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Characters: Crash Landed
A list of characters in the books Crash Landed, Ship Wrecked, and Summer 2012, as well as original characters that got rejected in rewrites.

*Note: Characters are sorted into the book they first appeared in. Characters that appear in multiple books will only be under the first book they were in.

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[[folder:Crash Landed]]

Danni Hallie
There was a freaking PIRANHA on my foot! What the heck? When did piranhas even GET there?
Danni, Crash Landed Series, Book 1: Crash Landed

Danni is a unique individual. She's clever, witty, and occasionally ditzy. She's usually the only one who gets repeatedly and severely injured on and off the islands. Danni's also the 2nd oldest of the 4 (later five) Hallie children. Danni narrates Crash Landed, Ship Wrecked, and You've Gotta Be Kidding Me.

Izzy Hallie
Don't say "I told you so", just come rescue us.
Izzy, Crash Landed Series, '''Book 2: Ship Wrecked]]

Izzy is much subtler than her twin sister. She plans things,
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