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A collection of all the characters shown in Butterfly Crossing.

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Alphonse Elric
He wasn't prepared for this.

What if Ed had been the price to bring their mom back?

When Ed and Al tried to bring their mom back at a young age, something went horribly wrong. The two of them were taken to a gateway surrounded by eternal nothingness, where they met an individual known only as "The Truth". He told them that there was a price to be paid if they wanted the soul back, and Ed chose himself.

"If you can have mom back, it's worth it, Al!" Those were the last words he ever heard from Ed.

Alphonse did try to pull his brother back. He begged him to reconsider his decision, but it was too late... and the gate took Al's arms as well.

Now outfitted with two automail arms and given the title of "Fullmetal Alchemist" by the State of Amestris as the youngest State Alchemist in the nation's history, Al fights in his brother's memory to one day find the Philosopher's Stone to set things right once again. The butterflies had summoned Alphonse as one of the first heroes

"Everyone, regroup."

What if Revan had regained his memories?

Revan is a Jedi Knight of the Galactic Republic. At the age of twenty he forsook the Jedi Order and rallied the Jedi Crusaders to aid the ailing Republic in the Mandalorian Wars. By all accounts, it was his intervention that allowed to the Republic to push back and defeat the Mandalorians. After the disastrous battle of Malachor V where the war was ended, Revan and his partner Malak left known space to search for the remaining Mandalorians. During this time he found himself on Dromund Kaas, the homeworld of the lost Sith Empire. There, they were enlisted into the service of the Sith Emperor and began a campaign against the Republic they once protected. During this war, Revan was killed. His apprentice and life-long friend Malak turned against him during a battle with a group of Jedi.

His mind was shattered and his memories lost… for a time. He was thrust into the war he started as a foot-soldier with an altered memory and quickly rejoined the fray of important events. After saving the life of Bastila, the Jedi who fought against him, and saved him as of Malak's betrayal, he was taken to Dantooine. From there, he journeyed across the galaxy collecting his memories and information regarding the secret location of the Star Forge. During his battle with Malak and three of Dark Jedi Disciples, Revan was called upon by the butterflies.

"I don't want to sound like a coward or anything... but armies really aren't my thing."

What if the Maximals had intercepted the Darkseid?

Speedor, a young Maximal cadet, was stationed aboard Optimus Primal's ship, the Axalon, when it was sent on a sudden chase across space, to capture Megatron's commandeered ship, known as the Darksyde. However, before it could open a transwarp portal, it was crippled by a passing asteroid, allowing the crew of the Axalon to capture and apprehend the Predacon criminals. For his actions, Speedor was given many commendations and climbed the ranks of the Maximals quickly, eventually becoming a high-ranking security officer and captain of his own ship, the Axalon II.

Since his adventures as a young and hotheaded cadet, Speedor has matured quite a bit, and although he can still be somewhat rash and impulsive, he is a good leader and a wise commander. However, sometimes he feels that he isn't truly deserving of his impressive titles.

Walter C. Dornez
He's a vampire now. Only not dead.

What if Walter had been shot during the Valentine raid?

Being shot in the chest during the Valentine raid by sheer accident at the Hellsing Manor when he was with Seras, Walter had no choice but to betray Hellsing and defect to Millennium to survive. After the Doctor turned him into a vampire, He immediately betrayed them to defect back to Hellsing.

He, Alucard and Seras undertook a different mission for Sir Integra: Eliminate every vampire on the planet.

Gamzee Makara

What if Gamzee had been raised by Vriska's Lusus?

Iwao Akatsuki

What if Iwao had defected from Trident and become an agent of ARCAM?

Captain Iwao Akatsuki, one of Trident Corporation's best mercenary soldiers ever recruited in securing OOPArts for the company in the field. His rival was Yu Ominae, a Spriggan agent working for the United States-based multinational archaeological company ARCAM Corporation. The two had met in a cursed forest located in India before they placed their corporate differences aside to team up and lift the curse to help Rama be at peace. But as Iwao continued to maintain his post with Trident, he continued to clash heads with Yu as long as the two of them are deployed on the field.

But things began to change when Trident covertly acquired COSMOS (Children of Machine Organic System), an American Army-created black ops unit composed of young children and teenagers indoctrinated to assassinate their targets via special forces tactics, as their main offensive unit. Due to this in addition to some shakeup within the company leadership, Iwao was forced to be on the run with German ninja-trained Neo-Nazi Bo Brantze when Japan was threatened with a major earthquake. This forced him to to create an alliance with Yu and the remaining Spriggans to stop corrupt Trident and ARCAM officials from conducting a catastrophe that can destroy the planet by using the natural energy of Gaia in the South Pole.

Because of this event, Iwao was disgusted by how far Trident was planning to go for business. After the massive volcanic eruptions ended, Iwao defected to Trident and went with Yu back to Tokyo when he signed up with the ARCAM Corporation as a Spriggan agent. He was summoned by the Great Butterly a few days after the said event had ended recently.

Ichimaru Gin

What if Gin had killed Aizen?


What if Deadpool had the Toxin symbiote?


Shima Chesha

What if the Cheshire Cat was the ruler of Wonderland?

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