Characters: Dreamfall Chapters

Following is the list of characters introduced in Dreamfall Chapters. For the returning characters from previous installments, see Characters.The Longest Journey and Characters.Dreamfall The Longest Journey.


Owner of a robot junk shop in Europolis, Stark and an acquaintance of the late Burns Flipper from TLJ and the late Olivia de Marco from Dreamfall. Originally from India, now in her late 20-ies.


A humble technical genius in Mira's employment.

Dr. Roman Zelenka‎‎

ZoŽ's psychotherapist who helps her restore her lost memories.


A food vendor in Propast, with whom ZoŽ tries to be friends but their different political agendas can put a strain on their relationship (Nela is a Marxist, ZoŽ supports social democrats).


Reza's editor at the Hand That Feeds and ZoŽ's admirer.


The informal leader of Bricks (essentially, Propast's Chinatown).

  • The Atoner: She mentions spending the second half of her long life making up for the mistakes she did in the first one.
  • Cool Old Lady: She has managed to keep her businesses out of Mr London's blackmailing scheme, is the most respected person in her neighborhood, has a knack for picking up on subtle things about people, and has a hovering teacup. ZoŽ admits that she kind of want to be Queenie when she gets to be old—not "like Queenie" but actually be her.
  • Miniature Senior Citizens: Queenie is an almost comically small old Asian lady.

Hanna Roth

The de facto leader of the teenage gang, "The Dragonflies", in Propast, who disappeared several days before Queenie asks ZoŽ to find her.

  • Reluctant Ruler: She doesn't like the notion that the other members of "The Dragonflies" look to her as their leader, still she is fiercely protective of them and she is so respected that her word often ends up being the last in an argument.

Falk Friedman

A "Corporate Jšger", i.e. a Bounty Hunter employed by corporations to take care of dirty, off-the-books business. He haunts ZoŽ as she is trying to establish a new life in Europolis.

Enu-Mar Sand'ya

Enu-Mar Sand'ya, Twilight Child, Daughter of Te'a-Mar is a member of the anti-Azadi resistance in the Northlands.

  • Overly Long Name: The girl has quite a lot of epithets (second only to April, in fact).
  • Pointy Ears: As befits a Zhid, one of the fantasy races inhabiting Arcadia.


A mysterious new female lead, announced ages ago. She appears as a playable toddler in the first interlude at the end of Book One.

  • Interspecies Romance: Seems to be a product of one: her father, Magnus, looks human, while her mother, Etta, has green skin and an impossibly stunning figure. Saga, for her part, looks like a regular human baby.
  • Not-So-Imaginary Friend: The spirit of the White Dragon has watched over Saga pretty much since birth, but she is the only one who can see her (and even that seems to be the case only while she is a toddler).
  • Walking Spoiler: There is a reason the devs avoided talking about the contents of the prologue and the interludes all the way up until the release.