!Village Roles
''You are a simple villager. You’ve lived your life up until this point happy and carefree, only thinking about lynching people when they question your point of view. Are you prepared for what’s to come?''

The good guys. They have two simple goals. Root out the evil in the village. And to survive the night. The majority of players are on this side. While hosts often paint them as [[GoodIsDumb fools]], most [[GoodIsNotDumb players try to avoid attributing]] to this line of thinking.

!!Village roles include
* Vanillager: Basic village role. No special actions.
* Seer: Can target one player each night and discover either their alignment or their role, depending on the game.
** Naive Seer: A player who believes themselves to be the Seer, but who always receives innocent results. First appeared in Werewolf VII. Some versions buff the role by giving it the power of the Medium, when that ability is not present in the Seer.
** Detective: Another investigative role, but more passive in nature, receiving clues from the crime scene every night, indicating who the killers might be. First appeared in Werewolf IX.
* Guardian: Can protect one player from night kills each night. Some games include the ability to protect from lynches. Commonly, games with this feature announce the Guardian target at the start of day phase, though the two are not mutually inclusive.
** [[TheMedic Medic]]: Similar to the Guardian, but if they successfully defend a kill, their target loses their role. Additionally, if the Medic is killed, everyone the Medic saved dies. First appeared in Werewolf XII.
** Bodyguard: Another variant on the Guardian, first featured in Werewolf VII, who died if they successfully protected.
** Noble Vigilante: The good counterpart to the Corrupt Vigilante, first appearing in Werewolf X, its abilities have always been similar to the Guardian's, but generally as a weaker version.
* Sheriff: Can jail one player each night. That player cannot use their role action the next night, or vote the next day. It is announced that they have been jailed at the start of day phase. The first ability and name of the role comes from its first appearance in Werewolf VII. The second ability came from the Chemist of Werewolf VIII and the two were merged in Werewolf IX.
* Ghost: When they die, they can kill one player. Often are unaware they are the ghost until after they have died. First appeared in Werewolf II.
** Hunter: Similar to the Ghost, but more immediate. While only featured as a role twice, its defining ability was the ability to shoot the last person to vote for them when they are lynched, and other roles have received this ability. It first appeared in Werewolf VII.
* Lovers: When one dies, the other also dies.
* Hapless Romantic: At the beginning of the game, selects one player to be their lover. The Romantic and their target then become the Lovers.
* Mayor: Has two votes. First appeared in Werewolf VII, as the Villager-V and Werewolf-V roles, though they were unaware of this second vote. The name first appeared in Werewolf VIII.
* Medium: A role permitted to talk with the Ghost. While the medium only made one appearance in Werewolf VIII, its ability has been featured in many games since its original appearance.
* Easter Bunny: Can deliver chocolate eggs to a target's house each night. They see any people who interact with that person that night.

!Mafia/Wolf Roles

The baddies. They need not to be either wolves or mafia, that is just their most common form.

!!Mafia/Wolf roles include
* Godfather/Alpha Werewolf: May convert one player to the mafia/wolves' side. This conversion usually takes three nights. This ability coming from a role first appeared in Werewolf X.
** In some games, the Godfather/Alpha Werewolf appears innocent to the Seer. However, in werewolf games, this trait is usually assigned to the role of The Fraud, who also first appeared in Werewolf X.
* Corrupt Cop/Stalker Wolf: Can view the role of one player per night. In the wolf versions, the player is often made aware that they were stalked. First appeared in Werewolf XII.
* Vanillafia/Werewolf: Basic mafia role, no special actions. The mafia/wolves kill/nom one player each night.
* Framer/Corrupt Vigilante: A role always aligned with the mafia/werewolves, which frames a player each night--said player will then appear guilty to the seer. First appeared in Werewolf VII. Some versions give it an EvilCounterpart version of The Mayor's double vote.

!Third-Party Roles

[[WildCard The wild cards.]] Their motives differ from role to role, but its safe to expect that most don't care if its good or evil who wins in the end.

!!Third-Party roles include
* Assassin/Mercenary: Can attempt to kill one player each night, with varying success. Wins if they are alive at endgame. Some versions incorporate a form of The Hunter's ability when they are lynched. First appeared in Werewolf X, and first appeared as a neutral role in Werewolf XII.
* Kidnapper: Similar to the Assassin, but if they are killed, all of their targets return to the game.
* [[TooDumbToLive Village Idiot]]: Wins if they are lynched. First appeared in Werewolf XII.
* Traitor: Begins as a villager. If the mafia/werewolves attempt to kill/nom them, they become mafia/a wolf. Many versions make them appear as being aligned with the mafia/wolves to the seer.
* Metagamer: Cannot be lynched. If they are lynched, they flee for three days. First appeared in Werewolf XII.

[[folder:The Players]]
Some frequent players. This list is incomplete.
* Antihero
* Claptrap
* Frosty
* Kojiru
* [=KoriCongo=]
* Lee V.
* Magravan
* [=MatthewJA=]
* Macey
* Meed
* Muffinman
* [=MushroomIsland=]
* Mr. Capps
* [=NekoSuave=]
* Nightsky
* Onecanofsprite
* Orangelink
* Paul
* Sabrini Fur
* Sivrus
* Sleepy