A character sheet for the ''FanFic/ClashOfTheElements'' fic series.
For convenience sake, list the characters in the order of the appearances within the story, and be aware that all entries are unmarked for spoilers..


[[folder: Debuting in ''Part 1: A Flame Reborn'']]



The undisputed hero of the Mushroom Kingdom, the famous red and blue wearing plumber is TheHero of this story and, unlike the games he originates from, he is given a personality and has a speaking role within the story.

In Part 1, Mario starts to form a sort of brotherly bond with the boy he is guarding, Alex Whiter, and helps both him and the Crayzee Dayzee Driad get accustomed the strange world of Plit. His brother joins him later on, and he reunites with former allies Mallow and spoiler: Geno. He also meets a couple new characters, Gemini and Alpha. As the course of events in the story unfold, he becomes inflicted with guilt when Bowser kidnaps Peach and vanishes from sight, and his primary motivation ends up being more focused on finding her than it does towards getting the Elemental Stones. After rescuing her, he joins the other heroes at the Origin Temple. His Genesis Samurai opponent there is the Fire Samurai Zeno Blaze. He later combats Joe Dark to give Alex time to recover, but loses even after getting the Star Spirits power boosts. He does, however, go on to destroy his sword.

In Movie 1, Mario, Luigi and Mallow combat the Subspace Army in Toad Town, and follows Alex alongside Luigi into Subspace to take on Tabuu. However, the Mario Bros. are tossed into the blank state of the Great Maze before they get to do anything, though they are later freed.

In Part 2, Mario fights the Axem Rangers X after Alex is trapped in the Anti-Genesis Sphere, but only manages to take down four of them before collapsing from exhaustion. He is currently in Alpha's M.S.I. battleship, and isn't fighting because he wants to watch the Commander so he can't perform any suspicious actions. He then joins him in traveling through the Realm of Darkness, confronting him on his problems before they got combat Cackletta. After the witch's defeat he is last seen traveling back to Plit with the Commander.

'''Associated Tropes:'''

* BadassMustache
* BadassinDistress: Briefly, when Bowser holds him hostage in exchange for the heroes' Elemental Stones.
* BerserkButton: Besides the "Don't Hurt His Friends" mentality that has carried over from the games, Mario REALLY dislikes it when anyone tries to abuse their authority to get what they want. Both of these buttons being pressed at the same time when he discovered Alpha electrocuting Alex is the exact reason why he dislikes the Commander so much
* CatchPhrase:
** "Lets-a-go!" and "It's-a-me, Mario!", though the second one overlaps with another trope. See PreAssKickingOneLiner below.
* TheDeterminator: Through thick and thin, he WILL save Princess Peach whenever she is in danger. Even after his back has been cracked by a powered up Bowser he gets up and manages to deal the final blow to him in order to rescue her.
* ElementalPowers:
** MakingASplash: F.L.U.D.D. 2.0
** PlayingWithFire: Since this story follows the {{RPG}}s as canon, Mario primarily uses the Firehand from ''Superstar Saga'' to fulfill this trope.
* FlatCharacter: Quite obviously averted here.
* GoombaStomp: Surprisingly, this DOESN'T happen within the story, mainly due to the lack of Goombas [[spoiler: on the enemy side of things]]
* GratuitousItalian: Pops up in the first couple of chapters, but the author then drops the accent for rather unknown reasons...
* TheHero
* HeroicBSOD: Quite surprisingly, Mario goes through one of these moments briefly when because he paid no heed to Bowser's presence at the Lightning Palace, Peach ended up getting kidnapped by him again, and he knows nothing about where she might be.
* HeroicMime: Averted.
* HopeBringer: And as Alpha points out, if Mario were to ever be killed by Bowser, the people of the Mushroom Kingdom would never be able to recover from the loss.
* ImpliedLoveInterest: Averted in comparison to the games. With time being spent in the narrative to show Mario's thoughts and feelings, it is pretty clear that he and Peach are starting a relationship.
* MultipleChoicePast: Averted in this story, where it is stated within the story that both he and Luigi came from Earth. Of course, nothing is said about where they lived...
* NiceHat
* PreAssKickingOneLiner:
--> "You don't know? It's-a me, Mario!" Said to Joe Dark right before he [[{{CrowningMomentOfAwesome}} PERMANENTLY DESTROYS HIS SWORD]]
* SuperMode: Zeo Mario
* UnderestimatingBadassery: Mario is on the receiving end of this during the final fight against Joe Dark. But of course, Joe Dark really should've known better than to mess with a man who has traveled the ends of the universe just to save his loved one.
* WallJump: Actually uses this a couple times during his fights to help hit foes that are much bigger than he is.
* WeaponOfChoice: The Hammer, which gets pulled out a couple times over the course of the story.

!!Professor E. Gadd

The somewhat absent-minded, elderly yet lovable Professor who has helped the Mario Bros. on many occasions, he has a much bigger role in this story than he does in most other games. He is the instigator of the plot, when he finds and shows Mario a tablet containing details on the Overlord's legacy.

Throughout Part 1 he mainly stays in his lab, expositioning on details he discovers and updating his personal device, the iGadd, to show the heroes the locations of the next Elemental Temples.

In Movie 1, E. Gadd helps fight against the Subspace Army by taking control of Alpha's Command Sphere

In Part 2, E. Gadd is so far mysteriously absent from the plot, and what is more surprising is the fact that nothing has been said about him.

'''Associated Tropes:'''
* AbsentMindedProfessor
* GadgeteerGenius
* MissionControl: During Part 1
* OpaqueNerdGlasses
* TheProfessor
* PutOnABus: In Part 2
* TechnoBabble: Averted, probably because it is really important that the heroes understand what he is telling them.

!!Alex Whiter

An 11-year old boy from Earth who was brought to Plit by Mario because he fits the description of the prophecy of the Elemental Overlord's return. A kid that is knowledgeable about many video games, especially those in the Super Mario series, he is capable of flying for reasons he has never divulged. He travels with Mario and his allies, helping them in whatever ways he can. [[spoiler: His parents died when he was younger via a rogue comet striking them down, and he basically taught himself all he knows afterwards.]] Part 1 eventually ends with him becoming the new Elemental Overlord, and he now has the spirits of the Genesis Samurais, Inner Guardians, and the original Elemental Overlord trapped inside of his body.

In Movie 1, Alex fights Tabuu in Subspace, and after hearing his backstory he vows to avenge his suffering and the loss of his homeworld by slaying the Master Hand.

In Part 2, Alex is currently out of commission thanks in part to a sphere made out of something called the Anti-Genesis Theorem. By this point in the story, he has turned 12. He is finally freed from the sphere just in time to fight his EvilCounterpart, but by the end of the battle he sacrifices his own life to destroy him for good

'''Associated Tropes:'''
* AdaptiveArmor: In his Lightning Sniper form
* BadassNormal: Before he acquires the Elemental Overlord's powers.
* ByThePowerofGreyskull: Every line he says before activating his Elemental forms.
* CallingYourAttacks: "Blazing Overlord...FIST!"
* CurbStompBattle: Is on the receiving end of this quite a few times throughout Part 1 before he gets the Elemental Overlord's powers, though this is justified by the fact that, unlike Mario and the others, he hasn't had the experience and his first adventure has him fighting creatures far beyond the scope of normal human beings. However...When he gets the Overlord's powers, he still is on the receiving end of this trope TWICE against Joe Dark, only to turn things around by destroying him with the Blazing Overlord Fist.
* TheChosenOne
* DangerousForbiddenTechnique: The Blazing Overlord Fist, which while incredibly powerful, overloads the energy of the souls within Alex's body and threatens to destroy him after it is activated. It is stated in-story after E. Gadd finds a way to contain the flames that if Alex doesn't release some of the excess energy every now and then, the results would be cataclysmic.
* DeadpanSnarker: Has a few moments of this throughout Part 1.
* DeceasedParentsAreTheBest: Though Alex makes it quite clear throughout his explanation of their deaths that he misses them both to this very day.
* DecoyProtagonist: Confirmed as such via WordOfGod
* DemotedToExtra: In Part 2, mainly because there is really nothing he can do about The Anti-Genesis Sphere
* TheDeterminator: It is because of this very trait that He tries to use the Wind Stone to save the heroes from falling to their deaths in the Terra Cave, even though he didn't know at the time that the stone would work.
* ElementalPowers: Has everything the Elemental Overlord had. See the main page for details.
* EleventhHourSuperpower: Phoenix Form. The other Elemental Forms could've qualified for this trope, but they just turn out to be more like a ninth hour superpower.
* TheHeroDies
* HeroicSacrifice
* HiddenDepths: Despite his naivety Alex is quite mature for his age, showing empathy towards some of his enemies which ends up helping Tabuu see the error of his ways, and from the dialogue it is inferred that he is pretty good at whistling old Mozart tunes.
* InstantExpert: Subverted thanks to some dialogue from the original Elemental Overlord in Part 2, who states that while Alex is able to use the basic abilities of his elements, he needs to become more focused on his training if he wishes to master them all.
* KilledOffForReal
* MorphWeapon: The triggers on his flaming sword allow him to change his weapon into different forms based on those wielded by the Genesis Samurais
* NiceGuy: Oh GOD yes...
* NoKillLikeOverkill: How he inevitably finishes off Joe Dark, though in all fairness it was the only way to make certain that he would finally STAY DOWN.
* NotQuiteDead: Pulls this trope off quite a couple times in the final battle of Part 1. First he is battered around by Joe Dark, only for the Genesis Samurai's spirits to enter his body and heal him. And then his subconsciousness is destroyed by Joe Dark, and it takes the power of the hopes and dreams of EVERYONE on Plit plus the Star Rod to save his life.
** Tragically, this trope is ultimately subverted in Part 2...
* PowerGlows: The Blazing Overlord Fist
* PowerLimiter: The glove E. Gadd made him that is clenched to his right hand, which prevents the fire from the Blazing Overlord Fist from consuming him.
* RedOniBlueOni: He is the Blue to Joe Dark's red
* TheAtoner: Takes on this role for Tabuu, so he can finally find peace in death.
* StoryBreakerPower: The Phoenix Form's ability to use the energy from the 14 souls stored in Alex's body as a one-time use shield every time he enters the form. However, despite how powerful this sounds on paper, Both the lady in the robe and Tabuu's Off-Rings were shown capable of shredding through all the souls with incredible ease.
** Not to mention Chaos Alex's "Satanic Sin Bullet", which burned through two shields with each shot.
* SympathyForTheDevil: While he in no way felt sympathy towards Joe Dark after he revealed his backstory, he definitely expresses pity towards Tabuu after he talks about his.
* UnwittingPawn: Implied in Part 1 to have been one to Cackletta, who orchestrated the events of the Dark King's resurrection just so she could acquire one of the feathers from Alex's Phoenix Form. This is confirmed in Part 2.
* TheWorfEffect: Against the Lady in the robe, who is able to wipe the floor with him without any difficulty whatsoever.
* WouldHitAGirl: Strikes Axem Pink a few times during the battle with the Axem Rangers X, but this could ultimately be justified by the fact that she is a robot and not a living being.

!!Princess Peach

The cheerful, highly-esteemed princess of the Mushroom Kingdom, and the love interest of Mario. The Princess spends most of her time in her castle throughout the story, being updated on the events by Mario as things progress. She is a kind-hearted ruler who cares deeply for her subjects, and the prime target of Bowser on various occasions.

She is partially responsible for Rosalina's arrival on Plit, since she sensed the dissent in the air after first meeting Mario and Alex during the journey, and she used as a hostage by Bowser near the end of the quest so he can acquire the Elemental Stones for himself. Later on, when the Dark King threatens the stability of the planet, she braves the danger to try and help rally the people's hopes back up.

She was absent in Movie 1, and so far has only had a cameo in Chapter 21 of Part 2.

'''Associated Tropes:'''
* BadassinDistress: Like usual, when Bowser kidnaps her while Mario and the others are busy at the Lightning Palace
* DistressedDamsel: This only happens once throughout the story.
%%* HighClassGloves
* IncorruptiblePurePureness: If Alpha is to be believed, this is ultimately subverted, no thanks in part to her being possessed by the Shadow Queen.
* OnlySaneMan: Bears the burden of this role during the Dark King's magical assault, where she tries with all of her might to stop her people from panicking. Like E. Gadd above, she is one of the few people that aren't unhinged by fear during the Dark King's assault on the planet.
* RoyalsWhoActuallyDoSomething: After all, it was because of Peach that Rosalina was able to show up and perform her BigDamnHeroes moment
%%* StatuesqueStunner


A Crayzee Dayzee who lives in the Osagi Woods just north of Toad Town. He has been alive for two-thousand years, apparently a Good Guardian created by the Elemental Overlord to help out those he deems worthy to going after his power. He joins Mario and Alex after judging their worth, and even with some slight lapses in his memories he proves to be a competent fighter as they continue on their quest. As it is later revealed Driad is actually a former Outer Guardian, having lost his memories of that time of his life along with his original form after losing in battle to a particular strong Boo. But exposure to the Elemental Stones helps restore most of his memories after this startling revelation, and he regains his form, that of a wolf-like creature. After a brief identity crisis brought on by the revelations of the murders he committed in the past, he tames his wolf form with Gemini's help. His Genesis Samurai opponent is Acia Rose, and like most other heroes he fails to stop Joe Dark in the later battle.

In Movie 1, Driad helps Alpha fight off the Subspace Army outside the M.S.I. Base, making friends with him in the process.

In Part 2, Driad seems to have become more aloof, but as it is revealed when he teams up with Luigi to combat Dimentio, this is all an act he has decided to use to avoid thinking about the more serious problems in life, especially after witnessing the futile deaths of the Genesis Samurais. Even so, he recovers from this problem and proves vital in stopping Dimentio once and for all.

'''Associated Tropes:'''
* AxCrazy: You wouldn't believe this just by looking at him but then you find out the truth about his past...
* BackToBackBadasses: With Luigi in Part 2
* BerserkButton: Driad REALLY hates [[{{HeroicSacrifice}} Futile sacrifices]], specifically after the Genesis Samurais performed theirs against Joe Dark. Dimentio presses this, but only so he could get some enjoyment from watching his reaction.
** Also, it is not a wise idea to threaten Alex in front of him.
* BewareTheNiceOnes: As the Outer Guardian of the Frozen Palace quickly found out.
* {{BFS}}: Though the leaf blade he creates normally doesn't qualify, the sword in his Star Spirit form does, but only in comparison to his own body.
* CloudCuckooLander: Had a few moments of this in Part 1, but this is taken UpToEleven in Part 2. Subverted though as it is revealed that the increase in goofy behavior was all an act to help him avert his focus away from his own problems.
* CurbStompBattle: Delivers one to the Outer Guardian of the Frozen Palace after he regains his Outer Guardian form.
* {{Determinator}}: Tanks through Acia Rose's DesperationAttack just so he could defeat her at the same time as himself
* ElementalPowers: His power to control a variety of plants.
* FailureKnight: As revealed at the end of Part 1, he hates the fact that he wasn't strong enough to do ANYTHING to Joe Dark, and fears what will happen if someone stronger than him were to ever show up.
* FriendToAllLivingThings: Part of the reason the trip through the Osagi Woods doesn't end in disaster for Mario and Alex is because Driad is friendly with all the creatures in the woods, especially the wolves. Turns out, there is a good reason for that second one.
* GoodIsNotNice: His true form, but only in its first appearance.
* HeroicSacrifice: Driad hates the implementation of this trope with a passion, as revealed in Part 2
* IdentityAmnesia
* IntergenerationalFriendship: With Mario, Alex and the rest of the heroes. By many, MANY generations.
* KatanasAreJustBetter: In his Samurai form
* LastOfHisKind: As of the end of Part 1, he is the last remaining Outer Guardian.
* NotHimself: As Alex notes After his horrific beatdown of the Frozen Palace's Outer Guardian.
* NobleWolf: InvokedTrope. He wanted to be this trope after his memories came back and so he tamed his wolf form. As mentioned under FriendToAllLivingThings, he doesn't like the predator aspect.
* ObfuscatingStupidity: In Part 2
* OurWerewolvesAreDifferent
* ParentalAbandonment: With the Elemental Overlord, though this is justified by the fact that the Overlord had to seal his powers away anyways.
* Really700YearsOld
** OlderThanTheyLook
* SkilledButNaive: Is really good when it comes to fighting, thanks to his prior experience as an Outer Guardian, but his moments of aloofness make it hard for him to concentrate on bettering himself.
* SuperMode: Samurai Driad. His wolf form probably counts either for this or a heroic OneWingedAngel
* TomatoInTheMirror: [[{{TheReveal}} He is actually]] An Outer Guardian
* UndyingLoyalty: To the original Elemental Overlord.
* WouldntHitAGirl: Averted, as proven when fighting Acia Rose


Mario's Brother and the infamous man in green. At the start of the story Luigi is absent due to being in Sarassaland with Princess Daisy, but comes back to the Mushroom Kingdom to join up with his brother after a call from E. Gadd. Having now become brave for unknown reasons, he helps the heroes in collecting the Elemental Stones. It is later revealed that his bravery is something of an act that he is putting on because he wants to be able to have Daisy believe that he can be worthy of having her. His Genesis Samurai opponent is Cecilia Frost, and he loses like the rest of the heroes against Joe Dark later on.

In Movie 1, he helps Mario fight off the Subspace Army in Toad Town, and joins him in entering Subspace, where he is transported to the remains of the Great Maze by Tabuu.

In Part 2, Luigi's battle against Dimentio is renewed as the jester sets his sights on him to finish what they started long ago. At the same time, he has to deal with who he once was before, coming to terms with the identity of Mr. L in order to bring Dimentio down for good.

'''Associated Tropes:'''
* {{Adorkable}}
* BackToBackBadasses: With Driad in Part 2.
* BerserkButton: He really doesn't like remembering that he was once [[VideoGame/SuperPaperMario Mr. L]], and Dimentio keeps calling him by that name in order to edge him on.
* BewareTheNiceOnes: As Dimentio reveals, in the future Luigi basically goes batshit insane after a Shroob Invasion kills a pregnant Daisy, and not only stops the invasion by himself, but pretty much hijacks the Shroob Mothership and kills every hero in the Mushroom Kingdom, along with HIS OWN BROTHER. However, this whole thing is subverted because Dimentio's story turned out to be a lie. And then this is actually DoubleSubverted when WordofGod reveals that it really was Luigi that did these things, just not the Luigi we are following in this story.
* BigDamnHeroes: Pulls off one of these in his entrance chapter, destroying the Outer Guardian of the Aqua Palace not long after his appearance.
* ChosenOne: As revealed in Part 2, while Luigi was the chosen one of the Dark Prognosticus, in the end this extended further out in the sense that DIMENTIO chose him to fulfill the role of the chosen one.
* CowardlyLion: Averted here.
* {{Elemental Powers}}: His Thunderhand, still fresh from ''VideoGame/MarioAndLuigi''.
* HeroicMime: Averted in full.
* HiddenDepths: On the outside, he is brave if sometimes a bit cowardly, but in line with the games and as Dimentio points out, He has an incredible amount of jealousy built up within him because of his brother's fame and something of an inferiority complex that manifested itself as the [[VideoGame/SuperSmashBros "Negative]] [[{{RealityWarper}} Zone"]] which at the same time made him compatible with the Chaos Heart.
* TheLancer
* LightningBruiser
* NiceGuy: Pretty much the nicest guy among the heroes save for Alex.
* NiceHat
* OfficialCouple: Implied to be one with Daisy as of now.
* OneManArmy: Both the Subspace Army and Dimentio's clones learn this the hard way.
* SuperMode: Zeo Luigi
* TomatoInTheMirror: Subverted. Despite the stories, Luigi is NOT going to become Dimentio in any future...Until this turns out to be DoubleSubverted via WordofGod
* WouldntHitAGirl: Comes across this problem against Cecilia Frost. Luckily, he gets over it rather quickly.


Mallow is the famous cloud Prince from Videogame/SuperMarioRPG who lives in Nimbus Land after Mario helped him return there during their last adventure. Having become an accomplished mage, Mallow joins up with Mario and friends when their journey takes them into the clouds to go to the third temple. His spells prove useful during battles. Unfortunately, we can't really say much about Mallow in Part 1 besides this [[{{OutOfFocus}} because of a rather obvious trope.]] Though it should be noted that, His Genesis Samurai opponent was Tina Aqua.

In Movie 1, Mallow helps Mario and Luigi fighting the Subspace Army in Toad Toad, and afterwards helps Bowser hold off Pandora.

In Part 2, Mallow finally gets an increase in importance when he is assigned by Alex to help Gemini fight Smithy and his army. During their journey through the factory after Mallow destroys the upgraded Exor, the cloud Prince tries to bond with the Lieutenant, which proves to be an important point later on In helping Gemini conquer his demonic heart before he loses control. As of current, both Gemini and him are trapped in Smithy's Factory with no way to return.

'''Associated Tropes:'''
* AnIcePerson: Still retains Snowy from the game.
* BadassAdorable: Even more so than in the original game!
* ElementalPowers
* GetAholdOfYourselfMan: To Gemini in Part 2
* InterspeciesAdoption: Mentioned during the story
* OutOfFocus: In Part 1 and Movie 1.
* RoyalsWhoActuallyDoSomething
* ShockAndAwe: Shocker, Thunderbolt, Indignation
* SquishyWizard: Though this doesn't mean you should underestimate his effectiveness in battle...
* SuperMode: Sage Mallow
* TookALevelInBadass: While this might get overlooked due to an overall lack of focus, but Mallow has one of the better tracks records when it comes to the battles he is in. He always plays smart, manages to pull his allies out of tight situations, and in general is a lot braver compared to before. It should also be noted that he doesn't take much damage during fights, and it is only when he fights Smithy's true form that he actually finds himself struggling. Plus, as of Part 2, he can perform [[VideoGame/TalesSeries INDIGNATION]] of all spells.
* WeatherControlMachine: Most prominent in the display he shows to open the way to the Sky Palace.

!!Gemini/[[spoiler: Koopis F. Seark]]

Gemini is a yellow shelled Koopa who is also a Lieutenant in the M.S.I., or as he calls it the "Mushroom Secret/Spy Industry". He bears the title of the Blood Thunder, not only because of his control over electricity, but because he is said to have never let the red scarf wrapped around one of his arms get stained no matter how many battles he underwent. Gemini remains largely an enigma throughout all of Part 1, only little tidbits of his past being revealed throughout the story. As it turns out, [[spoiler: Gemini has a demonic heart in his body that allows him to control a more powerful black electricity, which is harnessed through a demonic state.]] [[spoiler: His Genesis Samurai opponent is Pitori Sparks.]]

In Movie 1, a lot more information about Gemini's past comes to light. [[spoiler: Not only does he hail from Koopa Village, but he was once friends with [[VideoGame/PaperMario64 Kooper]], who also made the red scarf he wears daily. His true name is also revealed.]] Over the course of this story, Gemini fends off a light Subspace force at Beanbean Kingdom and later helps the villagers in [[spoiler: his hometown]] ward off the Subspace Army's assault.

In Part 2, Gemini makes his entrance into the plot fighting [[spoiler: Axem Red X, subduing him for Alpha to interrogate later.]] He shows great interest in fighting [[spoiler: Smithy]] when he is revealed to be alive, and joins Mallow to take him down at [[spoiler: his factory]]. Even more details about the Koopa's mysterious past are revealed, mainly that he [[spoiler: Is a subject of Smithy's "Project: Demonheart", which was designed to transfer a demon's heart into the body of a Koopa in order to unleash their latent elemental powers under the machine king's control. When the machine king is finally confronted, Gemini almost ends up losing control of his demonic heart out of rage. But in the end he succeeds in not only quelling his heart's anger, but relieving himself of a great burden thanks to Smithy's death.]]

'''Associated Tropes:'''
* BadassBoast: To the Subspace Army in Movie 1:
--> "So let me give you a message if you are listening at this moment [[spoiler: [[{{BigBad}} Tabuu]]]]. Send every soldier you got here, bring them out by the hundreds, their sizes gargantuan in comparison to my own. You will never make me budge from the place where I was born, you will not touch the skin on any of my friend's bodies, you will NOT harm the children that will pave the way for the future of these lands, and you will certainly not succeed in your conquest so long as I stay even an inch away from the jaws of death! Today, I am not fighting for what's right under the name I chose to take in order to hide myself from the world, I will not refer to myself by the rank given to me by the man who gave me another chance at life, and most importantly I shall not hide from the foolish decisions I have made in the past. For in this body lays a lost soul that has chosen to return to the realm of the living, whose birthright has and always shall be to protect his homeland at all costs. In this land where harmony between Koopas can be found in the past, present and future, I, [[spoiler: Koopis F. Seark]], shall fight to the bitter end! Now come!"
* BadassCreed: Which he only utters when fighting someone one-on-one:
--> "Sins engulfed by a sea of fire, my trident acts as a beacon of hope for those who seek the truth...Though my heart may be heavy with darkness eternal, I will cast away all of these doubts and push myself towards a better tomorrow! I am Gemini of the Blood Thunder, the advent of your destruction!"
* [[spoiler: BadassTransplant]]: As revealed in Part 2, [[spoiler: The reason Gemini has his powers is because of Smithy transplanting a demonic heart into his body]]
* BerserkButton: Really hates it when his friends are threatened, much like Mario, but the best way to piss off Gemini is to [[spoiler: threaten his childhood friend Kaylie.]] Both [[spoiler: The Greap Juggernaut]] and [[spoiler: Smithy]] learned this the hard way.
* CastFromHitPoints: His title of the Blood Thunder has a double meaning. [[spoiler: Specifically, that he can convert his own blood into electricity in combination with his other attacks, at the cost of becoming exhausted if he pushes himself too far.]]
* DeadpanSnarker
* [[spoiler: DemonicPossession]]: This very nearly happens in Part 2 [[spoiler: After a combination of the demonic heart and his own rage allows the heart to start consuming his very being.]]
* FourStarBadass: He IS the Lieutenant of the M.S.I., and is stated in-story to be [[spoiler: Alpha's]] second-in-command.
* LetsGetDangerous: When he first transforms into his demonic state against [[spoiler: Gobbleguts]]
* [[spoiler: LivingBattery]]: According to [[spoiler: Smithy]], Gemini was intended to be one of these.
* NoHoldsBarredBeatdown: [[spoiler: Though it wasn't by his own will, the fact that his body was used by his demonic heart to pound Smithy to death qualifies him enough for this trope.]]
* [[spoiler: OneWingedAngel]]: A heroic version [[spoiler: almost]] happens in Part 2 [[spoiler: See DemonicPossession above]]
* ShockAndAwe
* SuperMode: His demonic state and [[spoiler: Angel Gemini]]
* TranquilFury: Against [[spoiler: Axem Red X]]
* WorthyOpponent: Considers [[spoiler: Pitori Sparks]] to be this.
* YouShallNotPass: To the Subspace Army in Movie 1.


Geno is the star herald from Videogame/SuperMarioRPG and is notable for being [[{{EnsembleDarkhorse}} one of the most popular characters in the entire Mario franchise]]. As in the game he originated from he inhabits the wooden doll with the blue cape for battle. In Part 1, his first appearance is when he appears before his elders the Star Spirits and is assigned to assist Mario and the others in their quest. A couple chapters after that, he [[spoiler: appears and takes down Joe Dark with ease]], reacquainting himself with his old friends Mallow and Mario afterwards and becoming a welcome addition to the group. As the story unfolds, it is revealed that, [[spoiler: Geno's starry body was created by the Elemental Overlord as a peace offering to the Star Spirits, he witnessed the events that left Driad without his memories and outer guardian form, and once knew the Genesis Samurais before they entered the Origin Temple. His Genesis Samurai opponent is Ezekial Gaia, and unlike the others fighting against Joe Dark he proves to be instrumental in his defeat, sacrificing his physical body so his friend Driad can live and then convincing the Star Spirits to use the Star Rod in conjunction with the hopes and wishes of the people to heal Alex so he can combat the Dark King. After the battle he has become the new overseer of Star Haven and the planet alongside Twink, and is this forced to not have as much contact with Plit as he did before.]]

In Movie 1, Geno teams up with Alex to defend Star Haven from the Subspace Army. He fights a reborn [[spoiler: Galleom]], and is later joined by [[spoiler: Alpha riding a controlled Duon]] when Alex heads into Subspace to combat [[spoiler: Tabuu]]

In Part 2, Geno is noticeably absent. [[spoiler: But as Chapter 30 reveals, he was bound against his will by Cackletta's magic so he and the other Star Spirits wouldn't interfere with her affairs. When he is freed by Bowser and Kamek, he shares no objections in giving the Koopa King the Star Rod to combat the Dark Star.]]

'''Associated Tropes:'''
* ArmCannon
* AuthorityEqualsAsskicking: [[spoiler: Especially now that he has become the observer of Star Haven and Plit]]
* BadassArmfold
* BadassCape
* BigDamnHeroes: Makes his entrance this way [[spoiler: against Joe Dark]]
* BigGood: [[spoiler: Upgraded to this role for entirety of Plit as of the end of Part 1]]
* ButNowIMustGo: [[spoiler: To Driad at the end of Part 1]]
* CallingTheOldManOut: To the Star Spirits (specifically Eldstar) for hiding information about [[spoiler: Cackletta]] from him.
* CatchPhrase: "I serve...A higher authority."
* DarkIsNotEvil: [[spoiler: Despite his SuperMode (See Below) having an appearance similar to a [[VideoGame/MarioParty Ztar]], Geno is one of the nicest guys you could ever come across.]]
* {{Determinator}}: Especially against [[spoiler: Galleom]], all for the sake of protecting Star Haven.
* FrickinLaserBeams
* HeroicSacrifice: Of his physical body [[spoiler: in the final battle against Joe Dark]]
* KamehameHadoken
* LightningBruiser: After activating [[spoiler: Geno Boost EX]]
* MrExposition: About the Star Spirits' affairs [[spoiler: and to Driad about his past.]]
* MyGreatestFailure: When he [[spoiler: was unable to do anything to save Driad from his fate]]
* PintSizedPowerhouse: It is easy to forget that his doll body is only slight shorter than Mario is.
* PutOnABus: [[spoiler: Justified in Part 2, thanks to Cackletta's magic]]
* TheReveal: See the beginning of the Part 1 spoiler description above for the details.
* SecretKeeper: [[spoiler: About Driad's past.]]
* [[spoiler: SuperMode]]: [[spoiler: Ztar Geno]]
* TheUnpronouncable: His real name, as usual.
* WaveMotionGun
* YouShallNotPass: To the Subspace Army in Movie 1

!!The Star Spirits

The seven celestial beings from ''VideoGame/PaperMario64'' that are responsible for governing Plit from Star Haven. They also guard the Star Rod and the [[VideoGame/MarioParty Dream Depot]]. They appear in Part 1 after some concern is brought because of the journey that Mario and the others are going on. They send their herald Geno down to assist them, and continue to watch from above. They are later responsible for [[spoiler: powering up Mario and the others for battle against Joe Dark, and then getting the energy in the Star Rod necessary for healing Alex Whiter.]] Unfortunately, their later action got them in trouble with the [[spoiler: higher-ups]] and thus they were forced to surrender their position of power over to Geno and Twink for a few years.

They don't appear in Movie 1, and only have a brief cameo in Part 2 [[spoiler: Because Cackletta bound them to their Sanctuary with dark magic]]

'''Associated Tropes:'''
* BigDamnHeroes
* DemotedToExtra: After Part 1
* SuperMode: They give these to [[spoiler: The rest of the heroes in Part 1]]






!!Joe Dark



!Inner and Outer Guardians:

!!!Tropes Pertaining to Most Outer Guardians:

!!Aerial Sage Skyus

!!!Tropes Pertaining to Most Inner Guardians:

!!Sky Emperor/[[spoiler:Fujin]]

!!Lightning Djinn

![[spoiler:The Genesis Samurais]]

!!!Tropes Pertaining to All [[spoiler:Genesis Samurais]]

!![[spoiler:Acia Rose]]

!![[spoiler:Tina Aqua]]

!![[spoiler:Darnia Stratos]]

!![[spoiler:Pitori Sparks]]

!![[spoiler:Ezekial Gaia]]

!![[spoiler:Cecilia Frost]]

!![[spoiler:Darwin Serenta]]/[[spoiler:Zeno Blaze]]

[[folder: Debuting in ''Movie 1: Rebirth of Subspace'']]




[[folder: Debuting in ''Part 2: Judgment of the Dark King'']]

!!Axem Rangers X



!![[spoiler:[[Franchise/KingdomHearts The Heartless]]]]

!![[spoiler:Alex Whiter?]]

!![[spoiler:Dark Star]]