Characters / G.I. Joe Extreme

G.I. Joe

Lt. Stone

Sgt. Robert Stephen Savage

Ballistic/Eagle Eye (Albert Salviatti)

Black Dragon (Kang Chi Lee)

  • Expy: While the Extreme line based their characters as Broad Strokes versions of various Joes, Black Dragon is just blatantly Snake Eyes. They're even both blonde! The only difference is, Black Dragon is NOT The Speechless.
  • Name's the Same: The name was later used by the Joe fanclub for a new organization, and even later by Hasbro for a new clan of ninjas (and as a helicopter on G.I. Joe: Renegades).
  • Ninja
  • Race Lift: In a pretty spectacular manner, all things considered. He only appeared in one franchise and this happened to him. His bio establishes him as being Chinese, yet he has constantly been depicted as a blond-haired guy.

Freight (Omar Diesel)

Harpoon (Jose Montalvo)


Metal-Head (Matthew Hurley)




SKAR (Soldiers for Kaos, Anarchy and Ruin)

Iron Klaw


A ruthless masked terrorist in charge of the millitary wing of SKAR, he moonlights as Count Von Raini. the leader of a small european nation. Skilled, manipulative and a master of disguise.

Inferno (Kidwell Pyre)

A pyromaniac oddly positioned as a Jet Squadron leader. Has a childlike mentality, regarding warfare as a game and the vehicles and weapons under his command as "toys".


An arm dealer who turns into a green Hulk-like monster when irritated, he supplies SKAR with Mecha-Mooks and other weapons. He has sight on SKAR's leadership, but begrudgingly grovels under Iron Klaw's command and until the right opportunity comes along.

Steel Raven


A soldier who formely served with Freight. He was shot down during an unnamed war in South America and apparently into a grotesque cyborg by the Inter-Alliance.