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A list of the major characters in the animated series ''WesternAnimation/DannyPhantom''.


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!Danny Fenton[=/=]Danny Phantom
->'''Voiced by:''' Creator/DavidKaufman

->"It's been a month since the accident and I still barely have any control. If somebody catches me, I go from geek to freak around here!"

Main hero of the series: Upon obtaining his ghost powers through a FreakLabAccident, 14-year old Danny uses it to combat the various ghosts that inhabit his [[CityOfAdventure hometown]]. He starts off shy, naive, BookDumb, and emotional, constantly trying to find a place in the world, whether it be gaining popularity or through his ghost powers. By the end of the series, Danny [[CharacterDevelopment gains confidence, courage, and matures]] considerably and finds his path as a hero.
* {{Adorkable}}: Has shades of this with his clumsiness, shyness and other parts of his personality.
* AnnoyingYoungerSibling: For the most part, subverted. In one episode, though, he had to annoy Jazz in order to show her Youngblood, whom is only seen by kids.
* BerserkButton: Don't call him a loser. Then again there's plenty [[BewareTheNiceOnes you shouldn't do]]. Don't insult his father, don't endanger his friends and don't threaten the OppositeSexClone that he treats [[BigBrotherInstinct like family]].
** Danny's eyes glow green uncontrollably if his berserk button is so much as touched, much less pushed.
** Although they glow brighter when he's more annoyed, like in Fanning the Flames.
* BewareTheNiceOnes: Sure, he's normally outgoing, friendly and fun, but you make an attempt at anyone he cares about, and he'll take you down.
* BigBrotherInstinct/ BigBrotherMentor: To Danielle. In "Kindred Spirits" he's rather untrusting of her at first (for good reason) but when he learns what she is and she defects from Vlad he starts to become this. By "D-Stablized" he fits this to a T; her safety becomes his top priority, even ignoring the possibility Valerie saw him transform to save Danielle.
* BookDumb: Shows a great deal of ingenuity and quick thinking in battles, but is constantly failing in school and other practical areas of knowledge. Though to be fair, ghost fighting seriously cuts into his study time.
* ButtMonkey: Not as much as Tucker, but he still finds himself in the receiving end of much laughter.
* CantGetInTroubleForNuthin: The only reason Danny ever overshadows people, aside from information gathering.
* ChestInsignia: Gets one in Season 2.
* ChildhoodFriendRomance: With Sam.
* ClarkKenting: Different eye and hair color and a barely noticeable shift in skin tone is the only thing that disguises him as Danny Phantom. He doesn't even change his voice. It's lampshaded by several of the more DangerouslyGenreSavvy villains like Vlad and [[spoiler:Dark Danny]].
* ComboPlatterPowers: Flight, intangibility, energy blasts, possession, the ability to sense other ghosts, and later on the ability to duplicate himself and manipulate ice.
* ComesGreatResponsibility: Part of being {{Expy}} of Peter Parker, he takes responsibility for any ghost-related harm that befalls Amity Park.
* CoolLoser: A classic one, as per usual of teen superheroes; Danny is outgoing, funny, dresses normally, acts normally, is intelligent (although lazy and, as previously mentioned, BookDumb), and as far as you can tell with the art style, fairly attractive. His only real problems include being a bit awkward with girls and ending up in strange situations in public due to his superhero activity. Yet, for some reason, the entire school seems to treat him like the nerd plague. It ''could'' be because Sam and Tucker are highly unpopular, but in real life, he would certainly have more than just ''two'' friends, even if he does hang out with two "weird" kids....There are also [[AmazinglyEmbarrassingParents his parents]] to be considered.
* DeadpanSnarker: Danny frequently responds to most situations with sarcasm.
* DeathByOriginStory: The show wouldn't work at all if Danny weren't a phantom. Then again, he's not really dead, he's just drawn that way.
** Due to the odd NeverSayDie quality of the show, its never made completely clear if he did "kinda-sorta" die or not -- a lot of ghosts are heavily implied to have died, but others seem more like alternate-dimension monsters that were never alive at all. All we really know about Danny is that he's now a hybrid that's half-human and half-ghost, whose DNA was suffused with ectoplasm.
* DreamWalker: Through overshadowing.
* ElementalEyeColors: When ghostly, Danny's eyes change from green to {{Icy Blue|Eyes}} when using his ice powers.
* {{Expy}}: for Peter Parker[=/=]Spider-Man, both are outcasts who were bullied in school and obtained their powers through a scientific accident.
** Just look at him and try to say that he doesn't remind you of [[WesternAnimation/TheFairlyOddParents Chip Skylark, Timmy, or Cosmo]].
* EyeColorChange: His human side has blue eyes, his ghostly SuperHero alter ego has green eyes, but whenever he turns evil (either BrainwashedAndCrazy or as his [[spoiler:[[FutureMeScaresMe evil alternate-future self]]]]) his eyes turn red.
* FlyingBrick: Can fly really fast and capable of great super strength.
* FreakLabAccident: Danny gained his powers when checking out his parents' prototype ghost portal.
* TheGrinch: Due to his parents arguing over whether or not Santa exists and ruining the celebrations every year. He gets over it by the end of "Fright Before Christmas".
* HandBlast: His most often used power.
** KamehameHadoken: When he charges it.
* HazmatSuit: What he wore prior to becoming half ghost. His suit in ghost form is that same suit only with value tones reversed.
* HeartbrokenBadass: During the climax of "Fanning the Flames", due to Ember's love spell between him and Sam.
** End of "Flirting with Disaster" when Valerie breaks up with him, ironically to hunt Danny Phantom.
* HenshinHero: From human to ghost form.
* TheHero: Being the title character.
* HeroWithBadPublicity: Not so much at first because he was unknown, but after [[WhamEpisode "Public Enemies"]]? His parents were also never thrilled with Phantom's existence either.
* HowDoIShotWeb: In the beginning of the show he displays a lot more trouble accessing and using his powers than later on. We also see this in "Memory Blank", where he has to relearn his abilities.
* AnIcePerson: In Season 3 he gains ice powers.
* KaleidoscopeEyes
** GreenEyes: His eyes go from blue to green when he goes ghost.
** RedEyesTakeWarning: Whenever he turns evil.
* KidHero: He's only fourteen years old and apparently the only heroic ghost in the world.
* MakeMeWannaShout: The Ghostly Wail, from "The Ultimate Enemy" onward.
* MySisterIsOffLimits: Played straight in "13" when Johnny 13 tries using Jazz to bring his girlfriend into the human world.
* NewSuperPower: His ice breath.
* NiceGuy: Outside of people who intentionally try to harm or his loved ones, Danny tries to be nice around others.
* NoGoodDeedGoesUnpunished: It's bad enough that half the time people blame his ghost identity for things other ghosts have done, but other times, he gets in trouble as a human too.
* OnlyFriend: By the end of the series, he's the only member of his family to know of Danielle's existence, which may play a part in why he becomes [[BigBrotherInstinct protective of her]].
* OrdinaryHighSchoolStudent: He was one of these before gaining his powers, and during the brief periods he's BroughtDownToNormal.
* PainfulTransformation: Danny gaining or losing his powers has him screaming in agony.
* PartTimeHero: Like most teenage superheroes.
* PowerDyesYourHair: His hair goes from being black to white, but otherwise stays the same.
* PubertySuperpower: Played with. He does gain his powers around the correct time, and it's used as part of his coming of age story, but they came from a freak lab accident rather than actual puberty.
** Mildly lampshaded in "The Ultimate Enemy." [[spoiler: After being trapped in the future and bound for his enemies to attack, he yells at them to stop... only to activate the "Ghostly Wail", the main new power Dark Dan has. He even mentions he is going through "evil puberty".]]
* ScrewDestiny: In "The Ultimate Enemy", refusing to let his [[FutureMeScaresMe bad future]] come to pass.
* SelfDuplication: Has trouble with this power at first, but by "Torrent of Terror" he's able to use it flawlessly.
* SheIsNotMyGirlfriend: In regards to Sam. At least until the final episode.
* ShonenHair: Even if he gets helmet hair, changing forms will revert it back to this.
* [[spoiler:SkunkStripe: In the Season 3 Finale he gains one when he loses his powers.]]
* TheSnarkKnight: Makes jokes even during serious moments.
* ThisLoserIsYou: Danny, to [[IdiotBall move the plot]], almost all time prior to learning his Aesop at the end of an episode ([[AesopAmnesia only to forget it by the next]]), serves to show how much [[TotallyRadical teenagers]] suck, i.e. blowing off his homework, stuffing his face with corndogs, calling everything lame or crud, playing mindless video games, acting like a jerk, wanting to make-out with the RomanticFalseLead, perpetually being a C-student, etc. [[CharacterDevelopment He gets better though]].
* [[ThatThingIsNotMyChild That Thing Is Not My Cousin]]: Averted. Danny started out suspicious of Danielle, but after learning what she is, he accepts her and becomes a surrogate big brother to her.
* TripleShifter: 14 year old teenager infused with ectoplasm that can turn into a ghostly superhero... and plenty of sleep lost.
* WillTheyOrWontThey: With Sam. [[spoiler:TheyDo in the finale.]]
* WouldHurtAChild: Danny doesn't seem to have a problem scrapping with his underage nemesis Youngblood. Averted though when Danielle was still technically his enemy, as she was fooled into helping Vlad.

!Samantha "Sam" Manson
->'''Voiced by:''' GreyDeLisle

->"Parents don't listen. Even worse, they don't understand. Why can't they accept me for who I am!?"

Danny's childhood friend and primary love interest: Sam is a strict vegetarian {{Goth}} with an often contradictory personality; she's as rational and levelheaded as she is forceful and selfish. She strives to protect the environment as much as she rebels against her parents. She often keeps Danny (and Tucker) from doing anything too extreme.
* ActionSurvivor: Despite all she does through, she manages to survive many of the ghost attacks.
* BadassNormal: Capable of holding her own even without powers.
* BareYourMidriff: Her standard outfit has a shirt short enough to show her belly button.
* BerserkButton: Do not threaten her friends, especially Danny. Paulina almost learned this the hard way in "Parental Bonding".
* CharacterizationMarchesOn: In ''Million Dollar Ghost'', she was exhausted from bicycling, but in ''Micro Management'', she's one of the most physically fit kids in school.
* ChildhoodFriendRomance: With Danny.
* ClingyJealousGirl: Doesn't like seeing Danny with other girls.
* DeadpanSnarker: Moreso than Danny.
* DoesNotLikeSpam: Or any kind of meat for that matter.
* [[spoiler:FirstGirlWins: Hooks up with Danny in the finale.]]
* {{Goth}}: Has all the trappings of one, but seems to do so out of a desire to be unique and rebel from her parents rather than fully embracing the style. Veers between the grim and perky variety at will.
* GranolaGirl: Is a vegetarian and, in spite of her family being wealthy, thrift.
* HeIsNotMyBoyfriend: In regards to Danny. At least until the final episode.
* {{Hypocrite}}: She says she opposes violence yet is fine with hitting her friends, namely Tucker, even when it isn't needed. She despises forcing beliefs and opinions on to others yet forced the entire school to eat her "recyclable organic matter" because "we don't need meat". She scolds Danny for using his ghost powers against powerless school bullies yet she's okay with causing millions of dollars in property damage to a dealership because they were selling eco-unfriendly trucks. She spied on Danny during his date with Valerie in "Flirting with Disaster", yet when he spied on her during a date with a new student in "Double Cross My Heart", she gets angry and threatens to end their friendship.
* InformedJudaism: She's Jewish, not that this really comes up anywhere except the Christmas episode.
* InterspeciesRomance: Considering Danny is a ghost hybrid, it's pretty obvious that this trope is in effect here.
* TheLadysFavour: In the finale "Phantom Planet", Sam gives Danny a ring that was used in an earlier episode "Flirting With Disaster".
* OddFriendship: With Tucker.
* NeverMyFault: Sam tends to not to take responsibility for her actions. No matter how much she is at fault, she never admits its her fault. She never even admits she's wrong.
* PerkyGoth: Kind of.
* PurpleEyes: Ironically, neither of her parents have them.
* SecretlyWealthy: Her family is filthy rich, but she didn't want to be treated differently because of it.
* TheSnarkKnight: Just as much as Danny, only with more dry humor.
* SoapboxSadie: She's the character in the title page's image.
* SpoiledSweet: "Sweet" isn't the right word to describe Sam, but she's not as spoiled as the other rich girls.
* TomboyishName: Hates being called "Samantha".
* UptownGirl: Her family is richer than Danny's.
* WillTheyOrWontThey: With Danny. [[spoiler: TheyDo in the finale.]]

!Tucker Foley
->'''Voiced by:''' Rickey D'Shon Collins

->"Some people have a lot and some people don't, but everybody's got something. Me? I got charms, good looks, and modesty."

Danny's childhood friend ''"since forever"'', Tucker is a [[GadgeteerGenius Techno Geek]] who [[SmallNameBigEgo considers himself God's gift not only to women, but to all humankind]].
* ActionSurvivor: Like Sam, despite being less capable in a fight than her.
* BlackBestFriend: For Danny and Sam, being the third of their trio.
* BlackAndNerdy: And proud to be the latter.
* BookDumb: Despite how intelligent he's shown to be, when changing his grades, it's revealed most of them are D's and F's.
* BigEater: Will eat anything, [[DoesNotLikeSpam except vegetables]].
* ButtMonkey: He's dumped on quite a lot and has saved Danny more than once and yet, he only gets thanked once and it's a "thanks for being my friend" that Danny throws out to Sam as well. Although it's heartfelt, the execution of how that came about feels rather tacked on and awkward. Later seasons have him either virtually ignored or usually getting victimized.
** It becomes part of the plot in "What You Want" when Tucker, after routinely getting pummeled every time Danny ditches him to save the world, wishes for ghost powers.
* {{Expy}}: Of Steve Urkel from ''Series/FamilyMatters'', only without the annoying nasal voice.
* ExtravertedNerd: In spite of being a geek, Tucker is very outgoing.
* GadgeteerGenius: Tucker can do almost anything with a computer.
* IJustWantToBeSpecial: Although in the series finale, [[spoiler: [[ThrowTheDogABone he becomes the youngest mayor of Amity Park.]] ]]
* NiceHat: A backwards red cap.
* OddFriendship: With Sam.
* PluckyComicRelief: Sees himself as one, though Danny and Sam seem to think otherwise.
* ProudToBeAGeek: At first he hates being called "nerd" and "techno geek", but eventually he accepts it.
* RealMenEatMeat: His dietary habits are obsessed with it, to the point of eating little else.
* RealMenWearPink: In a FreezeFrameBonus when he's changing his grades, it shows that the only A he has is in "sewing".
** He was shown to have an A in computers as well. But the rest were a C,D, and two Fs.
* RivalTurnedEvil: In "What You Want" when he wishes to have ghost powers, but he gets better.
* ShipperOnDeck: While everyone was aware of things between Danny and Sam, it was most obvious with Tucker.
* SmallNameBigEgo: He loves to talk about how he has charm, good looks and modesty.
* TrademarkFavoriteFood: Meat, lots of it.

!Jazz Fenton
->'''Voiced by:''' Creator/ColleenOShaughnessey

->"16, biologically, but psychologically, I'm an adult."

Danny's older sister is a intelligent 16-year old who claims to be an adult trapped in a teenager's body. As such she's often playing a {{p|romotionToParent}}arental role towards her entire family: trying to lead her parents into normality and shielding a then unsure Danny from the harsh realities of the outside world. After finding out ghosts are indeed real and Danny's SecretIdentity, she slowly gains admiration for her growing brother and eventually becomes part of "Team Phantom". She eventually lets down her shield and slowly starts to act her age, all the while happily acknowledging her love for ghosts -- at several times, becoming a BadassBookworm.
* AcademicAlphaBitch: Before CharacterDevelopment, she considered herself too good for her family because of how intelligent or mature she was.
* [[AnnoyingYoungerSibling Annoying Older Sibling]]: Danny sees her as this sometimes.
* BadassBookworm: She's more book smart than her brother and has more common sense than her parents, but she's just as capable as them in battle.
* BerserkButton: Even if Danny is the one with powers, don't mess with her little brother, or her Bearbert Einstein teddy.
* [[BigBrotherInstinct Big Sister Insinct]]: She cares dearly for Danny and would do anything for him. The latter is proven once she learns about Danny's secret.
* CompanionCube: When she was younger, she had [[AlbertEinstein Bearbert Einstein]].
* CoolBigSis: Eventually becomes this for Danny once she learns his secret.
* EmoTeen: Started out as one. Though it wasn't exactly Emo, per say. More along the lines of "Annoyed with her parents' constant love for ghosts".
* GiverOfLameNames: When she was trying to be more active in fighting ghosts, she tries giving her own names to them. Best example, she called Skulker "Ghost X".
* HiddenDepths: Several, but notable for being hinted at but followed up is her revealing that deep down she's resentful of all the attention her parents give to ghosts, as well as her brother being able to be a part of that - she gets a NotSoDifferent moment with Freakshow when they both are shown to have "Ghost Envy."
* FieryRedhead: Can be this if you push her too far.
* NiceGirl: Becomes one after CharacterDevelopment.
* NotSoAboveItAll: Ghost hunting in general or acting her actual age. In one episode, while Danny and her mom were off on a trip together (really just another ploy by Vlad to get Maddie), she bonded with Jack a lot and ''really'' got into the ghost hunting. It translated after it was revealed to Danny that she knew his secret and joined him in his ghost hunting.
* PromotionToParent: How she saw herself before learning Danny's secret and starting to get along with her parents more.
** ParentalSubstitute: She thinks she's more capable of taking care of Danny than their parents, mostly because their fascination for ghosts.
* SecretSecretKeeper: From "My Brother's Keeper" through "The Ultimate Enemy," afterwards she becomes a regular SecretKeeper.
* SiblingYinYang: How her relationship with Danny started out until "The Ultimate Enemy".
* TemporarilyAVillain: In "Secret Weapons" to get back at Danny for snapping at her for her unwanted help. Though she was faking it.
* TheUglyGuysHotDaughter: Jack isn't exactly ugly, but Jazz is definitely more fit than her father.

!Valerie Gray
->'''Voiced by:''' GreyDeLisle and Creator/CreeSummer

->"See why I need to hunt these ghosts? They think they can do whatever they want, but somebody has to stop them."

Main AntiHero: Valerie started off as the RichBitch before a ghost dog (with Danny in tow) cost her father his job, forcing her to lead a poor, unpopular existence. She was given advanced ghost weapons from [[BigBad Vlad Masters]] by mail and used them to extract her revenge. She eventually [[TheHunter makes it a full time job]] with Danny Phantom as her primary target. She grows to see the world beyond her once shallow view and eventually develops a [[DatingCatwoman romantic interest]] with Danny Fenton, unaware of his alter ego.
* AbortedArc: It's obvious they meant to wrap up her story-line with Vlad more neatly, but thanks to the sudden cancellation, not so much. She just gets a little mention in ''Phantom Planet''.
* ActionGirl: Valerie makes it her life's work to take out any ghost she comes across.., especially the Ghost Boy.
* AntiHero: She begins her ghost career specifically to get revenge on the ghosts she held responsible for her ruined life. Her actions start to become more noble in time, but many of her deep seated prejudices remain.
* BadassNormal: Even without her ghost hunting tech, she's a ninth degree black belt.
* BigBeautifulWoman: She is a very curvy young lady, and is rather lovely.
* CharlesAtlasSuperpower: A 14-year old who knows ninth degree martial arts.
* DatingCatwoman: She had a relationship with Danny as a human, unaware of his ghost nature.
* DemotedToExtra: Frequently appeared in Season One and Two, playing as the series' main AntiHero, then seemingly disappeared in Season Three until the second-to-last episode, then later made a small, speechless cameo in the GrandFinale. And her [[AbortedArc story arc]] ''wasn't even completed yet''!
* EnemyMine: Due to her AntiHero status, she has teamed up with Danny on occasions against greater threat or because the circumstances forced them to do so.
* FallenPrincess: Her family was originally very well off.
* FantasticRacism: She hates ghosts and believes they're AlwaysChaoticEvil.
* [[spoiler:HeelRealization]]: [[spoiler:In "D-Stabilized", she finally realizes that she's been working with Vlad.]]
* {{The Hunt|er}}ress: Hunts down and captures ghosts.
* HartmanHips: More noticeable when in her battle suit.
* KnightTemplar: Thinks all ghosts are evil.
* LovesMyAlterEgo: Inverted. She likes Danny Fenton. ''Phantom'', not so much. Amusingly, this makes her the opposite of Paulina, who loves Phantom and hates his human self.
* MeaningfulName: Gray--as in, morally gray.
* NeverMyFault: In her second appearance, she tries to pull this on Danny when they get captured by Skullker. But Danny calls her out on it.
* SassyBlackWoman
* TookALevelInKindness: While Valerie never got over her grudge with Danny Phantom, she abandoned her AlphaBitch view of the world, going from looking down at Danny, to becoming his genuine friend, to his actual girlfriend. And her ghost hunting which began as an outlet of vengeance for her ruined life, into a genuine desire to protect others.
* UnwittingPawn: [[spoiler:Of Vlad, who provided her with her ghost-hunting equipment.]]
* WellIntentionedExtremist: She genuinely thinks Danny Phantom is evil.
* WrongGenreSavvy: Believes herself to fill the role in the story that Danny does, a teenage superhero with too much on their plate and a screwy home life that they have to deal with while saving people from dangerous monsters. In reality, she's the antihero rival.

!Dash Baxter
->'''Voiced by:''' S. Scott Bullock

Standard issue bullying jock who on the outside is the typical menacing antagonist in Danny's school while deep inside, he portrays a far more sensitive soul, used mostly for laughs.
* AbhorrentAdmirer: To Jazz. In fact, she had a nightmare where she was married to him.
* TheBully: And he ''knows'' it!
* {{Expy}}: For [[SpiderMan Flash Thompson]]: they're both {{Jerk Jock}}s who bully their protagonist while at the same time being the biggest fan of his superhero alter ego.
* GenreSavvy: See below.
* {{Jerkass}}: Bullies Danny, Sam, and Tucker on a daily basis.
* JerkJock: There's somewhat of a twist on this trope in that despite acting up to the JerkJock stereotype, he is also strangely GenreSavvy as to the future of most fictional Jerk Jocks, as he casually makes references to high school being the peak of his life and having to face a future of pumping gas.
* PetTheDog: He does have a soft side for music, this is seen in "Doctor's Disorders" where he's watching a music video when he expresses his love for the music of a singer who clearly based on Better Milder.
** Not to mention, shielding Danny, Sam, and Tucker, after his identity was revealed to the world.
* [[YoungerThanTheyLook Younger Than He Looks]]: Dash can be passed off for a college freshman through he's the same as Danny.
* SmallNameBigEgo: Calls himself "King of Casper High". Although, as shown above, he knows full well his future is far from great.
* VillainousCrush: He has a couple, one on Jazz and another on Paulina (to their dismay).

->'''Voiced by:''' Creator/MariaCanalsBarrera

A girl Danny held a crush on before he wised up and moved on. She's the standard issue AlphaBitch and like all stereotypes like her, tends to victimize the less popular girls and focus primary on shallow mannerisms. She harbors a crush on Danny Phantom.
* AlphaBitch: The most popular girl in school and loves to rub it in people's faces.
* BareYourMidriff: Always shows her naval.
* LovesMyAlterEgo: She couldn't care less about Danny Fenton, but she's madly in love with Danny Phantom.
* MsFanservice
* RichBitch: In contrast to Sam, she enjoys using her father's money.
* SpicyLatina: Very stubborn and the most beautiful girl at Casper High.
* SpoiledBrat: Having a father that can rent out a country club for her birthday.

->'''Voiced by:''' Dat Phan and James Sie

Dash's best friend and fellow jock, who while having jerk jock tendencies is a lot nicer then Dash and the other popular kids.
* JerkJock: At first, he's an Asian version of Dash, then [[CharacterizationMarchesOn characterization marched on]] and he became more of a LovableJock.
* OnlyOneName: It is unknown if Kwan is his first or last name.
* PeerPressureMakesYouEvil: Implied to be the reason why he picks on unpopular kids. One example is when Valerie more or less forced Kwan to beat up Danny for ruining her shirt, even though it was an accident.
* SatelliteCharacter: For Dash and Valerie (when they were going out), though there are some subversions. When neither of them are available he starts following Tucker and Sam around.
* StereotypeFlip: Of AsianAndNerdy. He's not very intelligent.

->'''Voiced by:''' Music/GreyDeLisle and Creator/TaraStrong
Paulina's best friend.
* LoveInterest: An on-and-off interest for Tucker, DependingOnTheWriter.
** ImpliedLoveInterest: "Frightmare" suggests Danny has or had a crush on her, despite how vocal she was about disliking him.
* PairTheSpares: Occasionally is seen dating Kwan.
* SatelliteCharacter: Lampshaded. She mostly hangs around with Paulina to maintain some popularity. Though in "Flirting with Disaster", she's friends with Valerie despite her not being popular herself anymore.

!Mr. Lancer
->'''Voiced by:''' Creator/RonPerlman

The primary teacher (and vice-principal) of Casper High. Often strict with an inability to connect with his students, Mr. Lancer may seem like a bullying mentor to Danny (at times, he will often favor Dash simply because he's a popular football player), but deep down, he wants all his students to succeed.
* HairTodayGoneTomorrow: He used to have hair when he was younger, but ended up bald.
* HiddenDepths: He loves playing online games.
* InkSuitActor: He does sort of look like a cartoonish Creator/RonPerlman with a shaved head and goatee.
* MyFriendsAndZoidberg: In "The Ultimate Enemy", while Danny's family and friends were 'Gone But Not Forgotten' after the Nasty Burger explosion, he was just 'Gone'.
* PaperThinDisguise: He has a "photo" of his sister (or rather him in a dress) and explains that he uses this job to see her again, thereby motivating students to get better.
** {{Lampshaded}} when he wonders why no one ever figures it out.
* SadistTeacher: Subverted. While he's introduced as a strict, bitter teacher that unfairly punishes students, it's revealed that he actually cares a lot about his students' grades and sees in their work as a reflection of himself.
* SternTeacher: He does this all the time, but one particular episode states that he's doing this job to meet up with his sister. Then it's subverted as he then asks why no one realizes it's him in a dress.
* TotallyRadical: When trying to sound hip, he pulls out a slang dictionary and appears to pick words at random.
* UnusualEuphemism: Uses book titles that fit the situation.

!Vlad Masters[=/=]Plasmius
->'''Voiced by:''' Martin Mull

->"I am not a villain; all I wanted was love."

A devious VillainWithGoodPublicity, Vlad is a manipulative, clever, genius billionaire who has made it his lifetime goal to [[MurderTheHypotenuse kill his former best friend Jack Fenton and subsequently take back the woman he loves, Maddie]]. His other goal is to [[{{Brainwashed}} convince]] Danny to [[WeCanRuleTogether join his side]] as his surrogate son due to their [[EvilCounterpart similar natures]] (that Danny often denies) and powers.
* AbhorrentAdmirer: To Maddie.
* ArchEnemy: To Danny.
* BeardOfEvil: In both his human and ghost forms.
* BerserkButton: Turns angry if you call him a "''fruitloop''". Or mention how he lost the woman of his dreams to an idiot and still can't use his vast fortune to buy the Green Bay Packers. Or suggest he get a cat.
* BigBad: Is the main villain of the show.
* BrokenAce: Vlad is a very wealthy and powerful man, but he has a ''lot'' of issues.
* BrokenPedestal: Poor Danielle learns the hard way what kind of person her creator is. [[spoiler:Soon Jack and Valerie feel the same way.]] Maddie seemed to have treated him pretty nicely until learning he had always had a thing for her and blames Jack for "stealing" her. When he asks her to dump Jack and marry him, she's treated him with disdain ever since.
* CardCarryingVillain: He initially averted this - for the first two seasons, being called a villain was almost a BerserkButton for him - but after VillainDecay began to set in he started acting more like a conventional card-carrying baddie.
* TheChessmaster: To the point of referring to his plans and the people in them using chess terms.
* ComboPlatterPowers: Flight, intangibility, energy blasts, possession, the ability to sense other ghosts, and duplication.
* ConsummateLiar: Lies to everybody, but especially Jack.
* DeadpanSnarker: Much like Danny, Vlad is often very sarcastic.
* DevilInPlainSight: Even says obvious evil things around others, but they perceive it as a joke.
* EvilCannotComprehendGood: Thought asking Maddie to dump Jack right to her face wouldn't end with her hating him. It seems despite wanting love, he fails to understand it.
* EvilCounterpart: To Danny.
* FauxAffablyEvil: Vlad's veneer of politeness doesn't really do much to mask his true self.
* FlyingBrick: Even moreso than Danny, given his 20 years of more experience.
* FreakLabAccident: Vlad gained his powers through one of these, though it also gave him ecto-acne and, at least to his mind, cost him the love of his life.
* HeelRealization: In ''Ultimate Enemy'', [[spoiler:an older, depowered Vlad admits that spending ten years having lost everything]] did have some benefits.
--> "[[spoiler:If any good came out of this, it's that ten years without ghost powers gave me the chance to see what a fool I'd been.]]"
* HoistByHisOwnPetard: Constantly, a lot of his defeats are usually because of some oversight that he doesn't catch in time due to his ego. [[spoiler: This eventually comes to a head in ''Phantom Planet'' where he finds a meteorite coming toward the Earth and offers to ghost it harmlessly through the planet in exchange for becoming the ruler of the Earth, revealing his alter ego in the process. He even has Jack take him to it as a bit of personal embarrassment. Jack tries to sway him into giving up on his conquest as he still considers him his friend. But Vlad coldly rejects his offer. However when he can't phase the meteor since its made of a substance that negates ghost powers, he realizes he can't uphold his end of the bargain and since he revealed his villainous nature, he'll be branded a criminal on Earth. He quickly turns to Jack for help, but Jack refuses and leaves him stranded in space.]]
* HopelessSuitor: As stated in InLoveWithLove, Vlad loves the idea of being with Maddie more than Maddie herself -- which is why Maddie could ''never'' be happy with him. Even in an alternate reality where she married Vlad, Maddie ''still'' loved Jack, due to Vlad's controlling nature, treating her more like a possession instead of a person. Even as a ''hologram'', one ''specifically'' designed to love him and disparage her husband, did not love him and instead loved Jack (or "The Jack Program" in this case). It seems the one thing Vlad is unable to comprehend, something that is obvious to everyone else, is that for all his wealth, fame, and power, he doesn't have a chance with Maddie -- ''at all''.
* HornedHairdo: As Vlad Plasmius.
* {{Hypocrite}}: Despite his claims that all he wanted was to be loved, he treats the only two people who showed him any kind of love or admiration (Jack and Danielle) like dirt all because they weren't the wife and son he always wanted. He instead obsesses over a woman, a married one at that, who doesn't even like him as a friend and doesn't care how she actually feels and gaining his teenage archenemy as a son.
* InLoveWithLove: Deconstructed. Vlad is obsessed with the idea of being with Maddie more than Maddie herself, to the point of not seeming to care that she doesn't want anything to do with him or that killing Jack would make her hate him. He goes as far as to have a stuffed doll of her and bases his holograms on her.
* [[spoiler:KilledOffForReal: [[NeverFoundTheBody Maybe. The last we see of him is in space getting smacked by an asteroid.]]]]
* LoveMakesYouEvil: His entire motivation is based around being desperately in love with Maddie Fenton, blaming Jack Fenton for taking her away from him and wanting to do everything in his considerable power to remove Jack from the picture so he can move in and take Maddie as his wife, as he believes is his right.
** Though in the alternate timeline where he didn't get the powers but married Maddie, he's shown to still be a massive jerk, refusing to let her do any ghost hunting that she had to eventually do it in secret. So the trope ends up being subverted.
* ManipulativeBastard: Plays with everyone around him like they're pieces in a chess game.
* ManOfWealthAndTaste: And an obsession with the Green Bay Packers.
* MesACrowd: The main power that makes him Danny's superior. Although Danny does get it himself eventually.
* MrFanservice: His human form. However, he's more interested in being this to Maddie.
* MurderTheHypotenuse: Danny's first fight in Vlad's debut episode is with a gang of vultures sent to kill Jack.
* NotSoDifferent: With Danny. Both tend to use their powers for selfish means, and, as Vlad pointed out in his first episode, they're both willing to cheaply exploit their enemies' weaknesses to win.
** PickOnSomeoneYourOwnSize
* RedEyesTakeWarning: In his ghost form, his eyes are a blazing red, his powers showing as a pink or red glow in comparison to Danny's green. His hair also looks a lot like horns, and he grows fangs, giving him a very evil vampiric look, fitting in with his name.
* TheResenter: To Jack Fenton, for stealing the girl of his dreams.
* RivalTurnedEvil: Though Jack doesn't see it.
* SilverFox: His human form.
* TheSociopath: Maddie refers to him as one.
* StepfordSmiler: Type C. He may act pleasant, but he's a cold, heartless villain underneath the smile.
* UnusualEuphemism: Uses snack foods.
* VillainousBreakdown: He has one in the Season 2 Finale that continues into Season 3.
* VillainWithGoodPublicity: He even becomes mayor of Amity Park, and he doesn't even live there! It's suggested that he bought and overshadowed his way in, though.
* WeCanRuleTogether: The thing he wants most is to marry Maddie and make Danny his son, and he constantly tries to get Danny to come to his side...a tempting offer, as he is the only one Danny can truly relate to as a half-ghost, at least until Danielle's creation.
* WeUsedToBeFriends: Towards the oblivious Jack. [[spoiler:Becomes mutual in "Phantom Planet"]].
* WickedCultured: As shown in the way he talks and dresses.
* WouldHurtAChild: When he's not trying to make Danny side with him, Vlad has no problem beating him to a bloody pulp. He also has no qualms against melting Danielle.

->'''Voiced by:''' Jon Cryer
->"I am Freakshow, your master of ceremonies."

The ringmaster of Circus Gothica. Real name is Frederick Isaak Showenhower. He traveled the country with his Goth circus, though it was really a cover. The performers, save for his assistant Lydia, were ghosts under the control his staff. He used his staff make them steal from the towns they visited. He's also the only human in the series to be a genuine villain. (All other humans that opposed Danny Phantom were either Vlad, who is half-ghost, and ghost hunters who [[FantasticRacism viewed all ghosts as]] AlwaysChaoticEvil.
* BigBad: Of the third TV Movie "Reality Trip".
* EvilAlbino: Admits he has anemia.
* FatalFlaw: His flair for the dramatic. He had Danny dead to rights, but deliberately gave him a chance to win simply because making him watch as his family died was "boring".
* ItsAllAboutMe: Craves to be the center of attention when it comes to his shows. Danny uses this to his advantage.
* NotSoDifferent: Has a moment where he and Jazz admit to having "Ghost Envy", as in feeling everyone around cares more about ghosts than him.
* RealityWarper: When using the Reality Gauntlet in "Reality Trip".
* UnholyMatrimony: Implied to be this with his [[TheDragon dragon]] Lydia, the only ghost who seems to serve him willingly.
* VillainousHarlequin: Comes from the clown-like look he carries.

->'''"Voiced" by:''' Creator/TaraStrong
Freakshow's right-hand woman and the only ghost in his team who serves him willingly. She never speaks. She is able to bring the tattoos on her body to life and send them to attack people.
* TheDragon: To Freakshow.
* NotBrainwashed: Unlike Freakshow's other minions, she doesn't flee when his scepter is broken and continues to serve him even without the scepter present.
* TattooedCrook: Taken to the logical extreme; her tattoos are ''weapons''.
* UndyingLoyalty: She's furious when Danny traps Freakshow in the Fenton Thermos.
* TheVoiceless: She never talks.

!Box Ghost
->'''Voiced by:''' Creator/RobPaulsen


A HarmlessVillain, Box Ghost's main shtick are anything cardboard and square (and the occasional bubble wrap). Consistently pathetic and easy to beat, he remains determined to be taken seriously. He TookALevelInBadass in the BadFuture, becoming incredibly muscular and gaining the ability to form exploding boxes out of energy.
* ButtMonkey: Frequently. Skulker likes using him as bait, for starters.
* {{Catchphrase}}: "I am the Box Ghost!" "BEWARE!"
* EyepatchOfPower: Is seen sporting one in the BadFuture.
* FutureBadass: In the BadFuture where Danny [[spoiler:became Dark Danny]], Box Ghost is far from the bumbling incompetent spectre Danny knows.
-->"''[[IronicEcho Beware]]''."
* HarmlessVillain: Up until he steals Pandora's Box. Once that was done, he was given his own Wanted Poster.
* ImprobableWeaponUser: Mostly boxes, but him being one of the few with telekinesis can also attack with the items packed inside the boxes, as Danny can testify. And then there's Pandora's Box with its contents.
* IneffectualSympatheticVillain: So much so that nobody really cares whether he's on the loose or not.
--> '''Box Ghost''': Hey! I have feelings too, y'know!
* LargeHam: He's quite bombastic when announcing himself.
* TookALevelInBadass: His future self is far more serious and powerful. He also gained a power boost from Pandora's box which temporarily made him one of Danny's most difficult enemies to beat.
* UnholyMatrimony: With the Lunch Lady in at least one future. Team Phantom is [[NoYay heavily squicked out by this]].
* UnknownRival: To Danny, who couldn't care less about him.
* WorkplaceAcquiredAbilities: It is implied that he was a longshoreman when he was still alive.

!Lunch Lady
->'''Voiced by:''' Patricia Heaton and KathSoucie

->"[[MadLibsCatchphrase Would you like to try my [insert food here]?" (person refuses) "Then [insert horrifying statement here]!"]]
Her goal is to serve food to everybody, but she goes into a homicidal rage if people refuse. She doesn't like vegetables.
* ApronMatron: Can go from kind and motherly when offering food to vicious and blood thirsty when her food is rejected.
* ChefOfIron: Can control food and form a body made of meat.
* EvilChef: Tries to kill people who don't like her cooking.
* ImprobableWeaponUser: Her power is similar to Box Ghost, except she can telekinetically control food, cups, plates, utensils, anything that has to do with a kitchen.
* LethalChef: It's not that the food's bad so much as that it will ''kill you''.
* MoodSwinger: She talks very sweetly one minute, then screams at the top of her lungs in a blind rage the next.
* UnholyMatrimony: With the Box Ghost in at least one future. Team Phantom is [[NoYay heavily squicked out by this]].
* WorkplaceAcquiredAbilities: She was a former chef of Casper High.

!Box Lunch
->'''Voiced by:''' KathSoucie

From the BadFuture, she is the daughter of Box Ghost and Lunch Lady.
* CombatPragmatist: Danny assumes that she's as much of a pushover as her parents, but she uses tactics like closing the gap while Danny is occupied dodging her food and boxes so she can hit him.
* CuteBruiser / EnfantTerrible: She's just a child, but manages to put of a decent fight against Danny.
* GirlishPigtails: The hairstyle she wears.
* KidFromTheFuture: Is the future child of Box Ghost and Lunch Lady, sent back by Clockwork to test Danny.
* LamarckWasRight: She has both of her parents' powers. She also has a perfect blend of their personalities.
* PunnyName: It's a portmanteau of "Box Ghost" and "Lunch Lady".

->'''Voiced by:''' Mathew St. Patrick and Creator/KevinMichaelRichardson


One of the show's most recurring villains, Skulker is a ghost obsessed with hunting to such an extent that he's considered the Ghost Zone's greatest predator. Growing bored, he looked to the real world for a challenge and fixated on Danny, whose hybrid nature made for an endlessly exciting hunt. In the BadFuture, he merged with Technus to become Skulk Tech.
* BadassBiker: He certainly looks like one.
* BeardOfEvil: A glowing green goatee.
* {{BFG}}: There are a lot of improbably huge guns built into that battlesuit.
* TheDragon: To Vlad on occasion.
* EgomaniacHunter: Hunts other ghosts.
* EnemyMine: On several occasions. He even says once, "The enemy of my enemy is my friend. ...For now."
* EvilSoundsDeep: His voice [[TheOtherDarrin actually gets deeper]] as the series goes on.
* FlamingHair: Has glowing green flames for hair.
* HumiliationConga: In his first appearance, he accidentally hooks up his battlesuit to Tucker's PDA. Since said PDA holds Danny's schedule, Skulker is forced to follow, being jerked around like a puppet by his own armor.
* HuntingTheMostDangerousGame: Targets other ghosts, and takes a particular interest in Danny Phantom.
* TheManBehindTheCurtain: The real Skulker is a tiny and pathetically weak ghost; the body most people see is just a high-tech suit. As he spends almost all of his time in the suit, however, this isn't a huge weakness.
* PoweredArmor: His body turns out to be a GiantMecha of sorts for a small, weak ghost.
* WorthyOpponent: He and Danny hate each other, but do seem to respect each others' abilities to the extent of [[EnemyMine teaming up]] several times when a bigger threat comes around. He even states as much in the series finale.

!Nicolai Technus
->'''Voiced by:''' RobPaulsen

->"I am Technus! Master of technology and destroyer of worlds!"

Another common enemy, Technus is an eccentric ghost with formidable technological powers and the goal of WORLD DOMINATION- who gets defeated in every appearance, largely due to his bad habit of shouting his plans at the top of his lungs (though his upgrade into Technus 2.0 helped him break that habit). Nonetheless, as long as he can possess sufficiently advanced machinery, he can be quite formidable. In the BadFuture, he merged with Skulker to become Skulk Tech.
* CloudCuckoolander: Prior to being upgraded his plans were skewed towards the bizarre.
* CoolShades: Square ones that seem to lack a nosepiece.
* EinsteinHair: Before his upgrade he had white FlamingHair that gave him this look.
* GenreBlindness: Very much so in his original form, doing things like blurting out his plans and spending hours monologuing. His upgrade negated this, though.
** DangerouslyGenreSavvy: Has shades of this after his upgrade. His plot in his last major appearance certainly falls into this. He not only tricked Danny into DatingCatwoman with Valerie to distract him, but possessed her suit to trick Danny Phantom into blowing it apart right in front of her, convincing her that he'd have done the same to her. He then proceeded to give her an upgraded battlesuit to take advantage of that. Even more impressive considering how {{Genre Blind|ness}} he was before.
* ManipulativeBastard: After his upgrade, much to Danny's surprise, who assumed he wouldn't do it because he hates emotions.
* MeaningfulName: Named after UsefulNotes/NikolaTesla, known best for his work in electrical currents (as well as being the source for many MadScientist tropes).
* MidSeasonUpgrade: Interfacing with the Fentons' computer allowed him to transform into 'Technus 2.0'. Not only did it give him a new look and stronger powers, it came with a huge boost in GenreSavvy. Overall, it made him far more formidable than he was before.
* NoCelebritiesWereHarmed: His voice appears to be modeled after Gilbert Gottfried.
* RedEyesTakeWarning: When his shades are off, even though it's only shown in his first appearance.
* SealedEvilInACan: Spent a fair amount of episodes imprisoned in Level Zero of the ''Doomed'' video game.
* TakeOverTheWorld: His stated goal.
* {{Technopath}}: He commonly refers to himself in some form of "Technus! Ghost Master of Technology!" because of this.
* TotallyRadical: Tries to sound "hip and far out" around Team Phantom.

->'''Voiced by:''' Peri Gilpin

->"So you have wished it, so shall it be."

A ghost [[OurGeniesAreDifferent genie]] who is forced to grant people's wishes, most of them resulting a terrible price on the wisher. As a human, Desiree was the Sultan's favored lover of his harem, a love she gave back. The Sultan's jealous wife drove her away, forcing her to remain vindictive and heartbroken throughout the series.
* BareYourMidriff: The outfit she wears shows her naval.
* BeatItByCompulsion: A drawback to her powers.
* BreakTheCutie: In her backstory. She was promised her heart's desire and was banished for it. After her death, she tried granting people's wishes to give them the happiness she could never have, but was driven evil by the selfish nature of everyone's desires and her own bitterness.
* DoesNotLikeMen: Touched on slightly in the debut episode.
--> "No ''man'' may lay a hand on me unless ''I'' wish it!"
* {{Expy}}: Of [[Series/IDreamOfJeannie Jeannie]].
* HartmanHips: Despite not having legs.
* JackassGenie: Grants other peoples' wishes, but does so in a way that's sure to cause chaos. Interestingly, the images used in her backstory suggest she didn't always act this way, but started to out of spite over her own wish never being fulfilled.
* LiteralGenie: Became one when after she "died of a broken heart... and old age".
* PeekABangs: One eye is always covered by her hair.
* RealityWarper: Her powers are generally limited to whatever (imaginative) people wish for.
* {{Wishplosion}}: She grants wishes and has no choice but to do so. In fact, in her debut episode, she was defeated when Danny wished that she got sucked into the Fenton Thermos.
** This was also the reason she wasn't used much (beside her VA being busy) since the writers [[InvincibleVillain couldn't think of any other way to beat her]].

->'''Voiced by:''' Creator/JamesArnoldTaylor

A ghostly sheriff obsessed with maintaining order at any cost, Walker doesn't have as many appearances as some of the other rogues' gallery members, but is still a very significant villain for being the ghost who reveals the existence of ghosts to the world at large and is responsible for Danny's rep as a HeroWithBadPublicity.
* [[spoiler:TheBadGuyWins: His scheme to discredit Danny in "Public Enemies" actually succeeds.]]
* CorruptHick: If his accent is anything to go by.
* EvilAlbino: One of the few ghosts to have completely white skin rather than blue or green.
* EvilPlan: In "Public Enemies" he pulls off one almost perfectly, turning the whole town against Danny while suffering no lasting consequences himself beyond being sent back to the Ghost Zone.
* TheJailer: Runs a prison in the Ghost Zone.
* JudgeJuryAndExecutioner: He's also [[DepartmentOfRedundancyDepartment executioner and executioner]]. He ''really'' enjoys that part of the job.
* KnightTemplar: Even {{Felony Misdemeanor}}s are enough of an excuse for him to arrest and jail you.
* MeaningfulName: Clearly intended as an {{evil|Counterpart}} Series/WalkerTexasRanger.
* NiceHat: A black hat that contrasts to his white suit.
* TookALevelInBadass: He's a lot more formidable in "Public Enemies" than he is in his first appearance in "Prisoners of Love". And he was a pretty formidable foe to begin with, to boot.

!Penelope Spectra
->'''Voiced by:''' Creator/TaraStrong

On the outside, Spectra looks to be a kind, perky woman who just wants to help teenagers and their depression. In reality, she is a VainSorceress ghost who sucks in their emotions to further her youth and beauty. Beneath that bubbly personality, Spectra is sadistic and immoral.
* BareYourMidriff: Sports this look in her second appearance.
* BreakThemByTalking: A very defining trait of hers. She often tries demoralizing her opponents since she needs negativity to function.
* CrazyPrepared: In her debut episode, she keeps the air conditioner on full blast, so people in her office are always seeing their own breath. However, when Danny sees a photo with his ghost sense (which looks like fogged-up breath) going off while he was in the hall, he realizes that Spectra [[GenreSavvy used it to hide the fact that she was a ghost]].
* EmotionEater: Feeds off of despair and depression.
* FountainOfYouth: She needs the depression of teenagers to keep her youth.
* HornedHairdo: In both her humanoid forms.
* LastNameBasis: Almost nobody calls her Penelope. Probably because it doesn't sound very ghostly.
* LivingShadow: What her ghost form looks like.
* ManipulativeBastard: Loves to manipulate teens into misery, especially Danny.
* TheShrink: Her disguise in her debut.
* SignificantGreenEyedRedhead: At least in her human form. Her eyes are also a subtle indicator that she's a ghost.
* UnholyMatrimony: Implied to have this with {{B|attleButler}}ertrand.
* VainSorceress: All of her plans are motivated by a desire to be perfectly beautiful.

!Prince Aragon
->'''Voiced by:''' Creator/DeeBradleyBaker
Prince Aragon is the ruthless and cruel older brother of Princess Dorathea (AKA The Dragon Ghost), both of whom appeared to have lived in the Middle Ages (the 4th to the 16th centuries).
* AloofOlderBrother: And Abusive. Poor Dorathea
* AndNowYouMustMarryMe: Tried to force Sam into being his bride.
* CainAndAbel: The Cain to Dorathea's Abel once she stands against him.
* FisherKing: His realm is incredibly drab under his rule.
* OurDragonsAreDifferent: Thanks to a pendent he can turn into one at the drop of a hat.

!Ember [=McLain=]
->'''Voiced by:''' TaraStrong

->"Ohhh, Ember, so warm and tender! You will remember my name!"

A punk rock Diva, Ember hates all sense of authority and adults. She wants to TakeOverTheWorld strictly so people will always remember her name. She tends to be a blunt person. In the BadFuture, she is overweight and her vocal cords have been damaged, rendering her unable to sing.
* BareYourMidriff: Her normal attire features this.
* ClapYourHandsIfYouBelieve: She gets more powerful the more her fans chant her name.
* EmotionBomb: Can use her guitar to manipulate others' emotions.
* EvilDiva: She's a ghostly rock star who wants to take over the world.
* {{Expy}}: Does she remind you of [[WesternAnimation/KaBlam another girl with blue hair in a ponytail, a short fuse, and a great singing voice]]?
* FlamingHair: It gets longer the stronger she gets. She can use it as a weapon. [[spoiler:Backfired when she accidentally set Youngblood's pirate ship on fire.]]
* GothSpirals: On her right eye.
* InstrumentOfMurder: Can smack people around with her electric guitar.
* [[LovePotion Love Guitar]]: One of the settings on her guitar makes people fall in love with each other.
* MusicalAssassin: Her guitar is her main weapon.
* PirateGirl: She wears [[DressedToPlunder pirate gear]] during the episode "Pirate Radio" where she and Youngblood team up to take over Amity Park.
* PopularityPower: The more people say her name, the stronger she gets.
* SayMyName: In her first appearance. She wasn't happy when it didn't work.
* UnholyMatrimony: With Skulker, until she dumped him.
* VillainSong: "Remember", which hints at her origin. The lyrics tell the story of a girl evidently abandoned by her love, whose life continued on without her, with him apparently forgetting she existed. This could be part of her motivation, and how she died so young... it's been hinted that she perhaps committed suicide after being left, perhaps by cremating herself, and her vengeful spirit wants everyone to adore her and always be screaming her name to make sure she's never forgotten again.

->'''Voiced by:''' Creator/TaylorLautner

A little, immature boy who likes to play dress up. Despite his size and youth, he can be incredibly dangerous.
* CreepyChild: Especially in his second appearance, in which he gleefully tries to drive Danny insane and to kill Jazz.
* CuteBruiser: Is just a child, but is a formidable opponent nevertheless.
* DressedToPlunder: As a pirate, he hits most of the major costume tropes.
* InvisibleToAdults: And teenagers who think they are adults.
* NonHumanSidekick: Has one in the form of a skeletal entity that first takes the form of a parrot and then takes that of a horse.
* OlderHeroVsYoungerVillain: The younger villain to Danny's older hero.
* TalkLikeAPirate: Obviously, though he fails at it.
* UndeadChild: He's far younger than Danny, for certain.
* WhyDoYouKeepChangingJobs: His gimmick changes in every episode. He's been a {{Pirate}}, a {{Cowboy}}, etc. Although this is justified as he's a kid.

!Johnny 13
->'''Voiced by:''' William Baldwin

A scruffy punk on a motorcycle. His main goals are raising havoc and pleasing his girlfriend, Kitty. In the BadFuture, he is in a wheelchair.
* AllGirlsWantBadBoys: Why Kitty and Jazz are attracted to him.
* BadassBiker: Has a spectral motorbike that he uses both as transportation and as a weapon.
* ChivalrousPervert: While he loves Kitty very much, he can't help ogling the ladies, infuriating her to no end.
* CoolBike: That can drive along walls and fly.
* LivingShadow: It has a mind of its own and is quite powerful. His WeaponOfChoice, besides his bike.
* ThirteenIsUnlucky: His name and powers are correlated.
* UnholyMatrimony: With Kitty.
* WeaksauceWeakness: [[WeakenedByTheLight Bright light]] will temporarily disintegrate his shadow and water will turn it into a puddle.
* WindsOfDestinyChange: Anything his shadow passes through receives bad luck. [[spoiler:Danny used this against him by tricking the shadow into touching some equipment Johnny was using.]]
* WoobieDestroyerOfWorlds: In the BadFuture in "Ultimate Enemy"; it's implied that whatever [[spoiler:Dark Danny]] did to him ([[NothingIsScarier we never find out what it was]]), it was ''much'' more brutal than the horrible things he did to the rest of his RoguesGallery. Can you really blame him for wanting revenge?

->'''Voiced by:''' Chynna Phillips

Johnny 13's girlfriend. She mostly follows his path, but can be quite dangerous, especially when she's angry. She seemed the least changed in the BadFuture, but joined Johnny and the others in attempting revenge.
* BareYourMidriff: Part of her "biker girlfriend" attire.
* ClingyJealousGirl: ''Really'' hates it when Johnny is looking at other women besides her.
* DemonicPossession: In her first appearance, Johnny needed to find a host body for her to inhabit in the human world. This was dropped in later episodes, [[spoiler:and in one episode she uses her possession in an attempt to make Johnny jealous]].
* KissOfDeath: It's a blown kiss, but anyone who is hit by it is trapped in another dimension.
* OperationJealousy: To piss off Johnny, she dates [[spoiler:Danny while secretly overshadowing Paulina]].
* UnholyMatrimony: With Johnny.
* WomanScorned: Johnny's got to learn to stop his wandering eye.

!Ghost Writer
->'''Voiced by:''' Will Arnett

A one-shot villain from the ChristmasEpisode, he tried to get revenge on Danny for accidentally destroying one of his poems.
* AntiVillain: Not evil per se, as Danny ''was'' a jerk towards him after learning the book he'd accidentally incinerated was a ''[[TheGrinch Christmas]]'' [[TheGrinch poem]].
* DidntSeeThatComing: [[spoiler:He didn't forsee [[EnemyMine the other villains teaming up with Danny to take him down]] for having the audacity to attack someone on Christmas.]]
* DisproportionateRetribution: He trapped Danny in a book where everyone was against him just because Danny destroyed his poem.
* KryptoniteFactor: He loses his control over reality whenever he breaks his rhyming pattern.
* TheOnlyWayTheyWillLearn: Traps Danny in a Christmas story to get back at him for ruining his book and to teach him some Christmas spirit.
* RewritingReality[=/=]RealityWarper: Anything he types into his keyboard comes true.
* RhymesOnADime: In his new poem, all of the time.
* StealthMentor: Of a sort. His goal was to instill some Christmas spirit in [[TheGrinch Danny]]. He just got carried away.
* [[WhyDidItHaveToBeSnakes Why Did It Have to Be Oranges?]]: Because nothing rhymes with "orange."

!Fright Knight
->'''Voiced by:''' Creator/MichaelDorn

A ghost considered to be the spirit of Halloween, Fright Knight is a very powerful SealedEvilInACan inadvertently released by Danny, who was trying to put together a haunted house as part of a detention for Mr. Lancer. He was resealed at the end of the episode, only to be released later by Pariah to serve as TheDragon. At the end of Reign Storm, he was seen to make an alliance with Vlad to take down his master, but this is never really followed up on. In "The Ultimate Enemy's" BadFuture, [[spoiler:Dark Danny]] seems to have inherited his loyalty.
* ArtifactOfDoom: His sword, the Soulshredder.
* BlackKnight: Is dark knight with purple FlamingHair and a cursed sword.
* CoolHorse[=/=]HellishHorse: Rides one.
* CoolSword: The Soulshredder.
* TheDragon: To Pariah and [[spoiler:Dark Danny]].
* EvilSoundsDeep: Has a deep, menacing voice.
* MagicKnight: Can fire energy blasts or seal his opponents by slashing them with his sword.
* ObviouslyEvil: Just look at him!
* PunnyName: His name is a play on "fright night" (Halloween) and "knight".
* SealedEvilInACan: Was sealed away inside a pumpkin, and was released first by Danny himself (accidentally), and later by Pariah Dark so that he could act as TheDragon.
* TheStarscream: Partial example. He clearly resents being Pariah's minion, but is too scared of him to actually betray him until Vlad shows up with a better offer.
* YourWorstNightmare: His sword teleports anyone touched by it to a dimension where their real nightmares become reality.

!Pariah Dark
->'''Voiced by:''' Brian Cox

->"It's a burden, isn't it, child--Having so much power?"

[[EvilOverlord Absolute ruler of the Ghost Zone]] until he was [[SealedEvilInACan defeated and imprisoned]], Pariah is far and away one of the most powerful characters to appear in the series, to the extent of effortlessly owning Vlad within seconds of being freed and commanding the allegiance of Fright Knight, another tremendously powerful villain. He was inadvertently released by Vlad, who was looking for his [[ArtifactOfDoom artifacts of doom]], the Ring of Rage and Crown of Fire, and immediately proceeded to conquer both the Ghost Zone and Amity Park. Ultimately, Danny was able to seal him again (with some help), but the Ghost King was not destroyed and may yet be free to walk the world again.
* AuthorityEqualsAsskicking: The former Ghost King, and the strongest ghost in the whole story.
* BigBad: Of the first TV-movie.
* TheDreaded: The Fright Knight, ghost of Halloween and ''nightmares'', is afraid of him. And him being free caused all ghosts to exode toward Earth just to escape him.
* EyeBeams: His most common attack.
* EvilOverlord: He ruled the Ghost Zone before being overthrown.
* {{Expy}}: WordOfGod mentioned {{Darkseid}} as an inspiration for the character.
* GenericDoomsdayVillain: He had elements of this, being an obscenely powerful ghost out for world domination, but without a terribly interesting personality. However, the MadeForTVMovie he appeared in featured major roles from a lot of the more interesting RoguesGallery members (such as [[ArchEnemy Vlad]], [[TheHunter Valerie]], [[MagicKnight Fright Knight]], and [[EgomaniacHunter Skulker]]), so it all evened out.
** It also turned out that the ENTIRE MOVIE had all been a plot by the resident MagnificentBastard ArchEnemy Vlad to make a deal with the Fright Knight... for a [[AbortedArc scheme that never happened]].
* HornedHumanoid: Has a pair of horns, but one of them is broken.
* LargeHam: Justified, given how big he is.
* PhysicalGod: Is the strongest ghost Danny has ever faced, having conquered the Ghost Zone a long time ago.
* SealedEvilInACan: He was sealed away to free the Ghost Zone from his tyranny.
* SpikesOfVillainy: Has spikes around his arms.
* ZeroPercentApprovalRating: None of the ghosts like him and Fright Knight only seems to serve him out of fear. [[MeaningfulName Fits since his name is Pariah]], which means something that is despised or avoided.

![[spoiler:Dark Danny]]
[[labelnote:Click here to see him. He's that much of a spoiler.]]http://static.tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pub/images/DarkDanPhantom.jpg[[/labelnote]]
->'''Voiced by:''' Eric Roberts

->"You don't get it, do you? ''I'm'' still here! ''I'' still exist! That means [[spoiler:you still turn into me.]]"

[[spoiler:Danny's [[BadFuture alternate future]] counterpart through a fusion between his ghost half and Vlad's after an accident that renders his [[KilledOffForReal family, friends, and teacher dead]] from a [[LocalHangout Nasty Burger]] explosion.]] He is a straight-to-the-point villain who all but creates mayhem and destruction in his path with absolutely no guilt for his cause. Danny eventually defeats him and with [[DungeonMaster Clockwork's]] aid, changes the future. [[spoiler:Dark Danny [[TemporalParadox now exists outside of time]], [[SealedEvilInACan forever trapped in the Fenton Thermos]]]]. He is perhaps the most dangerous villain in the show because of his [[EnemyWithout personal nature]] and utter depravity.
* AndIMustScream: [[spoiler:Being trapped in the thermos for all eternity.]] [[AssholeVictim Though it's kind of hard to feel sorry for him due to how evil he is.]]
* AxCrazy: If the ruins of a future Amity Park didn't tell you.
* BadassCape: [[spoiler:The only real difference between his outfit and Danny's is that [[FanNickname Dan]]'s has a jagged-edged cape.]]
* BigBad: Of the second TV-movie.
* BloodbathVillainOrigin: One of the few villains to have ''every'' condition for it.
* CastingGag: Probably unintentional, but this isn't the first time Eric Roberts played a [[Series/DoctorWho psychotic villain in a made-for-tv movie about time travel.]]
* CompositeCharacter: [[spoiler:He's a fusion between Danny and Vlad's ghost halves.]] The end result, however, is an evil all his own.
* CreepyMonotone: Generally tends to speak in a very calm, monotonous voice, unless he's gloating.
* DespairEventHorizon: [[spoiler:His StartOfDarkness and the reason Danny asked Vlad to separate his human and ghost halves. Needless to say, it backfired.]]
* EstablishingCharacterMoment: He destroys the shield that's been keeping him out for ''years'', and then causes citywide destruction, with his next scene showing he had a lot of fun with it. This shows that he is one of the most powerful characters in the show and that [[ForTheEvulz he greatly enjoys what he does]].
* EvilCannotComprehendGood: [[spoiler:More like Evil Has Forgotten How To Comprehend Good, as he doesn't understand his younger self's desire to prevent his future and laughs at his desire to save his love ones.]]
* EvilCounterpart: To Danny Fenton, [[spoiler:being his evil future self.]]
* EvilMakeover: The skin and eye color change and the flaming hair look really cool according to fans. The uniform that came later?
* EvilSoundsDeep: [[spoiler: Puberty treated Danny really well.]]
* FallenHero: Very happy to be as such, disturbingly.
* FateWorseThanDeath: [[spoiler:He's stuck in that Fenton Thermos forever.]]
* FlamingHair: Has white flaming hair tied back in a ponytail.
* FutureMeScaresMe: [[spoiler:Danny is disturbed and horrified by what he has the potential to become.]]
* HeroKiller: Almost succeeds in killing Sam, Tucker, Jazz, and Danny's parents... oh, and Mr. Lancer too.
* {{Jerkass}}[=/=]JerkWithAHeartOfJerk: Sam and Tucker call him a jerk at several points.
* KnightOfCerebus: By far one of the most menacing villains Danny faced.
* LackOfEmpathy: Tries to kill Tucker and Sam without a moment's hesitation, and taunts Danny about how fighting him is futile.
* MakeMeWannaShout: His Ghostly Wail. It took him ten years to master the move though. [[spoiler:He got ''really'' pissed when his past self mastered it quicker.]]
* MergerOfSouls: [[spoiler:Is a fusion between Danny's ghost half and Vlad's ghost half.]]
* MrFanservice: No doubt the voice is what helps.
* OmnicidalManiac: Apparently. No actual onscreen deaths occur but it's heavily implied he's a mass murderer that's destroyed most of the Earth's population if what we see of the world outside the ghost shield was like is anything to go by.
* PainfulTransformation: [[spoiler:Absorbing Vlad looked ''really'' painful. Some fans have speculated that in that moment, Phantom was fighting for dominance.]]
* PutTheLaughterInSlaughter: Has a HELL of a time destroying the futuristic Amity Park.
* RedEyesTakeWarning: In a similar vein to Vlad's ghost form.
* SealedEvilInACan: [[spoiler:He was sealed away in a Fenton Thermos and left with Clockwork, though for how long is unknown.]]
* SelfMadeOrphan: He didn't just kill his parents, [[spoiler:he ''[[AxCrazy killed his sister, his friends, and his teacher]]''...just to [[MagnificentBastard secure his own future]].]]
* SillyRabbitIdealismIsForKids: Danny's trying to stop him from killing the people closest to him because he promised to [[spoiler:not turn evil]]? Ha! Such a child.
* SlasherSmile: Just look at his picture above.
* TheSociopath: [[spoiler:All started when Danny made Vlad remove any human emotions that caused him pain. The result became this.]]
* TemporalParadox: Winds up causing one while trying to ensure his own creation. Whoops.
* ThisIsYourBrainOnEvil: [[spoiler:He's an older Danny with human emotions that cause pain removed, leaving him a sadistic monster.]]
* TooPowerfulToLive
* VileVillainSaccharineShow: The show, while carrying serious arcs, is still aimed at children and has a fair amount of comedy and positive fluff. [[spoiler:Dark Danny]] not only commits mass murder as his introduction, but he has no compunctions about harming kids and former loved ones.
* WalkingSpoiler: We can't even tell you his name without giving away TheReveal.
* WouldHurtAChild: Regardless if they are his old friends or his sister.
* YouCantFightFate: According to him, anyway.
--> "Me? I'm inevitable."
* ZeroPercentApprovalRating: More so than Pariah. Most everyone in his timeline, ghosts and human, ''hates'' him and only Fright Knight seems to serve him willingly.

!Jack Fenton
->'''Voiced by:''' RobPaulsen

->"So, Danny, you and your little friends want to hunt ghosts?"

Danny's bumbling father, Jack Fenton is an obsessive inventor of ghost weaponry and gadgets, designed to rip them apart ''molecule by molecule''. Naturally, this usually results in a panicky Danny Phantom whom Jack considers as one of his enemies, despite having saved the world countless times. Tends to be clueless, but can briefly turn into a BadassNormal if his loved ones are threatened.
* ActionDad: Always eager to hunt ghosts, regardless of whether or not he's capable of it.
* AmazonChaser: For Maddie.
-->'''Maddie:''' Hold down the fort, Jack! I'll go after our tot! Those trees will not stop me!\\
(''grabs an axe and jumps out the window'')\\
'''Jack Fenton:''' [[SugarWiki/FunnyMoments Oh,]] ''[[SugarWiki/FunnyMoments man,]]'' [[SugarWiki/FunnyMoments that is hot!]]
* AmbiguousInnocence: His research and his "Ghost Hunting company".
* {{Amazingly Embarrassing Parent|s}}: Their ghost hunting obsession leaves his kids rather embarrassed around others.
* BewareTheNiceOnes: His reply to Vlad in the series finale proves this.
--> '''Vlad''': ''(After he finds he can't make the meteor intangible and knowing he'll be in trouble if he goes back to Earth)'': You wouldn't abandon one of your friends, would you?\\
'''Jack''': A friend? No. ''You? YES!'' (Flies back to Earth without him)
* BigFun: Is the more fun loving of the two parents.
* BumblingDad: Much to the embarrassment of his family.
* CantBatheWithoutAWeapon: At the begining of "Reality Trip".
* CrouchingMoronHiddenBadass: Sure he's shown to be clumsy and Danny can't help but be embarrassed by him, but if his family is in danger, he'll strike without warning.
* DrivesLikeCrazy: Defies all speed limits, red lights, and certain laws of physics.
* {{Expy}}: of Mr. Fantastic. Both are scientists and inventors who have made a portal to another dimension, have white streaks in their hair, and an arch-enemy who has been holding a grudge on them for years.
* ForScience: See the above trope.
* GeniusDitz: He seems to have invented most of the (incredibly advanced, though often eccentric) Fenton gadgets himself, but is largely inept in every other way.
** It's also mentioned that he got a solid B minus average in High School.
* HazmatSuit: Is always wearing one.
* HugeGuyTinyGirl: He is significantly larger than his wife.
* ItsAllAboutMe: While he really loves his family, he tends to easily forget when in "the zone" and puts his feelings and research before them constantly until forced by the circumstances.
* MoralMyopia: Has no qualms with hurting ghosts, but dislikes when the opposite happens to him.
* NoOSHACompliance: Seriously, this guy shouldn't be allowed to use ''anything'' more dangerous than a pair of scissors.
* NotSoDifferent: Honestly, he and Vlad are almost identical. It's shown better in the bad future where Vlad accepts and treats Danny with the same amount of love and respect that the Fentons do. They're also selfish, driven, somewhat amoral and form a very deep line between "them and us". However, Jack knows when to back off if he's taken things too far; Vlad, not so much.
* ParentalObliviousness: Aside from not seeing the connection between Danny Fenton and Danny Phantom, despite admitting they have the same name and it's confusing, he almost never notices the harm or embarrassment his kids go through.
* ParentsAsPeople: While he portrayed as a decent, loving man, his obsession with ghosts leaves him blind to the embarrassment his activities can cause Danny.
* PapaWolf: Trust us. Hurting his family or trying to? ''Bad'' idea.
* UglyGuyHotWife: With Maddie. Sure he's not exactly ugly but he is over weight and hefty.
* WrongGenreSavvy: Not to the extent of Valerie, where she was manipulated by Vlad. Jack, along with Maddie, thinks Danny Phantom is a villain, he's the real hero of Amity Park and that he's feared amongst the Ghost Zone. In actuality, Danny Phantom is both the hero and his son, he's laughing stock and a source of property damage in Amity Park and no one from the Ghost Zone really cares about him.

!Maddie Fenton
->'''Voiced by:''' KathSoucie

->"What, you think I sit home and invent new cookies all day?"

Equally obsessed with ghost hunting and research as her husband Jack, Maddie nevertheless remains far more logical, competent, and calmer then her husband. She is the main romantic target for Vlad.
* ActionMom: Though more capable than Jack.
* {{Amazingly Embarrassing Parent|s}}: Their ghost hunting craze causes Danny a lot of embarrassment.
* BrainyBrunette: Fits both criteria, especially the brainy part.
* HappilyMarried: Like many series, her husband is less-then-perfect, but she loves him, a key point that Danny uses against Vlad. Plus, it seems like no matter what the situation with them is, alternate universe or even holographic programming, they will always be madly in love with each other.
* HartmanHips[=/=]ImpossibleHourglassFigure: Even when not in her hazmat suit.
* HazmatSuit: Is almost never seen outside of her blue hazmat suit.
* HotScientist: Both Jack and Vlad agree on this.
* HugeGuyTinyGirl: See Jack's example.
* MamaBear: Really. Just... don't try and hurt the Fenton kids.
* ParentalObliviousness: Not as much as Jack though.
* ParentingTheHusband: She's more mature and a little more responsible than her husband. Sometimes, she has to step in and take action.
* PurpleEyes: Contrasting her husband and children's blue eyes.
* UglyGuyHotWife: With Jack.
* WomenAreWiser: Or relatively so. She's still ghost obsessed, but would rather study the remains.

!Danielle[=/=]Dani Phantom
->'''Voiced by:''' Creator/AnnaSophiaRobb and Krista Swan

->"It's "Dani" with an "I"."

Danny's clone, created by Vlad as a stepping stone to the perfect Danny Fenton/Phantom clone to call as his own son. Unlike the various other Danny clones, Danielle has a mind of her own, possessing a naive behavior with much of Danny's traits and character. She is often childish and spunky, but well-meaning. An imperfect clone, she is constantly dissolving and [[spoiler:until the second-to-last episode]] has to keep her powers in check. Danny acts as somewhat of an [[BigBrotherMentor older brother figure]] to her.
* AbortedArc: It's rumored her arc was meant to end different, [[spoiler:being adopted by the Fentons]], had the series continued.
* AnnoyingYoungerSibling: Danny seemed to treat her as one at first, albeit more from not trusting her than anything else. He gets over this when he learns what she actually is.
* BadassAdorable: She's a tomboy has the physical body of a 12 year old and can use ghostly superpowers.
* BareYourMidriff: In ghost form. Her human form averts this, though.
* BerserkButton: Before, she instantly flipped when Danny said Vlad didn't care for her. Following the realization he was right, she would stand against anyone, power problems or no power problems, who'd use her or threaten Danny.
* BigBrotherWorship: Has shades of this in "D-Stabilized" when she seeks Danny. When he believes she's sided with Valerie to trap him, she insists she'd never betray him.
* BigEater: The first thing she does after meeting Danny is ask if he has any food. Then cut to his bed covered in empty boxes and food wrappers.
* BreakTheCutie: Both of her appearances make her go through some form of this.
* CuteBruiser: When she's not in danger of melting, she's just as capable as Danny in a fight.
* CuteGhostGirl: Comes with being Danny's clone.
* DeadpanSnarker
-->'''Dani''': I gotta get to Danny, fast! ''(Flies slowly)'' Or slow, slow's good. ''(Speed decreases even more)'' Or slower, even slower's better.
* DisneyDeath: Though it came pretty close...
* DistaffCounterpart: For Danny. Even their names sound similar, something Valerie snarked about.
* EasilyForgiven: Granted she was tricked by Vlad, but despite fooling him and knocking him out twice, Danny seems to fully accept her after she turns on her creator.
** Subsequently, she had very easily forgiven Valerie for lying to her, using her as bait to capture Danny and handing her to Vlad.
* [[HasTwoMommies Has Two Daddies]]: Sort of. She was created by Vlad, who she called father until learning he never cared and renounced that idea, and she was created via Danny's DNA, who one could argue is a parent due to being the donor of the DNA but is more of a genetic brother though she calls him "cousin". If you want to go even further one could argue Jack can be her father genetically due to sharing Danny's DNA.
* HeelFaceTurn: Joins Danny for real when Vlad starts showing his true colors.
** HighHeelFaceTurn: Appears to be the only female in all of the clones, and the only one that isn't killed off.
** MistreatmentInducedBetrayal: Really was a bad idea to call her a "puppet", Vlad. Or telling her she exists just to serve you.
* HeroicRROD: Since she's an imperfect clone, she can't overuse her power or they'll eventually dissolve her. The problem gets fixed in her second appearance.
* IllGirl: Suffering from melting in D-Stabilized.
* InnocentBlueEyes: Inherited from Danny.
* NiceHat: In her human form.
* MafiaPrincess: Deconstructed. She merely was led to believe her "father" loved her and would do anything for her.
* OppositeSexClone: To Danny.
* {{Protectorate}}: Becomes a personal one for Danny. He makes it clear to Vlad coming near her would [[BerserkButton not please him in anyway]].
* TokenMiniMoe: The only female ghost hybrid in the series and the youngest.
* {{Tykebomb}}: Was created to trick Danny into befriending her so Vlad can use his DNA to create the perfect clone.
* WalkingTheEarth: Implied after her first appearance since she obviously can't go back to Vlad.
* [[WellDoneSonGuy "Well Done, Daughter" Girl]]: She only sought out to make her "father" Vlad happy, but after seeing he never saw her as anything more than a pawn, she sided with Danny. By her second appearance, she's renounced the idea of him being her father.
* YoungerThanTheyLook: Physically she appears to be 12 years old (according to Danny) but she is in fact a few months of age at most since by the end of the series a full year hadn't passed since Danny obtained his powers.

->'''Voiced by:''' David Carradine

->"The Observants look at time like they're watching a parade, one thing after another passing by in sequence right in front of them. I see the parade from above, all the twists and turns it might or might not take."

The ghost of time, Clockwork keeps the flow of time and interferes when he feels something is disturbing said flow. He is mysterious and powerful, knowing every aspect of time: past, present, and future. He remains a neutral influence in Danny's life, playing only by his rules. He doesn't perceive time as a linear sequence of events; this is reflected in his appearance, which constantly fluctuates in age.
* AllPowerfulBystander: He prefers to be an observer, but will help Danny when he needs to.
* BigGood: Even taking his neutrality in consideration, hes as close to one as you can get here.
* DeadpanSnarker: Particularly to the Observants.
* DungeonMaster: Oversees all of time and only steps in if the situation demands it.
* ImADoctorNotAPlaceholder: In "Masters of All Time", Danny asks Clockwork if he could save Vlad and Danny's friends from the Ecto-Acne. Clockwork's response: "I'm the ghost of time, not the ghost of miracle cures."
* TheOmniscient: He states he can see ''all'' possible futures.
* OmniscientMoralityLicense: His goal, above all, is to ensure a positive future, regardless of whether or not he might have to kill someone.
* SinisterScythe: Uses one in battle. Subverted in that he isn't evil.
* TimeDissonance: He admits that time moves differently for him, but doesn't go any further because he knows Danny won't understand.
* TimeMaster: Being the ghost of time makes him this.
* TimeStandsStill: Can stop time for everyone unless they wear his time medallions.
* TimeTravelTenseTrouble: "I sent him back to his own time, or should I say ''forward'' to his own time?"
* TheWatcher: Part of his job as the ghost of time.
* YouCantFightFate: Subverted. He explicitly states that, unlike the Observants, he sees ''all'' possible futures. However, he does say that one cannot simply SetRightWhatOnceWentWrong and must fix their problems in their own present. This rule is set aside, however, when others try to alter the timeline to produce an outcome favorable to themselves, at which point Clockwork will step in personally.

->'''Voiced by:''' Bob Joles

Danny's mentor when he received his ice powers. Frostbite is a giant Yeti-like ghost, leader of his tribe, and an all-around (n)ice guy.
* AnIcePerson: He and his people are masters at using ice-based powers, which he helps Danny master when he develops them.
* MrExposition: Provides exposition for Danny on the Infi-Map and his new ice powers.
* NiceGuy: More then happy to help out Danny if he can.
* TrainingFromHell: What he puts Danny through to master his ice abilities. It ended up turning into hell for his people every time Danny screws up.
* UndyingLoyalty: Thanks to Danny defeating Pariah Dark, he's earned this from Frostbite and his tribe. (Doesn't stop them from being afraid when he accidentally hurts them with his new ice powers though.)