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Character List

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    The Protagonists 

Hadesu Itsuhito

One of his less scary faces
A 26-year old male School Nurse. A lot of his past is mysterious, but so far we understand that he has been affected by disease demon, and it was through the help of two friends and his teacher Mitogawa-sensei, now principal of the school, that he got through the dark times.

Ashitaba Iku

Not an Action kind of guy
A shy, quiet boy, he also is shown to hold the best thinker of the group, easily connecting events in his head to come up with who is the current disease demon holder. He is physically weak, but manages to Unfazed Everyman his way through situations. He is often dragged out by Kaburagi to investigate Hadesu-sensei.

So far, out of all of the main children characters he is the only one that hasn't received a disease demon.

Fuji Rokusuke

His life's goal is to do as little as possible
A Brilliant, but Lazy person in the flesh. He even told Hadesu that he would get sick and die unless he played hooky twice a week. He is considered the hottest kid in school, and is extremely rich. Too bad he's just not interested in girls...

His disease demon was 'Lazy' where one drives out all emotions into clones that will tend to their body.

Mimisaka Rentarou

He's available ladies
A big guy that wants to be a lady killer, and unfortunately for him, the ladies want nothing to do with him. Although he seems completely self absorbed, is a coward and claims credit for things he doesn't do, you'll regret it if you ever threaten his friends.

Byouma: ‘Narcissist’ Using hypnotic pollen to numb the nerves, it steals vitality from beautiful humans’ faces and converts it into its own beauty.

Kaburagi Kaeshiba 'Shinya'

A girl that can take on a SWAT team with nothing more then her bare fists and win. She's the master of fighting, and is the generally the fighter out of the main character group. She tries to act more feminine though, after a boy rejected her in primary school because he didn't like tomboys

Disease demon: ‘Provoke’ This disease demon stimulates the provocative hormones in a human body and only works on males. People affected by this hormone lose their memory and consciousness and finally fight with each other.

Hanamaki Miku

14 years old, and a shy girl. She carries around a notebook that she carefully writes down all of her plans within.

Disease demon: ‘Chicken’ Afraid of failure and frustration, they can create a place that people have never experienced. Therefore if they are successful, it is said they can give a human life without failure.She was also caught up in a second disease demon, which switched her with another character in a Freaky Friday Flip.


The principal of the high school, and Hadesu's teacher when he was younger. She has a tendency to wear Gothic Lolita dresses, and Hadesu claims her appearance hasn't changed in 10 years.


Smart, nonathletic, has a penchant for sharp pointy objects, gets into Jealous Boyfriend Mode whenever Mimisaka doesn't pay attention to him... Oh yeah, did we mention he's really odd as well?

Disease demon: ‘Jealousy’ It thirsts for love, it hungers for love. A passionate incarnation of a woman who has lost sight of real love. Things that stimulate jealousy turn everyone into a grieved demon.

Yasuda Mitsuhiro

He is a Terrotic
In several words: Pervert, self-centered, and unable to learn a lesson. So far he has acquired several disease demons, and attempted to use all of them for peeking.

Disease demon: First one is 'Peeping,' which took his right eye out of its socket and allowed the eye to move freely, and he could see through it. The second is ‘Mother Guard’ which allows him to blend into his surroundings. He also unintentionally summoned a third one called 'Rush' which infected several boys, putting them into a frenzy to try and infiltrate the pool where a girl's only class is taking place. It's not known if he was infected by this one, but his influence did cause the boys to summon it.

  • Butt-Monkey: Not only was he infected with at least two disease demons, he basically gets the least amount of respect, and is punished most for his antics, all of which he deserves.
  • Idol Otaku: He's an avid fan of Atsuko, a young female singer.

Saizaki Minori

She acts cold-hearted but is actually really a Tsundere.
Gym teacher, big boobed, tsundere queen… any more fetish material we’re missing out here? She’s strict, iron-willed, an ice queen to the extreme, but only on the outside. Inside she is actually worried about what others think of her. She has a crush on Hades.

Disease demon: Once again unnamed, but it was probably ‘Protection’ as it took control of something human-like and went to punish bad children by zapping them.

  • Tsundere: She often beat the crap out of Hadesu because of small misunderstanding, then panicked and thinking so hard about how to apologize to him.

Kaburagi Touya

Shinya's bespectacled little brother. Embarrassed by his older sister.

Disease demon: In a curious case, he himself wasn’t caught by the disease demon, but was instead caught by another using it. The byouma was ‘Escape’ where you’re sent to a virtual world where you can do anything.

Senoo Ryuuki

A hotheaded delinquent from Hira middle school, who came to challenge Shinya in the name of his brother. He graduated and became a first year at their school, in the same class as Touya, and joined the Stays-At-the-Infirmary group. Kind of likes Shinya. Respects Ashitaba.

His disease demon was 'Stoic', which controls sexual desire, and carries out a punishment on any women it deems promiscuous. It was literally punched out of him by Shinya.


A big busted woman that runs a hairdressing shop called Yggdrasil. She, along with Keiichi knew Hades since he was in middle school. Her shop is a cover-up for a place to get rid of disease demons.


He's Japanese alright, he just likes to sunbathe a lot
A tall man distinguished by a scar over his eye. He has an exceptional sense of smell. He works alongside Niburu to capture disease demons, but often has a very loose, easygoing personality. He also knew Hades back in middle school.


A small elementary school girl that joins the main cast from time to time. She has many unusual skills like being able to pick locks.

    The Antagonists 


A man who knew Hades back in middle school. He also has a disease demon, and can control it much like Hades can, but its ability is a lot different.