Characters / Dragons: A Fantasy Made Real

This is the list of the various dragon species found in Dragons: A Fantasy Made Real.

Prehistoric Dragon

The first of the dragons that the mockumentary focused on. The Prehistoric Dragon lived long before the humans appeared, back to the time of the dinosaurs. Its size rivaled even that of the T-Rex and it is the largest of the dragons. Like most other prehistoric creatures, the Prehistoric Dragon went extinct after the K-T Event.

Marine Dragon

Like the Prehistoric Dragon, the Marine Dragon also exist as far back as the dinosaur times. Like the name suggests, the Marine Dragon inhabits the ocean rather than the land. Unlike the Prehistoric Dragon, it escaped extinction of the K-T Event due to their marine habitats.
  • Giant Swimmer: The website states that it could grow up to two hundred feet long.
  • Kraken and Leviathan: Obviously of the "Leviathan" variety.
  • Our Dragons Are Different: It is actually a sea monster.
  • Sea Monster: In fact, human encounters with Marine Dragons may actually be the inspiration for sea monsters in various myths.
  • Vertebrate with Extra Limbs: Due to a genetic mutation somewhere along the line.
  • What Happened to the Mouse?: It was never told what the final fate of the Marine Dragon was. Given the fate of all dragons shown, however, it most likely went extinct. However given the resemblance, evolving into the Forest Dragon seems more likely.

Forest Dragon

As the climate stablized after the K-T Event, the dragons soon recolonized the land. The Forest Dragon ended up inhabiting the bamboo forests of China. They mainly hunted the large mammals that was abundant in the forest.

Desert Dragon

The phylogenetic tree of the dragons shown depicts a line related to the Forest Dragon called "Desert Dragon". It is never elaborated upon in the show, however.

Mountain Dragon

The other terrestrial dragon that came after the K-T Event. They had traditionally roam large areas of land in search of large herds of game. Human civilization had forced these dragons up into the highest mountains, hence the name Mountain Dragon. The Mountain Dragon was finally driven into extinction by the humans.