist.
  • Big Little Brother: He is the next mayor because he is the oldest, but he is smaller than all of his sisters.
  • Brainy Brunette: Of the making music variety.
  • Dark Is Not Evil: His color schemes are black and white and he's the tritagonist.
  • Emo Teen: A sullen, apathetic boy who's so terrified of disappointing his father that he never speaks.
  • Gadgeteer Genius: JoJo filled the abandon observatory with castaway items and set up an elaborate system to produce music.
  • Hidden Depths:
    • "But he's anything but silent. He hears music in the tapping of an old keyboard, feels the beat in the rhythmic bounce of a basketball and finds harmony in wind whistling over a comb."
    • The ending shows that JoJo has a great singing voice.
  • Outnumbered Sibling: He has 96 sisters and is the only boy.
  • The Quiet One: He only has four lines in the entire movie.
  • Tritagonist: To Horton's protagonist and his father's Deuteragonist.
  • "Well Done, Son!" Guy: "JoJo is so worried that he'll say something to disappoint his father that he finds it best not to speak- ever."