Characters / Dragonblood

A list of characters from the Play By Post role-play, Dragonblood.

    Five Dragon Kids 

Felix Sanders

Played by Renagade

The De Facto leader of the Dragon kids, he's the kind of guy who would make friends with anyone. As a result, his closest friends are generally some of the weirder kids around. Sarah's girlfriend, and Birthday Boy when they aquire the Dragon Blood

Chris 'Cador' Ethanael

Played by Cador

A more nerdy sort of guy in the group, he is a bit socially awkward in person, but speaks a lot more freely on the internet, where he feels more comfortable. When you do get to know him, he turns out to be a bit sarcastic and thinks he's more funny than he really is.

Sarah Brooks

Played by daltar

A icy kind of girl to strangers. Quiet and calm. She warms up to you as you get to know her and is a kind girl who keeps in check of her emotions. Is materialistic and tends to hoard things such as receipts.

Kyle Edwards

Played by Justa Username

Born with Autism, Kyle's inferiority complex drove him to martial arts and to do well on his studies. In front of others he always feels the need to prove himself. Around Felix though, he feels a lot more comfortable and has a diverse personality. Tends not to pick up on social cues that well so things could get awkward around him.

Sarina Brooke

Played by neobowman

The quirky, blue-loving, immodest friend of Felix, he's one of the few people she feels comfortable around. It could be the other way around with most people not feeling comfortable with her. Nevertheless, she sticks around her buddy all the time. She's the blue dragon of the group, who's particularly good in the air after overcoming her fear of heights.
  • Cloud Cuckoo Lander: She appears to follow some line of logic whenever she says something nonsensical, but nobody else understands what it could possibly be.

    Non-Dragon Player Characters 

Cedi Fonei

Played by Cedi (Wait, what)

WAS a regular human until he stumbled onto Arcadia somehow/someway. Now he's sort of a demon. Tried to live a normal life up on the surface with his transformation spell but has to return to Arcadia every now and then when his transformation spell wears off.
  • Aerith and Bob: Strangely, he comes from the surface like the dragons, but his name is too exotic in comparison. Isn't hasty character naming wonderful? Note from his player 
  • Player Avatar: Kinda obvious when he's named after the troper who plays him.
  • Beneath the Mask: Most of his actions are sincere, but he constantly hides the fact that he is jealous of the dragons.
  • Blow You Away: It is noted that he already is competent in magic, specifically spells that utilize wind.
  • Can't Catch Up: Although he is stated to be a Fragile Speedster, he has a somewhat difficult time keeping track of a footrace between Felix and Kyle, and neither of them are the fastest dragon. This, among other things, leads to him envying Felix and his friends for becoming dragons. There is a plan to avert this trope in the near future...
  • Dark Is Not Evil: He was turned into a demon, but he tries to be polite, he is concerned about others, and one of his initial reasons for wanting to join the dragons is his sense of justice and desire to stop the deeds of the dragonslayers. Granted, he didn't even know he was a demon until Ash gave him the suggestion, and even so, Arcadian demons generally aren't evil as much as they are just selfish.
  • Expy /Captain Ersatz: His appearance is identical to a character that his player used on a completely different forum, in a completely different genre of roleplay note . The similarities end there, however.
  • Green-Eyed Monster: Although he doesn't actually do such, he briefly considers taking some immoral measures to get some dragon blood, even though it is impossible for him to drink it and become a dragon himself. He immediately calls himself out on it, though the jealousy persists.
  • I Am What: When Ash suggests that Cedi was turned into a demon, he doesn't take the idea very well... until the sorcerer adds that demons in Arcadia are generally more selfish than devoted to evil.
  • Lizard Folk: At first, he is suggested to be a strange variant of this. This was before his player had the idea to decide he was a demon.
  • Magic Knight: He can use wind magic, and his claws are long and sharp enough to be used as a close-range weapon. Technically, he also took a weapon from B's store, which means he can fight also like a more traditional Magic Knight, but that was before he became confident in not hiding his demon form around elves or the like- meaning, he's not so likely to use it anymore.
  • Metamorphosis: Like most humans who discover Arcadia, not that he dislikes his transformation.
  • No Mouth: Or nose, or ears. As a result, he communicates via telepathy, and he no longer needs food or air. note 
  • Our Demons Are Different: Has only been suggested to be one as of so far, but take his player's word for it- it's true.
  • Perpetual Motion Demon: Ever since being transformed, he hasn't needed food or air, and it is implied he can go without sleep.note 
  • Retcon: Technically, he wasn't a demon until his player decided to make him so. Granted, before then, his species was quite ambiguous, even to Cedi himself.
  • What Could Have Been: His character was originally going to be that of one of the dragons, but there were only so many slots for them. This is somewhat reflected in his envy of the dragons, which in turn gives him more opportunity for character depth than if he WAS one. His player also wanted to give him blue hair, but Renagade rejected that idea.

Ash Williams

Played by Atomic Nut -> Renagade

A sorcerer (a human with dragonblood), he lived under the care of B, the mysterious shopkeeper. Instead of a blessing, he found his status as sorcerer to be a curse. Is cynical and jaded because of his past, but he's a good guy deep down.

Natasha Creed

Played by Nick The Swing -> Cador

  • Token Human: If you consider that Ash isn't entirely humannote , then Natasha is the only Player Character who is and stays completely human.

Nova Solar

Played by Firebert

The youngest son of the pheonix who takes the place of the sun in Arcadia, Nova always felt the need to prove himself. He was raised by B and takes the form of a human (with quirky attachments such as a tail) most times. He is a bit noisy and hyperactive but is friendly if you take the time to get to know him.

Motoko Katsu

Played by dreadmetal42 (Currently abandonned)

  • Dark Is Not Evil: Yes, she's a reaper, but she believes all souls derserve to be at peace before their afterlives.
  • Put on a Bus: Although her player wouldn't post all that frequently, it was often given a Hand Wave as Motoko dissappearing to do her job. However, since her player has left the RP, Motoko is likely to be put on a permanent, rather abrupt bus at this rate...
  • Shinigami
  • Sinister Scythe: As should be expected due to the above trope.
    • Absurdly Sharp Blade: Noted in her signups bio, but never demonstrated due to her player leaving the RP.

Magnus Eriksson

Played by dreadmetal42 -> SOCR

Iselda Oberon

Played by Atomic Nut

    Non Player Characters 


Mike Sanders

Jodie & Tim Edwards