Characters / Girly

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    Main Characters 



Marshmallow Kitty

Cute and funny all in one fluffy little perverted package.

     Secondary Characters 

Danforth Policeguy

El Chpacabre (Chuy)



Officer Hipbone

Nurse Yumi

Officer Getskilled

  • It Is Pronounced Tropay: It is Get-skilled, or Gets-killed? Good luck figuring it out.
  • Immortality: It gets better. Officer Getskilled tries to pull a Heroic Sacrifice, is saved by Immortal Guy at the last minute, is asked to join him among others in the Ancient Land Of Immortals, and he accepts. That's right people, Getskilled actually becomes immortal.
  • Nonindicative Name: Yes, he lives through the whole comic.
  • Straight Gay: His sexuality only comes up like once or twice during the comic.

Dr. Lucy McCurvy


Captain Fist

The girl

Black Kitty


The Queen Bee of the Sidekicks