Characters / He Is My Master

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     main characters 

Yoshitaka Nakabayshi

A rich boy whose parents died in a car accident. Originally, he was alone, but he posted an ad for maids, and by luck, Izumi and Mitsuki showed up...and he's all too happy to take advantage of it.

Izumi Sawatari

The older sister of Mitsuki, and the main female character in the series, Izumi is the most sane out of the bunch and tends to be the one most often to react in surprise to the oddness around her.

Mitsuki Sawatari

The younger sister of Izumi, Mitsuki is Izumi's primary Morality Pet and treasured sister. She's innocent and sweet, but there may be more to her than there seems.


Originally introduced as a girl at Yoshitaka's school who has a crush on him, by the end of her debut episode, her affections transfer to Izumi - and she becomes a maid to stay close to her.


Izumi and Mitsuki's pet alligator that travels in Mitsuki's suitcase with them.

     secondary characters