Characters / Earth 14

These are the characters who appear in the webcomic Earth 14. Because the story takes place on a different universe, several histories of the canon characters have had some minor changes.

The Main Lanterns

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    Val Halen / Blue Lantern 2814 
Val Halen is the main protagonist of Earth 14. S/he is very calm, level-headed and suffers from Schizophrenia since early childhood. She is also a professional snowboarder, a career she began when she was 11 years old. When the chance was offered to hir, Val hesitantly jumped at the call and became the Blue Lantern of Sector 2814.

Powers: Solid Cloud Generation, creating spiders out of psionic energy, technopath

     Helia Arugante/ Green Lantern 2814. 5 
Helia is the latest Green Lantern of 2814, having been chosen after Guy Gardner had been moved up to Honor Guard. She is from the planet Aquarius and has quite the ego. Helia claims to be the superior lantern and looks down on the Blue Lanterns as she feels that they shouldnít even qualify as a corps. She becomes Valís sector partner, something that neither of them are exactly thrilled about.
  • 0% Approval Rating: Has no friends in the GLC because of her terrible attitude. She's only still a Green Lantern because she is competent in her job.
  • Amazing Technicolor Population: She has pink skin. Aquarians have skins of all colors.
  • Entitled Bitch: Unless you're wealthy, Helia will never thank anyone who bothers to help her out.
  • Establishing Character Moment: Right off the bat she insults Val's appearance after they had just met, and then flirts endlessly with prince Avalon, disregarding everyone's dislike of her.
  • Fantastic Racism: She isn't shy in calling others racial slurs to those outside her race. She has no friends in the corps because of this.
  • Future Loser: In an alternate future timeline, Helia had been dishonorably discharged from the corps, has no one to turn to and nobody wants her around. She is left alone and miserable, unable to form any sort of relationship with anybody because of her toxic personality.
  • Green Lantern Ring
  • Gold Digger: She only flirts with Avalon because he's royalty and she wants in on the perks, something she openly brags about. When on missions, she'll often try to seduce wealthy men with no success.
  • Good Is Not Nice: Is a Green Lantern but she's far from nice.
  • Jerkass: She is unpleasant to pretty much everyone except Prince Avalon, only because she finds him to be of use to her.
  • Leeroy Jenkins: Due to refusing to follow orders just so she can do her own thing. She doesn't do it enough to get in trouble with the higher ups...yet.
  • Narcissist
  • Never My Fault
  • No Sense of Personal Space: Toward Prince Avalon whenever she "flirts" with him.
  • Our Mermaids Are Different: Her species, the Aquarians, strongly resemble mermaids when they're young. Their tail fins turn into legs when they're older.
  • Non-Mammal Mammaries: As an aquatic alien, breasts aren't natural to her species. She gave herself breasts through Shapeshifting in order to seduce Avalon.
  • Purple Eyes
  • Shapeshifter: Is a natural ability of her race, the Aquarians. Their abilities extend to:
  • Small Name, Big Ego: Big time. She dubs herself "the greatest Green Lantern of all time".
  • What Could Have Been: She was originally written as The Ditz before being changed to her current personality.
  • Whip It Good: Her main weapon is a whip construct.

    Prince Avalon/ Blue Lantern 2813 
Avalon is the crown prince of the East Kingdom of planet Mogura and is the youngest of three children. After the planet had been invaded, Avalon had joined the resistance and helped to finally liberate his people. His ability to inspire hope in others in these dark times was what led him to being chosen by Sister Seraphim of the Blue Lanterns to become the Blue Lantern of Sector 2813. His sector partner in the Green Lantern Corps is his childhood friend Damas Vigrid.

     Damas Vigrid/ Green Lantern 2813 
Damas is a friendly no-nonsense guy from planet Mogura. At a young age he was accepted into one of the planetís most elite schools and it was there that he would go on to meet prince Avalon and form an interesting friendship. The two had a rather shaky friendship during their teen years thanks to Avalon's brattiness, but they resolved their differences. Many years later Damas had joined Avalon in helping to defeat the invaders from their home world. In the final confrontation Damas had finally let go of his fears and it was at that moment that a green power ring chose him. He is now the Green Lantern of sector 2813, with Prince Avalon being his Blue Lantern sector partner.

     Manik Teg-rey/Green Lantern 1600 
He is a rookie, having trained alongside Maram, Damas, Anniya, and Tereon . At a young age he underwent a strange ritual that permanently made him into a cosmic demon along with gaining an array of dark powers. Manik is a friendly individual and is quick to strike up friendships. Despite his criminal background, he had proven himself worthy of being a Green Lantern and sees his fellow lanterns as one big green family. His sector partner is his girlfriend Maram.

     Maram Lumina/Green Lantern 1600 
Maram comes from a powerful family who rule over several space sectors. She often preferred being alone but her time in the corps helped her be more open with others. Maram is seen like a big sister figure, especially to Anniya. Her sector partner is her boyfriend Manik.

     Anniya Kittas/Green Lantern 612 
Anniya is a sweet and timid girl who is also a certified botanist. The green ring went to her during her graduation ceremony. Anniya applies her vast knowledge of plants to incorporate them into weapons or remedies. Her sector partner is Tereon.

  • Big Brother Bully: Her older brother and sister always bullied her for her appearance. It took some time, but Anniya had gained the confidence to not let them bother her anymore. Then after joining the corps, Helia proved to be worse than her siblings, so Anniya is back to being shy and suffering from low self-esteem.
  • Green Thumb
  • {[Missing Mom}}: She had passed away from sickness little after Anniya was born.
  • Moe: Her fellow corpsmen see her as the adorable little sister type, and she shares a sister-like relationship with Maram.
  • Nervous Wreck: Whenever Helia is around.
  • Parental Neglect: Her father gradually distanced himself away from her over the years due to her appearing more and more like her deceased mother.
  • Shrinking Violet: She used to be way more confident, got better, and then she met Helia.
  • Signature Style: Her constructs are based on all kinds of plants.
  • Winged Humanoid: Her moth wings.

     Tereon Taunto/Green Lantern 612 
Tereon is a loud and friendly fellow with a passion for cooking and throwing the best parties. Though he identifies as demiboy, Tereon is fine with male pronouns.

Supporting Characters

     Talos Halen 

Powers: Technopathy, flight, super strength, portal generation, instant armor

As a teenager, Talos joined the Justice League International, where he often worked Mission Control in order to spend more time with his infant Val. He is a half-cybernetic being from the colonized planet of Atmos, but for reasons unknown left to live on Earth when he was 16. Talos is presently the owner of Halen Tech, a company dedicated to using technology beneficial to man and the environment. His past is a bit of a mystery as he doesn't talk about it; but because of it he vows to be the best father and give Val the best possible life. While on the eccentric side, he's a good father and cares much for the citizens.

    Marina Halen 
Marina is an AI unit who has been with the Halen family since before Val was born. She is seen as part of the family and Val even refers to her as 'auntie'. Marina sees Talos as a younger brother and often acts as the voice of reason to keep him in line. She is co-owner of Halen Tech as well a lawyer.

     Galatea Halen 
Galatea is an Amazon warrior who is Happily Married to Talos and is Val's loving step-mother. She and Talos met as teens and kept in contact until they met up again years later. Afterwards they got married. She helps to run Halen Tech alongside Talos and Marina and is also an active member of Justice League International. She is also a certified therapist.

    Ophelia "Philly" Orlov 
Philly, full name Ophelia Orlov is a citizen of Sky City and one of Valís best friends, the other being her boyfriend Devon. They had known each other since they were 13 years old. Philly is the captain of her own Roller Derby team known as the Sky Knights. She is also an avid fan of the superhero community.

    Devin Dalton 
Devon is best friends with Val and Philly as well as dating the latter. Together the three of them had known each other since they were 13. He is a fashion designer on a scholarship and is a celebrity within the cosplay community.
  • Abusive Parents: His parents didn't approve of his growing love of fashion to the point they sabotaged his work and encouraged his siblings to do the same. He finally left to live with his maternal grandparents in his teens, and never looked back.
  • Black Best Friend
  • Big Brother Bully: His siblings bullied him over his love of fashion. Needless to say, he has cut off all contact with them.
  • Cosplay
  • The Fashionista
  • Official Couple: Is currently dating Philly.
  • Mismatched Eyes: His right eye is gray and his left eye is light blue.
  • True Companions: With Val and Philly.
  • The Unfavorite: His parents and siblings often sabotaged and destroyed his fashion drawings to discourage him from pursuing it further. Were it not for his maternal grandparents, the only family who supported him and who he went to live with, Devon would've been left a depressed wreck. Devon has since moved on and has no contact with the rest of his family.

     Pierre Rousseau 
Pierre is Val's ex-boyfriend. Val had broken up with him four years prior after she caught him cheating on hir. A former bad boy with a record, in the present time he has vowed to do much better and turn his life around. He hopes to mend his relationship with Val and at least become friends.
  • The Atoner: He feels genuine remorse for hurting Val, and wants to set things right.
  • Gratuitous French: He's French-Canadian.
  • Jerkass: Massive jerk to everyone around him at first.
  • {{What does she see in him?}}: Despite the fact that Pierre was a major asshole when they first met, Val still found hirself falling in love with him when they were 16.

Nexus is a hero who makes his appearance alongside Basilisk. Nexus can control the molecules of non living things, making it appear as though he has control over the elements. Of the two, Nexus is more reasonable and level headed.

Power: Molecular manipulation of non-living things

Basilisk is a hero that appears alongside Nexus. He has snake-like agility along with fangs, a slit tongue and metal claws. Of the two, Basilisk is more violent and impulsive.

Powers: Enhanced agility, hypnosis, poison generation, inducing paralysis

     Val's hallucinations 

Val has had Schizophrenia since childhood and hir most prominent hallucinations were that of shadow people each with different designs and personalities.


Shadow is one of Val's most prominent hallucinations. He is calm, level-headed and Val's voice of reason.


Sigma is one of Val's most prominent hallucinations. He is loud, obnoxious and a total troll. Sigma represents the things that Val will never morally do.


Omne is very calm and straightforward. He represents what Val knows on a subconscious level.

The Dark Witch

She is one of the hallucinations who tormented Val when the latter was a child. She is based on Val's subconscious fear of hir birth mother.


Dolly/Meemo resembles a small child with a crack on her head. Later on her appearance changes slightly and takes up Meemo as her new name.
  • Amnesia: Suffers from this and has a hard time remembering things.
  • Black Eyes of Evil: Averted. Dolly/Meemo is one of the sweetest and kindest of the hallucinations.
  • Cheerful Child
  • Keet: Very similar to Val when the latter was a child.

The Quads

They are a group of 4 dwarven folks who are always doing their own thing. Val has no idea why they've showed up, but all four are quite playful and each have their own personalities.


Manos consist of several dozen disembodied hands. They would either hit or attempt to strangle Val, or otherwise would leave hir alone.

Secondary Characters/Families

     Sky Knight 
Sky Knight was a former hero and protector of Sky City. Eleven years before the story starts, he was taken down and seemingly killed by the Sorceress.

Sphere was the second protector of Sky City. Four years prior, she was seemingly killed by the Sorceress, a fate shared by her predecessor Sky Knight.


Tael was Talos' older brother. He was born without powers, and in turn was absolutely adored by their parents. Tael often looked out for Talos and did his best to keep him safe. After Talos was forcibly taken away, Tael blamed his parents and he soon left home in disgust. He currently resides on a planet named Atreia, where he runs a successful business in building spaceships.

Zoryn is Tael's son, making him Talos' nephew and Val's cousin. Raised in a loving and supporting environment, Zoryn received nothing but love after identifying as a trans man, and is almost always in a happy and confident mood.
  • Badass Gay: While not a lantern, Zoryn is more than capable of kicking ass.


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    The Green Lantern Corps 

The Guardians of the Universe

Originating from the planet Maltus, they are the founders of the Green Lantern Corps and overseers of the universe. Unlike their canon counterparts, this group of Guardians chose to embrace their emotions as a way of establishing a better connection to their corpsmen and the people they protect.

The Earth Lanterns

Alan Scott

While his own green lantern is mystical in nature, Alan remains an ally and good friend to the Earth G Ls.

Hal Jordan

Hal was chosen to be the Green Lantern of Sector 2814 after the dying Abin Sur passed his ring on to him. When not working alongside the Justice League, Hal patrols his space sector to ensure its safety. He is currently part of the Honor Guard.

Guy Gardner

Although he's hot-headed and a bit of a jerk, Guy has a much nicer side that is only seen by those close to him and those that just pay attention. He acted as Kyle's mentor when the latter got chosen to be a Green Lantern himself and from there on the two became good friends. He's part of the Justice League International and he was the last of the Earth-based Green Lanterns to be promoted to the Honor Guard. He was also made into a Drill Sergeant and is the one who trained Damas, Maram, Manik, Tereon and Anniya.

John Stewart

A former marine and active architect, John was the third human chosen to become a Green Lantern. He may come across as quite serious and no nonsense but he's an overall good guy. He's the second of the human lanterns promoted to Honor Guard.

Kyle Rayner

An avid anime fan and talented artist, Kyle was the fourth human chosen to become a Green Lantern and the youngest, being 11 years old at the time. Because of this, Guy became his mentor and the two became fast friends. He was the third of the human G Ls to be promoted to Honor Guard.

Other Green Lanterns


Hanz is one of the Corps' drill sergeants and a part of the Honor Guard. He is a fearless man who takes it personal if his comrades are harmed. Hanz is married to Heinkel, a fellow GL who is part of the Medical Unit. They have a son named Ein, who is part of the Alpha Lanterns. Hanz is the one who trained Helia, as she was part of the rookie squad assigned to him at the time.


She is the wife of Hanz and is part of the Medical Unit. Their son Ein is part of the Alpha Lanterns.


Ein is the son of Hanz and Heinkel and is part of the Alpha Lanterns. He is very loyal and one of the Corps' fiercest soldiers. He leads his own squad of Alpha Lanterns known as the Shards.

Soranik Natu

She's the third Korugarian to be a Green Lantern. In truth she is the daughter of Sinestro and Arin Sur. When Sinestro made the choice to start his own corps, he and Arin agreed that Soranik would be better off adopted in the case that his plans would backfire. A talented surgeon, Soranik is part of the corps' Medical Unit. Soranik is currently an active member and is married to Kyle.

    The Blue Lantern Corps 

The Blue Lantern Corps was founded by Ganthet and Sayd. Using the power of hope, the Blue Lanterns are allied with the Green Lanterns.


Ganthet is the Guardian of the Blue Lantern Corps alongside Sayd. Once a member of the Green Lantern Guardians, Ganthet discovered the Blue Light of Hope and sought to put it to good use, creating the Blue Lantern Corps. He offers his guidance and wisdom to the members.


Sayd is the Guardian of the Blue Lantern Corps. She joined Ganthet in his quest to harness the blue light of hope. She too offers her guidance to the members.

Saint Walker

Brother Warth

Sister Sercy

Brother Hymn

Sister Deen'ah

Sister Seraphim


    The Sinestro Corps 
Lead by the titular Sinestro, the corps use fear as means of control. They are allies with the Green Lantern Corps, and the Blue Lantern Corps by proxy. The truce came to pass when the Guardians granted Sinestro and his corps control over sector 3601 and beyond.


Sinestro was a former Green Lantern who began to see fear as a more efficient method of taking down his enemies. When the Guardians discovered the yellow light, they sensed that he would be the most suitable to harness this new source. Sinestro made contact with Parallax, the embodiment of fear, and then built the Yellow Central Power Battery on the planet Qward in sector 3601.


Sinestro's right-hand man and most loyal soldier. He is the drill sergeant and the overseer of the ring forges. Arkillo is just as respected as he is feared and is a highly intelligent strategist.



Kryb kills the parents she deems unworthy and takes their infant children for herself, housing them in the cage growing out of her back.


Malorn is a rather fanatic member of the Sinestro Corps whose threats fall on deaf ears. While he's shown to be quite capable of using his ring and landing some good hits, Malorn tends to be defeated easily. However this doesn't wither his resolve to be the most powerful soldier of fear of all time, next to Sinestro of course.


V'lkoor is one of the more laid back members of the Sinestro Corps. He comes from a world where Steampunk is dominant and a bit of his culture is represented in his clothing. He's shown to be a genuinely nice guy if not rather intimidating.

Rook Von Ravenborn

Rook is an anthropomorphic crow from planet Aviarius. He is the Keeper of the Book of Parallax. A rather friendly but highly eccentric fellow, he will gladly share stories with all who ask.

    Justice League 

They are the beloved heroes of Earth. The JL protect Earth on a regular basis. Due to the low crime rates, they have shifted their focus to forming a school to train up and coming heroes. In spite of all the peace, these folks haven't lost their edge.
    Justice League International 
Just as quirky and crazy as ever, the JLI is lead by wealthy businessman Maxwell Lord. In spite of the shenanigans they get into, these folks have proven themselves as heroes time and time again.

Maxwell Lord

Wealthy business man, founder and leader of the Justice League International.

Blue Beetle

Also known as Ted Kord, he is the second Blue Beetle and a mentor to the third Beetle, Jaime Reyes. Both him and Booster run a successful Let's Play channel called Gold Beetle.

Booster Gold

Michael Carter is from the 24th century who decided to become a superhero in the past and make some money out of it too. He and Blue Beetle II run a successful Let's Play channel called Gold Beetle.

Rocket Red

He's a kind-hearted Russian who loves American culture.


She's best friends with Fire and is a real sweetheart. She's married to Guy and they have a little boy named Mace.


Animal Man

Ralph Dibny/Elongated Man

Sue Dibny

Mr. Miracle


Big Barda

Captain Atom

    Teen Titans 
The Teen Titans was created by Robin and his friends during their school years.
    Young Justice 
Wanting to have their own cool team, Young Justice was created by Impulse, Robin III (Tim Drake) and Superboy.


Order of the Void

They are the main villains of the first arc. The Order of the Void is a cult that worships a powerful entity referred to as "The Slumbering One". Their goals may be unclear, but they are no less sinister.

    The Sorceress 
The Sorceress is a powerful villainess mentioned in the first chapter. She always threatened Sky City and in the past has defeated both of its protectors.
Praxis is the Sorceress' right-hand woman and most loyal soldier. She is cold, ruthless, vicious and will not hesitate to strike down those who stand in her way. Praxis is a force to be reckoned with.
Arachnid is a mysterious being following her own agenda, with loyalty to nobody but herself. She is as friendly as she is terrifying. Arachnid loves to attack her targets psychologically and always has a smile on her face.

    The L.O.F.T. 
Also known as the League of F**king Tyranny, they are a group of villains who terrorize Sky City every now and then. Despite their impressive array of powers and abilities, they're easily disposed of due to making their weaknesses easily exploitable.
  • 0% Approval Rating: The civilians gradually began to take them less and less seriously, to the point that the LOFT have been reduced to jokes. Not even the other villains think highly of them.
  • Politically Incorrect Villain: Each of them has this trait.

King and Queen

They are a couple clad in black gimp outfits. The Queen uses an electrified whip and the King has super strength.


He's a man who is also a fire elemental.

The Fair Folk

They are a group of three fairies named Epsilon, Delta and Alpha, with the latter serving as the leader.

Lumber Jacque

He's a French lumberjack who wields a high tech chainsaw that can cut through anything.