Characters / Choudenshi Bioman

The Biomen

Gou Shiro/Red One

Takasugi Shingo/Green Two

  • The Lancer: He is the Number Two after all, but he really cements himself in this position once Mika bites it.

Nanbara Ryuuta/Blue Three

  • Punny Name: His Bioman codename is a pun on how the Japanese pronounce "Bruce Lee".

Koizumi Mika/Yellow Four I

Yabuki Jun/Yellow Four II

Katsuragi Hikaru/Pink Five


  • Gender Flip: Even though he's technically a sexless automaton, he addresses himself as a male in the Japanese original. In the English dub however, he was made female.
  • Robot Buddy

Bio Robo

Neo Gear Empire

Doctor Man


  • The Dragon
  • The Starscream: This is implied to have been the case in the series' past; though never implemented on-screen.



Anti-Bio Union

Bio Hunter Silva

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