These are the characters who appear in the webcomic [[{{Webcomic/Earth14}} Earth 14]]. Because the story takes place on a different universe, several histories of the canon characters have had some minor changes.

! The Main Lanterns

[[folder:Val Halen / Blue Lantern 2814]]
Val Halen is the main protagonist of Earth 14. S/he is very calm and level-headed. Val is also a professional snowboarder, having gotten famous at only 11 years old. Having grown bored with pretty much everything, Val hesitantly jumped at the call and became the Blue Lantern of Sector 2814.
* [[{{Aloof Dark Haired Girl}} Aloof Dark Haired Ambiguous Gender Person]]
* {{Ambiguous Gender}}: It's up to the readers to decide what Val's true gender is. In-universe the characters know Val's gender but the dialogue is written in a way that will still leave readers in the dark. On top of that, Val switches between wearing suits and dresses, complete with make-up, during formal events.
* [[{{Green Lantern Ring}} Blue Lantern Ring]]
* {{Big Eater}}
* {{Child Prodigy}}: Was already a pro snowboarder at only 11 years old.
* {{Deadpan Snarker}}
* {{Dull Eyes of Unhappiness}}
* {{Exotic Eye Designs}}: Val's pupils are shaped like gears.
* {{Fantastically Indifferent}}: Played for laughs.
* {{Fiction Five Hundred}}: Thanks to hir father's multibillion dollar company.
* {{Gray Eyes}}
* {{Hidden Depths}}: In spite of being a perpetual frowning snark knight, Val is still capable of using the blue ring, which only functions when the user has genuine hope.
* {{Keet}}: As a little kid.
* {{The Medic}}: As expected due to being a Blue Lantern. One of the ring's functions is healing.
* {{Missing Mom}}: The identity remains unknown.
* {{Neural Implanting}}
* {{No Sell}}: S/he is immune to electrocution.
* {{Perpetual Frowner}}
* {{Photographic Memory}}
* {{Signature Style}}: Val's constructs are based on video games.
* {{Solid Clouds}}: While the clouds within Earth 14 are just regular clouds, to Val they are solid. S/he describes them as fluffy and takes a nap in one. Val doesn't mind if standing on clouds happens to be hir superpower.
* {{Spoiled Sweet}}
* {{True Companions}}: With Philly and Devon.
* {{Wholesome Crossdresser}}: As s/he doesn't care about gender, Val wears whatever s/he feels like wearing.

[[folder:Prince Avalon/ Blue Lantern 2813]]
Avalon is the crown prince of planet Mogura and is the youngest of three children. After his planet had been invaded, Avalon had joined one of the resistance groups and helped to finally liberate his people. His ability to inspire hope in others in these dark times was what led him to being chosen by Sister Seraphim of the Blue Lanterns to become the Blue Lantern of Sector 2813. His sector partner in the Green Lantern Corps is his childhood friend Damas Vigrid.
* {{Amazing Technicolor Population}}: All Mogurans have different shades of blue.
* [[{{Green Lantern Ring}} Blue Lantern Ring]]
* {{Childhood Friends}}: With Damas.
* {{Cute Little Fangs}}
* {{Dual Wielding}}: His main weapons are twin swords.
* {{Heterosexual Life Partners}}: With Damas.
* {{Long Haired Pretty Boy}}
* {{The Medic}}: As expected due to being a Blue Lantern. One of the ring's functions is healing.
* {{Nice Guy}}
* {{Nice To The Waiter}}: He shares this trait with his entire family. They treat everyone as equals, which is why the populace adores them so much.
* {{Pointy Ears}}
* {{Purple Eyes}}
* {{Royals Who Actually Do Something}}: He and his siblings joined one of Moguraís resistance groups when the planet got invaded. Then he gets chosen to be a Blue Lantern.
* {{Sophisticated As Hell}}
* {{The Southpaw}}
* {{Space Elves}}: Type I. All Mogurans have pointy ears.
* {{Spoiled Sweet}}
* {{Sword Fight}}: Specializes in these.
* {{Walking Shirtless Scene}}: His uniform has no top.

[[folder: Damas Vigrid/ Green Lantern 2813]]
Damas is a friendly no-nonsense guy from planet Mogura. At a young age he was accepted into one of the planetís most elite schools and it was there that he would go on to meet prince Avalon and form a powerful friendship. The two had become nearly inseparable. Many years later Damas had joined Avalon in helping to defeat the invaders from their home world. In the final confrontation Damas had finally let go of his fears and it was at that moment that a green power ring chose him. He is now the Green Lantern of sector 2813, with Prince Avalon being his Blue Lantern sector partner.

* {{Action Duo}}: Avalon is more laid back while Damas is more confrontational.
* {{Amazing Technicolor Population}}
* {{Badass Bookworm}}
* {{Badass Longcoat}}
* {{Chick Magnet}}
* {{Childhood Friends}}: With Prince Avalon.
* {{Child Prodigy}}: At age 6 he was accepted into one of the planetís most elite schools after he had taken an entrance exam out of boredom. He was also a {{Scholarship Student}} and lived in the dorms up until graduation.
* {{Cute Little Fangs}}
* {{Distressed Dude}}: He along with several other Green Lantern rookies get taken hostage after trying to prevent [[spoiler:Malorn from escaping his Sciencell on Oa]].
* {{Eyes of Gold}}
* {{Goggles Do Nothing}}: He just likes the way they look.
* {{Green Lantern Ring}}
* {{Heterosexual Life Partners}}: With Avalon.
* {{I Kiss Your Hand}}: Heís like this with a lot of girls upon meeting them.
* {{Pointy Ears}}
* {{Space Elves}}: Type I. All Mogurans have pointy ears.

[[folder: Helia Arugante/ Green Lantern 2814.5]]
Helia is the latest Green Lantern of 2814, having been chosen after Guy Gardner had been moved up to Honor Guard. She is from the planet Aquarius and has quite the ego. Helia claims to be the superior lantern and looks down on the Blue Lanterns as she feels that they shouldnít even qualify as a corps. She becomes Valís sector partner, something that neither of them are happy about.
* {{Zero Percent Approval Rating}}: Has no friends in the GLC because of her terrible attitude. She's only still a Green Lantern because she is competent in her job.
* {{Amazing Technicolor Population}}: She has pink skin. All Aquarians have skins of all colors.
* {{Entitled Bitch}}: She basically rants at Val how she shouldn't have to thank the latter for doing what they're supposed to do.
* {{Establishing Character Moment}}: Right off the bat she insults Val's appearance after they had just met, and then flirts endlessly with prince Avalon, disregarding everyone's dislike of her.
* {{Fantastic Racism}}: She isn't shy in calling others racial slurs to those outside her race. She has no friends in the corps because of this.
* {{Green Lantern Ring}}
* {{Gold Digger}}: She only flirts with Avalon because he's royalty and she wants in on the perks. Too bad she fails to realize that the prince doesn't have any sort of romantic feelings toward her. While in missions, she attempts to do this with others that are quite wealthy, and still fails to gain their attention.
* {{Good Is Not Nice}}: Is a Green Lantern but she's far from nice.
* {{Jerkass}}: She is unpleasant to pretty much everyone except Prince Avalon, who she keeps trying to hit on and failing.
* {{Leeroy Jenkins}}: Due to refusing to follow orders just so she can do her own thing.
* {{Narcissist}}
* {{Never My Fault}}
* {{No Sense of Personal Space}}: Toward Prince Avalon whenever she flirts with him.
* {{Our Mermaids Are Different}}: She's a space mermaid.
* {{Purple Eyes}}
* {{Small Name Big Ego}}: Big time. She dubs herself "the greatest Green Lantern of all time".
* {{What Could Have Been}}: She was originally written as {{The Ditz}} before being changed to her current personality.

!Supporting Characters
[[folder: Talos Halen]]
Talos is Val's father and the owner of Halen Tech, a company dedicated to using technology beneficial to man and the environment. His past is a bit of a mystery as he doesn't talk about it; but because of it he vows to be the best father and give Val the best possible life. While on the eccentric side, he's a good father and cares much for the citizens. According to Val, he currently "lost track of time" and so far he's only been seen in flashbacks.
* {{Hundred Percent Adoration Rating}}: He's a great boss to his employees, the citizens of Sky City adore him and he's deeply loved by his family for being such a great guy.
* [[AbsurdlyYouthfulMother Absurdly Youthful Father]]: He was 15 years old when he had Val.
* {{Amazingly Embarrassing Parent}}: He's had his moments but they were few and far in between.
* {{Badass Beard}}
* {{Brainy Brunette}}
* {{Child Prodigy}}: He has been creating all his crazy inventions since he was a kid.
* {{Cloud Cuckoolander}}
* {{Cool Shades}}
* {{Doting Parent}}: He enrolled Val in the school where all the known sidekicks are trained, not only because Val would be safe there, but also because he knew it'd make Val very happy. Then there's all the love and care he gives hir on top of that.
* {{Fiction 500}}: Halen Tech, a company specializing in technology having a symbiotic relationship with nature, basically biotechnology. Sky City is one of the greenest cities on Earth because of this.
* {{Flight}}
* {{Fun Personified}}: Reflected at home and at the work place. Employees can take slides down to the lower floors and he holds his meetings in a large ball pit, of which he also has in his office and in his living room at home. It makes for a fun time at home, while at work, it increases morale and always keeps his employees happy.
* {{Exotic Eye Designs}}: His pupils are shaped like gears.
* [[{{Give Him a Normal Life}} Give Hir a Normal Life]]: As his earlier years weren't the happiest, Talos vowed to raise his child in a normal and happier life.
* {{Good Parents}}
* {{Green Eyes}}
* {{Happily Married}}: To Galatea.
* {{Honest Corporate Executive}}
* {{Hopeless Suitor}}: At first, he kept developing crushes on women who he didn't know were already dating someone else or were married. Though upset, he gladly let go of his feelings for them. This ended once he got married to Galatea.
* {{Keet}}
* {{Literal Minded}}: Played for laughs.
* {{LOLCats}}: He speaks as such due to learning English through LOLCat websites.
* {{Neural Implanting}}
* {{Nice Guy}}
* {{Ocular Gushers}}: He's prone to crying at the drop of a hat.
* {{Photographic Memory}}
* {{Technopath}}: Part of why he exceeds with all things technology.
* {{Troll}}: He purposefully has blueprints available to the public when they take tours of the company. Knowing that there are those trying to steal his designs, the blueprints are incorrect on purpose. That way, when the devices are built, they will act as a tracking device to have the thieves hunted down and arrested.
[[folder:Marina Halen]]
Marina is an AI unit who has been with the Halen family since before Val was born. She is seen as part of the family and Val even refers to her as 'auntie'. Marina sees Talos as a younger brother and often acts as the voice of reason to keep him in line. She is co-owner of Halen Tech as well a lawyer. Currently Marina resides at the Halen home.
* {{Emotionless Girl}}: Averted. She's just very calm and collected.
* {{Holographic Disguise}}: Even though AI units are the norm, Marina still uses this on occasion.
* {{Humanity Ensues}}: It occurred shortly after Val was born as she felt Talos would be needing some help.
* {{Robot Girl}}: Robot Woman is more like it.
* {{The Smart Girl}}: Thanks to being an AI.
* {{You Gotta Have Blue Hair}}: Her hair is just hard light constructs made to look like hair.

[[folder: Galatea Halen]]
Galatea is an Amazon warrior who is {{Happily Married}} to Talos and is Val's loving step-mother. She and Talos met as teens and kept in contact until they met up again years later. Afterwards they got married. She helps to run Halen Tech alongside Talos and Marina and is also an active member of Justice League International. She is also a certified therapist.

* {{The Ageless}}
* {{Action Mom}}
* {{Amazonian Beauty}}
* {{Bi the Way}}
* {{Boobs of Steel}}
* {{Deflector Shields}}: She uses a high tech shield in battle.
* {{Flight}}
* {{Happily Married}}: To Talos.
* {{Mama Bear}}
* {{The Shrink}}: A very good, honest and compassionate one.
* {{Statuesque Stunner}}

[[folder:Ophelia "Philly" Ofdensen]]
Philly, full name Ophelia Ofdensen is a citizen of Sky City and one of Valís best friends, the other being her boyfriend Koby. They had known each other since they were 13 years old. Philly loves snowboarding as much as Val does and they often travel around the world together. She is also an avid fan of the superhero community, especially Batman.
* {{Adorkable}}
* {{Badass}}: She has broken the World Record by being the first ever to snowboard down Mt. Everest.
* {{Brainy Brunette}}: She took AP classes in high school and is a natural brunette.
* {{Green Eyes}}
* {{Hero Worshipper}}: Especially Batman. She even has a book with autographs from most of them and was quite disappointed when Val failed to get an autograph from Batman.
* {{Kaleidoscope Hair}}: She just dyes her hair and has a different color in each appearance. Her natural hair color is dark brown, as seen in the portions that aren't dyed.
* {{Official Couple}}: Is currently dating Devon.
* {{True Companions}}: With Val and Devon.

[[folder:Devin "Koby" Dalton]]
Koby is best friends with Val and Philly as well as dating the latter. Together the three of them had known each other since they were 13 and like Val and Philly, Koby is also a snowboarder. During the other seasons he partakes in other sports to pass the time.
* {{Black Best Friend}}
* {{Official Couple}}: Is currently dating Philly.
* {{Mismatched Eyes}}: His right eye is gray and his left eye is light blue.
* {{True Companions}}: With Val and Philly.

Nexus is a hero that appears in Chapter 3 when the L.O.F.T. returns to create chaos in Sky City. Nexus can control the molecules of non living things, making it appear as though he has control over the elements. Of the two, Nexus is more reasonable and level headed.

Basilisk is a hero that appears in Chapter 3 alongside Nexus. He has snake like agility along with fangs, a slit tongue and metal claws. Of the two, Basilisk is more violent and impulsive.


! Secondary Characters/Families

[[folder: Coraleena [[spoiler:Arugante]]]]

[[spoiler:Coraleena "Cora" Arugante is Helia's younger sister. Having been bullied by Helia all her life, Cora is very timid and quite. She's often afraid to speak out. Despite the vicious bullying, Cora deeply believes that Helia's illness made her that way and that if she were cured, Helia wouldn't be so cruel anymore. She dedicates herself to becoming a doctor and is currently a medical apprentice in her town's university.]]

* {{Apologizes a Lot}}
* {{Determinator}}: Despite the vicious bullying from Helia, Cora still follows her dream of becoming a doctor to help [[spoiler:find a cure for her illness.]]
* {{Extreme Doormat}}: Fortunately the townspeople look out for her.
* {{Innocent Blue Eyes}}
* {{The Medic}}: She's training to become one.
* {{Nice Girl}}: Cora is one of if not the sweetest and friendliest of the cast.
* {{Shrinking Violet}}
* {{Shy Blue Haired Girl}}
* [[spoiler:{{Sibling Yin Yang}}]]: She is Helia's polar opposite.
* {{You Gotta Have Blue Hair}}

[[folder:The Green Lantern Corps]]
!The Earth Lanterns
!! Alan Scott
* {{Action Dad}}
* {{Badass Grandpa}}
* [[{{Good Parents}} Good Parent]]: To Jade and Obsidian.
!! Hal Jordan
Hal was chosen to be the Green Lantern of Sector 2814 after the dying Abin Sur passed his ring on to him. When not working alongside the Justice League, Hal patrols his space sector to ensure its safety. He is currently part of the Honor Guard.
* {{Ace Pilot}}: As usual.
* {{Blood Brothers}}: With John, Guy, Kyle and Kilowog.
* {{Official Couple}}: With Carol Ferris.
* {{Military Superhero}}: Was in the US Air Force.
!! Guy Gardner
Although he's hot-headed and a bit of a jerk, Guy has a much nicer side that is only seen by those close to him and those that just pay attention. He acted as Kyle's mentor when the latter got chosen to be a Green Lantern himself and from there on the two became good friends. He was the last of the Earth-based Green Lanterns to be promoted to the Honor Guard.
* {{Fiery Redhead}}
* {{Heterosexual Life Partners}}: With Kyle.
* {{Never Live It Down}}: The ONE PUNCH still happened.
* {{Official Couple}}: With Ice.
* {{Red Headed Hero}}
!! John Stewart
A former marine and active architect, John was the third human chosen to become a Green Lantern. He may come across as quite serious and no nonsense but he's an overall good guy. He's the second of the human lanterns promoted to Honor Guard.
* {{Badass Bookworm}}: Is an active architect and currently studying architecture from alien worlds.
* {{Happily Married}}: To Katma Tui.
* {{Military Superhero}}: Was in the Marines.
!! Kyle Rayner
An avid anime fan and talented artist, Kyle was the fourth human chosen to become a Green Lantern and the youngest, being 11 years old at the time. Because of this, Guy became his mentor and the two became fast friends. He was the third of the human GLs to be promoted to Honor Guard.
* {{Art Attacker}}
* {{Cartwright Curse}}: Averted. In this Earth his previous relationships ended on mutual terms and he's in good standing with his exes.
* {{Happily Married}}: To Soranik Natu.
* {{Heterosexual Life Partners}}: With Guy.
* {{Sequential Artist}}
* {{Working with the Ex}}: Alongside Donna Troy and Jade. They're still good friends at least.

! Other Green Lanterns
!! Captain Hanz
Hanz is one of the Corps' drill sergeants and a part of the Honor Guard. He is a fearless man who takes it personal if his comrades are harmed. Hanz is married to Heinkel, a fellow GL who is part of the Medical Unit.
* {{Badass Moustache}}
* {{Berserk Button}}: Whenever his comrades are harmed or threatened.
* {{Gratuitous German}}: He's a Space German.
* {{Green Eyes}}
* {{Happily Married}}: To his wife Heinkel.
Manik first appears in Chapter 2. He is a rookie, having trained alongside Maram, Damas, Aniya and Helia. Manik is a frienly individual and is quick to strike up friendships.
* {{Amazing Technicolor Population}}: He has pale gray skin.
* {{Black Eyes of Crazy}}: He has black sclera with white irises. It's a case of {{Dark is Not Evil}} as he's pretty much a good guy.
* {{Horned Humanoid}}: He has a pair of black horns sticking out the top of his head.
* {{Official Couple}}: With Maram.


* {{Amazing Technicolor Population}}: Her skin is white.
* {{Perky Goth}}
* {{Raven Hair Ivory Skin}}
!! Soranik Natu
She's the third Korugarian to be a Green Lantern. In truth she is the daughter of [[spoiler: Sinestro]] and Arin Sur. When [[spoiler: Sinestro made the choice to start his own corps, he and Arin agreed that Soranik would be better off adopted in the case that his plans would backfire.]]A talented surgeon, Soranik is part of the corps' Medical Unit. Soranik is currently an active member and is married to Kyle.
* {{Combat Medic}}
* [[{{Green Skinned Space Babe}} Red Skinned Space Babe]]
* {{Interspecies Romance}}/{{Happily Married}}: To Kyle Rayner.

[[folder:The Blue Lantern Corps]]

The Blue Lantern Corps was founded by Ganthet and Sayd. Using the power of hope, the Blue Lanterns are allied with the Green Lanterns.
Ganthet is the Guardian of the Blue Lantern Corps alongside Sayd. Once a member of the Green Lantern Guardians, Ganthet discovered the Blue Light of Hope and sought to put it to good use, creating the Blue Lantern Corps. He offers his guidance and wisdom to the members.

* {{Badass Grandpa}}
* {{Official Couple}}: With Sayd.
* {{Papa Wolf}}: He cares deeply for his corps.

Sayd is the Guardian of the Blue Lantern Corps. She joined Ganthet in his quest to harness the blue light of hope. She too offers her guidance to the members.

* {{Badass Grandma}}
* {{Mama Bear}}: She deeply cares for the members of the corps.
* {{Official Couple}}: With Ganthet.

[[folder:Justice League]]

They are the beloved heroes of Earth. The JL protect Earth on a regular basis. Due to the low crime rates, they have shifted their focus to forming a school to train up and coming heroes. In spite of all the peace, these folks haven't lost their edge.
[[folder:Teen Titans]]
The Teen Titans was created by Robin and his friends [[spoiler:during their school years]].
[[folder:Young Justice]]
Wanting to have their own cool team, Young Justice was created by Impulse, Robin III and Superboy.

[[folder:Lady Darkheart/ The Sorceress]]
Lady Darkheart is a powerful villainess mentioned in the first chapter. She also goes by the name "The Sorceress". She always threatened Sky City and in the past has defeated both of its protectors. Her whereabouts are unknown.

* {{Evil Redhead}}
* {{Hero Killer}}: She has defeated both Portal and Sphere, Sky City's previous protectors. However the people believe that the heroes have instead gone missing and are still alive. Nonetheless, the city is without heroes because of her.
* {{Red Eyes Take Warning}}

[[folder:The L.O.F.T.]]
[[folder:The Sinestro Corps]]

!! Malorn
Malorn is a rather fanatic member of the Sinestro Corps whose threats fall on deaf ears. While he's shown to be quite capable of using his ring and landing some good hits, Malorn tends to be defeated easily. However this doesn't wither his resolve to be the most powerful soldier of fear of all time, next to Sinestro of course.
* {{Badass}}: [[spoiler:He manages to escape his Sciencell and is the only known prisoner to do so. On top of that he ends up taking several Green Lanterns as hostages after they encounter him teleporting to safety. Then it's revealed that the Malorn they captured was a copy of the original, who had simply called his copy back.]]
* {{Human Alien}}: For the most part he looks like a green-skinned human.
* {{Kaleidoscope Hair}}: In the first chapter a small portion of his hair is red. In chapter 2 that same portion is green.
* {{Obfuscating Stupidity}}: Is believed to be this by Manik in chapter 2 when Malorn revealed just how he [[spoiler:escaped from the Sciencell on Oa]].
* {{Red Eyes Take Warning}}
* {{Revenge Before Reason}}: He wants to take revenge on Val after the latter knocked him unconscious courtesy of a kick to the face back in the first chapter. In the second chapter he demanded Avalon to bring Val and though the prince technically does, Malorn has no idea that Val has become a Blue Lantern and that s/he was right in front of him the whole time. By the end of the chapter he still hasn't made the connection between the two.
* [[spoiler: {{Self Duplication}}]]: This is the reason why the differently colored portion of his hair is green in his next appearance.

!! V'lkoor
V'lkoor is one of the more laid back members of the Sinestro Corps. He comes from a world where {{Steampunk}} is dominant and a bit of his culture is represented in his clothing. He's shown to be a genuinely nice guy if not rather intimidating.
* {{Blinding Bangs}}
* {{Human Alien}}: He looks like a human who got his teeth filed into sharp ones.
* {{Nice Guy}}: Though he wasn't above beating up Damas and Manik when the latter two were powerless.
* {{Nice Hat}}: He wears a yellow top hat with the Sinestro Corps symbol on it.
* {{Perpetual Smiler}}
* {{Purple Eyes}}
* {{Scary Teeth}}
* {{Steampunk}}: This is dominant in his homeworld.
* {{Sword Fight}}: Has a variation of one with Prince Avalon in chapter 2.
* [[spoiler:{{Teleportation}}]]