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Coalition Of Ponyist States was originally founded by King Alexander of Enatai and Twilight Sparkle of the Greater Pony Herd jointly on August 2, 2011 and with this establishment there was the Creation of the Coalition of Ponyist States which was made up of nations with sapient equines and Sapient Equine Advocacy which then brought in the strange and unique characters which were brought together to protect those equines.

Crystal Spires

In the Region of Mystria there is the Homeland of the Beastling People, created by the Gods, and set aside for the Beastling Peoples. The land of D'halbrisir is a lush and beautiful Communist nation of brotherhood and happiness where all reasoned beings are equal, and stand for one another's protected rights and struggle together. It is no surprise then that they joined the Coalition of Ponyist States to protect Sapient Rights.


High Chancellor Maven Auryn

The Communist Leader of Crystal Spires Maven Auryn was born in the Valdeen Protectorate of what was then Crystal Spires and later became Carcenoan lands. During the Wars of Attrition he survived a genocide by being rescued and brought up as a templar in the Forntian Brotherhood which saved his life, but his guilt drove him to protect sapient beings at all costs and he ended up protecting Sapient Equines before having the Spireans join the Coalition itself. Having found himself at odds with the Hippostanians, he truly intended to join the CoPS out of necessity to condemn them.

The Greater Pony Herd

A Pony nation of Antiquity, the Greater Pony Herd became one of the most Powerful nations in the Coalition and was one of the Key Founders in the Coalition of Ponyist States. It is a Theocratic nation with a very devoted populace with the religion of Ponyism at the forefront complete with an inquisition!


Morning Star

A Brave warm hearted Pony with what he feels is unrequited love with Princess Luna from the Lunar Principality. Once a racist and bitter pony, he changes his ways when Princess Luna visits him in hospital after a failed attempt on his life. He takes his love and becomes the self proclaimed Lunar Knight and goes on a quest to eventually win his lady's heart. Oh, and he also leads the government of the Greater Pony Herd and often acts as its spokespony.


A cold and calculating killing machine, Shadowmane runs the State Inquisition of the Greater Pony Herd with an iron hoof. She, however, has a soft spot in form of her adopted daughter, Stiletto.


A McCarthyist state perpetually in a Red Scare, ponies emerged from the Pink Portals of Mystery and then Hippostania became a Pony nation, later joining the Coalition of Ponyist States. It subsequently left and had its entire presence in the CoPS RetConned.



Having emerged from the pink portals Lyra was one of the Hippostanian leaders in the Transitional Pony Council. Known for her madness and hatred of Communism, Lyra is the High Chancellor of Hippostania and much beloved of their people.

The Theocratic Hobbiest Republican Empire

A formerly apocalyptic wasteland settled by religious outcasts and right-wing nutjobs.

  • Child Soldiers: The age for enlistment in the 'Republic' is 14(2014) years old, their allies so far, have compensated the rising age of military consent with copious dakka.
  • Crapsack World: The Hobbiest Republic used to be this, and still has an international misconception of being one.
  • Cool Plane: The Hobbiest Republic's obsession and refusal to use fixed wing transports in lieu of their MASSIVE fleet of VTOLs.
  • Department of Redundancy Department: The Office of Covert Acquisitions has a subsection called Covert Affairs or Vice Versa.
  • Everyone Is Armed: All the time.
  • Heroic Sacrifice: House of Cardinals, repeatedly.
  • Knight Templar: Justicars.
  • Moar Dakka: All Hobbiests have weapons, some even have homes made of them.
  • My Girl Is a Slut: Women are often the dominant ones in relationships.
  • Overranked Soldier: The Republic's Leadership and military infrastructure is full to brimming with teenage Cardinals leading thousands of grizzled veterans, this is probably due to mandated heroism.
  • The Sheriff: Is pretty much the entirety of the Law in the Republic.
  • Values Dissonance: Foreigners are held to much, much lower standards than the average Hobbiest citizen.
  • We Have Reserves: The Domestic or Foreign Legion.
  • Would Be Rude to Say "Genocide": Type A, and Type C.


Richard Horn

  • The Atoner: Years of guilt for the annihilation of the Majority party as well as the assassination of his first born has led to the formation of his group the Scarlet Index, to help people.
  • Retired Badass: Used to be the High Pope of the Hobbiest Republic.
  • Walking the Earth: With his companions the Scarlet Index.

Catherine Marilquist

Cardinal Saniel Jackson

Raspberry Revival

  • Cannot Keep a Secret: Generally applying to her own life story, which is 'supposed' to be a secret.
  • Gentle Giant: Quite large for a pony, she's learned to be very careful around others.
  • Technical Pacifist: She spends her life as a wandering trader and only uses violence against bandits and raiders.


The Absolute Royal Federation is content in the Good Old Ways when people were able to defend their honor with a duel, and when abolitionists weren't trying to oppress freedmen and joined the Coalition with the intention to protect inferior species which is what all born nobles should do.


Snöhof Vildvindsdottir

A gentle Slave Pony from Halmby in Imeriata who became an accompaniment for the Imerian Representative in the Coalition Of Ponyist States with Unrequited Love with Morning Star, and becomes friends with High Chancellor Maven Auryn of Crystal Spires.

Dominion of the Lubyak

Sometimes called the region's industrial heart, the Dominion of the Lubyak is a state that thrives on both Hobbes Was Right and Democracy Is Bad. It pursues a foreign policy heavily steeped in Realpolitik, being known for being willing to do almost anything to preserve its own interests, leading to it being viewed by many of the more idealist nations as a 'villain' state. The truth of this heavily depends on which side of the line you stand on. Some view the Dominion as a heartless state with a policy of Despotism Justifies the Means, while others view it as a rather benign state.

  • Bread and Circuses: Although it doesn't provide much in the way of direct welfare, the Dominion does provide order and stability, while giving its people the freedom to do what they will. This has the effect of simply making most of the population apathetic towards their government. Pursuing this also creates a desire for the Dominion to make sure their people remain happy and content with the status quo.
  • City Noir: Some of the Dominion's old industrial cities fall into this trope, being dominated by the heavy industry that gives the Dominion its nickname. Only kept from falling into Industrial Ghetto as life for the workers 'isn't' total crap.
  • Democracy Is Bad: Life under the old Lubyakan Republic has left the feeling amongst the people that democracies are only for Wide-Eyed Idealists.
  • The Men in Black: The Judiciary tends to fall into this role, although it is also has the responsibilities of the national public police, it also works undercover as needed.
  • Polluted Wasteland: A stereotyped view of the Dominion in the outside world. The fact that its most known for industrial production plays into this stereotype, but averted as there are unpolluted and even beautiful area of nature, namely the colonial island of Ilan.
  • Pragmatic Villainy: If it is at all evil, the Dominion could be considered this. While it can be seen as evil, it has a tendency to act in its own interests, and those interests tend to prevent it from doing anything For the Evulz.
  • SCP Foundation: RP'd as operating within the Dominion, the attitude amongst the government that the ends justify the means make Lubyakans rather willing to work for the Foundation.
  • Utopia Justifies the Means: While the Dominion doesn't believe it's making a utopia, it does believe that even its most brutal actions are justified by the results they achieve.


Minister for Foreign Affairs, Octavia

Octavia is the Minister for Foreign Affairs of the Dominion, and one of the most powerful beings in the state as a result. Born and raised in Equestria, she moved to the Dominion following her one time lover, but found herself spurned, and chose to turn to life in the government of the Dominion. Rising rapidly through the ranks, she found herself sitting at the Minister's desk in far less time than would be expected.


Yet another pony nation which mainland lies on a group of big islands located far in the north of Pony Lands, the Unitary Republic of Lykosia is an emerging power in the Coalition Of Ponyist States. Unlike the other pony nation(s), it doesn't have a very strong ties to Equestria, where their ancestors came from. Uses just a few magic and more technology-aligned.


Regal Charmer

A cold and friendly unicorn in the same time, Regal Charmer is a president and supreme commander of Lykosia, and is a center-left aligned, democratic socialist. He was born in a small, quiet town of Maneville. Being less talkative than the others, he doesn't hang out much with his friends.

United Kingdom of Malgrave

A Constitutional Monarchy with a fierce devotion to science and an isolationist foreign policy.

Montesardo-East Adanzi

The Federal Republic of Montesardo-East Adanzi is a nation who has recently conducted massive reforms under the New Duntrot Act, a legislation designed to overhaul the broken socio-economical, political, and admistrative policies of the national government. One of those involved in its creation, Alexandrite Lavalier Stratzhoof, has gone on to become the current Prime Minister.

  • Cold War: Has been locked in one with its neighboring country, The Filician Pony Herd, since its founding.


Alexandrite Lavalier Stratzhoof
The Eleventh Prime Minister of Montesardo-East Adanzi

The current Prime Minister of Montesardo-East Adanzi, Alexandrite Stratzhoof is a former National Office of Intelligence operative, this mare accomplished great things for her nation before she came into office, helping draft the New Duntrot Reforms.


Muffinvania is a small Duchy whose economy is based on sale of Muffins which runs on the sheer willpower of their leader Archduchess Daffy Dill and it protected based on the fact that everyone seems to love DaffyDill and would feel bad about hurting Muffinvanians.


New Freedomstan

A human supremacist "communist state" that is, in fact, not a part of the Coalition of Ponyist States at all, but engages in quite a few Coalition Of Ponyist States roleplays and are considered a decent villain.


Anders Ivansen

The current President of the country, and more importantly the General-Secretary of the Communist Party of New Freedomstan. Have tried to lead the country towards more moderate attitudes towards "subhumans" (more or less voluntarily, as the sadoscientific research installations were forcibly closed by the C'tan). Managed to work his way up the ranks of the Communist Party after participating as a low-ranking soldier for the communists during the Revolution, until eventually becoming the Premier of the country (although, at the time he was a puppet). Used the C'tani intervention to become de facto leader of the country, and instituted sweeping reforms.

Ida Johansen

The current leader of the Humanity First Party and former Sectional Overseer of the Subhuman Containment Section who established Equine Research Stations. While some of the Research Stations were rather humane, others... were not. While the Subhuman Containment Section had already received sweeping rights to rapidly improve New Freedomstan's knowledge regarding sentient ponies, as well as what way to combat them or put use to their abilities, Johansen gave scientists at Station #5 carte blanche. At the same time, she formed the Humanity First Party and lead it to success in the country's relatively free elections (free as long as the Communist Party retained sufficient support, and no too anti-Nefreedian parties got representation).

She was one of the few Subhuman Containment Section officials that survived the C'tani intervention and was not shipped off to an offworld work camp, in return for intentionally sabotaging the Humanity First Party and try to reduce speciesist sentiments in the country.

12-39 14-98

A Nefreedian halfelf who served as a sergeant in the halfhuman town of Dvergheim, until the significantly more speciesist reign of 992-488 began and condemned her to a year in the slum of Inghall. When attempting to escape, she was saved by Maven Auryn and have followed him to the Crystal Spires.


The Theocracy of Tentaklia was founded by the Prophet of Tentaklos and his disciples when they decided that there was no place for them in their old heathen homelands. Being a theocracy, all its citizens belong to the Church of Tentaklos. However syncretism is allowed with certain religions approved by the Prophet, Harmonism being one of them.

  • Dry Crusader: Alcohol is illegal in Tentaklia.
  • Furry Confusion: Other than the ponies, Tentaklia has also got sapient ducks (along with the non-sapient ducks and ponies).
  • The Paladin: Played with. P.A.L.A.D.I.N. is actually the name of Tentaklia's secret service, but certain agents might qualify as actual paladins.
  • Saintly Church: The Church of Tentaklos.
  • The Theocracy


Sah Rimnir, Prophet of Tentaklos

The leader of Tentaklia.

Yellow Apple

A flying corporate wonderland, with an underwater city, YellowApple joined the Coalition to expand their marketing capabilities, specifically by advertising its pony-friendly products to pony nations en masse via Coalition membership. Notable for its use of CamelCase both in its name (which many players have trouble with to the chagrin of the player behind YellowApple and in the names of most YellowApplan products. It is among the few "future-tech" members of the CoPS and incorporates elements from My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic directly into the technology base.

Has its own TVTropes page.

  • Airborne Aircraft Carrier
  • Breaking the Fourth Wall: The YellowApple Aerospace Defense Corps has Airborne Aircraft Carriers named after NationStates moderators.
  • Casual Interstellar Travel: Achievable thanks to using pony "magic" to create wormholes and jump from one arbitrary point in the universe to another.
  • Our Time Travel Is Different: Specifically, a hybridization between Wormhole Time Travel and Instantaneous Time Travel. Occasionally results in accidental time travel when attempting jumps and miscalculating when creating the exit point (an RP detailing this is expected to occur soon, but this is understood to be a common occurrence in some early YellowApplan wormhole transit tests.
  • Our Wormholes Are Different: In the sense that YellowApplan wormholes are created and stabilized via the use of physics-bending (specifically, the manipulation of negative energy densities to create localized regions of negative mass to achieve all kinds of things) reverse-engineered from unicorn magic. See Our Time Travel Is Different above.
  • Running Gag: The constant references to what a shaking of hand and hoof should be called. Whenever a pony and human greet, and one is a YellowApplan, the YellowApplan will invariably ask him/herself whether it's a "handshake" or "hoofshake" and distract him/herself with the train of thought.
  • Space Fighter: YellowApplan fighters are this, since they're capable of trans-atmospheric flight and therefore can operate both in the atmosphere and in space. This is why the FT craft still have wings and other aerodynamic surfaces: so they can dogfight planetside.

     Yellow Applans 

Blue Belle

Once a relatively-innocent office assistant, she became an ass-kicking diplomat.

  • Break the Cutie: Happened in the political operation that killed her supervisor and got her promoted for her miraculous survival. Suffers from severe PTSD as a result, and leads to an occasional violent side.
  • Post-Victory Collapse: Experienced once after a firefight/knifefight/fistfight/hooffight with a bunch of Canadian assassins. Blood loss from a bullet wound in her flank was the official cause of her eventually passing out, but she only passed out after she had kicked Sarah Palin's Alaskan rear and mopped the floor with her.

Fostera "Frankie" Manzano

With her adoptive parents - Administrator Amarillo Manzano and his fiancee Samantha Cereza - dead from an Angrivantian suicide bombing, leaving Fostera orphaned and having to attend public school, this causes additional torment for apparently having a "weird medical condition that requires her to remain clothed at all times" (really, just her hiding her wings to avoid attention), and eventually culminates with the world trying to kill her when word gets out that she's an alicorn. She eventually overcomes this and becomes the Third Administrator and Voice of Yellow Apple.

Amarillo Manzano

Adoptive and deceased father of the aforementioned Fostera Manzano, and first (and so far longest-reigning) Administrator and Voice of YellowApple.

  • Fiction500: At least at first (in the YellowApplan backstory), where Amarillo uses his wealth (and corporate funding) to build a giant flying city. Said flying city was named Manzanopolis Prime and became the capitol city of the Nomadic Peoples of YellowApple.
  • Royals Who Actually Do Something: YellowApplan Administrator Amarillo Manzano, who has at least in one instance (according to YellowApplan backstory) fought alongside YellowApplan forces when defending a chunk of Del Tangerino that crashed into Angrivantis; if it weren't for him (both from his sheer combat ability as a mostly-robotic fighting machine and from the significant morale boost of his presence), it would not have been a YellowApplan victory. Granted, he's not exactly royalty, but his position of power is akin to a quasi-autocratic monarch.
  • Screw the Rules, I Have Money!: Averted in the later years of his life, but played straight in the earlier ones when he used his monetary might to rule YellowApple with an iron fist.