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Characters / Fly Or Fall

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Lysis Ashman

Safeyah "Saf" Hafeij

Avalon MacAdams

Kristina Reeds

LeLe Castro

Amanda Gordon

Kaylee Scott

Rider Bradley

Amelia "Mia" Brice

Victoria "Vicki" Pennisor
  • Big Sister Mentor: Entering later in the story, Victoria becomes another mentor to the girls, accompanying Safeyah, Lynn and Nakisha when they split from Lysis' group to look for fairies outside of North America.

Nakisha Cameron

Lynn O'Reilley

Star Carson

Nerine Geragos

Naida Geragos

Alexa Verlac

Karina Dupree

Evanne Li

Adaline Bellerose

Ildri Ashton

     Apprentices of the Black Circle