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This character sheet is for Broken Saints.

WARNING: Anything beyond the main characters section will have implied spoilers simply so that certain parts of the page aren't entirely whited out. Simply acknowledging the presence of Lear Dunham as a prominent character counts as a spoiler, let alone saying anything about him. Major spoilers will still be marked however. You have been warned.

Main Characters


A young white woman orphaned at infancy and raised by Fijian villagers on the island of Lomalagi. She is an altruistic, nurturing soul who has the ability to heal people and also the ability to utterly destroy their bodies and souls. Despite her story sometimes resembling a big Trauma Conga Line, she never loses her purity of heart.

Played in the voiceover version by Janyse Jaud.

Tropes relating to Shandala:

Raimi Matthews

A cynical, sarcastic, and thoroughly jaded young computer programmer working in the fictional Coast City, California. As 1) the American (well, Canadian-American) and 2) the most straight-talking character of the four, Raimi often acts as the Audience Surrogate when more than one main character is involved in a scene. He is also not as skilled in the area of fighting as Oran and Kamimura.

Played in the voiceover version by Kirby Morrow.

Tropes relating to Raimi:


A highly devout Muslim terrorist/freedom fighter from Baghdad, who is constantly torn between the more peaceful ideals of his faith and the duty he feels to his country to fight the forces of the West. He is taken prisoner by Western forces early on. Not a reactionary character to recent events interestingly enough, as the character was created before 9/11, and the series was almost over when Gulf War II started.

Played in the voiceover version by Michael Dobson.

Tropes relating to Oran:


A quiet and aged Japanese Shinto (formerly Buddhist) priest. Despite what you might think, he is not The Mentor, and indeed he is rather simple-minded himself. His wisdom is depicted mostly through his goodness and strength of spirit rather than from worldly knowledge.

Played in the voiceover version by Colin Foo.

Tropes relating to Kamimura:

Supporting Characters

Lear Dunham

One of the co-founders of Mega Corp. BIOCOM, and famous philanthropist. Ever since he faked his own death has secretly been planning for twenty years or so to overthrow the global power systems and restart human civilization.

Played in the voiceover version by David Kaye.

Tropes relating to Lear:


A handsome young sailor who comes to Shandala's home on Lomalagi claiming that he knows the truth about Shandala's biological parents. She agrees to go away with him, for the first time leaving her home. Little does she know, Gabriel is actually her biological brother, and The Dragon to their father, Lear.

Played in the voiceover version by Brooke Burgess himself.

Tropes relating to Gabriel:

Benjamin Palmer

The CEO of BIOCOM, and son of co-founder Marshall Palmer. After Raimi is caught snooping around secret BIOCOM files, instead of firing him, Palmer gives him a promotion and a new job. He and Lear form The Omniscient Council of Vagueness in charge of the Evil Plan, but this sleazy son of a bitch underestimates his partner at a great cost. Unlike Lear, Palmer is only interested in the money, and believes the plan is different than it truly is.

Played in the voiceover version by William B. Davis.

Tropes relating to Palmer:

Chief Tui

The chief of the Fijian villagers on Lomalagi, and Shandala's adoptive father. A noble leader and gentle man, and also a very sad man since the death (murder) of his wife, Shandala's adoptive mother. When Gabriel arrives with the truth about Shandala, Tui reluctantly lets her go.

Played in the voiceover version by Greg Anderson.

Tropes relating to Tui:


A foul-mouthed porn and prostitution czar. Our heroes encounter him at a strip joint he owns in Coast City, CA. He is sometimes accompanied by his two bouncers, Phobos and Deimos.

Played in the voiceover version by Scott McNeil.

Tropes relating to Mars: