This page includes only those characters who made their debut in ''Endless Frontier''. See the ''Characters/{{Xenosaga}}'' character sheet for KOS-MOS, T-elos and M.O.M.O. See ''Characters/NamcoXCapcom'' for tropes regarding Reiji Arisu, Xiaomu, Saya and Katana. See the main ''Characters/SuperRobotWars'' page for those from the main games.



!Haken Browning (Voiced by Creator/NobuyukiHiyama)
The protagonist of ''Endless Frontier'', 23-year-old Haken Browning is captain of the dimension-traveling vehicle ''Zeit Krokodil'' (German for "Time Crocodile") and a bounty hunter, faithfully followed by his {{Sidekick}} Aschen Brodel. He's also a ladies' man, complimenting everyone of the fairer sex. He has [[Characters/SuperRobotWarsAlpha Sanger Zonvolt's]] colour scheme and [[Characters/SuperRobotWarsCompact2 Excellen Browning's]] surname, but is defined as [[Characters/SuperRobotWarsCompact2 Kyosuke Nanbu's]] {{Expy}}, taking on the role of the calm, cool leader and has a [[TheGambler gambling habit]], even [[ThemeNaming naming most of his attacks after gambling stints]] (''Texas Hold'em'', ''High Low Draw'', etc.)

Haken also seems to attract a number of beings similar to [[HumongousMecha Personal]] [[AMechByAnyOtherName Troopers]], only double a human's size. These turn out to be [[spoiler: Gespensts of the [[VideoGame/SuperRobotWarsAdvance Shadow-Mirror]] organization, modified in the Endless Frontier by the Orchestral Army to resemble the blueprints of the much larger Shadow-Mirror mecha. As it turns out, he's ''W-00'', the SuperPrototype of [[Characters/SuperRobotWarsAdvance Lemon Browning's]] [[ArtificialHuman W-Numbers]]. The rest were robots and mostly-machine {{cyborg}}s rather than extremely enhanced humans like Haken because they decided it took too long to wait for him to grow up]]. After the events of EXCEED, he meets up with Sanger Zonvolt during VideoGame/ProjectXZone. During that time he meets up with Reiji and Xiaomu again, he helps them to resolve their crisis. He and Aschen then follows Sanger back to the OG Verse during SRW OG The Moon Dwellers. His mecha is a custom Gespensts named Gespensts Haken.

Haken carries two weapons with him at all times: the ''Night Fowl'' rifle and the ''Longtomb Special'' revolver. He embodies these tropes:
* TheAtoner: While he didn't act like your usual atoner, its made clear that Haken's primary motive in ''Endless Frontier EXCEED'' is to find his lost friends and help avert the current world destruction attempt, both of which he's indirectly responsible for.
* AscendedFanboy: Vice Chief Lee Ly of the ''Zeit Krokodil'' often mocks his cowboy costume.
* BadassLongcoat
* {{BFG}}: The Longtomb Special can disassemble itself into this. In ''EXCEED'', it doubles as a portable WaveMotionGun.
* BerserkButton: Messing with his friends and his [[spoiler:W-Series family]]. Ironically, the people who have really pushed the button are [[spoiler:Pete Pain and Gagun Laos, both who are also members of the W-Numbers]].
-->'''Haken''': W03, Pete Pain... The price for messing with my family is very high. I'll make sure you pay until the last dime.
* BodyguardCrush: For Kaguya Nanbu
* CasanovaWannabe: Subversion; at first, as he flirts with every girl and gets turned down, [[spoiler: but eventually wins Kaguya's heart...and maybe a little more]]...
* ChivalrousPervert: Justified, since it's hard to blame him considering how ''ridiculous'' the boobage in the games are.
* CombinationAttack: "Phantom Hold 'Em" with the Gespenst Phantom and "Rampage Specter", although it's simply Haken summoning the Alt Eisen Nacht and Weiss Ritter Abend to do it.
* CriticalHit: His character specialty; Haken carries a Spirit Command that increases critical hit rate for the whole team and his personal weapon increases his critical hit chance, while in ''EXCEED'', pairing him with the Gespenst Phantom increases critical hit rate. In the first game, it's possible for Haken to achieve a [[GameBreaker 100% critical hit rate set up]].
* DeathDealer: Uses explosive cards in some of his attacks.
* DiscOneNuke: In ''EXCEED'', Haken acquires the Gespenst Phantom at the end of his introductory chapter, learns the "Co-Op" [[note]]Personal support can be activated twice and Support Attack is granted an additional use[[/note]] and "Morale" [[note]]Gain an additional 15% chance of achieving critical hits for the party[[/note]] Spirit Commands early and learns the attack "Seven Stud", an S+ ranked attack at a point in the game where an A+ ranked attack is still rare. Unlike most instances of this trope, Haken averts it by being MUCH better in the later game, thanks to new attack "Quad Solitaire".
* {{Deuteragonist}}: Despite not being the protagonist of ''EXCEED'', much of the plot still revolves around the W-Series and Haken's atonement, thereby making this an (un)intended case of SpotlightStealingSquad.
* {{Expy}}: Aside from Kyosuke, his background as [[spoiler:the first of the W-Numbers]] is radically simiiar to [[VideoGame/FinalFantasyVII Sephiroth]]. Coincidentally, Kyosuke and Sephiroth share [[Creator/ToshiyukiMorikawa the same voice actor]].
* EyeObscuringHat: Oddly enough, this is how his hat is when his character portrait displays him as sad and melancholic.
* GenerationXerox: Hilariously played with. [[spoiler: Although Haken isn't John Moses's biological son, John mistakes Kaguya for a call-in escort the first time they meet]]. No wonder Haken's such a LovableSexManiac. A less notable one involves his nicknaming habit being derived from Aschen, who is his ParentalSubstitute.
* GratuitousEnglish: A lot, such as ''"OK!"'', ''"Jackpot"'' ''"Bingo!"'' and ''"Last showdown!"''
** GratuitousSpanish: Sort of; he does say ''"Adios!"'' often.
* GunsAkimbo
* TheGunslinger: Combines Types C and D
* HandCannon: Haken's Longtomb Special
* HeroicBSOD: Averted; Haken's upset when he learns he's [[spoiler:W-00]], but he knows screaming about it won't help.
* ITakeOffenseToThatLastOne
-->'''Henne Valkyria:''' Looks like her report was right on. "Dumbass poser wearing a black trenchcoat, black hat, red bandana, and fingerless gloves."\\
'''Haken:''' What...!? What's wrong with my gloves!?
* LateArrivalSpoiler: The fact he is [[spoiler:W-00]] is surprising for a newcomer in ''EXCEED'', to which it's revealed extremely late in the sequel. The same can't be said for the player who played the first game.
* LeaningOnTheFourthWall: Haken's second introduction in ''EXCEED'':
--> "My name's Haken Browning. They call me..."
--> "[[LeaningOnTheFourthWall ...just like that]]."
* {{Leitmotif}}: "All Right!"
* LikeBrotherAndSister: Him and Aschen, which is funny considering the latter is practically a mother to him. [[spoiler:At one point, he calls her "Sister 07" after he finds out he's W-00]].
* [[spoiler:MyHeroZero]]
* {{Nerf}}: Of the returning cast in ''EXCEED'', Haken gets hit the most by lowering the effectiveness of the 100% critical setup and the attack "Jackpot". He also loses having the highest support count from the first game, his "Canfield" Special Skill [[note]]Gain the effects of "Alert" (all enemy attacks will miss for one turn) for the whole party[[/note]] uses up the Frontier Gauge instead of Spirit Points and Rampage Specter is decreased in power. Averted as a whole, considering his DiscOneNuke status, since he averts ''that'', too.
* [[spoiler:OppositeSexClone]]: [[spoiler: Lemon ''did'' use her blood to create him...]]
* PreAssKickingOneLiner: Haken lives for these
--> "Welcome to Lost Herencia. Let me run the welcome wagon right over your ugly ass!"
* RedBaron: Inherited John's "Wandering Bounty Hunter" title. This become a small plot point in ''EXCEED'' when Neige Hausen suspected him to be a fake.
* ShoutOut: Haken means "hook" in German and [[spoiler: he arrived in the Endless Frontier on a ship called the ''Neverland'', with a navigation computer called ''Tinkerbell'']]. The ''Zeit Krokodil'' refers to a certain crocodile that ate, amongst other things, a clock and a ship captain's hand. [[PeterPan Do you get it]]?
* [[spoiler:SuperPrototype]]
* SuperSoldier: Implied
* SwissArmyGun: The Night Fowl's a custom assault rifle that fires normal rounds with an underslung PileBunker below the rifle's barrel and [[BayonetYa a fold-out bayonet in the stock]].
* ThemeNaming: All his attacks are related in some way to poker: Texas Hold 'Em, High Low Draw, "Best Flush", "Five Card Stud", Jackpot, "Last Showdown"
* TooManyBelts
* TheNicknamer: ''Every'' single person he meets.
* WaveMotionGun: Phantom Hold'em, Last Showdown and Quad Solitaire, to an extent. Played more straight in ''EXCEED'', when Haken can use it to hit multiple enemies as part of the Phantom Hold'em Frontier MAX.

!Kaguya Nanbu (Voiced by Creator/{{Yukana}})
The young, innocent princess of the Nanbu Clan in Kagura Amahara, Kaguya's the [[HeirToTheDojo heiress]] of the sword-fighting style ''Jinraku Tengen''. On her first meeting with Haken, she unknowingly hires him and Aschen to escort her on her pilgrimage. Throughout her travels, her relationship with Haken grows more forward than that... and she's hot... yeah...

Although she carries Kyosuke's surname, she seems to be more of a loose {{Expy}} of Excellen, since her personality is almost like her: innocent, [[TheTease playful]] and the one to provide the most {{Fanservice}} ([[InnocentFanserviceGirl not that she tries to invoke it]], unlike Excellen). She also has more Sanger references than Haken, starting from her sword ''Goushiki Zankantou'' ("Type-5 Colossal Blade") to her styling herself as "[[RedBaron The Sword That Cleaves Evil]]", and Sanger's trademark '''[[{{Kiai}} "CHEESTOOOOOO!!!!"]]'''. Some of the tropes that represent Kaguya are:
* {{BFS}}
* CombatMedic: In the first game, Kaguya's Special Skill "Nanbu Reijutsu Tukimi Zake'' is a party-wide heal and she carries the "Love" Spirit Command [[note]]Restore the party's HP to full[[/note]]. Her attack stat is the lowest in the party and her attacks are weak in general. However, another Special Skill "Nanbu Ittoryuu Teppou" hits all enemies and with the right equipment, can shred them to pieces. Of note is her "Miracle" Spirit Command [[note]]Gain the effects of "Accelerate" (increase speed stat by 15% for 3 turns), "Strike" (for one turn, all attacks will hit without triggering guard or miss), "Alert" (all enemy attacks will miss for one turn), "Soul" (deal twice the amount of damage for one turn; critical hits do not activate) and "Luck" (earn 50% more credits after battle)[[/note]].
* DanceBattler: Her attacks look like a dance and it resembles Princess Suzuka's movements, which make sense since Suzuka is teaching her how to dance.
* DiscOneNuke: In ''EXCEED'', Kaguya's the strongest character in the early parts thanks to her attack "Hinezumi no Koromo". By late game, her damage output tapers off, unless you use her "Miracle" Spirit Command [[note]]In ''EXCEED'', casting "Miracle" grants "Abandon" (gain the effects of "Strike" and "Alert"), "Soul", "Luck", "Effort" (earn 20% more experience after battle), "Accelerate", "Drive" (recover 50% of COM) and "Guts" (recover HP to full)[[/note]].
%%* TheDitz
* FanNickname: Hmm...dresses in black and white, check; has large "milk-producing" body parts, check; yup: "Princess Cow/Moo". Coincidentally, her InSeriesNickname is "Dairy Cow Princess".
* GagBoobs: She doesn't get all of those nicknames for nothing
* GenkiGirl: Her signature smiling pose make it obvious.
* {{Gainaxing}}: Often
* GratuitousJapanese: {{Atlus}} decided to keep her entire movelist in Japanese.
* HeirToTheDojo
* ImpossiblyCoolWeapon: A {{BFS}} that doubles as a WhipSword with [[RingsOfDeath detachable chakram rings on the back of the blade that she can fling around like boomerangs]].
* InnocentInnuendo: From the first game
--> Kaguya: "Yeah, take me now!"
--> Haken: "Err... I'll escort you."
* InnocentFanserviceGirl: That skimpy, tight, semi-transparent mini-dress? It's ''formal wear''. To her, it's no more than wearing her Sunday Best. Every so often she has a fit of modesty and turns away from the screen to cover her bosom with her arms, all while screeching in an outraged manner and glaring at the player over her shoulder. However, this gives players a great view of her very well-drawn backside.
* {{Leitmotif}}: "Flawless Full Moon"
* MsFanservice: Not only is her outfit ''too'' revealing, but her cleavage is definitely bigger than Aschen's, who is a [[Characters/SuperRobotWarsAdvance Lamia Loveless]] {{Expy}}, to which Lamia has the largest ones in [[VideoGame/SuperRobotWarsOriginalGeneration the main installments]]. Kaguya probably beats her in that department, too.
** In ''ProjectXZone'', [[VideoGame/DeadRising Frank West]] snaps multiple shots of her in different poses, all scoring "Perfect: Erotica".
* MulticoloredHair: Black and red
* NiceGirl: One of the friendliest characters in the team.
* TheOjou
* RunningGag: Almost every character or villain after their introduction mistake her as a "cow" or "werecow". Judging by [[{{Stripperiffic}} how she dresses up]] and her huge "[[IncrediblyLamePun tracts of land]]", this is completely justified. There's also the thing where Saya's cow henchman Dokugozu proposes marriage to her everytime they meet...''even in the middle of being {{Brainwashed}}''.
** The kicker? Kaguya's actually ''flattered'' by the proposal.
* RapunzelHair: A ponytail as long as she is tall.
* ShoutOut: Lots of them, especially to Sanger. Her name, however, is a call to the same Princess Kaguya of the Japanese folklore tale "The Tale Of the Bamboo Cutter", which is referred to in-game.
* {{Stripperiffic}}: Her clothes are just ''way too tight'' and it reveals her ample bosom and shoulders.
* WhipSword: Goushiki Zankantou can extend like one
* ZettaiRyouiki

!Aschen Brodel (Voiced by Creator/KaoriShimizu)
Haken's loyal and devoted {{Sidekick}}, Aschen Brodel's a green-haired combat {{cyborg}} capable of emitting human-like emotions... sometimes. At first, you'd think she's a blatant {{Expy}} of Lamia Loveless, but it's [[JustifiedTrope justified]]: Aschen's, in fact, [[spoiler: her predecessor (or, to a lesser extent, "sister") codenamed ''W-07''. She, along with Haken and W-01 to W-10 were the first to be sent to the ''Original Generation'' universe during [[Characters/SuperRobotWarsOriginalGeneration Beowulf's attack]], but they were put in the first batch of the teleportation device, namely the unstable ones. Haken and Aschen stumbled into the Endless Frontier and have been there for the past twenty-three years]].

Unlike Lamia, who's mostly TheStoic unless the situation requires, Aschen's more than ''just'' stoic. She has a sharp tongue and at times flings insults, especially regarding Haken's womanizing attitude, and invents other derisive nicknames like "Dairy Cow Princess" or "Princess Flat" (for Suzuka). She's also installed with "Code: DTD" (Dust-to-Dust), but instead of it being a ChekhovsGun, she uses it for full advantage as a SuperMode, with a side-effect of turning her personality into a total GenkiGirl. Being a combat cyborg, she doesn't need a weapon: she fights with bare hands and feet (although the rest of her body carries an assortment of weapons like missiles, disk cutters and shotguns mounted to her heels). Tropes associated with Aschen are:
* ArtificialHuman
* ArmedLegs: Shotgun boots and [[MurderousThighs rocket batteries in her thighs]].
* [[spoiler: BrainwashedAndCrazy]]: In ''EXCEED'', then averted
* CallingYourAttacks: "[[RocketPunch ASCHEN PUNCH!]]"
* DeadpanSnarker: "I will write something insulting on that billboard you call a torso..."
* EverythingsBetterWithSpinning
* TheFourGods: Her moveset incorporates attacks called "Tigress Bite", "Genbu Spike" and "Dragon Scale", while her Overdrive is aptly named "Phantasm Phoenix", a ShoutOut to Lamia's "Phantom Phoenix" for her mecha Angelg.
* GenkiGirl: During Code: DTD
* GratuitousEnglish: Similar to Haken, there's a lot, like "Fire!", "Striking!" and ''"Yes, I do!"''
* {{Leitmotif}}: "Ash to Ash (ver. EF)"
* MacrossMissileMassacre: Dragon Scale
* ParentalSubstitute: Aschen is the one who acts as the maternal figure to Haken, which surprises [[spoiler:[[Characters/SuperRobotWarsAdvance Axel Almer]]]] in ''EXCEED''.
* RobotGirl
* RocketPunch: She uses a wired variant for RapidFireFisticuffs in many of her attacks.
* ServileSnarker: Aschen would count towards Haken. It helps she's been with him for the past 23 years; even one of her character portraits in-game has her bowing servilely.
* ShoutOut: Aside from Lamia, try translating her name into German. As per the usual fairy tale ThemeNaming of the games, her name translates into "Literature/{{Cinderella}}". Likewise, if she attacks with her feet, she sometimes yells out "Glass Heel!", a signature item from the story.
** In ''EXCEED'', she gives a ShoutOut to ''VideoGame/SuperRobotWars64'', namely her multi-target Overdrive "Gravity Howling", a call to "Bloody Howling", the ultimate attack of the Simurgh Splendid, to which the Lamia's Angelg is an {{Expy}} of.
** One of Aschen's Special Skills in ''EXCEED'' is called "Code: Amphisbaena", based on a Greek mythological monster like the lamia. One of the meanings for "amphisbaena" is "both ways" and its appearance is that of a serpentine monster with a head at each end. The attack involves grabbing one of the enemies and a random object offscreen with her {{Rocket Punch}}es and slamming them together.
** The first part of the animation for her Phantasm Phoenix is most likely a reference to Kim Kaphwan's Desperation Move "Hou'ou Kyaku" in ''VideoGame/FatalFury'' and ''VideoGame/TheKingOfFighters'': not only are both attacks named after ThePhoenix, they also start by sliding at the enemy knee-first while trailing shadows, follow up with an extended kick combo and end in a somersault kick, although Aschen continues her version with a series of RapidFireFisticuffs and finishes off with an upward heel shotgun blast.
* SplitPersonality: When activating Code: DTD or if she overheats.
* StepfordSmiler: Implied in the first game
* {{Stripperific}}: Her Overdrive "sheds" the green parts of her body, revealing an ample bosom like Kaguya's and thighs.
* TheNicknamer: She gives insulting titles to almost everyone she meets.
* UnknownRival: Seems to think of KOS-MOS as her rival, even challenging her to a fight during their first meeting. KOS-MOS ignores this completely.
** In ''EXCEED'', during her introduction scene, Aschen claimed to be more beautiful, smarter, and funnier than KOS-MOS.
* [[YouGottaHaveBlueHair You Gotta Have Green Hair]]

!Princess Suzuka (Voiced by Creator/MamikoNoto)
A Shiki-Oni princess from Kagura Amahara, Princess Suzuka is Kaguya's childhood friend and is currently betrothed to another Oni, Shuten (who's not [[WellIntentionedExtremist necessarily evil...]]), bumping into our heroes and joining them in their endeavor.

Suzuka uses an unusual style of dance that lets her command a mecha (just about as tall as the other mecha found in the game) called the "Jyaki-GUN-Oh" (Devil Gun King). As far as beauty goes, Haken calls her a "Midriff Beauty", but Aschen dubs her "Princess Flat" (with good reason); Suzuka doesn't take kindly to the latter. Some of the tropes Suzuka adheres to include:
* ACupAngst: Subverted; while she ''does'' get teased by Aschen constantly, Suzuka doesn't seem to mind. The subversion comes when [[BuxomIsBetter Kaguya]] reveals she drinks lots of milk, and Suzuka decides to buy some, suggesting she ''does'' want larger breasts.
* BareYourMidriff
* BetaCouple: With Shuten in the first game, then joined by Haken/Kaguya in ''EXCEED''.
* BoringButPractical: In the first game, by repeatedly cancelling one of her attacks, you can exchange her turn doing damage for an 80% increase to the Frontier Gauge, which more than makes up for it. By timing it right, it's possible to deal enough damage and charge the gauge to activate Suzuka's Overdrive immediately.
* CuteMonsterGirl
* DanceBattler: She doesn't know Capoeira, but when she dances, the Jyaki-GUN-Oh comes and kicks your ass.
* DeadpanSnarker: She has her moments; after all, she does have SnarkToSnarkCombat with Aschen.
* FragileSpeedster: The fastest party member and has a high hit count alongside her attack list being able to fill the Frontier Gauge more easily, yet has the weakest defensive stat of the party.
* GratuitousDiscoSequence: Her Overdrive and Special Skills, complete with disco ball.
* HandPuppet: According to the localized website for the game, the Jyaki-GUN-Oh's actually a puppet on strings, made to ''resemble'' a mecha.
* HealingShiv: In ''EXCEED'', one of Suzuka's Special Skills is healing the healing the entire party... [[MoreDakka with bullets]], but subverted when closer inspection reveals they're really party poppers and confetti.
* HugeGuyTinyGirl: Her and Shuten
* {{Leitmotif}}: "Dance It Out!" and "Dance It Out! (Hyper Remix)"
* MagikarpPower: Low damage output and relatively fragile, but she can fill the Frontier Gauge to maximum by herself through move-canceling in the first game. In ''EXCEED'', once she learns Ghost Dance, she becomes a juggernaut.
* NoblewomansLaugh: This coming from Creator/MamikoNoto, [[PlayingAgainstType it's just surprising]].
* MundaneMadeAwesome: She can make the Jyaki-GUN-Oh wail on an enemy with '''DISCO''', complete with a disco ball and multicolored lights.
* OnlySaneMan: Compared to the the rest of the party, Suzuka fits this trope nicely.
* PaperFanOfDoom
* TheOjou: Portrays this slightly better than Kaguya.
* TheTease: While she doesn't actively do this, she does act like this toward Shuten in the ending.
* ReallySevenHundredYearsOld
* RedOniBlueOni: Blue oni (both literally and metaphorically) to Kaguya's red
* RunawayFiance
* ShoutOut: "[[Anime/MobileFighterGGundam Jyaki-GUN Fingeeer]]!"
* {{Youkai}}: Obviously themed after the traditional, blue, one-horned oni, but she's a subversion of typical oni character tropes -- rather than a brute physical fighter, she's a dance puppeteer.

!Aledy Naash (voiced by Creator/TomokazuSeki)
Protagonist for the sequel ''Endless Frontier EXCEED'', Aledy Naash's a Shura warrior sent by his mentor Cindy Bird to investigate the new emergence of [[Characters/SuperRobotWarsCompact2 Einst]]-like crystals in the newly formed Endless Frontier, as well as the missing machine Ark-On. He's assisted by the lost princess of Elfetale Neige Hausen.

The only link between him with the main series is that he's a Shura and a practicioner of Kishin Ken. Coupled with the surname Naash, EpilepticTrees occur on whether he's related to the previous Shura King [[Characters/SuperRobotWarsCompact3 Alkaid Naash]] or not. Tropes associated with Aledy are:
* AwesomeButImpractical: One of Aledy's Special Skills is a Haki sealing technique that is a OneHitKO if successfully cast...except it has little to no chance of working against humanoid enemies.
** CripplingOverspecialization: However, it was developed as a means to defeat Rasetsu-Ki like the Ark-On. On the other hand, [[spoiler:the technique is useful against the [[GrandTheftMe body stealing]] BigBad]].
* ButtMonkey: His tendency to miss the point in a lot of situations makes him a perfect target of ridicule.
* CombinationAttack: "Haou Maretsu Ken" with the Ark-On
* DiscOneNuke: Most of Aledy's attacks early in the game can cause guard break and potentially stun enemies, rendering them immobile for one turn. He also learns the "Training" Spirit Command [[note]]Gain the effects of "Luck" and "Effort"[[/note]], allowing him to level early in ''EXCEED''.
* {{Expy}}: Of [[Characters/SuperRobotWarsCompact3 Folka Albark]], the {{Expy}} of [[FistOfTheNorthStar Kenshiro]], the {{Expy}} of BruceLee. People, we have reached critical mass. Noted in-universe by [[spoiler:[[Characters/SuperRobotWarsOriginalGeneration Kouta Azuma]]]].
* FishOutOfWater: A bit worse than Folka, since Aledy's more [[ChasteHero clueless about the opposite sex]]. In fact, he doesn't even know what "handsome" means. Played for laughs with [[CampGay Katze Kotolnos]].
* HotBlooded: [[PigeonholedVoiceActor Just look at his voice actor]].
* KiAttacks
* {{Leitmotif}}: "Crimson Ashura" and "Roar, O One Who Breaks Supremacy"
* LightningBruiser: Fast, hits hard and pretty sturdy, and later comes packing with the "Soul" Spirit Command. This seems like a requirement for being a Shura.
* MaleGaze: Neige notices where Aledy's looking at upon meeting Kaguya and proceeds to berate him.
* NamesTheSame: Aluded by the Shura, who notes that he has a regal quality.
* RapidFireFisticuffs
* RedHeadedHero
* SpellMyNameWithAnS: Is it "Aledy" or "Alady"?
* ShoutOut: Of all things, to "Literature/{{Aladdin}}"
* TakeAThirdOption: Shura ideaology states there are only two paths in life - win and crush the enemy, or lose and die. He chose neither.
** SpannerInTheWorks: The BigBad would've succeeded had Aledy followed the rule to a T, and he did not have [[spoiler:the ability to seal Haki access from a Rasetsu-Ki]].
* The Prodigy: One of the most skilled Shura with an outrageous amount of Haki (according to Hamelin Silbato) at the age of 14. By the time ''EXCEED'' occurs, Aledy's more skilled, making Hamelin wonder whether Cindy is that good of a mentor or if Aledy's just that good.
* TheRival: Hamelin and Aledy consider one another this.
* TheStoic: Unless he's yelling his {{Kiai}}, Aledy's a pretty reserved guy.
* WorthyOpponent: For a lot of his opponents

!Neige Hausen (voiced by Creator/NanaMizuki)
Female protagonist of ''EXCEED'', Neige Hausen's a princess of the fairies in the Elfetale Kingdom, which was destroyed by the Einsts following the first game, now accompanying Aledy in his quest. She later acquires the Fee-Kleid unit. Tropes associated with Neige are:
* AttackReflector: Parts of Neige's techniques involve conjuring mirrors which deflects the solid rounds fired from her weapon with exceptional accuracy. May double as ImprobableAimingSkills, as none of the rounds manages to hit her.
* CombinationAttack: "Royal Heart Blaster" with the Fee-Kleid
* EasilyForgiven: Neige is quick to forgive Agrado Heim's shortcomings, although the latter explains the situation first. To be fair, she is quite sceptic to the situations.
* Expy: Basically a FusionDance of Shine Hausen and Leona Garstein ( She even has Leona's speech pattern. )
* {{Hammerspace}}: Aside from the mirrors, she pulls apple grenades via VictoriasSecretCompartment.
* {{Leitmotif}}: "Fairy ROM-Antic" and "Fairy ROM-Antic Go!"
* NoblewomansLaugh: Complete with hand-next-to-mouth pose.
* ReallySevenHundredYearsOld: 117, to be precise
* SexyBacklessOutfit: Her {{Meido}} outfit gets a backless variant
* ShoutOut: Neige means "snow" in French, and she's a princess who throws around exploding apples and encases enemies in glass coffins she blasts through and reflects lasers off mirrors in battle. What other person out there could possibly fit with [[Literature/SnowWhiteAndTheSevenDwarfs snow, princess, mirrors, apples and glass coffins]]? Just to make it even more blatant, every single one of her moves except her [[LimitBreak Overdrive]] is named after elements of the original story, and her [[ReallySevenHundredYearsOld age]] can be taken as Snow White's age when she reawakens.
** Also, her name is a reference from [[SuperRobotWarsOriginalgeneration another princess named Hausen from a similar game.]]
* SwissArmyGun: Like Haken's Night Fowl, her BladeOnAStick doubles as a {{BFG}} that fires solid-based ammo and FrickinLaserBeams... ''[[MundaneMadeAwesome and also functions as a guitar]]''.
* {{Tsundere}}: She ''instantly'' gets pegged as one during her introduction to one of the other characters. [[GenreSavvy It turns out to be spot on]].
* WellExcuseMePrincess: As part of her {{Tsundere}} tendencies, she'll often criticize on Aledy's shortcomings, even if it's like him lamenting that he lacks training, in which she responds that she'll be the first to [[NoblewomansLaugh laugh at him]].
* VerbalTic: Has a tendency to add "do-" before words (making it "do-(noun/verb)"); it approximately means "super (noun/verb)".

The elite unit of Formido Heim, the world that invaded Elfetale and caused the Ten Year War which ended once they offered a ceasefire. Their members are TokenMiniMoe BlackMagicianGirl Kyon Feulion, black-winged [[LadyofWar valkyrie]] Henne Valkyria and skull-headed leader Ezel Granada. Utilizing various hi-tech equipment like {{Light Saber}}s and combat robots, they now roam around Elfetale and cause the Cross Gates that connects between worlds to be unstable. The bad guys, right? [[spoiler: Wrong: turns out Formido Heim's actually trying to prevent an Einst invasion, who created an imposter of their deceased king, pushing Formido Heim into the Ten Year War. The group's vice-captain, Katze Kotolnos, leaves them and becomes TheAtoner]].

In ''EXCEED'', [[spoiler: they aid the main party as support members. Aschen, having been given an offer to join by Henne at the end of the first game, is currently a member]].
* AFatherToHisMen: Ezel, in fact [[spoiler:in ''EXCEED'', when the Magic Mirror created a reflection of the most important person in his heart, it produced the remaining member of the Orchestral Army]].
* AttackDrone: Kyon's Overdrive, complete with ShootEmUp style.
* [[spoiler: BigGood]]: Ezel in ''EXCEED''
* CampGay: [[spoiler: Katze]]; to hammer the point home, he uses the [[JapanesePronouns feminine-only "atashi"]].
** He still keeps making passes at the guys in ''EXCEED'', prompting Haken to tell him to "not fall for him" when he praises him excessively. Made funnier by the fact Haken uses the same phrase a lot during combat when he's busy beating down {{Mooks}}, although with a more mocking intent.
* CrouchingMoronHiddenBadass: As camp as [[spoiler: Katze]] is, he holds off the entire party by himself at one point.
* CuteWitch: Kyon
* [[spoiler: DarkIsNotEvil]]
* {{Dojikko}}: The first two encounters with Kyon has her trapped and "helped" by the party. Bonus points for the fact that she, as Henne points out, carries a teleporter.
* {{Emoticon}}: Kyon frequently uses this:
--> '''Henne''' (reading from a report): "Bad-tempered robot (I hate this one the most >XD)."
* EverythingsBetterWithSpinning: Henne and [[spoiler: Katze]]
* ExtremityExtremist: [[spoiler:Katze]]
* GentleGiant: Ezel
* HeroicBSOD: Ezel's pretty down since the end of Ten Year War; it isn't until the end of the first game he finally lets go of his past.
* IllNeverTellYouWhatImTellingYou: Kyon's prone to doing this
* LateArrivalSpoiler: The fact that [[spoiler:they are supporting characters in ''EXCEED'' who acts extremely nice to the team]] spoiled the fact that [[spoiler:they are not the antagonists of the first game]].
** [[spoiler:''EXCEED'' also spoils that Formido Heim was manipulated by the Einsts who possessed their king, which established the Ten Year War, and the cause of the ceasefire]].
* {{Leitmotif}}: "[[ShapedLikeItself Orchestral Army]]"
* LetsGetDangerous: When the party fights [[spoiler:Katze]]
* MaskPower: Ezel always wears a horned skull helmet.
* NiceGuy: Ezel is definitely the nicest character in the whole game.
* NobleDemon: Ezel is this, literally and figuratively. [[spoiler:Subverted that he might be the most outright ''heroic'' character in the whole series who personally put an end to the Ten Year War. [[HeroicSelfDeprecation He still thinks he deserves to be called a villain, though]]]].
* OddNameOut: While all of them have ThemeNaming referencing animals of ''Literature/TheBremenTownMusicians'', Kyon's name is Greek while the others are German.
* OnlySaneMan: Ezel (and to an extent, [[spoiler:Katze]]) is the most normal character on the team. Ezel, however, is the only one who is perfectly normal.
* RapunzelHair: Kyon has ankle length
* RedEyesTakeWarning: Whenever Ezel uses his Overdrive
* RoyalsWhoActuallyDoSomething: [[spoiler:Crowned the king of Formido Heim at the end of the first game, Ezel is the only king who supported the party. PlayedForLaughs when he's criticized by John and Rubor Cucullus, [[HypocriticalHumor who envied the fact that he can enjoy the fight]]]].
* RunningGag: Henne and Kyon's report detailed the party's appearance. Both of them are finished with the description of Aschen, complete with "I hate this one the most >XD".
* ShoutOut: Their former frontline fortress "Poker Castle" was under the command of [[Literature/AliceInWonderland "Hum Dum"]]. The fortress carries random {{mook}} encounters of [[Literature/AliceInWonderland card soldiers, a chest in the castle holds the "Cheshire" armor]] and Reiji [[AliceAllusion Arisu]] joins the party here.
** In another call to "Literature/TheBremenTownMusicians", Henne, Ezel and [[spoiler: Katze]] are "hen", "donkey" and "cat" in German, respectively, while Kyon...or "[[SpellMyNameWithAnS Kuon]]"... is "dog" in Greek.
* SpellMyNameWithAnS: Is it "Orchestral" or "Orchestre"?
* TheLastOfTheseIsNotLikeTheOthers: Being a [[spoiler:member of the former Army, Katze]] and Ezel are radically different from the rest of the team. Ezel is a bit more notable since he is TheStoic, unlike the whole Army.
* TokenMiniMoe[=/=]TagalongKid: Kyon
* UnknownRival: A minor version where Kyon feels her TokenMiniMoe status is threatened when M.O.M.O appears in ''EXCEED''; M.O.M.O isn't aware of this.


[[folder: Elfetale]]
The denizens of Elfetale, made up of talking animals, fairies and elves. They were the primary targets during the Ten Year War with Formido Heim and thus, were hit the hardest. A majority of the elves fled the onslaught, taking refuge in the Shura world.
!Dorothy Mistral (Voiced by Creator/NatsukoKuwatani)
* BlowYouAway: Although her main repetoire is explosives, one technique is randomly summoning a small tornado out from nowhere.
* HyperspaceArsenal: How does she ''fit'' all those bombs under that dress of hers?
* MeaningfulName: "Mistral" refers to a strong, cold and usually dry regional wind in France.
* OfCorsetsSexy
* OnlySmartPeopleMayPass: In Dorothy's fortress. Probably justified, since she's an InsufferableGenius.
* OurElvesAreBetter: Following a certain point in the first game, Dorothy sells some of the best accessories available for purchase.
* ShoutOut: When you fight her for the first time, [[FlunkyBoss she comes along with minions]] named [[Film/TheWizardOfOz "Cerebrumless", "Heartless", and "Valorless". The road to her "Esmeralda Castle" is paved with yellow bricks, and in the sequel, she'll occasionally call out her attack as "Return To Home!"]] Another one of her attacks is called "[[Film/MaryPoppins Poppin Typhoon]]!"
* VictoriasSecretCompartment: Where does she hide all those bombs of hers, anyway?

!Rubor Cucullus (Voiced by Creator/RyotaroOkiayu)
* BashBrothers: Used to be quite the team with Lee Ly before the Ten Year War.
* {{BFS}}: Doubles as a SwissArmyWeapon, as the tip of his sword hides a gun barrel that fires solid rounds.
* CharlesAtlasSuperpower
* RoyalsWhoActuallyDoSomething: He takes a ''very'' hands-on approach to solve what he sees as problems.
* ShoutOut: His castle is named "Abuelita", Spanish for "[[Literature/LittleRedRidingHood grandmother]]".
* UnknownRival: To Ezel in the first game, [[spoiler: but Ezel just doesn't care because of his HeroicBSOD]].

!Cleo Gretel
An Egyptian-themed lamia with a sweet tooth, who bakes delicious sweets. Apparently the reason why she wasn't in the first game was because she was living ''under'' the Crossgate deep within the Dulces Tomb. Operates a bakery called "Fatty Hansel".
* BrainwashedAndCrazy
* BrilliantButLazy: She's really strong and makes wonderful items, but despite being the "guardian" of Dulces Tomb, Cleo prefers not doing her job at all and lounges in a dungeon under the Crossgate instead.
* CuteLittleFangs
* CuteMonsterGirl: She's a lamia -- no, not ''that'' [[Characters/SuperRobotWarsAdvance Lamia]] -- with a well-pronounced Egyptian motif.
* SweetTooth: Consistently seen chewing on a lollipop, and her [[LimitBreak Overdrive]] involves [[EdibleAmmunition bombarding the party with loads of sweets]].
* ShoutOut: "Cleo" for Cleopatra, while her surname, her obsession with sweets and her store named "Fatty Hansel" is from another familiar [[Literature/HanselAndGretel Brother's Grimm fairytale]].
* {{Underboobs}}

![[spoiler:Katze Kotolnos]] (Voiced by Creator/RyotaroOkiayu)
See: [[spoiler:Orchestral Army]]


[[folder: Varna Kanai]]
!The Sirena Pirates
* BloodKnight: A bit. Anne Sirena's solution to a confusing situation? A fight or blow everything away.
* CoolBigSis: Anne to the rest of the girls in the party in ''EXCEED''. May double as the TeamMom.
* DualWielding: Anne uses a pair of cannons in combat and holds them like DualTonfas.
* NonMammalMammaries: Dodged in the case of Anne, who is actually part-Orca.
* OurMermaidsAreDifferent: Anne's a half-Orca mermaid, while her {{Sidekick}} Bonny Maxmad is at best a fish-type [[PettingZooPeople kemono]].
* PirateGirl: Anne
* ShoutOut: Their names are derived from Anne Bonny, a historical female {{pirate}}.
* TeamMom: Anne in ''EXCEED'' acts like this on occasion around the younger girls in the party, such as M.O.M.O. and [[spoiler:[[Characters/SuperRobotWarsCompact2 Einst Alfimi]]]].


[[folder: Kagura Amahara]]

The people of Kagura Amahara live primarily in three places: under the WorldTree "Fujisakura", in the frontier town of Ryugu Island and in the {{Oni}} Megi Castle. During the Ten Year War, they secluded themselves from Elftale by closing their Crossgates.

!Sanuki Nanbu
* BigGood: In the first game; he is the king of Kagura Amahara, after all.
* GoodHairEvilHair: Has an exceptionally neat, full beard
* MulticoloredHair: Black and red
* PervertDad: Possibly, after an incident regarding a [[spoiler: fake Kaguya running around, brainwashing people]], he had this to say:
--> '''Sanuki''' : "Ah, but those curves...There's no mistaking them! You're my daughter!"\\
'''Kaguya''': "Father, can't you think of a better way to recognize me?"

* FlashStep
* {{Ninja}}: Of the Razor Floss and flame explosion-type
* PeekABangs
* RazorFloss

!Koma (Voiced by Creator/NatsukoKuwatani)
* CatGirl: Variation; since her tail splits in two, she's more akin to a [[ bakeneko]].
* CatsAreMean: Koma will fight against the party if the price is right, only to [[HeelFaceTurn turn face post-battle]] and sell the party items the next time they meet.
* EverythingsCuterwithKittens
* HeelFaceRevolvingDoor: Starts off fighting you to stop you from continuing into the dungeon, as she was being paid. ([[BrokenBridge you can't actually continue due to some Mild Kiel crystals]], something that is [[LampshadeHanging lampshaded]]) After that, she sells you items and apologizes, then turns around and fights you again at another dungeon, having a new employer who was paying her a ridiculous amount of money. Following her second defeat, she gets [[TooKinkyToTorture spanked off-screen]] and goes back to selling items again.
* {{Leitmotif}}: "Everybody Do The Koma!"
* [[ProudMerchantRace Proud Merchant Family]]
* MeaningfulName: Koma comes from ne''koma''ta, as in the Japanese twin-tailed cat demon.
* MoneyToThrowAway: Used as part of over [[LimitBreak Overdrive]].
* NotSoDifferent: In ''EXCEED'', Mark Hunter plays exactly the same role as her in the first game.
* VerbalTic: "Nya!"

* BerserkButton: Any mention that Koma is his "daughter", and outright insulting his shop.
* {{Kemonomimi}}
* [[ProudMerchantRace Proud Merchant Family]]: He represents the "honorable" side.
* VerbalTic: Tends to end his sentences with "Wan!" or "Woof!"

!Shuten, King of the Shiki-Oni (Voiced by Creator/TetsuInada)
* BladeOnAStick
* BrainwashedAndCrazy: In the first game, which is easy thanks to his pride as an Oni.
* HeelRealization: When you defeat him for the second time, Shuten realizes he can't overcome the Einst's mind control like he thought. This is because he was playing by their plan already, thus there's no actual need to control him.
* HugeGuyTinyGirl: Him and Suzuka
** {{Lolicon}}: Possibly...
* ShockAndAwe
* MeaningfulName: His name's derived from "Shutendouji", the giant ruler of Oni in Japanese folklore.


[[folder: Shura]]

The Shura are a [[BloodKnight fight happy]] ProudWarriorRace, who originated from a world they called "Hakoku", nicknamed "The Land of Waves". They were in the middle of a war with another race until their sudden transfer to the Endless Frontier. Shura politics are one of the three guiding forces that move the story in ''Endless Frontier EXCEED''.

!Cindy Bird
* AsskickingEqualsAuthority
* DemotedToExtra: You'll never use her, let alone fight against her.
* OldMaster: Fulfills this trope, yet subverted for not being old at all.
* ShoutOut: If you thought Aledy's name was farfetched, Cindy is, likewise, a pun on "[[Series/TheAdventuresOfSinbad Sinbad]]".
* TheTease: At the beginning of the game to Aledy.

!Hamelin Sibalto (Voiced by Creator/TomokazuSugita)
* ExtremityExtremist
* FacialMarkings
* MusicalAssassin
* PeoplePuppets: Is the main source of the brainwashing in ''EXCEED''.
* ShoutOut: To ThePiedPiperOfHamelin; in fact, one of his attacks is [[ZergRush summoning a stampede of mice people to trample you]].

!Gerda Miroir
* TheAlcatraz: Her base of operations
* AsskickingEqualsAuthority
* BlingOfWar: Just look at her dress!
* AnIcePerson
* MeaningfulName: "Miroir" is French for "mirror"; some of Gerda's attacks invovle conjuring a duplicate image of herself.
* NiceHat: Wears a unique Russian Ushanka
* TheRival: To Cindy, which is understandable, as the two women are among the highest ranking warriors among the Shura.
* ShoutOut: To Literature/TheSnowQueen; she's named after the female protagonist, her attacks are ice-themed and her duplicating attacks and surname invoke the magic mirror.


[[folder: Agrado Heim]]
One of the driving forces behind the events of ''EXCEED'' and the main antagonists of the game. They were at war with the Shura of Hakoku, with several of their members being familiar with Aledy or one of the other Shura generals. They share many similarities with the denizens of Formido Heim. Agrado Heim itself looks like a SpaceStation.

!Gagun Laos/[[spoiler:Gymnos Basileus]] (Voiced by Creator/KenichiOno)
* BigBad
* {{Expy}}: Of [[spoiler: [[Characters/SuperRobotWarsOriginalGeneration W-15 Wodan Ymir]], except only in appearance. He is nothing like Wodan, since W-05 has no emotions and he simply stole the body]].
** [[spoiler: CloningBlues]]: [[spoiler: W-05 is a spare body for Wodan]].
* GrandTheftMe: [[spoiler:W-05]]
* NotQuiteDead [[spoiler: His soul's currently possessing W-05's body]].
* [[spoiler: ForTheEvulz]]: [[spoiler: The entire plot of ''EXCEED'', as well as the motivation of Agrado Heim, revolves around trying to gather enough restless souls to power their own WorldTree to cross to another dimension. This was the entire reason why they made war with the Shura, but also the reason why they sought the surviving Einst, brought chaos across the Endless Frontier and attempted to corrupt the Fujisakura. Were they to succeed, they plan to start the process all over again]].
** [[spoiler: ThanatosGambit]]: [[spoiler: They included themselves among the restless souls to harvest in their plan should they fail to win]].
* MeaningfulName: [[spoiler: "Gymnos Basileus" means "naked king" in Greek]].
* [[spoiler: OneWingedAngel]]: [[spoiler: When he gathers enough souls, he transforms into the Svaiser]].

!Lok Eye
* OurDemonsAreDifferent
* SummonMagic: When confronted by the party, he attempts to summon something across the dimensions. [[spoiler: Out pops Xiaomu, instead]].

!Hild Brun
* AuthorityEqualsAssKicking: "[[RedBaron The Queen of the Valkyries]]"
* EvilCounterpart: To Henne
* ShoutOut: To [[Theatre/DerRingDesNibelungen the Valkyrie Brunhilde/Brünnhilde]]

!Rig The Guard
* NamesToRunAwayFromReallyFast: Almost killed Aledy and Neige in the past until Cindy arrived to help.
* TheRival: Another one for Cindy; after his fight with her, he began to incorporate many Shura techniques into his style.

!Gand Siblings
Includes members Vanar Gand, Hela Gand, Jolm Gand. How they classify as "siblings" despite being entirely different species is a mystery.
* StandardStatusEffects: Jolm's BreathWeapon
* TheRival: Vanar fought Aledy during the Shura-Agrado Heim wars when the latter was still a child. Apparently, the young Aledy left quite an impression on him.
* [[spoiler: SacrificialLion]]: [[spoiler: All three sacrifice their souls to empower Gagun, who transforms into the Svaiser]].
* SphereOfDestruction: Hela's Overdrive


[[folder: Shadow-Mirror]]
One of the driving forces behind both games, they are the [[Characters/SuperRobotWarsAdvance same-named faction]] from the main series. One of the Shadow Mirror's ''Neverland''-class battleships broke in two during a dimensional jump, with the front and rear parts landing in Formido Heim and Lost Herencia, respectively. Their commander androids, the W-Numbers, are key characters in all games.

Of the eleven W-Numbers that are known in ''Endless Frontier'', five are still unaccounted for.

See: [[spoiler:Haken Browning]].

!W-03 Pete Pain (Voiced by YuuichiNakamura)
Pete Pain is a W-Number designed to eliminate other W-Numbers, tasked with "clean up" and ensure that sensitive information does not fall into enemy hands. He uses a unique command "Code: PTP" (Play The Piper) that overrides the programming of other W-Numbers. At one point in ''EXCEED'', Pete manages to gain control of Aschen and [[spoiler: Cardia Basirissa]]. He orders the latter to self-destruct at a specific point, and intended to kill Haken by ordering Aschen to do the same. A timely intervention and quick-thinking by [[spoiler: Axel]] activates Aschen's Code: DTD, which overrides Code: PTP. Throughout ''EXCEED'', Pete rebuilds various mecha, such as the [[spoiler: Arkgain]] and the Gespensts, and attempts to assassinate W-05 but fails. [[spoiler:He eventually self-destructs to allow the party into Agrado Heim (after failing to assassinate them for the last time)]].
* ArtificialHuman
* [[spoiler:TheAtoner]]
* CasanovaWannabe: Invokes this trope unintentionally at one point when he has both Aschen and [[spoiler: Cardia]] flanking him.
* MarionetteMaster: Code: PTP
* StandardStatusEffects: Appropriate, as he's not really a "fighting" android and more of a "command"-type.
* ShoutOut: [[PeterPan Well, duh....]]

See: [[spoiler:Agrado Heim]]

!W-06 Cardia Basirissa (Voiced by Mariko Suzuki)
* ArtificialHuman
* BladeBelowTheShoulder
* EverythingsBetterWithSpinning
* EvilTwin[=/=]TheRival: To Aschen; naturally, this is a CallBack to the similar rivalry between Lamia and...
* {{Expy}}: [[Characters/SuperRobotWarsAdvance Echidna "W-16" Iisaki]]
* [[spoiler:KilledOffForReal]]
** [[spoiler: BackFromTheDead, NotQuiteDead]]: [[spoiler:In ''EXCEED'']]
* RobotGirl

See: Aschen Brodel

See: [[spoiler: Arkgain]]


[[folder: Lost Herencia]]

!John Moses
* AsskickingEqualsAuthority: After retiring, they made him the mayor of Lost Herencia.
* BigGood: In the first game alongside Sanuki, and [[spoiler:Ezel in ''EXCEED'']].
* DirtyOldMan: To hit this home, this is John's initial greeting to Kaguya:
--> "Eh? Who's this? I don't think I asked for one today, but I won't say no..."
** In ''EXCEED'', the first thing he does when the party meets him is to ask Kaguya and Neige to stand next to him. The girls oblige but aren't aware of the implications. [[spoiler:Axel]] stands in awe at the sight of the two girls flanking the old man, while Aledy's blushing for some reason he can't define...
** Neige actually [[GenreSavvy catches on to the implications]]. One of her lines after being called to stand by John's side is:
---> "Daddy, can I have a new handbag?"
* TheRival: To Dorothy

!Crew of the ''Zeit Krokodil''
* {{Expy}}: Professor Marion Sumii to [[Characters/SuperRobotWarsOriginalGeneration Doctor Marion Radom]]
* HotScientist: Marion
* IAmAHumanitarian: It's hard to tell if Vice Chief Lee Ly's comments about how "scumptious" people he just met are should be taken seriously.
* ShoutOut: Marion's surname "[[PeterPan Sumii]]" and the man-[[PeterPan tiger Lee Ly]]. John, however, is named after "[[ John Moses Browning]]", a RealLife firearms designer, who among other things designed the Browning Automatic Rifle (aka the BAR), the Colt M1911, FN Hi-Power, and M2 heavy machinegun.


[[folder: Einst]]

The [[spoiler: true BigBad]] of the first game, the Einst are the source of all conflict that occurred in the Endless Frontier. When the overambitious king of Formido Heim attempted to explore a recently opened Crossgate, he returned possessed by the Einst. The impostor started a war of genocide with Elfetale. The Einst also possessed three machines that accompanied him: the Nacht, the Abend and the Arkgain.
* AGodAmI: In sharp constrast to their "father", Neue Regisseur.
* BonusBoss: Ezel was unable to vanquish the Einst who impersonated the Formido Heim king, but the best he could do was seal it. It is considered the strongest boss in the first game if players decide to fight it.
* EldritchAbomination
* GratuitousGerman
* MeaningfulName
** Wahrschein Lichkeit = "Probability"
** Wesent Lichkeit = "Materiality"/"Essentiality"
* NotQuiteDead: You think that's the last you'll see the Wahrschein Lichkeit? Hah!
* TheresNoPlaceLikeHome: Their desire to return home is their reason for committing their acts in the series.
* TheVirus


[[folder: Endless Frontier Mecha]]

!Alt Eisen Nacht
* CombinationAttack: Rampage Specter
* {{Expy}}: Of the [[VideoGame/SuperRobotWarsCompact2 Alt Eisen Riese]]
* KineticWeaponsAreJustBetter
* MoreDakka
* PileBunker: Nacht's Revolving Breaker
* ShouldersOfDoom
* TurnsRed: By default, the Nacht is blue, but once it enters into "rage mode", the blue coloring around the chassis turns to red.

* CombinationAttack: Haou Mametsu Ken
* DemonicPossession
* EvilTwin: In the form of the ice-based Rasetsu-Ki and the stronger Arc-Ontes, both of which are mass-produced versions created by Gerda for her army.
* {{Expy}}: Of the [[VideoGame/SuperRobotWarsCompact3 Ialdabaoth]]; essentially, the Ark-On's a PaletteSwap of Folka's Ialdabaoth, painted black in place of crimson.
* RapidFireFisticuffs
* SecretTestOfCharacter: To Aledy

One of the four robots created by Formido Heim which wandered the Endless Frontier. Since its construction is more similar to an android than other mecha, Haken believed it was W-00. In reality, [[spoiler: the Arkgain they encounter in the first game is a mere replica: the original Arkgain was W-10. Upon [[GrandTheftPrototype stealing]] the [[VideoGame/SuperRobotWarsAdvance Soulgain]] from the Tesla Leicht Institute in her home dimension, Lemon realized the Soulgain's artificial exoskeleton and musculature can be used and mass-produced for androids. The W-10 was based on the Soulgain, but unlike the rest of the W-Numbers, it had neither a human-like appearance or personality, made purely for combat, without its ability to blend in with humanoids]].
* BladeBelowTheShoulder
* DemonicPossession
* {{Expy}}: Of the Soulgain
* RapidFireFisticuffs

* AMechByAnyOtherName: Commonly known as a "Yousei-Ki" among its creators.
* BladeBelowTheShoulder: Fee-Kleid's Refined Swayer
* CombinationAttack: Royal Heart Blaster
* DanceBattler
* {{Expy}}: Of the [[VideoGame/SuperRobotWarsOriginalGeneration Fairlion]]
* EverythingsBetterWithSpinning
* MagiTek
* ShoulderCannon: Fee-Kleid's Twisted Laser

!Gespenst Phantom
Usually just called ''Phantom'', this is another of the four robots created by Formido Heim which wandered the Endless Frontier. [[spoiler: Unlike the Nacht, Abend and Arkgain, the Phantom was built by Formido Heim ''after'' the Ten Year War to hunt down the other three. The Phantom was based on "Gespenst Haken" (W-00's personal unit) using data found in the Tinkerbell supercomputer of the ''Neverland'' battleship. Cardia restores the Phantom's original programming after encountering it, assigning it to work alongside her. After being defeated by Haken (whom the Phantom recognized as its true master), it forcibly shuts itself down allowing the group to capture it. When the Nacht and Abend malfunction following an encounter with Haken's party in Varna Kanai, the Phantom automatically inserts is programming into them, converting both machines to serve Haken and his allies. The Phantom serves Haken faithfully and, by start of ''EXCEED'', is the only robot that still accompanies him (whereas the Nacht and Abend have mysteriously disappeared)]].
* {{BFS}}: Phantom's Grand Plasma Cutter
* ChestBlaster, WaveMotionGun: Phantom's Neutron Blaster
* CompositeCharacter: Phantom uses the black-color scheme of the original Gespenst used by [[Characters/CompatiHeroSeries Gilliam Yeager]], has larger versions of the Gespenst MK II Type-R's "Slash Ripper", the same ChestBlaster as the Gespenst Type-S and the "Gespenst Kick" from the Gespenst MK II Type-S.
* FuumaShuriken: Phantom's Grand Slash Ripper
* RobotBuddy: Once the Phantom joins the group, it is totally loyal to Haken. While it cannot talk back to him, Haken repeatedly shows gratitude towards it.

A "karakuri" used by Suzuka as a weapon. Unlike the other robots listed here, it is more or less a puppet controlled by strings attached to Suzuka's PaperFanOfDoom, thus not a ''true'' robot, despite its SuperRobot design. Notably, the Jyaki-GUN-Oh is designated as a ''Choukijin'', the same classification of machines as the [[VideoGame/SuperRobotWarsAlpha [=RyuKoOh=]/[=KoRyuOh=]]].
* GatlingGood
* HealingShiv: In ''EXCEED'' during one of Suzuka's Special Skills
* MacrossMissileMassacre
* MoreDakka
* ShoutOut: Compare some of the Jyaki-GUN-Oh's starter attacks to the [[VideoGame/SuperRobotWarsCompact2 Alt Eisen]].

* {{BFS}}
* {{Expy}}: Of the [[VideoGame/SuperRobotWarsAlpha Thrudgelmir]].
* MythologyGag: Notice how its {{BFS}} and ThisIsADrill are reversed?

!Weiss Ritter Abend
* {{BFG}}: Abend's Partisan Launcher
* {{Expy}}: Of the [[VideoGame/SuperRobotWarsCompact2 Weiss Ritter]]
* [[TurnsRed Turns Blue]]: Like the Nacht, once it enters "rage mode", the orange-colored parts of its armor becomes blue.
* WaveMotionGun