Characters / For The Spirit Of Creation

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Characters from the original game


Hana Jeong (Steel Warrior Hana)

  • Action Girl
  • Blood Knight: See Jumped at the Call below.
  • Face of a Thug: After a fashion. Hana is quite beautiful, but has a tendency to inspire fear in others.
  • Even the Girls Want Her
  • Expy: Her player has occasionally called her "Buttercup".
  • Jumped at the Call
    Hana looked up at Judy and grinned. The armor dissolved away into motes of steely light, but Hana knew that it would return when she wanted it to. She felt alive, and filled with energy in ways that she'd never imagined possible. The thrill of fighting had never felt so good, and fighting monsters, she knew, was perfect. No one would tell her that she shouldn't. No one could lecture her. It was the right thing to do, and she wanted to.
    "I'm fine, Juds. You know how you're always saying I should find what I want to do in my life? Well..."
  • Oblivious to Love: So very much so.
  • The Big Guy
  • Tomboy and Girly Girl: She's the tomboy, Judy's the Girly Girl

Chelsea Pond (Maiden of Love)

Faith Hope Charity Campbell

Yumemiru Kurimu (Magical Princess Dream)

Bobby Cutting

Sara Aldred (Street Angel Sara)

A homeless teen runaway and graffiti artist, Sara uses her rune magic to protect the kids on the street.

Jennifer Marina (Scion of Compassion)

Georgia Emmerson (Damsel of Faith)

Erin Watson (Scion of Science) - Played by Sun Tzu

Simon Hunt

    Allied NPCs  

Judy Nesmith


Headmaster Ashford

Scott Weston

August Pettibottom

    Hana's Family 





    Hana's Gang 

Malika Dasti

Socha Burr

Chloe Dunstan

Emma Fox

Blue Thornberg

Grace Skeffington

Ruby Smithson

Tilly Hazard

    Other NPCs  

Libby Stevenson

Mila Kusanagi


General Phillipi

Characters from For The Spirit of Creation: San Francisco

    P Cs 

Lilith Nightstar (scion of free will)

A girl raised by a Nihl-worshiping cult to be the vessel for the Enslaver, she was befriended by a magical girl called Emerald Mira. When the time came for her to become the Enslaver's vessel, Mira sacrificed herself to allow her to break free, and Lilith resolved to honor her by fighting for Creation.

Erin Atkins (scion of persistence)

Yukiko Narukami (scion of truth)


Emerald Mira (scion of friendship)

The magical girl who befriended Lilith, and subsequently sacrificed herself to help her break free of the Enslaver's possession. Her ghost acts as a mentor to Lilith.


The Enslaver

A powerful Nihl spirit. Lilith was raised to be its vessel.
  • Control Freak: Takes this trope to monstrous degrees.
    The Enslaver didn't want you to obey because he wanted some task done, he hated you and would stop at nothing to annihilate your free will.
  • Eldritch Abomination