[[folder:RED Team]]
'''The Medic'''
!!! Name: Diethelm

* DeadlyDoctor
* HerrDoktor

'''The Heavy'''
!!! Name: Nikolai
* BearHug Has only done this once, to Katja, but it's implied to be a regular thing for him.
* HuskyRusskie

'''The Soldier'''
!!! Name: Jane Doe

* CrazySurvivalist

'''The Scout'''
!!! Name: Nathan
* FlirtingUnderFire His first act upon finding that the trainee Medic is a girl is to flirt with her.
* MotorMouth

'''The Engineer'''
!!! Name: Dell Conagher
* GadgeteerGenius

'''The Demoman'''
!!! Name: Tavish DeGroot
* DemolitionsExpert
* DrunkenMaster
* TheAlcoholic
* PapaWolf Somewhat protective of the younger team members.

'''The Spy'''
!!! Name: Damien
* HiddenHeartofGold Despite his coldness, he is genuinely concerned about his team.
* InvisibleJerkass

'''The Sniper'''
!!! Name: Mr. Mundy
* AwesomeAussie

'''The Pyro'''
!!! No name given
* FeaturelessProtagonist
** Katja refers to the Pyro using the gender-neutral articles 'das' and 'es', and actually calls him 'Das' on occasion.
[[folder:RED Recruits]]
!!! Medic

* AffectionateNickname Among them Bucky, pumpkin, cupcake, Jillaroo,
* BloodFromTheMouth When Katja is struck in the face, she spits blood out and informs the BLU Engineer that she 'bit her tongue'. Whether she really did bite her tongue or the Engineer actually caused some major damage is unknown.
* FarmersDaughter A strange example, considering she is an intelligent medical school graduate from Germany.
* FeminineWomenCanCook Subverted. Katja is a brash, brazen tomboy.
* FriendtoAllLivingThings
* LoyalAnimalCompanion
* MultigenerationalHousehold
* Oktoberfest Katja IS from Bavaria, and it is a toned-down version of this trope.
* ParrotPetPosition
* SweetTooth
* TheKnightsWhoSaySquee Katja does hold some carefully concealed fangirl tendencies.
* ThoseWackyNazis Averted completely. Katja has an intense vitriolic hatred for anything of the sort, stemming from[[spoiler: discovering the Dachau concentration camp as a young girl.]]
* TomboyishPonytail

!!! Scout
* BigLittleBrother
* BrotherSisterTeam Subverted. Scouts and Medics aren't a good combination, in-game or otherwise.

!!! Pyro
* AffectionateNickname Ginger
* RedHeadedHero
[[folder:BLU Team]]
'''The Medic'''
!!! Name: Heilwig Friedrich Wilhelm Luitpold Adalwin

* AffectionateNickname
* FoeRomanceSubtext Heilwig and Katja have this in spades
* GenderBlenderName 'Heilwig' is actually a feminine name
* HerrDoktor Subverted, as Heilwig is actually Austrian, rather than German.
* KubrickStare Performs this, almost exactly as described, in chapter 4.
* MajorInjuryUnderreaction
* OverlyLongName Heilwig Friedrich Wilhelm Luitpold Adalwin
* PrincelyYoungMan A mix of Ice King and Gentleman.
* SelfStitching Bandages and treats his own wounds in Chapter 4. Justified in that he is the only Medic for the BLU Team.
[[spoiler: * TheRunaway Vagrant type. Heilwig is contacted by his parents later on.]]

'''The Heavy'''
!!! Name: Evgeniy

* ParentalSubstitute Implied to be one to Heilwig in Chapter 4.

'''The Soldier'''
!!! Name: Thought to be John

* PositiveDiscrimination He appears to treat Leah better than the others, but this could be more related to the fact that she's also a crazed patriot and soldier and he naturally respects her more.

'''The Scout'''
!!! Name: Alex

'''The Engineer'''

!!! Name: William
* WouldntHitAGirl Subverted. He says this, but then he punches Katja in the face.

'''The Demoman'''
!!! Name: Aiden

'''The Spy'''
!!! Name:Sébastien

'''The Sniper'''
!!! Name:Cameron

'''The Pyro'''

!!! Name:Fiammetta Marcello

* CleanPrettyReliable Subverted. Fiammetta, suffering from an asthma attack at the time, reacted to CPR by vomiting(on the RED Scout, no less). The only reason it was even done was to keep her breathing until someone came with oxygen and drugs.
* MafiaPrincess
* MeaningfulName 'Fiammetta' combines the Italian word 'fiamme' meaning fire, and a feminine suffix.
* SamusIsAGirl Revealed to Katja and Leah when Fiammetta is injured.
* SweetPollyOliver
* RevealingInjury Because the BLU Medic is a male, Fiammetta goes to Katja for assistance.
[[folder:BLU Recruits]]

!!! Sniper

* NotTheFallThatKillsYou Averted. Logan is knocked out of the Sniper battlement by the RED Spy. He tries to grab at a ledge, ends up breaking his arm, then just dies from fall damage when he hits the ground.


!!! Spy

* HitmanWithaHeart
-->'''Leah:''' Too high. Was that a backstab or a stab in the neck? Didn't the Spy teach you how to do it?
-->'''James:''' I thought it'd be less painful and much quicker if I went higher...


!!! Soldier
* FriendlyEnemy
* MilitaryBrat Her parents are unknown, but is a soldier, and John the BLU Soldier seems to treat her as a child or a little sister.
* MoralityPet Possibly one to the BLU Soldier.

[[spoiler: '''Serefima''']]

[[spoiler: *Yandere]]