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Characters: Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog

Doctor Horrible/Billy

"The world is a mess, and I just...need to rule it."

Captain Hammer

"Everyone's a hero in their own way/You and you, and mostly me, and you."


"Even in the darkness/Every color can be found..."


"Look at me, man. I'm Moist. At my most badass, I make people feel like they want to take a shower."

Bad Horse

"There will be blood, it might be yours/So go kill someone/Signed, Bad Horse"

Evil League of Evil leaders

  • Professor Normal: A cyborg with a super strong robotic arm and jaw attachment. Otherwise, he's a normal person with a wife, kids, and a mortgage, hence his name.
  • Tie-Die: A hippie-themed supervillainess able to make hippies violent and angry.
  • Dead Bowie: A David Bowie-inspired supervillain with the power of persuasion. Claims to be the real David Bowie who was murdered in 1980 and that every other appearance by Bowie afterward was an impostor.
  • Fury Leika: Her name is a pun off of "Hell hath no fury like a Woman Scorned." She was left at the altar and then pooped on by a radioactive dove. She gained poisonous flowers, incendiary rice, a ball and chain around her ankle, and four henchwomen each carrying something old, something new, something borrowed, and something blue.
  • Fake Thomas Jefferson: Claims to be the real Thomas Jefferson, though that is unlikely unless Jefferson had Super Strength. Also carries a quill pen tipped with tranquilizer. Doesn't like to have lots of stuff in his pockets.
  • Snake Bite: A supervillainess with a cobra-themed costume. Carries a staff topped by a mini disco ball. Did not appear in the "Evil League of Evil" comic with the other ELE leaders.

Minor villains

  • Hourglass: A villainess who is able to see the future. Tells Moist about a kid who will become President. An unseen character.
  • Bait and Switch: A pair of villains who Moist goes on a double date with. Somehow able to fool him into thinking he was dating Bait instead of Switch. Bait is apparently the more attractive of the two.
  • Conflict Diamond: A villain friend of Dr. Horrible and Moist. Went on the double date with Moist, Bait, and Switch.
  • Pink Pummeler: A homophobic villain with Super Strength, Gaydar, and a superhuman knowledge of Broadway show tunes. Repeatedly rejected by the ELE due to his tendency to date rather than beat up his victims.
  • Purple Pimp: A supervillain who appears at the party for Dr. Horrible's induction into the ELE.

Minor heroes

  • Johnny Snow: An amateur hero not affiliated with the Council of Champions. He wears a parka and carries an Ice Beam. He's mentioned in Act I and appears in the ELE comics, where he foils a plot by the ELE to poison the city's water supply by freezing it. The villains are impressed and mistake him for a supervillain.
  • James Flames: A potbellied superhero with pyrokinetic powers. His Catch Phrase is "M'name's James and I have the power of flames." Wears a singed T-shirt and pink overalls. He thaws the water supply after Johnny Snow freezes it.
  • Wingspan: A member of the Council of Champions, along with Captain Hammer. Works in a command center in the sky. He, along with the rest of the Council, foolishly leaves the city for a retreat, allowing the ELE to wreak havoc. Appears briefly in the ELE comic.
  • Elementia: A blue-skinned superheroine and a member of the Council of Champions. Works in a command center with a waterfall and apparently has some kind of Elemental Powers. Has no problem sitting naked in a sauna with men.
  • ???: An unnamed member of the Council of Champions with a third eye in the middle of his forehead. He appears in the sauna with the rest in the ELE comic.

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