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This is the character roster for the Eternal Champions series.

Characters introduced in the original Eternal Champions:

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    Shadow Yamoto

"A moral code is only required for the weak who don't know the difference between wrong and right."

Time Period: 1993 AD
Fighting Style: Ninjitsu/Taijitsu

Shadow worked as a ninja assassin for the Tokyo-based Black Orchid Corporation until she found out that the organization punished failure with death — at which point she realized she couldn't bring herself to kill others when death sat so close to her. She tried to escape the Black Orchid in order to reveal its existence to the authorities, but she "fell" from the 101st floor of the group's headquarters before she could blow the whistle.

Winning the Tournament: Shadow escapes with her life and exposes the Black Orchid's darkest secrets, which affects numerous business strategies and the lives of thousands of people well into the 21st Century.

    R.A.X. Coswell

"Technology has been created to serve the needs of humanity. When the opposite becomes true, then our futures will be empty and destroyed."

Time Period: 2345 AD
Fighting Style: Muay-Thai kickboxing

R.A.X. (Robotic Artificial eXoskeleton) underwent painful surgery to have cybernetic implants put into his body; this allowed him to compete in "cyber fights" and remain relevant at a time when general interest in martial arts had waned. R.A.X. won many of his fights, but he also refused to throw any fight for money — and that decision led to R.A.X.'s downfall. At the end of a major tournament, R.A.X.'s manager triggered a virus hidden in the fighter's cybernetics to shut him down before he could land the winning blow — an act which also killed R.A.X..

Winning the Tournament: R.A.X. reveals the corruption of the cyber fights and returns the competition to more humane human-only fights, which leads to a resurgence in the popularity of martial arts around the world. While this means he can no longer fight, he uses the opening to become an advocate for the rights of other cyborgs.

    Jonathan Blade

"If you're coming on, come on!"

Time Period: 2030 AD
Fighting Style: Kenpo karate

Blade became a bounty hunter in his home country of Syria after his anger management issues led the police to toss him out. At the time of his death, Blade pursued a mad scientist who had threatened to destroy the human race with a lethal virus. After he trapped the scientist in an alley, Blade attempted to retrieve the virus — but both men died via a barrage of lasers (presumably fired by agents of Blade's own government). The scientist dropped the vial containing the virus as a result...

Winning the Tournament: Blade saves the scientist from the setup, retrives the vial, and forces himself to restrain his anger. He reports the incident to his superiors and the public, which helps bring about several worldwide government reforms and establish a world peace council to bring stability to the world.

    Jetta Maxx

"The only revolution worth having is one which would leave humanity forever with an everlasting peace, and nothing short of this outcome is worth a single loss of life."

Time Period: 1899 AD
Fighting Style: Savate/Pencak Silat

Jetta abandoned her aristocratic lifestyle in Russia to become a circus acrobat and travel the world. During a tour of China, several of the country's government officials encouraged her to help end the Boxer Rebellion by infiltrating a particular group and manipulating them into becoming paficists before military forces from afar could intervene. Jetta soon became the target of a Chinese revolutionary, and she fell to her death during a performance for the grand emperor of China after her sabotaged tightrope and safety net snapped.

Winning the Tournament: The Chinese government expresses shame over the attempted murder of Jetta and demands peaceful negotiations from certain groups to settle on a peace plan and implant full democratic control of the country.


"Club good, people bad!"

Time Period: 50,000 BC
Fighting Style: "Pain" (as in, "to cause as much pain as possible")

Slash, a caveman in the Prehistoric Great Rift Valley, showed superior intelligence compared to the rest of his tribe. This led him to express ideas (such as the implementation of agriculture) that could free his clan from a life of hunting-and-gathering. His revolutionary ways of thinking drew the ire of his tribe's elders, who lured him to a meeting and stoned him to death for daring to speak out against them in public.

Winning the Tournament: Slash uses the skills learnt from competing in the tournament to defeat the elders and become leader of his clan, where his ideas will advance mankind's progress into a history of peace and intelligence.


"I may have been created by man, but man I'm not."

Time Period: 110 BC
Fighting Style: Capoeira

The genetically-engineered gladiator Trident received his name after losing his hand during a fight with a shark and replacing it with a trident. He represented Atlantis and its people in a battle against the Romans; had he won, Atlantis would have received a share of land alongside the Romans. A Roman gladiator's treachery caused a stone pillar to fall on Trident before he could strike the winning blow. Trident's death doomed the people of Atlantis to live underwater forever.

Winning the Tournament: Trident defeats his Roman opponent, but doesn't kill him. He opts instead to work towards forming an alliance between Romans and Atlanteans so that both cultures will survive — and unite each other's empires into an advanced utopian future.

    Xavier Pendragon

"Power doesn't corrupt absolutely, it instead gives corrupted people absolute power."

Time Period: 1692 AD
Fighting Style: Hapkido/cane fighting

As a blacksmith, Xavier found little success in 17th century Salem, Massachusetts. He soon turned to alchemy — and eventually discovered a clean (and unlimited) source of energy as part of his research. When he showed his discovery to the townspeople, they denounced Xavier's science as witchcraft and burned him at the stake.

Winning the Tournament: Xavier tricks the townspeople into burning his tools with him. This small change lets him use his newfound energy source to break free from his bonds — and travel throughout history to help humanity increase both its knowledge of science and its tolerance of the unusual. His escape also fools the townspeople into believing they'd burned the last warlock, which brings an end to the Salem witch trials.

  • Black Cloak
  • Burn the Witch!: Probably not a good idea to unveil your scientific breakthroughs in Salem.
  • Ditto Fighter: Inverted — Rather than copy his opponents' moves, Xavier swaps bodies with them entirely.
  • Giving Radio to the Romans
  • Glowing Eyes
  • Kung-Fu Wizard: Just replace "Kung Fu" with "Hapkido Cane Fighting."
  • Magic Staff
  • Motor Mouth: In the gamebooks (and the comics as well to an extent).
    "They all wish you luck in their different ways. Xavier launches into a long speech and has to be shut up."
  • Phlebotinum Overload: For the Cinekill, the Dark Champion causes Xavier's scepter to overload, disintegrating him.
  • Shrink Ray: His Vendetta move.
  • Sufficiently Analyzed Magic: To be fair, you can hardly blame the puritans for being confused, seeing as this guy can shoot a magic dragon out of his staff or turn people into gold. Honestly, he'd be considered a warlock by today's standards as well, not least of all because his unlimited source of energy defies the laws of thermodynamics.
  • Taken for Granite: As an Alchemist, he has a little more style though; he turns you to gold instead.

    Mitchell Middleton Knight ("MidKnight")

"When the science of man attempts to step beyond the mortal realm, its mortality will be the most likely price for such knowledge."

Time Period: 2100 AD
Fighting Style: Jeet Kune Do

In 1967, the CIA hired Knight, a London-born biochemical scientist, to create a biological weapon that the US could pour into the water supply of Vietnam during the war. A freak accident exposed Knight to the virus and turned him into a vampire-like creature. "MidKnight" escaped from the CIA and spent over a century trying to invent a cure for his dilemma — as well as a cure for those afflicted with his same problem (since the CIA used his virus anyway). Knight refused to harm or kill others despite his inherent bloodlust, but his decision would not save him, as a vampire hunter drove a magnesium stake through MidKnight's heart before he could finish work on a possible cure.

Winning the Tournament: MidKnight survives the surprise attack, escapes to his lab, and finishes his work in perfecting the cure. While his cure works on others, Knight remains unable to heal himself due to the unique chemistry of his affliction. MidKnight uses his immortality to benefit humanity, though: he becomes president of the World Science Organisation and diligently eradicates all known diseases.

    Larcen Tyler

"Violence is an acceptable option when your opponent doesn't have the common sense to use any other skills."

Time Period: 1920 AD
Fighting Style: Praying Mantis Kung-Fu

Former cat burglar Larcen worked for a Chicago mob during the Prohibition Era; while he carried out many dubious jobs for his bosses, he adamantly refused to kill anyone. At the time of his death, Larcen had received orders to plant false evidence in the hospital room of a rival crime boss. Upon his arrival at the hospital, Larcen found Chicago's Chief of Police instead of the rival boss. Larcen tried to toss the package he'd carried with him out the window, but he couldn't get it out in time, and the bomb inside killed him, the Police Chief, and most of the people in the hospital.

Winning the Tournament: Larcen disposes of the bomb before he makes it to the Chief of Police, who later commends the now-ex-mobster for his bravery. Larcen eventually becomes part of a special governmental task force devoted to organized crime and takes down all of his former bosses while helping the task group ensure the eradication of organized crime forever.

    Eternal Champion

The Eternal Champion, an extraterrestrial who monitors the cosmic balance of good and evil, resides in the far future (9999 AD) where mankind has already destroyed itself. The Champion summons all of the fighters above to compete against each other for a chance to face him and reclaim their soul. If the tournament's surviving fighter can best the Champion, they will return to their timeline armed with the knowledge and ability to change their fate and restore balance to the universe.

Characters introduced in Challenge from the Dark Side:


"The sea derives its power from its depth and cold nature, and I believe these same elements supply my personal strength as well."

Time Period: 1566 AD
Fighting Style: Kajukenbo

Once a member of an infamous Italian family, Sophia de Medici eventually renounced her name and status when she decided to become a pirate. When fellow pirate/crime boss Hannibal killed Riptide while protecting some buried treasure, he discovered her true identity — and soon destroyed the entire de Medici family through his criminal organizations. Hannibal's path of destruction resulted in the destruction of works by Leonardo DaVinci that could have resulted in a future renaissance.

Winning the Tournament: Riptide survives the attack by Hannibal, works to protect her family (and ensure that future renaissance), and forms a powerful organization to protect the oceans from the threats of piracy, illegal hunting of sea animals, and pollution.

    Ramses III

"Great leaders are created from the strength and character of their followers."

Time Period: 151 BC
Fighting Style: Hung-Gar Kung-Fu

As the last strong pharaoh of Egypt, Ramses III could have fathered the son that would have become his successor and successfully prevented the downfall of Egypt via outside invasion — had he not been killed by an assassin who knew that Ramses never learned how to swim. After Ramses drowned in the Nile River, invaders conquered Egypt; over the centuries, the new Pharaohs raised armies strong enough to stop Alexander the Great and his Roman legions from taking over Persia and Egypt. The Egyptian Empire grew powerful and lasted well beyond the 21st century. Many countries that would have fallen under the control of the Roman Empire either fell under the Egyptian Empire's control or ended up driven out of their homelands into what would have become Russia. This change in the timeline created a future devoid of many different cultures, which drained humanity of its originality and spirit.

Winning the Tournament: Ramses eliminates those who threaten to usurp his rule and makes sure to preserve many of the treasures and knowledge of his people so mankind would have the chance to learn from them and ascend to higher knowledge in the future.

    Raven Gindhar

"Real magic is only given to true believers, otherwise it perverts into the worst type of evil."

Time Period: 1802 AD
Fighting Style: Hsing-I Kung-Fu/Tae Kwon Do

Kidnappers transplanted Raven from her native home and integrated her into a village in Trinidad, where she became a voodoo priestess. She eventually won the hearts of the villagers through an unusual healing power centered around an ancient artifact handed down through her family: an hourglass that allows someone to control of a small portion of time in exchange for part of their life. Raven eventually drew the ire of the village's aging high priest, who lured her into his tent, used the hourglass to kill her, and rejuvenated his own life in the process.

Winning the Tournament: Raven reverses the spell to drain the high priest of his power and his life, then fills the hourglass to a perfect balance between good and evil. She then hands it to the Eternal Champion before becoming his companion — which allows both of them to continue keeping mankind safe.

    Dawson McShane

"The only luck I even needed was skill."

Time Period: 1849 AD
Fighting Style: A hybrid style referred to as Shotowando

Notorious gambler Dawson traveled from his native Scotland to America's Wild West in search of adventure (and a good fight), but his arrival in a small mining town triggered his death. Dawson ran afoul of a powerful landowner whose son had killed the sheriff; the sheriff deputized Dawson in his final act, Dawson managed to capture the landowner's son but was ambushed on his way to the makeshift courthouse and strung up by the landowner before the circuit judge could hear the case. The landowner and his son escaped prosecution because no one in town would testify against them.

Winning the Tournament: Dawson prevents his hanging and kills both the landowner and his son. His actions turn a flexible sense of justice into a fearsome but incorruptible force in the Wild West, which helps all good folk live free.


"Death is but a door, and I'm the doorman."

Time Period: 1692 AD
Fighting Style: Fate, Time, and Fisticuffs

Thanatos, the Greek God of Death who controls Time and Fate, had his work interrupted by an indeterminate force. This force weakened Thanatos to the point of defeat and used powers greater than Thanatos' own to transform the god into a mortal marked as a warlock by the residents of 17th century Salem, Massachusetts. The mysterious force took over the God of Death role and changed the rules of death so it could take numerous lives before their time. Thanatos, on the other hand, died via execution during the Salem witch trials.

Winning the Tournament: The Eternal Champion and Raven give Thanatos a new role: the master of Time itself. Thanatos replaces Kronos — who went mad from an assault by the same force that attacked Thanatos — and prevents time from falling apart.

    Chin Wo

"As a point of a needle can both heal and hurt, so can a man. In my life, I have done both, one by choice, the other by force."

Time Period: 1815 AD
Fighting Style: Monkey Kung-Fu

Chin Wo had remarkable skill as an acupuncturist and healer, but his renown as a fighter led a cousin of China's ruling class to challenge him. Chin refused the challenge because losing would shame him and winning would force the ruling class to execute him. In an attempt to goad Chin into the fight, the cousin framed him for the murder of a beggar, but Chin still refused to accept the challenge, so the ruling class executed him for a crime he didn't commit.

Winning the Tournament: Chin uses a trick learnt from MidKnight to stare into the cousin's soul and force him to reveal the truth. Chin continues his life as a healer, but also becomes a symbol for truth, which allows him to implement a system of civil courts that solve the vast majority of China's civil rights issues well into the 21st Century.

  • Bruce Lee Clone: In terms of looks, but interestingly not in terms of fighting style: he doesn't rely solely on martial arts; he also uses acupuncture needles and has several "element"-based moves, and he can use a "drunken monkey" move.
  • Everything's Better with Monkeys: Inverted, the "Sudden Death" on Chin Wo's stage causes the opponent to be mauled to death off-screen by monkeys who come to life from being stone decorations on the temple.
  • Take a Third Option: Chin Wo tried to do this, not that it did him any good: given a choice between being shamed by losing a fight or executed for winning a fight, he tried to take the third option of refusing to fight at all. Then he just got executed anyway for a crime he didn't commit.
  • Xanatos Gambit: Was the victim of one set up by a cousin of the ruling class, which is what originally led to his death. If Chin Wo had won the fight, he would have been executed for attacking a ruling noble; if he had lost the fight, he would have been publicly shamed as a loser. And even trying to take a third option (refusing the challenge entirely) didn't work because the noble simply framed him for a crime and executed him anyway.

    Thomas "Blast" Chavez

"Might doesn't always make right, but most of the time, a couple of good kicks to the head will cause most people to come around to your way of thinking."

Time Period: 1955 AD
Fighting Style: Green Beret Techniques

As a skilled Green Beret, Blast worked as a gun-running chopper pilot during the Vietnam War — he dropped weapons to his allies in clandestine operations that sent him and his partner Redux behind enemy lines. Blast died during his final run: while the actual drop-off went off fine, Redux revealed himself as a Vietnamese double agent and tossed a grenade into Blast's helicopter before it could take off.

Winning the Tournament: Blast takes out Redux before the fateful betrayal, then dedicates his life to rescuing the men who had fought wars and been left behind — through both his own actions and an immense amount of funding efforts.

    Dark Champion
"To your death."

The Dark Champion serves as the Yin to the Eternal Champion's Yang. Players face this champion as the true final boss of Dark Side.

Joke Characters from Challenge From The Dark Side:

    The Senator

"Violence is the problem with violence."

Time Period: 1995 AD
Fighting Style: "Dishonesty"

The Senator had spent his entire career supporting special interests, but after lobbyists discovered how he'd voted against them on a human rights issue, they turned their support to his opponent. The Senator's defeat in a landslide election — which he spent millions trying to win — caused him to have a heart attack.

Winning the Tournament: The Senator attempts to make up for his years of civil abuse by exposing all of his lies — as well as the lies of those around him in the halls of Washington. His scandalous revelations destroy his chances of re-election, but also mark him as a changed noble man...who makes millions with a tell-all book and subsequent talk show appearances.


This owl familiar from Salem, skilled in Owl-Kwon-Do, ended up burned at the stake right after his master Vaspian (the mortal form of Thanatos). Witch hunters noticed the owl always hanging around witch burnings; they'd hoped that burning him would help end them.

Winning the Tournament: Instead of being burned alive, Hooter and Xavier Pendragon are warped several hundred years to the future. The two would then dedicate their lives to fighting the Dark Eternal Champion.


This dog from the 1950s has a proficiency in Shih-Tzu Fu (taught to him in a kennel by a lineage of the Chinese Emperor's dogs). A rich kindly woman in a New York penthouse willed her money to Yappy when she passed away, but a mean relative took the money and kicked Yappy out onto the street. The dog tried to chew the brakeline of said relative's car to cause her death in a crash, but ended up running himself over by accident in the process.

Winning the Tournament: Yappy leaks the brake fluid. As a result, the mean relative crashes into a gas truck. The driver was hitching a ride, while the relative was not so lucky. Soon after, Yappy is returned to his plush apartment.


This livestock chicken from Taiwan in 1967 knows Egg Fu (as all chickens do). After a horrendous midnight raid, he swore to protect his livestock from becoming someone else's dinner — but he died thanks to a helicopter strike.

Winning the Tournament: Crispy organizes the chickens and takes down the enemy helicopter. The humans realize the errors of their ways and help the chickens win the conflict. 1970s, Crispy retires to a commune, makes a killing on Wall Street in the 80s, then loses it in the 90s. However, he still improves human lives before dying peacefully.


This circus entertainer monkey from 1902, skilled in Monkey Fu, saw an oil lantern get knocked over and start a fire. As he ran to warn his trainer, an elephant accidentally crushed him, which shocked the audience and distracted them from the fire that eventually consumed the tent and killed everyone inside.

Winning the Tournament: Zuni jumps onto the elephant and directs it to extinguish the fire using its trunk. In the aftermath, Zuni becomes a star.


This rattlesnake from 1820 studied the ways of Brawling from humans. A bartender raised the snake from an egg, and he soon became the bar's security with its Brawling skills — until the night a criminal broke into the bar to steal from the register, shot the bartender, and Slither.

Winning the Tournament: Slither uses his body to put the criminal in a choke hold, then the bartender kills the crook, while the snake snaps the neck to be sure. Slither then becomes famous as the bartender's partner