Characters / Gravity Falls Surprise Hut

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     Dana "Stargirl" Pines 
The main protagonist of the franchise. Dana is a curious, clever, inventive 12-year-old. With her twin brother Marcus along for the ride, she dares to uncover the secrets of Gravity Falls.

    Marcus Pines 
Dana's twin brother. Energetic and optimistic, Marcus makes the best of every scenario with a big goofy smile.

    Great-Aunt "Graunt" Silvia Pines 
Silvia Pines is Marcus and Dana's generous great-aunt. She runs the Surprise Hut, a little shop full of gemstones and jewelry. When she's giving tours, Dana and Marcus sneak out to explore the town's secrets.

An employee at the Surprise Hut. Salls often accompanies Dana and Marcus on their adventures. She acts much like One of the Kids, though you'll find she's actually quite intelligent.

    William Corduroy 
A teenager who works at the Surprise Hut. Dana happens to have a crush on him.