Characters / Die Maschine Characters

Several characters from Dark Contagion reappear in Die Maschine, but others do not.


Katja Ulrike

Katja is an excitable young woman from Dachau, who signed on for a job as a mercenary to provide for her family and her college tuition. She is very accepting and insistent on equality to the point that any sort of discrimination is a potential Berserk Button. She is a major fan of comic books.

Fiammetta Marcello

  • Gratuitous Italian Subverted, there have only been a few instances of Fiammetta using Italian.
  • Nerdy Inhaler Subverted. Fiammetta does not fit the description of a nerd. She isn't actually seen using it much, as Pyros are regularly hooked up to a gas mask and oxygen tank.


Aaron Bryce




#1(The gynoid that appears in Chapter 1, as-of-yet unnamed.)