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Characters: Collegium Chronicles
This subsection of the Heralds of Valdemar Character Sheet deals with the characters of the Collegium Chronicles.

Herald Trainee Mags and Companion Dallen

Healer Trainee Bear

  • Arranged Marriage: He went home for the holidays to find himself already betrothed. Borders on the forced marriage version, though this is illegal in Valdemar — his family has no interest in his desires.
  • Elopement: He gets out of the arranged marriage by eloping with Lena (who he is in love with), though he does ask Mags's advice before doing so.
  • Muggles Do It Better: Born without Healing Hands, Bear studied up on herb-lore and mundane medicine instead, and these skills are a lot better for certain problems than the Gift.
  • Why Couldn't You Be Different?: Born totally without a healing gift to a line that had it for generations.
  • You're Not My Father: He cuts all bridges with his father after getting married.

Bardic Trainee Lena

Mags' first friend


King's Own Herald Nikolas

  • Overprotective Dad: Invoked by Nikolas — he tells several Heralds that he's spending time with Mags because Mags is interested in Amily. (Which he is, but it's a convenient cover for what's really going on.)
  • Renowned Selective Mentor: To Mags; the only reason none of the other Trainees is jealous is because both Nikolas and Mags are careful to hide the relationship.

King Kiril

  • King Incognito: Mags first runs into him in the Companion stables and mistakes him for a radom yet familiar Herald. Two of his features give his identity away if you remember that the king of the time was just two or three generations removed from Vanyel and that dark brown was the signature royal family hair color in The Last Herald-Mage.
  • Uncanny Family Resemblance: Vanyel's eye color is alive and well in him.
  • Royals Who Actually Do Something: Special mention for the end of Intrigues.

Tobias Marchand

Lena's father
  • Bad Samaritan: He takes in protegés from time to time to steal their work.
  • The Empath: With a twist: he can impose feelings on other people with ease, but has little in way to reading him.
  • Gold Digger
  • Hoist by His Own Petard: At some point, he starts telling people that he suspects that Lena is not his daughter due to not thinking of her as a good connection at the time. However, people quickly point out that 1) Given the way he's been treating Lena, she could be happier to not be associated with him and 2) That would mean that his wife isn't faithful to him.
  • Jerkass: Quite possibly the worse there has ever been among the "good" guys. And again, he was the one giving info to the assassins just because he needed the money.
  • Magic Music
  • Parental Neglect: Towards Lena.
  • Reassigned to Antarctica: At the end of Changes, after being found out to be stealing his protegé's work and one of the people who was informing the assassins.
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