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Characters / Gunka No Balzer

Character page for Gunka no Baltzar.

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Bernd Baltzar

Bernd Baltzar is an officer in the Weissen Army who quickly climbs up the officer ranks during the First Norden-Trade War. After the war he is reassigned as a military advisor and lecturer to Baselland's military academy.

Hermann Groener

Baltzar's immediate superior in the Weissen Army.

Weissen Army Chief of Staff

The head of the Weissen armed forces and de facto leader of the country.

     Baselland Royal Family 

Reiner August Winklefeldt

Chief drill master of Baselland's Royal Military Academy and 2nd in line for the throne. Later he attempts to use his influence to modernize his country's military and to keep Baselland independent from great power realpolitik.

Franz Theodor Winklefeldt

Crown prince and heir apparent to the Baselland throne. His conservative and isolationist policies stand in opposition to Reiner's. Later it is revealed that he plans to align the country to Erzreich under Rudolph's influence.

     Baselland Military Academy 

Dieter Strunz

Second year student in the artillery division. He is the heir to Strunz Heavy Industries.

Paul Breitner

Second year student in the artillery division.

  • Wise Beyond Their Years: As Baltzar points out himself, Paul's understanding of his choices' consequences means that he has the greater soldierly potential over Dieter. When he is chosen as part of the academy contingent for the war against Holbeck, he does not ponder over his future lightly.

Marcel Jansen

Student in the infantry division.

Thomas Rinke

Student in the infantry division.

Helmut Markus von Babel

Student in the cavalry division.

  • The Lad-ette: Just before her gender reveal, everybody sees Helmut as a guy.
  • Lady Looks Like a Dude: No one in the academy (not even the reader) knew that Hemlut is a girl. Baltzar is the first person to discover this when Helmut tries to get rid of the leeches from her body and then, Balzer saw her breasts.
  • Suppressed Mammaries: Done in the same way as Mulan

Frank von Baumann

Headmaster of the academy.

Heiko Gerber

Head instructor of the academy.


Captain Nielsen

A cavalry officer in the Holbeck Army. During the Second Norden-Trade War he leads the invading Holbeck troops on the Norden-Trade peninsula's eastern coast.

  • Blood Knight
  • Colonel Kilgore
  • Kick the Dog: Ordering the execution of the wounded Weissen soldiers in direct opposition to the agreement regarding the treatment of occupied territories, simply because he finds the idea of a "humanitarian war" disgusting and unmanly.
  • War Is Glorious


Empress Maria Ludovica

The monarch of Erzreich.


Rudolph von Liebknecht

A political agitator and a former junior officer of the Weissen Imperial Guard; he was once Baltzar's friend during their military academy days. When the First Norden-Trade War began, he led a military coup in Weissen, that in spite of its failure gave the Weissen military a more prominent role in the country. Officially, he is a Baselland court musician, but he later reveals himself to be an officer serving under the Ezreich Empire. He has a spinoff called Yuukoku no Liebknecht, Liebknecht the Patriot.

President Strunz

Dieter's father and the head of Strunz Heavy Industries.