Characters / Deception

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Deception: Invitation to Darkness

    Prince of Zemekia 

Prince of Zemekia

Kagero: Deception II



Voiced by: Mamiko Noto

Deception III: Dark Delusion



Voiced by:



Princess of Stigma
Voiced by:

  • Cain and Abel: The Abel to Rachel's Cain.
  • Fallen Princess: She used to live in the palace but Rachel is now her only servant and friend.
  • Red Right Hand: The Fiend's arm which appears when she uses her powers. It pierces her skin in places and has spikes on.
  • Self-Made Orphan: She kills her step mother Queen Catalina only because Catalina was trying to kill her.


Servant of Nightmares
Voiced by: Tomoe Hanba

Deception IV: Blood Ties



Voiced by: Yuka Saito

  • Anti Anti Christ: In one ending, she becomes this.
  • Combat Stilettos: Sports some very high heels that somehow don't slow her down at all.
  • Horned Humanoid: Well, she has one horn anyway.
  • Impossibly Cool Clothes: How that getup of hers even stays on is a mystery.
    • Fashionable Asymmetry: Her "top" is white on one side and dark on the other, she has a pauldron on her left shoulder, and wears a detached sleeve on her right arm.
    • Sexy Backless Outfit: From the back, you'd be forgiven if you thought she was running around topless. It goes so low, that the only thing keeping anyone from seeing her butt are some strategically-placed adhesives.
    • Stripperific: Designed to show as much skin as possible.
  • In the Name of the Moon: Before fighting descendants of the saints, she always says, "The time for your judgment has come... After that, nothing but ruin awaits..."
  • Jiggle Physics: Laegrinna has a notable...bounce to her step.
  • Mismatched Eyes: One blue, one green.
  • The Quiet One: She's a woman of few words, and leaves most of the talking to the Daemons.
  • The Stoic: Unlike her more giddy minions, Laegrinna displays few emotions and doesn't seem to enjoy the pain she inflicts on others.
  • White Hair, Black Heart: The daughter of the Devil has hair the color of snow.



  • Stripperific: All three of their outfits are designed to show off a lot of skin.


Voiced by: Umeka Shōji

  • Complexity Addiction: She favors Elaborate traps, which specialize in stringing together long combos akin to a Rube Goldberg Device. She in general likes to kill invaders in the most spectacular ways possible.
  • Faux Affably Evil: She's polite, well-spoken, and quite open about how she will enjoy seeing you die. Some early invaders will even be shocked at how courteous she acts.


Voiced by: Ichiki Chihiro

  • Cute and Psycho: She has the most bubbly and childish personality of the three Daemons, and her traps have a more cartoonish style, but she's just as dangerous and murderous as her cohorts.
  • Not So Harmless: She favors Humiliating traps, like the Rake Take, Banana Peel, and oversized mallet. They're not as harmful as elaborate or sadistic traps, but they can be used to set their victims up for more deadly surprises.


Voiced by: Hiroko Ushida

  • Evil Redhead: She has long, fiery red hair and is by far the most sadistic of the Daemons.
  • Loves the Sound of Screaming: In keeping with her sadistic personality.
  • Sadist: She's associated with Sadistic traps, which cause the most damage and pain.

    Descendants of The Saints 

Lord of Prosslyn Castle

  • Cutscene Boss: Gets killed by Laegrinna in a cutscene during intro.

Dow Menigell

Voiced by: Daisuke Matsubara

Zeno Shin

Voiced by: Shunzo Miyasaka

Gallagh Belgosh

Voiced by: Shota Arai

Lyla Gun Feyconia

Voiced by: Kim Hyang Ri

Vale Brandeau

Voiced by: Ryōsuke Kanemoto


Voiced by: Madoka Yamanaka

Celia Mevious

Voiced by: Miku Yoshikawa

Alma Mueller

Voiced by: Ayaka Maeda

Telma Mueller

Voiced by: Haruka Terui

Victor Logos

Voiced by: Masakazu Koshima

Freise Grayden

Voiced by: Yuka Komatsu

Deception IV: Nightmare Princess



Voiced by: Ai Maeda