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Characters: High School DD - Student Council
Characters belonging to the Student Council of High School DD.

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Tropes relating to the group as a whole

  • Can't Catch Up: With the exception of Saji, their overall strength haven't much improved compared to the Occult Club's constantly-improving members. This changes in Volume 14 thanks to Azazel giving them their Mid-Season Upgrade in the form of artificial Sacred Gears.
  • Hero of Another Story: It goes without saying that this team also had their own battles, adventures and origin stories that allowed them to become as powerful as they are today.
  • Overshadowed by Awesome: They're rather strong but compared to Team Gremory they're lacking in firepower.
  • Mid-Season Upgrade: The remaining members (save Loup and Bennia) were given artificial Sacred Gears by Azazel by the time Volume 14 kicks off.
  • Weak, but Skilled: Compared to Rias' group in Rating Games. They did research on them, using a gambit that almost worked but for Issei's newly-discovered power to read someone's thoughts through their breasts.

Souna Sitri

Role: King
Species: Pure Devil
Voiced by: Natsuki Takamori (Japanese) and Marie Charlson (English)

Student Council President of Kuoh Academy and a childhood friend of Rias.

Tsubaki Shinra

Position: Queen
Voiced by: Akiko Kimura (Japanese) and Lauren Allison (English)

Student Council Vice-President of Kuoh Academy and Souna's right-hand.

Genshiro Saji

Role: Pawn (4)
Voiced by: Yuuichi Iguchi (Japanese) and Kyle Phillips (English)

Another member of the Student Council, whose drafting by Souna cost her four Pawn pieces due having a dragon inside him. He also wields Absorption Line, a Sacred Gear which happens to be a piece of the Black Dragon Vritra, later completed by Azazel to include Blaze Black Flare, Delete Field, and Shadow Prison.
  • Almighty Janitor: Not to the same extent as Issei, though.
  • Big Damn Heroes: Against Loki. Even Issei thought his entrance was cool.
  • Butt Monkey: Comes off as this in the first season of the anime. His only speaking scene has him getting one-upped by Issei, and his other foreground appearance his him reciving a dodgeball to the groin (courtesy of Koneko, no less). The second season, which adapts parts of the novels that give him more screen time, treat him with more dignity.
  • Cast from Hit Points: The way Saji powers his magic in the Rating Game.
  • Chick Magnet: Not as much as Issei, but he does have girls falling in love with him, though he only has his eyes for Souna.
  • Dark Is Not Evil: His power evokes dark flames. That said he's a pretty affable guy.
  • Determinator: To the point where even the nigh-invincible Issei can become scared of him.
  • Energy Absorption: How his Sacred Gear, Absorption Line, works.
  • Groin Attack: Koneko hits him there while playing dodgeball in episode 7.
  • Sixth Ranger: Whenever he joins the fights with the Gremory group.
  • Superpowered Evil Side: When Saji uses Vritra Promotion, he turns into a berserker whom only Issei can control. So when it gets used during a Rating Game, and without Issei to tame it...
  • Took a Level in Badass: Constantly. And then he gets his very own Balance Breaker.
  • Weak, but Skilled: Vritra is described as the weakest of the Five Dragon Kings, but nevertheless has a wide array of techniques Saji uses to become Team Sitri's ace in the hole.

Tsubasa Yura

Role: Rook

Souna's imposing Rook.

Tomoe Meguri

Role: Knight
Voiced by: Kiyono Yasuno (Japanese)

Souna's Knight.

Momo Hanakai

Role: Bishop
!! Momo Hanakai "The Bishop"
Voiced by: Mikako Komatsu (Japanese)

Souna's Bishop.

Reya Kusaka

Role: Bishop

Souna's Bishop.

Ruruko Nimura

Role: Pawn (1)

Souna's other Pawn.

Loup Garou

Role: Rook
Species: Werewolf / Reincarnated Devil

Sona's second Rook and a student at the college division of Kuoh Academy.


Role: Knight
Species: Human/Grim Reaper Hybrid / Reincarnated Devil

A half-Grim Reaper and Sona's second Knight.

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