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Characters: Chaos Wars
List of all Original Generation characters. As such, there will be spoilers. This page needs to be expanded on a lot, so any contribution is appreciated.

For other characters, please visit the character pages of their respective series.

Hyōma Kusaka

Actor(s): Hayato Itō (JP)

The protagonist and Player Character of the game. He, along with his two childhood friends Shizuku Mizuki and Hayatemaru Mudōin, end up trapped in Endia. While Hyōma does want to eventually return home, he is in no rush to do so.


Hayatemaru Mudōin

Actor(s): Kōsuke Okano (JP)

Goofball friend of Hyōma and Shizuku, Hayate is cowardly and wears a scarf simply because "it's stylish". Often makes really bad puns and quotes cult classic filmsbecause he thoroughly believes he's the comic relief of the group.


Shizuku Mizuki

Actor(s): Mako Katagai (JP)

A hyperactive friend of Hyōma, Shizuku loves fighting games and hitting people with paper fans. She also has a tendency to give everyone she meets "cute" nicknames—much to the chagrin of the others. Claims to love mahjongg but barely knows the rules to the game.


  • Genki Girl
  • The Nicknamer: She often gives cutesy sounding nicknames to party members, e.g. calling Hayatemaru "Hayappy" and Okita "Okitty". (have to find out what she calls them in the original JP version)
  • Paper Fan of Doom: Wields one. Even uses two of them as her Realize weapons.
  • You Gotta Have Green Hair
  • "You're Not My Type": Says this in response to Lubul's advances.
    Shizuku: You're not really my type! Don't come near me.

Rin Sunroad

Actor(s): Akiko Kawase (JP)

Rin is a "Gate Master", a kind of conductor capable manipulating and tinkering with Endia's teleportation gates. She also acts as an exposition guide to those who fall into the world (namely the Knights). Clumsy but has a strong sense of duty towards her job, although she doesn't know the true inner workings of the world.


  • Cute Clumsy Girl
  • Meaningful Name: Rin Sunroad. She is the one that leads the party to the top of the Tower of Life, where the final boss awaits (and where the sun is fixated).
  • Miss Exposition: She explains Endia to newly summoned Knights.


Actor(s): Nami Harada (JP)

A native girl to Pagoras Island, she is a warrior woman who adheres to the law of proving worth and working through hunting. She attempts to make Hyoma her "groom" but Hyoma bests her in a one-on-one fight. Going by the laws of her tribe, she offers herself (her hand in marriage) to Hyoma as a prize, which irritates Hyoma to no end.



Actor(s): Hiroyuki Hosokawa (JP)

A monkey with low intelligence and seems to know all the ways to push someone's buttons. He finds fun in annoying others. Falls in love with Shizuku after being defeated by her paper swords.


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