Characters: Folie à Deux ♥ Pretty Cure!

Character sheet for Folie à Deux Pretty Cure! This page is currently under construction, so please be careful of spoilers, and have a nice dream!

The Cures (and their allies)

Momoe Uehara / Cure Lumière | Voice Actress: Kae Araki

"The dream of warmth in the coldest night, I am Cure Lumière!"

"I know it'll be scary, but all we can do right now is just try our best to help, okay?"

  • Big Eater
  • Blush Sticker: Seemingly a permanent fixture on her face, but she loses them when she gets serious.
  • Cool Sword / Royal Rapier: Lumière Sabre
  • Cloudcuckoolander: When she's not being outright clingy, she's being this.
  • Finishing Move: Rose Folie Burst
  • Genki Girl
  • Idiot Hair: In both civilian and Cure form!
  • Jack of All Stats
  • Japanese Pronouns: "Jibun", both in and out of her usual Okinawan dialect, similar to Hibiki.
  • Jumped at the Call: She jumped so hard, she probably suffered damage coming down.
    "That's what a heroine is supposed to do, right~?"
  • Lethal Chef: As much as she loves food, she just can't get even basic recipes right. At one point, she tries to make microwave noodles... and becomes so distracted that she forgets to put water in the container. Predictably, the result is a charred abomination.
    • And to make things worse, poor Konacha is saddled with taste-testing her more "ambitious" attempts. It's a good thing fairies' digestive systems are much different than humans'...
  • Light 'em Up
  • The McCoy
  • Signature Move: Pretty Cure Éclatant Tempêtenote 
  • Sweet Tooth: Momoe certainly isn't discriminatory when it comes to food, but she does have a special affinity for milk candy.
  • Zettai Ryouiki: As Lumière, with stockings.

Sumiko Hasegawa / Cure Pétille | Voice Actress: Omi Minami

"The dream of light in the darkest heart, I am Cure Pétille!"

"Listen, I was watching variety shows and eating mochi. I just don't have time for your drama today."

Miyori Okazaki / Cure Guimauve | Voice Actress: Rina Sato

"The dream of sweetness in the toughest exterior, I am Cure Guimauve!"

"Are you serious?! An old woman like me can't be a magical girl!"

Konacha | Voice Actress: Halko Momoi

"You're not gonna get very far in life if you keep sulking about a ruined bowl of ramen ~kocha!"

Kukicha | Voice Actress: Junko Takeuchi

"Nah... I dunno why you keep bothering when I'm tryin' to relax ~kucha."

Matcha | Voice Actor: Yasuhisa Furuhara

"DIDJA SEE THAT?! Maaaan, Guimauve is totally cool ~maru! I betcha you two can't beat a guy in the face like she does ~maru!"

Le Grande Rêve-Reine | Voice Actress: Kaori Mizuhashi

"No matter what happens, remember not to stray too far from your dreams. Sometimes, they're all you really have."


The Great Dream Demon King | Voice Actor: Tomohiro Tsuboi

"All I wish is for this world, these people and their useless 'dreams'... I wish for them to wither into nothingness."

Rosuneio / Shou Yakyou | Voice Actor: Junichi Suwabe

"This will be the last time that I fail you, Your Majesty."

Palenumbra / Mei Museki | Voice Actress: Ayumi Tsunematsu

"Do you know how many times he's passed me over for you?! I'm sick of letting my talents go to waste here in this cave while you do the same crap over and over with the same results!"