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Characters: ChalkZone

Rudolph Bartholomew "Rudy" Tabootie

Voiced by: Elizabeth Daily

The main protagonist of the show. In the original Oh Yeah! Cartoons shorts, he was eight years old when he first discovered ChalkZone by finding a piece of magic chalk in his classroom. Come the show, he is now ten years old, and continues to have adventures in ChalkZone.

Penelope Victoria "Penny" Sanchez

Voiced by: Hynden Walch

Rudy's friend/love interest. She is a studious ten-year old girl who was introduced to the world of ChalkZone when Reggie Bullnerd erased her scientific formula, and Rudy took her into ChalkZone in an attempt to get it back. Since then, she's often accompanied Rudy on his misadventures.

Snap White

Voiced by: Candi Milo

A superhero-like zoner created by Rudy when he was eight years old. When Rudy entered ChalkZone, he discovered Snap and the two have gone on adventures as close friends. There are times when Snap entered the real word, either on purpose, or dragged there by being kidnapped.


Voiced by: Jim Cummings

The most recurring antagonist on the show. Skrawl was originally going to be a birthday gift by Rudy to a kid at a birthday party, but Reggie Bullnerd and his friends ruined it, and Rudy erased him into ChalkZone. Ever since then, Skrawl has blamed Rudy for his grotesque appearance, and constantly schemes to bring him down.

Reginald Clark "Reggie" Bullnerd

Voiced by: Candi Milo

Mr. Horace T. Wilter

Voiced by: Robert Cait

Joe Tabootie

Voiced by: Jess Harnell

Mildrid Tabootie

Voiced by: Miriam Flynn


Voiced by: Rodger Bumpass

Principal Stringet

Voiced by: Iona Morris

Bruno Bullnerd

Voiced by: Jeff Bennett

Officer O' Neil

Queen Rapsheeba

Voiced by: Rosslynn Taylor

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