Characters: Hellfire Commentaries

Current Members/Affiliates


Co-founder and main commentator of Hellfire Commentaries.

THD/The Helldragon


Commentator on the Legend of Zelda series and speed runner.


Commentator on various titles who can be found on both YouTube and Blip.


YouTube game commentator and frequent Twitch streamer.


A warm cup of tea.


Commentator on various games such as Prince of Persia 2008. Mostly known for being an "english literature geek"

Axel Ryman

The resident asshole and horror game professional.

Former Members/Affiliates

Fastest Thing Alive



Game critic and occasional commentator.

Sonic Movies/Smoovies

Creator of Sonic the Hedgehog movies, and commentator on various Sonic games and films.

Sega Sky

A staff member of the Sonic Retro site


Commentator on various different Nintendo games on both Youtube and Blip.


Commentator of any game on both Youtube and Blip.


A Twitch moderator and regular streamer.


Another Twitch moderator and streamer. He makes HFC T-Shirts.
  • Butt Monkey: He's repeatedly teased by Drazor and other mods.
  • Fangirl: Not him, but he has one in the chat. She's probably just kidding, though.
  • Ho Yay: With Riddic.
  • Large Ham: Digi is, without the doubt, the largest ham on HFC. Even when he's in the stream chat, he will most likely put his messages in allcaps.
  • Most Wonderful Sound: His Krew voice, as well as his radio voice.
  • Split Personality: Digi has a second personality. It's David Bowie.
  • The Smart Guy: Of the HFC Twitch Mods.


A streamer who specialises in early morning JRPG runs.


Often co-ops games with digitalAlchemist.


  • Butt Monkey: The fact that he is only human being on the planet to actually enjoy playing 358 Days/2. Everyone loves to make fun of him for this.
  • Never Live It Down: He is on the receiving end of this. The chat never forgets the fact that he frequently gets 9th place in the tournaments he hosts.


A Scottish streamer who is known for having an ego bigger than Seto Kaiba's. He is the leader of a streaming group on Twitch called SWACA (Streamers Without A Cool Acronym).
  • Jerk Ass: Probably the most sour streamer.


Another Twitch mod-turned-streamer.


Commentator on various different titles on both Youtube and Blip.

Alternative Title(s):

Hellfire Comms