Characters: Covert-81

Section 91

Dr. Anna Hamilton-Smith

Divorced with one child, Anna is a beautiful blonde spy with six years of diplomatic cover experience in Moscow. Before she was thrown out.


Colonel Yekaterina Ivanovna Kuznetsova

The head of Chameleon, who recently ascended to the post after shopping her former boss for misusing state funds (he died in what was actually a car accident- before they could arrange one). Married to Pyotr, she is a stern leader who nevertheless supports her officers against criticism.


A conspiracy involving several senior Soviet officers (and a Pole) to start World War III.

Colonel Pyotr Pavelovich Bulganin

A member of the Soviet Strategic Rocket Forces, Bulganin commands a regiment of SS-20 missiles in the Ukrainian SSR.

His earlier career saw him fight in the Hungarian Uprising when his missile convoy was ambushed and be present in Cuba for the missile crisis.

He is passionately pro-Soviet, dislikes America and isn't all that pleasant.


"The Beekeeper"

A mysterious assassin, who hails from a German-speaking country and is being employed by Vanguard.

Caitlin Regan

An Irish mercenary, who does a side job as a nightclub singer.

Charlene "Charlie" Templeton-Booth

A former Chameleon agent, who fled the USSR and recently got a job as a secretary for US defence contractor Daniel Baron. Before she murdered him.