The members of the comic book version of [[Comicbook/TeenTitans the Titans]], past and present, and their worst enemies. [[Characters/AnimatedTeenTitans See here]] for the characters in [[WesternAnimation/TeenTitans the animated version]].

* [[Characters/ComicbookTeenTitansSilverAge Silver Age (1964-1969)]]
* [[Characters/ComicbookTeenTitansBronzeAge Bronze Age (1970-1979)]]
* [[Characters/ComicbookTeenTitansNewTeenTitans The New Teen Titans (1980-1994)]]
* [[Characters/ComicbookTeenTitansTeamTitans Team Titans (1992-1994)]]
* [[Characters/ComicbookTeenTitansArsenalTitans Arsenal's Titans (1994-1996)]]
* [[Characters/ComicbookTeenTitansAtomTitans Atom's Teen Titans and The Titans (1996-2003)]]
* [[Characters/ComicbookTeenTitansPostGraduation Post-Graduation Day (2003-2011)]]
* [[Characters/ComicbookTeenTitansPostFlashpoint Post-Flashpoint (2011-2016)]]
* [[Characters/ComicbookTeenTitansAncillary Ancillary Teams (Titans West, Titans L.A., Titans East, Honorary Titans)]]
* [[Characters/ComicbookTeenTitansVillains Villains]]

[[folder: Post-''Rebirth'' (2016-Present)]]
[[WMG:Robin IV]]
-->'''AKA:''' Damian Wayne
-->'''Abilities:''' Martial arts master, detective skills, acrobatics
See the [[Characters/BatmanAndBatFamily Batman: Batman and Bat Family character sheet]] for more info.

[[WMG:Kid Flash III]]
-->'''AKA:''' Wally West II
-->'''Abilities:''' Super-speed
See the [[Characters/TheFlash Flash character sheet]] for more.