Characters: Epic

Characters of the 2013 animated film Epic. This page is under construction.

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Mary Katherine "MK"

"My dad always told me stories about a hidden world. Where brave warriors watch over and protect us."
Voiced by: Amanda Seyfried

A girl in her late teens who moves in with her dad in an isolated house in a forest after her mother passes away. After she blows up at him for his dedication to his work, she unwittingly gets caught up in the unending war between the forest's forces of growth and forces of decay.

Professor Bomba

"Just because you haven't seen something doesn't mean it's not there."
Voiced by: Jason Sudeikis

MK's Bumbling Dad, a professor whose research on the Leafmen ruined his marriage and career.

  • Absent-Minded Professor: His outdated computers and messy house suggest he really doesn't get out much.
  • Agent Mulder: He's very dedicated in researching on the Leafmen. Of course, this destroys his career and marriage.
  • Bumbling Dad: Is already unused to interacting with humans, let alone his own daughter.
  • Chekhov's Gun: The bat sounds on his iPod Touch are used to lure the bats away from the moon, allowing the pod to bloom in moonlight.
  • Determinator: Deconstructed in that his overwhelming desire to find the Leafmen ruined his marriage and career, kept him from society, and left him estranged from his only child.
  • Fiery Redhead: Even more fiery than his daughter.
  • Gadgeteer Genius: Has built gadgets that allow him to adjust to the "speed" of miniature creatures, allowing him to communicate with them.
  • Heroic BSOD: Seeing MK Leafman-sized is the breaking point for him, where he realizes he must have hallucinated and how far detached from society he is. He turns off his cameras and packs up or outright throws his equipment off tables in a rage.
  • Significant Green-Eyed Redhead
  • Smart People Wear Glasses
  • Ugly Guy, Hot Wife: His wife was quite beautiful; Mr. Bomba on the other hand....well, you get it.
  • Wacky Parent, Serious Child: The Wacky Parent to MK's Serious Child.


MK: "Ozzie! No kisses!"

MK's one-eyed, three legged old pug.

  • Amusing Injuries: Bumps into things constantly on account of his lacking depth perception and reduced mobility.
  • Big Friendly Dog: By Leafman standards. He's certainly very friendly and loves licking.
  • Evil-Detecting Dog: He growls at the bat call, which is being sung by Mandrake.



"C'mon! You're with us now!"
Voiced by: Josh Hutcherson

A free-spirited young Leafman soldier who quits his job because he doesn't work well in a team, much to his superior Ronin's chagrin.


"If our world dies, your world will die too."
Voiced by: Colin Farrell

Nod's commanding officer and the no-nonsense captain of Queen Tara's guard.

Queen Tara

"You're here for a reason. Sometimes the connections aren't clear, but they're always there."
Voiced by: Beyoncé

The current Queen of the Forest, a Mother Nature-like figure who oversees the balance between growth and rot. At the onset of the movie, she is due to choose an pod which will bloom into her successor.

     Other Forest Residents 

Mub and Grub

Voiced by: Aziz Anzari (Mub) and Chris O'Dowd (Grub)

A slug (Mub) and snail (Grub) responsible for overseeing the pods' care.

Nim Galuu

Voiced by: Steven Tyler

A glow worm in charge of keeping the Scrolls, which record every event that happens within the forest. This makes him a valuable source of advice and information.

  • Big Fun
  • The Cast Showoff: Steven Tyler gets to sing as Nim Galuu.
  • Know-Nothing Know-It-All: Nim is only as powerful as the scrolls that write the forests' activities, which cannot predict the future, and can only record so much. In the climax, MK calls him out on how he's relatively useless on his own.
  • Magic Librarian
  • Reality-Writing Book: Nim's tree is a data recorder example. Everything that happens in the forest is recorded on the scrolls within, down to the most minute actions.


"Oh look, it's Ronin. Defender of the weak, pooper of parties."
Voiced by: Pitbull

A frog deeply involved in bird racing.

Marigold Girl

Voiced by: Emma Kessey

A young girl who admires Tara.



"The forest belongs to the darkness."
Voiced by: Christoph Waltz

King of the Boggans, the forest's forces of rot, who oppose Tara and the Leafmen. He aims to steal the pod Tara chooses to upset the balance.


Voiced by: Blake Anderson

Mandrake's son.