Characters: Fire Emblem Akaneia

Due to the sheer number of characters present in the three games of the Akaneia saga, this page has been split based on in which game the character first appeared.
Characters first appearing in Dark Dragon and Sword of Light or Shadow Dragon will be found here.
Characters first appearing in Gaiden will be found here.
Characters first appearing in Mystery of the Emblem or New Mystery of the Emblem will be found here.

Characters in the backstory and supporting material

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    Recent History 

King Cornelius of Altea

The late King of Altea, and father to Marth and Elice. When the Grust/Khadein army invaded Altea on behalf of Dolhr, Cornelius personally led the Altean army, backed by their allies in Gra, to battle, wielding the Falchion. However, the king of Gra, Jiol, betrayed Altea in the middle of the battle and Cornelius was killed. It is unknown who actually took his life, although it's attributed to Gharnef, Camus, and Jiol in at least one version of the story each.

Voiced by: Akio Ohtsuka (Japanese, OVA), Rob Bundy (English, OVA)

Queen Liza of Altea

The late Queen of Altea, and mother to Marth and Elice. She was killed by Morzas during Gra's invasion of Castle Altea.

Miloah (Miroa)

The Pontifex of Khadein, Linde's father, and one of the pupils of the White Sage Gotoh. Due to his virtuous heart, he was chosen to wield the light magic Aura by Gotoh. However, Gharnef would later betray Miloah and Gotoh out of jealousy. At the beginning of the War of Shadows, Gharnef, backed by the Dolhr Empire, invaded Khadein and used his dark magic Imhullu to kill Miloah. Before his death, however, Miloah had entrusted Aura to his daughter and sent her to safety.

    Ancient History 

Naga (Narga)

Known to humans as the God of Light, Naga was actually the leader of the Divine Dragon tribe. Eons ago, the nature of the world changed, forcing dragons to take humanoid Manakete form to survive. The Earth Dragons, aside from Prince Medeus, refused to take Manakete form and gradually began to go insane. In order to protect the fledgling human race from the raging Earth Dragons, Naga led her tribe to battle against them, eventually sealing them away with the Shield of Seals, forged from her own fang. Tasking Medeus to guard the seal, Naga forged from another of her fangs the holy sword Falchion. Some time after this, she and a few of his allies moved to give power to humans on another continent in their time of greatest need, but that is a tale for another time...

Shortly after the birth of her daughter Tiki, Naga was forced to seal her away, as her great power would drive the infant child insane, leading to the destruction of the world. Afterwards, Naga passed away, entrusting fellow Divine Dragon tribesman Gotoh to watch over the world in her place. While the exact details are unknown, she has seemingly reincarnated as the Manakete Nagi in an alternate dimension.
For Naga's tropes, see her section here.

Emperor Adrah of Archanea

The Founder of the Kingdom of Archanea. Originally a lowly thief, sometime after the death of Naga he managed to loot the Fane of Raman and steal the Shield of Seals, removing the spheres from it to sell for cash, unknowingly weakening the seal on the Earth Dragons in the process. He also stole what would eventually be known as Archanea's Three Regalia (the Gradivus, the Mercurius, and the Parthia) and used these weapons as well as the money he gained from the spheres to raise an army that would sweep across the continent. Believing it the cause of his good fortune, he renamed the now weakened Shield of Seals "Fire Emblem" and made it the crest of his new kingdom.

King Anri of Altea (Henry)

The founder of the Kingdom of Altea. Originally a peasant living on the Altean islands with his brother Marcelus, Anri became involved with the war against the Dolhr Empire after meeting with Princess Artemis of Archanea. Falling in love with her and vowing to protect her, Anri journeyed to the Temple of the Ice Dragons, led by Gotoh, and claimed the Falchion, allowing him to slay Medeus. Despite their love, Artemis and Anri could not marry for political reasons, and because of this, Anri died without an heir. After his death, his kingdom was divided into Altea, ruled by Marcelus, and Gra, founded by nobles who opposed Marcelus coming to power.

Princess Artemis of Archanea

The Princess of Archanea during the time of Anri. When Dolhr invaded Archanea, Artemis was forced to flee the country, but not before giving the Fire Emblem to General Cartas. To ensure Cartas's victory in battle, she placed a curse on the Emblem. She ended up in the Altean Islands, where she met and fell in love with Anri. After Anri left to claim the Falchion, Artemis and Cartas formed a liberation army against Dolhr and with Anri's aid, were able to win the war. Artemis and Anri were unable to marry, however, due to Anri's status as peasant-born, forcing her to marry Cartas. She died giving birth to Cartas's child.

Emperor Cartas of Archanea

The leader of the Archanean army during Anri's time, who was given the Fire Emblem by Princess Artemis and led the war effort against Dolhr. With the aid of the Emblem, Cartas was able to turn the tide until Medeus personally entered the battle. After the war, he married Artemis on request of the people, either oblivious to or simply ignoring her feelings for Anri. Their relationship would end in tragedy, however, as Artemis would die giving birth to his child.
  • History Repeats: The Love Triangle between Anri, Artemis, and Cartas is repeated with Camus, Nyna, and Hardin, with Cartas paralleling Hardin.

King Iote of Macedon

The Founder of the Kingdom of Macedon. Originally a slave of Dolhr, Iote and his men taught themselves how to ride the wild wyverns and took up arms against the Empire, eventually joining Cartas's liberation army. After the war, Iote and his men returned to the lands where they once served as slaves and bulit a kingdom there, with Iote chosen as their king.