Characters / Futari Wa Pretty Cure Eclipse

This is the character sheet for Futari Wa Pretty Cure Eclipse. Please help with the blurbs!

The Cures

Anika Hibani (Cure Blaze) | Voice Actor: Yui Horie (Japanese)

The spunky, athletic leader. She is the girls soccer captain at Shinzoo Academy Junior High, and is a role model and friend to every student. In the eighth grade Star Class.

Claire Mizutama (Cure Star) | Voice Actor: Miyako Endo (Japanese)

The shy, creative and artistic partner of Anika. She is in many clubs, is very smart, and is admired just as much as Anika. In the eighth grade Star Class.

  • Barrier Warrior (Not a law, but mainly what her attacks are used for)
  • But Not Too Foreign (Half Canadian-French Quebec Native!, half Japanese)
  • Feminine Women Can Cook (She really, really can cook, unlike Anika.)
  • Gratuitous French (She alwsy speaks French with her family, especially Aunt Luna)
  • Meaningful Name ("Claire"/"Clear, bright";"Mizutama"/"Water Drop"((Water and moon relation intended)) )
  • Parental Neglect (While her sister went to a private school and they went travelling, Claire's parents left her with her Aunt Luna in Shinataka)

Akari Kokoro (Princess of Miracles / Cure Hope) | Voice Actor: Rie Tanaka (Japanese)

The clueless, somewhat lazy, hopeful Princess from the Dream Garden. She comes to Earth as Akari after her brother, former Prince of Light, the Dark Prince damages her and the Dream Star. On Earth, she is in eighth grade Star Class.

Kara Ongaku (Cure Melody) | Voice Actor: Iizuka Mayumi (Japanese)

A rising star pop idol. She is energetic, sweet, but doesn't show her true sadness to anyone. She was a Pretty Cure before Anika, Claire and Akari, but after her partner Kiki was killed, she stopped fighting until meeting the new Cures. In eleventh grade Cherry Blossom Class.


Cira | Voice Actor: Sendai Eri (Japanese)

Anika's mascot partner. Fleeing from the Dream Garden, she came to Shinataka with Ciro, and with Lila following. She is stubborn and has a sweet tooth like Anika.

Ciro | Voice Actor: Miyu Irino (Japanese)

Claire's mascot partner. Fleeing from the Dream Garden, he came to Shinataka with Cira, and with Lila following. He is lazy, often depressed, and shares Cira's sweet tooth.

Lila | Voice Actor: Tanii Asuka (Japanese)

Akari's mascot partner. She followed Cira and Ciro to Shinataka, disobeying them. She stays with Anika before Akari comes, but lives with Akari at Sophie's after.

Kiki | Voice Actor: Asumi Nakata (Japanese)

Kara's mascot partner. She came down to Shinataka before Cira, Ciro and Lila, and fought along side Kara until an unfortunate fight against the Dark Reign.