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Servant Saber

"Gwahahahaa! Ale and meat are the only two things a woman needs!"

A humongous woman over two meters tall, and with a personality to match. Far more manly than her Master, a Russian magus named Tikhon Belanov, Saber's identity seems to confuse everyone, even her Master, who expected something completely else to appear. Still, she seems sure of her strength, which is not surprising, taking in account that she is of Saber class, which is usually deemed the best. At least she has an attitude fit for the "strongest class". She seems to care about her allies, especially about her Master, whose wish she finds "highly admirable".

While not much is known about Saber herself, her personality is clear: She likes to drink, eat and fight, and loot some treasure in the process. She also seems to be absolutely oblivious to the existence of others, having No Indoor Voice and blatantly walking on the streets of Tengetsu in her old style clothing, without even reverting back to her spirit form.

Enigmatic Servant in her own right, Saber's identity is, as of now, shrouded in mystery. She has also no visible weapons, and thus no easily identifiable Noble Phantasm. Only time will tell if Saber's Noble Phantasm actually helps others to identify her colossal self, or if it just serves further to confuse them...

Played by Verg Avesta.

Tropes associated with Saber:
  • Badass Boast - If there is one thing Saber can do well, it's this. Once she enters the battle, almost every line is a mixture of this and Large Ham.
  • Badass Cape - One of the most prominent articles of clothing Saber has.
  • Big Damn Heroes - It is clear that this is an everyday thing for Saber.
  • Big Eater - And drinker too. After all, the only thing equal to those two in Saber's mind is fighting.
  • Born Winner
  • Cool Sword - A job requirement. We haven't seen it yet, but knowing Saber, its probably impressive to look at.
  • Hot-Blooded - Slightly averted. Although she is always raring to go, Saber is not idiotic enough to rush straight into battle. It's when the situation is about getting out of a pinch with pure will that she shows this trait.
  • I Have Many Names - Both "Queen of War" and "Lady of Arms" have been recognized as her nicknames. There are apparently many others, most which become apparent when Saber gives out one of her Badass Boast.
  • Large and in Charge - With her size, it's obvious.
  • Large Ham - Practically defined by this trope. If Word of God is believed, Saber was deliberately made hammy to counter the other Saber we've seen in Fate/stay night.
  • Spirited Competitor - And in more than one way. Even her wish seems to be tied to this particular trope, somehow...
  • The Ace - Almost perfect example of "The Ace and oblivious to it".
  • Tiny Guy, Huge Girl - Although neither is the other's love-interest, Saber and Tikhon certainly invoke this trope. The funny thing is, Tikhon is not such a small man himself, either.
  • True Companions - Saber considers family to be one of the most important things in the world, although her definition of "family" is a bit loose. She even threatens to adopt Tikhon after he expresses his wish.
  • Warrior Poet - Surprisingly enough, Saber is indeed a poet of her own kind. Though it might not show through her rather "rowdy" exterior...

Servant Marauder

"I'll make it out without so much as a scratch!"

A man standing at around 6 feet tall, who doesn't particularly like wearing a shirt. Marauder is a gruff man who doesn't like dancing around issues. You'd be hard pressed to find Marauder not enjoying himself in any situation, even in the middle of a life or death battle. As of right now he has yet to be summoned by his master Aileen Blackthorn, and knows nothing about the war in question.

When it comes to friends, Marauder is fairly selective. You have to be someone special to really click with him, and when you do he'll do anything and everything for you. He is much the same with his companions he doesn't consider friends. If you work with him, he'll make sure that no matter the situation, you'll come out alive.

While not known as the smartest person, Marauder is an avid reader. So much so that, outside of battle, he is rarely seen without one. When it comes to guessing games, he'll throw out any number of guesses, most of them wrong. But, to most, it isn't a surprise when he's right, simple because he will toss out theory after theory. Eventually he has to get something right.

Played by KENTA.

Tropes associated with Marauder:

Servant Rider

"Awww, this girl's so adorable~"

A child at heart who doesn't mind hurting people that do wrong. She has a big heart, but is not stupid as people are led to believe. She has been summoned by Alan McCarthy, and has promised to be his sword for this war. She doesn't like to lose, but is smart enough to know when to fall back. She does have a thing for cute things, especially cute girls. Rider isn't against violence, she would just rather settle things with some cake.

She works hard to see her goals through. She'd take a bullet for her friends without thinking twice. She was also highly respected during her life. Rider judges a person by the way they act and treats them in the same manner.

Played by Nanaya-chan.

Tropes associated with Rider:

Servant Caster

"Didn't I tell you that I am in this for my own selfish desires? I have no sins to atone for, no desperate redemption to catch. Such things are beyond me now. Only my blind greed remains to guide me."

A mage robed in white and gold, Caster is the Servant summoned by Asa Iroaseru. Calm, charming and seemingly completely at ease in any situation, Caster is a perfect example of why you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover. Hidden beneath the suave exterior, is a man who is whimsical and random, prone to chaotic actions that have no effect in the larger plan of things. Or so it seems...

Caster also possesses an acidic tongue and it, together with his unpredictability and strong streak of independence, makes him a somewhat hard Servant to control and interact with. Whether this will become a problem for the pair, both in their own relationship and their interaction with others, remains to be seen. Regardless of all this, Caster surprisingly possesses a rock-solid sense of justice and he can be extremely ruthless and cold with those who callously disregard human life and dignity.

For one who is considered to be one of the weakest classes of the War, Caster shows almost unshakable belief in his abilities. Indeed, one could say that his self-confidence is of the highest possible rank. However, with nothing substantial to prove whether or not this confidence is justified or just blind arrogance, it remains to be seen if he will turn out to be a hidden monster or just another forgettable mook.

Played by mellon.

Tropes associated with Caster:
  • Combat Pragmatist – For Caster “fairness” is something that does not exist in fights. "Finish fights as fast as possible and go home to have some fun" is his motto.
  • Servile Snarker - To Asa, though a bit more on the Snarker side then on the Servile side.
  • The Archmage - This used to be/would be Caster's day job once he finishes with all this Grail War business.
  • Dissonant Serenity – In a fight, Caster is just as unflappable as he is out of it. Even eerily so...
  • Badass Long Robe – Casters white flapping robe generates the “flapping in the wind” effect almost constantly. One could even consider it something akin to Magic!
  • Would Not Shoot a Civilian – Regardless of the circumstances, Caster will do all in his power to reduce the number of civilian casualties. Woe to anyone foolish enough to use human shields…
  • Pay Evil unto Evil - As mentioned before, Caster is extremely ruthless and without mercy towards those he considers evil.
  • Blood Knight - Somewhat. Even though he doesn't play by the rules, he likes the "thrill" of fighting with someone at his level. Not to the fullest extent of the trope, but he still enjoys the process a bit too much to be considered normal.
  • Guile Hero – Caster's modus operandi and typical meddling usually means that he turns into this.
  • Red Baron - The Lord of Wonders.
  • I Shall Taunt You - It takes Caster about 5 seconds to realize Aileen doesn't like to be called "girly" and about 10 to use it and try to bait her into a suicide rush. Surprisingly, she plays it cool.

Servant Lancer

"I was perfect, I always had been. ...Regrettably."

Brutish. Misshapen. Scarred. Servant Lancer looks more like a barbarian from the hills then a surly old monk, and he is about as friendly as a coiled snake. Lancer is supremely confident in his abilities as a warrior, almost to the point where being beaten would almost be preferable to another boring victory. Little is known about him at this point in time, but he boasts that his schools were world renowned, and he (perhaps correctly) considers himself one of the greatest teachers that ever lived. The iconic spear that Lancer wields is almost embarrassingly simple - it’s a kuntham spear that has been modified in several ways to make it lighter, but perhaps more interestingly, Lancer has mused that the spear may outright refuse him. It’s almost as if the Noble Phantasm is not his own...

Servant Lancer has been summoned by Maebana Misune, and their relationship has gotten off to a cold start. While Lancer has guarded approval of Misune’s skills as a magus, and her intelligence, he feels she lacks a certain pride as the master of one of the Knight classes. Still, he has sworn to guard her from harm and win her the Grail, in exchange for his wish.

Played by tobias.

Tropes associated with Lancer:

Servant Berserker

"Back in my day, people didn't throw away their lives for nothing. So don't try your luck."

A tall and well-toned man with a natural tan from his homeland. Berserker is quite the surprise considering his class. While looking very intimidating, he actually maintains a cheerful mood. Berserker enjoys the new life given to him, while finding the war to be an enjoyable pastime. However, he abhors people who throw their lives away for petty reasons or live indolent lives. To Berserker, humans should strive to make the best of their lives and live them to their fullest.

Berserker lives by a strict code of honor. First, he is extremely loyal to whomever gains his trust - even going as far as to risk his own life for them. He considers friendship to be just as important as family bonds. Rarely, for those few who really impress him, Berserker will accept them as "blood siblings". He considers betrayal to be one of the most serious of offenses possible. Second, he'd never harm an innocent bystander. Especially women. People who use civilians as their tools for personal gain will receive much contempt from Berserker.

As of right now, Berserker has just been summoned by his Master, Rauna Aikio. He also has no knowledge of the Grail or the war itself. Therefore, almost no information is available on Berserker.

Played by Mssr Neko.

Tropes associated with Berserker:

Servant Assassin


The "Old Man of the Mountain" - one of nineteen Hassan i Sabbah.

Created by Drinks, but currently played by Tangerang.

Tropes associated with Assassin:


Bai Shui

"Catch me? Don't you people ever learn?"

Was once a magus of the Association.

Master of Assassin.

Played by tangerang.

Tropes associated with Bai:

Aileen Blackthorn

"Don't make me scalp a bitch."

Master of Marauder.

Played by Elf.

Tropes associated with Aileen:

Alan McCarthy

"In both our lines of work, there are no coincidences. Fate, Providence, call it whatever you want - it looks like I was on a holy mission after all."

The future head of the McCarthys, one of the more well-known magus families in Ireland. Although technically a member of the Magic Association, they tend to keep to themselves. In fact, they are more infamous for being rather vocal dissidents in the past than for their bloodline itself. There are even rumors that they are on good terms with the Holy Church.

Alan dislikes the Association just as much as the rest of his family - possibly more. He attended the Clock Tower's Dublin branch as a young adult, but this only cemented his view of most magi within the organization as elitist and arrogant, among other things. He dropped off the radar shortly after graduating, though considering the nature of the McCarthys, no one thought twice about it.

Now a private investigator living in the States, he returned to the world of magi after receiving a letter inviting him to fly to Japan and take part in a ritual known as the Holy Grail War.

Master of Rider.

Played by Hyarion.

Tropes associated with Alan:

Genessa Satellizer

"Devils don't ask favors from God."

Lieutenant of the Chelon Canticle Brigade.

One of the nine Masters chosen for the Grail War. She has yet to summon a Servant of her own.

Master of Defender.

Played by Emiya Shirou.

Tropes associated with Genessa:

Dan Rong Zheng

"This won't kill you, but you'll wish to high Heaven that it did when I'm through with you."

On the surface, people know him as Aegis Security Agent, Daniel York Morgan... or just Dan, that's what everyone calls him. He's not exactly on the run from the Mage's Association, but prefers to keep a low profile when it comes to them.

Dan attended the London branch of the Association until his preteen years, after which he left to the Far East with his foster mother to further his education. In reality, this was to get him out of a potentially dangerous situation after rumors started circulating about his Origin abilities, something that could get him a Sealing Designation. Officially, Dan is "away" on a training trip. Nobody ever bothered to check on him given the common secrecy of the Clock Tower.

As of now, he's a Private Security Contractor working for Aegis Defense Services, and he's taking a break from the war zones in order to attend to a certain letter regarding the Holy Grail War.

Master of Archer.

Played by DB-LOYALTY.

Tropes associated with Dan:

    Non-Player characters 


"You foooooool!"

Tropes associated with Trollvenger:

Soujuurou Tsukuyomi

"Concern yourself with victory, and nothing else."

The head priestess of the Yamaichi Shrine, which can be found on top of the mountain in Tengetsu. She also acts as the supervisor of this Holy Grail War, and has issued strict rules on the participants. Not much is known about her, other than the off-hand comments in Word of God which include her apparent friendship with Aozaki Aoko while both were young, and that she caused many headaches for the leaders of the Clock Tower during said youth. Nowadays she is a composed and calm woman, a mysterious shrine maiden of her own kind.

Tropes associated with Tsukuyomi:
  • Aloof Dark-Haired Girl - A text-book example of this trope. Not only is she taller than many people seem to realize first, she also has long black hair, a calm demeanor, and a deep voice to boot.
  • Blue and Orange Morality - According to Word of God, Tsukuyomi sees the world as nothing more than "story"... whatever that means.
  • Chewing the Scenery - She seems to take the whole "Mysterious Priestess" thing a bit too seriously...
  • Dramatic Pause - Tsukuyomi loves these, and they are usually cut by either the folding or opening of the fan she carries.
  • Lady of War - From clothing to attitude, everything fits. And we haven't even seen her fight yet.
  • Miko - She certainly likes to dress up as one.

Ichimaru Izumi

"....Fighting is bad."

The small and fragile miko of the temple where Soujuurou Tsukuyomi works at. Blind girl with poor health that still takes her job as a scribe very seriously. Is fascinated by different kind of puzzle-games that she tries to solve only through her sense of touch. She has taken a job to work as a kind of a Oracular Urchin for the players, giving out strange, cryptic messages to the Masters and Servants alike. Is good friends with the numerous Shikigamis Tsukuyomi has summoned to guard the temple, and they all treat her like a dear younger sister.

Tropes associated with Izumi:
  • Blind and the Beast - Maybe this is the reason why Izumi, who clearly cannot stand scary sights, is so at ease with the Soda Sentai
  • Blind Seer - At least the blind part is correct. The "seer" part is still under question...
  • Catch-Phrase - "Gyafun!"
  • Mama Bear - Don't you dare try anything towards Izumi when Tsukuyomi is there to see it.
  • Miko - Just like Tsukuyomi.
  • The Woobie - There has yet to be a character who has visited the shrine and felt sad after seeing this blind girl struggle to keep up with her duties.

Bishop Antono Turpin

"Miracles are allowed to exist only in our Lord's name. You find any other; Destroy them."

A man as vicious and dangerous as a great white shark. Known to be brutal and merciless when it concerns anything heretical, but can be surprisingly nice when dealing with those who share his faith. Rumors are that with his unique weapon, he rivals in power even those of Burial Agency. The whole ship is under his command, and no action is taken unless he orders so. Extremely cautious, and dislikes magi without exceptions.

Tropes associated with Bishop Antono Turpin:
  • Church Militant - Judging from him and his actions, the Holy Church seems to be a rather violent place.
  • Good Hurts Evil - Apparently, Mr. Turpin himself enjoys such Divine Protection that lesser Dead cannot even approach him.
  • More Dakka - Big bishop's need lots of guns.

Executor Muire Gullivan

"If you can't find a meaning for your life yourself, then make sure your life means something for others."

Executor with outstanding record when it comes to taking down Dead Apostles. A mild-mannered man who enjoys his peace and quiet, but can always stop his mediation in order to teach those serving under him. Ideal "sempai" figure to the many in the Holy Church's Executor division. In the warship Cross's Grace he acts as the second-in-command to bishop Antono Turpin, whenever the ship's Burial Agency Member is not overruling both of their decisions...

Tropes associated with Muire Gullivan:
  • BFS - Gullivan is famous for his huge, cross-shaped sword that has defeated more than few Dead Apostles.
  • Big Brother Mentor - To everyone on the ship. Especially to Chelsea and Rain.
  • The Conscience - Once again, acts pretty much as this to the people of the ship, keeping them in line when things get emotionally riled up.
  • Thou Shalt Not Kill - Pretty much sums up his way of fighting. However, it's a different thing if the target is ALREADY dead...

Executor Rain Fereshgical

"We get along pretty well, God and I. He's a cool guy."

Another Executor, but this time a specialist who has uncovered and recovered more relics than most of his peers. Jolly man well-liked by many of his comrades, and doesn't sweat over small stuff. Not exactly the most prominent in "faith", but makes it up by living almost accidentally by Church's doctrines. Has good connections in the Mage's Association, and is used whenever dealing with outside forces.

Tropes associated with Rain Fereshgical:
  • Crouching Moron, Hidden Badass - Although he acts foolish all the time, Rain is still an executor, and a damn good at that.
  • Doomed Hometown - Rain's hometown in Italy got swallowed up by a Dead Apostle which had extended it's influence there. Needless to say, this was what started Rain's journey in vampire-hunting business...
  • Long-Distance Relationship - In the cold and distant island of Tengetsu, the only way Rain can keep in touch with his girlfriend is with e-mail.

Priestess Chelsea Mackeroch

"I don't want to be a cause of sorrow."

A valuable "sensor" when it comes to finding evil. Whenever there is a demon or heretic afoot, her heart aches like she had just lost a loved one. Due to the long-range detection, this ability is deemed extremely valuable, and she has been held in high regard in Church. However, she herself slightly dislikes her position, as it makes her feel more like a weapon than a human.

Tropes associated with Chelsea Mackeroch:
  • Actual Pacifist - Chelsea herself would not hurt anyone. The only reason she is in the warship Cross's Grace is because of her special ability.
  • Cuteness Overload - Whether it's about small Servant-girls or the ship's youngest boy, Chelsea is always ready to Glomp them.
  • Power of Love - A slightly strange case. If there is anything that goes against the teachings of God near her, she actually feels pain in her heart, like she was suffering from deep sorrow.

Torgue Grescell

"My love is the love of God. My retribution is the retribution of God."

Out of all the people in the ship, Torgue Grescell owns the strongest sense of "Justice". She can immeadiately identify between right and wrong, and plan accordingly. Wields a unique conceptual weapon, which makes her the enemy of every spiritual being. Most likely amongst one of the most dangerous humans on the island. She is known as "Ninehundred Chord Apocrypha", and has an impressive streak of succesful mission. She is also one of the few people to have fought face-to-face with Dead Apostle Ancestor Fina-Blood Svelten, and survive the ordeal.

Tropes associated with Torgue Grescell:
  • BFG - Her weapon, apparently.
  • Emotionless Girl - First class example. According to Muire Gullivan, she's not really like this, but the facts speak for themselves...
  • Must Make Her Laugh - There has been a some kind of competition amongst the crew of Cross's Grace that is pretty much summed up by this trope.
  • Vampire Hunter - And damn good at that.

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