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The list of Characters in Darkest Hour Eternal Night. Over 250 Flavors! (Maybe that many character too! Who knows?)

The Main Cast: The people who with the power to change the world


"In this world there are only two types of people. Those who have incurred my wrath, and those that have yet to."

The 5000+ year old master of time. Being born the first Meta-human he was different from the other people in his home. When he was 5 years old he discovered he could control the flow of time. Eventually his parents, friends, and others in his home town discovered his ability and declared him an abomination. He left them and his country behind and set off to learn how to control his power and to search for others like him. Using his power to keep him alive long after he should died of old age, he eventually discovered another person like him. He then formed an organization to gather everyone like him, whom he considered chosen ones, and train them in the use of their powers.

As he is somewhere between worlds at the moment the story starts, he recounts the short history of the events that forever changed his world. His testimony will determine whether or not he returns to his own world... or becomes a dimensional being which can travel freely to many worlds.

Christina Rath

The main character of Q's recounting. A noble of the Atlantian Ĉon Empire, she initially joins the army as a means of escaping from her supposed boring lifestyle. Instead she finds herself dragged into a war on a global level, and quite a number of people are after her for her power. As it turns out, she is a Meta-human with the rare and extraordinary ability to bend reality to her will.

Despite her power she continues to fight just as a normal human due to a self-imposed code not to abuse her power. However, with all the craziness going on she may very well have to test the absolute limits of her will and resolve.

Lemuré Ĉon a.k.a Midnight

"Why have I done what I've done? The answer is quite simple. Because I can."

The first princess of the Empire and a major influence on the tide of the war. She tends to hang back and manipulate events from the shadows, slowly manipulating everyone into doing her will. She too is Meta-human, with an ability that has granted her a mind far more advanced than any human that has ever or will ever live. She seems to delight in the plight of her nation which is because ,as is turns out, she is actually the masked rebel, Midnight. She also has a slight crush on her older brother, Xenon.

MAJOR SPOILER BELOW! Do not read unless you want the story to be ruined!

She supposedly kills herself and takes the Imperial nobility with her, but it was all just an act. Her real plan was to build a base on the moon and construct a satellite array to force peace on the Earth. If that didn't happen, she would gather a few people on her moon base, called Neo Eden, and glass the planet. She would then release nanomachines onto Earth which would begin to repair it to a habitable enviroment for the descendants of the people on Neo Eden for their eventual return.

Xenon Ĉon

The first prince of the Empire. He's a cold, cruel, and calculating noble who has ulterior motives for almost everything he does. Or so he appears. In reality he only wants a better world, albeit at any cost. He pretends not to notice or care about Midnight's rebellion but in reality he is actively doing everything he can to crush it. He funds a large majority of Imperial Research Projects, the most prominent being Seraph and Paladin Projects.

He prefers to work from the shadows, manipulating events from afar rather than doing things out in the open. Despite his method of working out problems, he's an accomplished pilot and master swordsman. No one else in the entire world has the skill to match his swordsmanship, both inside and outside of a mech. He knows about his sisters attraction to him, but her doesn't reciprocate the feelings. He does, however, protect her and helps bring about a world that he believes is her ideal.

Ode. a.k.a O a.k.a Seth

One of Q's Letters. A very old and powerful Meta-human. He's 2500 years old and has the ability to generate a life-draining field that drains the life energy of everything around him and adds it to him. However, due to an unstable emotional state at power manifestation his abilities are out of his control. This means the field is permanently active and anyone who stays close to him risks dying. The risk increases the longer that someone stays close to him.

He follows Q with devotion because Q was his mentor. He initially worked alongside Midnight but then he broke away from the Crusaders to follow his own path. He hangs with a woman named Revy Valentine, the great-great-granddaughter of a close friend of his. He vowed to protect her but found himself falling in love with her. Despite this, he maintains an air of disdain for her and everyone else. This is because he prefers not to get emotionally attached to people for fear that his ability will take them away from him.

The Trifecta: The Warring Factions

Midnight's Shadows

Kokoro Mizuki a.k.a Nightraid

A Japanese girl, the daughter of the Prime Minister, that joined up with Midnight's Crusaders. She masquerades as a secretary for the chairman of a prominent Atlantian ICF production company. As such, she helped supply the majority of the mechs that the Crusaders use. As a result of her dedication and piloting skills, she was made into one of Midnights Shadows, number 10: Nightraid. She bears a crush on Edward, and declares herself his girlfriend.

As the war rages on, her normally calm and cheery demeanor is strained further and further. Eventually, she begins to question the entire reason for her existence, and the reason that she joined the Crusaders. She latches onto Edward as her anchor, but when he leaves she is devastated. As a result she becomes mentally unstable in her 'love' for him. Eventually attempting to kill him, but finding herself unable to. She instead resolves to kill the woman who 'took him away from her'... Christina Rath.

Edward Nolan a.k.a Phantom

A noble among nobles, Edward is one of the most admired members of the nobility. His popularity among the great houses and the council is second only to that of the royal family. He plays the part of a bored, amazingly rich playboy but in reality he seeks to change the face of the Empire. He believes in equality for all and he aims to become Emperor and make that dream a reality.

Unfortunately he realized he couldn't compete with first prince Xenon or first princess Lemuré. As such he decides to join up with Midnight's rebellion and try to change the world from there. However, his being is conflicted between his identity as a noble and the ideals he sticks to. His inability to make up his mind is what ultimately leads to him leaving the realizing of his ideals up to someone else. He is one of Midnight's Shadows, number 9: Phantom.

Zane Howard a.k.a Necro

A man with a lot of knowledge about the world. He's a self proclaimed protector to Kokoro, keeping her safe from harm. He hails from Norway, but he's been traveling around the world since he was very young. He joined up with the Crusaders in order destroy the Atlantian Empire in retaliation for the destruction of his home. It is his hope to one day return home and be hailed as a hero who fought off the Atlantian Menace.

Outside of combat he isn't very talkative, preferring to keep to himself. However during combat he tends to talk a lot in order to overcome his nervousness about battle. This tends to get him in trouble, but as he's a talented strategist he always manages to overcome his situation. He initially opposed adding Kokoro and Edward to the Shadows, but gave in when their skill proved able enough to keep up with the rest of them. He is Shadow number 8: Necro.

Sarah Thomas a.k.a Banshee

The second youngest among the Shadows, Sarah is most at home in the midst of battle. Growing up in a subjugated Scotland, she learned all her life lessons on the streets. She met up with the Crusaders and joined up immediately. She earned her position among the Shadows by killing the previous number 7. This earned her the nickname 'Unlucky Seven'.

She stuck by supporting Midnight no matter what the cost. Her unwavering devotion earned her a spot on the assault on Daedalus. She led the initial attack, which ended up getting her entire unit wiped out save for her. She chose not to participate in the final battle, instead deciding to ensure her survival by guarding the base from any other possible invaders. She is Shadow number 7: Banshee.

Tertiary Characters

John Thompson

The rookie of the esteemed 545th Squadron of the Atlantian Foreign Legion. Since he's new to the group, he initially has a difficult time adjusting. However, his skill more than makes up for his status and it helps him quickly rise up the ranks. He also finds himself with an unwanted harem, which puts him at odds with his male teammates.

He becomes romantically involved with his Captain, Amelia Selethi, who disappears under mysterious circumstances. He wants to find out what happened to her but finds himself torn between his duty as a newly promoted officer in the Atlantian foreign legion, and his feelings for her.

Other Characters, or the ones no one cares about

Seraph 00

A Seraph developed in secret outside of the project proper. He's a clone made with the DNA of Seraph 99 (Male) and Seraph 01 (Female) who are the top two Seraphs.

He alone holds the clues to who was actually responsible for the Seraph Project, and what happened to the 'failed experiments'

Seth Deus

A mysterious man that holds Q's fate in his hands. He's a dimensional being that is only slightly interested in Q's world. His only interest is in obtaining the power that sustains that world and adding it to his own. His own abilities compared to the abilities of everyone in Q's universe borders on omnipotence.

He acts like he doesn't care about anyone or anything because he really doesn't care. His only concern is getting back something he lost a long time ago. He finds himself at odds with the Gatekeeper because his quest violates the rules of dimensional travel.