Characters / Dark Contagion Characters

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    RED Team 
The Medic

Name: Diethelm

The Heavy

Name: Nikolai

  • Bear Hug Has only done this once, to Katja, but it's implied to be a regular thing for him.
  • Husky Russkie

The Soldier

Name: Jane Doe

The Scout

Name: Nathan

The Engineer

Name: Dell Conagher

The Demoman

Name: Tavish De Groot

The Spy

Name: Damien

The Sniper

Name: Mr. Mundy

The Pyro

No name given

  • Featureless Protagonist
    • Katja refers to the Pyro using the gender-neutral articles 'das' and 'es', and actually calls him 'Das' on occasion.
    RED Recruits 






    BLU Team 
The Medic

Name: Heilwig Friedrich Wilhelm Luitpold Adalwin

* The Runaway Vagrant type. Heilwig is contacted by his parents later on.

The Heavy

Name: Evgeniy

The Soldier

Name: Thought to be John

  • Positive Discrimination He appears to treat Leah better than the others, but this could be more related to the fact that she's also a crazed patriot and soldier and he naturally respects her more.

The Scout

Name: Alex

The Engineer

Name: William

The Demoman

Name: Aiden

The Spy


The Sniper


The Pyro

Name:Fiammetta Marcello

  • Clean Pretty Reliable Subverted. Fiammetta, suffering from an asthma attack at the time, reacted to CPR by vomiting(on the RED Scout, no less). The only reason it was even done was to keep her breathing until someone came with oxygen and drugs.
  • Mafia Princess
  • Meaningful Name 'Fiammetta' combines the Italian word 'fiamme' meaning fire, and a feminine suffix.
  • Samus Is a Girl Revealed to Katja and Leah when Fiammetta is injured.
  • Sweet Polly Oliver
  • Revealing Injury Because the BLU Medic is a male, Fiammetta goes to Katja for assistance.
    BLU Recruits 


  • Not the Fall That Kills You Averted. Logan is knocked out of the Sniper battlement by the RED Spy. He tries to grab at a ledge, ends up breaking his arm, then just dies from fall damage when he hits the ground.



  • Hitman Witha Heart
    Leah: Too high. Was that a backstab or a stab in the neck? Didn't the Spy teach you how to do it?
    James: I thought it'd be less painful and much quicker if I went higher...