Characters: Digimon Villains

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    Pharaohmon's Army 

Pharaohmon (Evil)

Lance Canebrook (OC)

Voiced by:

Basilikmon (OC)note 

Voiced by:


Voiced by: Crispin Freeman


Voiced by: Michael Reisz


Voiced by: Steven Blum

MetalDevidramon/WarDevidramon (OC)

Voiced by:

Scarabmon (OC)

Voiced by:

ThothBabimon (OC)

Voiced by:

Horusmon (OC)

Voiced by:

Kheprimon (OC)

Voiced by:

Khnummon (OC)

Voiced by:

Aspmon (OC)

Voiced by:

Gebmon (OC)

Voiced by:

Onyxmon (OC)

Voiced by:

    Demon Corps 


Voiced by: Bob Papenbrook
  • Super Mode: As Super Ultimate in the climax of Dawn of Chaos.


Voiced by: Melodee Spevack


Voiced by: Dave Guerrie


Voiced by: Tom Wyner

    Neo Dark Masters 



Voiced by: Dave Guerrie


Voiced by: Richard Epcar


Voiced by: Derek Stephen Prince

    BlackGuilmon and Co. 

BlackGuilmon/ChaosGallantmon/Destructor Mode/Hazard Mode

I am the last reminder of the monster you were before you and that Tamer removed me after you Biomerged for the first time! I intend to destroy you both and absorb you! Then, the circle will become complete!
Voiced by: Steve Blum
The evil 'twin brother' of Guilmon who is spawned from the essence of Megidramon.

General Scorpionus (OC)

Voiced by:
  • Expy: Appearance looks like the Scorpion King.


Voiced by: David Lodge


Voiced by: Beau Billingslea

Yamidramon & Atolmdramon/Doomsdramon (OC)

Yamidramon & Atolmdramon voiced by: Chris Sabat

    Valmarmon's Legion 
The main antagonists of the Digidestined's side in Season 3 entitled, Dawn of Chaos.

Valmarmon/Valmarmon Tartarus Mode (OC)note 

I've returned to reclaim my place as the Demon God! My sovereignty over the four Digital Realms and the human realm is all but ensured!
Voiced by: Tim Curry

Madoudramon/MahouGarurumon /Titan Mode (OC)note 

Voiced by: Geoff Dolan
  • Big Bad: To the Digi-Destined.
  • Black Knight
  • The Dragon: To Valmarmon.
  • Expy: Of Koragg the Wolf Knight from Power Rangers. His Titan Mode is Centaurus Wolf Megazord.
  • Heel-Face Turn: The memories of his former self seem to help in Chapter 59.

DarkPegasusmon/Pegasusmon Metal Mode

Voiced by:
  • Expy: Of Catastros.

WarDevidramon/VictoryDevidramon (OC)note 

Voiced by:
  • Off with His Head!: In Chapter 59 by Madoudramon (after recovering his memories of his goodness) nonetheless.

Demon Beast Generals (OC)note 


HiSuzakumon, ready for your orders!
Voiced by: Paul Dobson


ChiGenbumon! Here for action, sir!
Voiced by: Richard Newman


MizuSeiryuumon, at your service!
Voiced by: Matt Smith


KazeByakkomon, reporting for duty!
Voiced by: Ward Perry

    Mao Kings 

Daimaomon (OC)

Voiced by: Christopher Sabat (EN), Kenji Utsumi (JP)

Devil Clan (Slicermon, Vipermon, WyvernMonzaemon, Mantoidmon, YamiSenshimon) (OC)

Slicermon voiced by:
Vipermon voiced by:
WyvernMonzaemon voiced by:
Mantoidmon voiced by:
YamiSenshimon voiced by:


Voiced by: Paul St Peter

Commandments (Zanbamon, Chaosdramon, Murmuxmon)

Zanbamon voiced by:
Chaosdramon voiced by:
Murmuxmon voiced by:


Voiced by: Bonnie Cahoon

Lilithmon's Minions (Lamiamon, Astamon, BlackDeathmon)

Lamiamon voiced by:
Astamon voiced by:
BlackDeathmon voiced by:


Voiced by: Paul St Peter

Leviamon's Minions (Phascomon, HazeFrogmon, RageArchaeopteryxmon)

Phascomon voiced by:
HazeFrogmon voiced by:
RageArchaeopteryxmon voiced by:


Voiced by: Richard Epcar


Voiced by: Tom Wyner

Necromon/Lichdramon (OC)

Voiced by: Ralph Fiennes

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