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Characters: Dracula Everlasting
     Main Characters 

Nicholas Harker

Nicholas is seventeen years old and just starting his senior year of high school. He is dark haired and at the start a little meek. He doesn't have as much confidence as he could and tends to blend into the background. When his parents die, he is left somewhat broken, an empty shell of himself. It is his friendship with Jill that gives him strength. And then he finds a Harker heirloom—a locket with the word "Everlasting" engraved in it.

Jillian "Jill" Hawthorne

Jill is the prototypical girl next door. She's friendly and kind but also very introverted. Raised in London, she proves herself quite adaptable when her mother uproots them and moves to Boston. Shy herself, Jill is really good at being a best friend, but that makes it all the harder when she actually realizes that she quite "likes" her new best friend. She's an avid reader and loves fantasy. She also descended from Van Helsing.

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