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Characters: Blackbook City
The currently defined cast of Arruruerie's Blackbook City.

The Humans

The Card Squad

An unusual police squad, each a partnered pair of a human child and a dog and divided into five branches, each with its own captain pair, color-coded, and named after a suit of cards. Oh, and Joker.

Zelda Taylor and Ace

Generally accepted as leaders of the Card Squad and captains of the (green) Spade branch. Highly overzealous, crush on their subordinates Chester and Queen, and more keen on proving what badasses they are in their line of work than anything, hence that they tend to turn a blind eye from the demon nobles in pursuit of more active threats like the Johnnycat.

Chester Georgia and Queen

Leaders of the red-trademarked Heart branch of the Card Squad and considered Zelda and Ace's seconds-in-command, aware of Zelda and Ace's likings for them but focused themselves on winning over Julia and King. From the Georgia family, likely the most noted of the human noble families.

Julia Sebastian and King

In charge of the Card Squad's Diamond branch and marked by the color blue. They prefer to do their active duty at night as King is fairly element-sensitive and that's led to them becoming friends with the nocturnal Marta and Joker.

Annabelle Lee Fitzhund and Jack

Leaders of the yellow Club branch, the least-liked among their coworkers and least gung-ho about their jobs, which would prove advantageous is the others would notice. Annabelle, for example, is friends with Lurker Wolf, making them connections on the demon side.
  • Almighty Janitor
  • Genre Savvy: Annabelle's family was from a world like ours - demons aren't the only things that get sucked through Lady Orochi's reality pits. Annabelle does use this to her advantage when dealing with monsters.
  • Jerkass: Especially Jack.

Marta Simon and Joker

In charge of the purple-coded Joker branch of the Card Squad, its entire force being one of partial zombies. They actually get along well with the two only genuine nice people (or person and dog) at their level in the squad, Julia and King, and are agreeable if they're in a good mood, albeit slow in the head and creepy-looking.

The Nobles

The self-made leaders of the native residents of Blackbook City.

The Georgias

The most influential but currently the smallest, made up only of musicians Lucifer the violinist and Celeste the pianist and their son Chester. Celeste is the one who devised and set up the Card Squad based on her and Lucifer's own animal affinities - she has a bat called Marius for a companion and Lucifer has a parrot named Odiel who they can instruct via music.

The Demons

Orochi Manor

The inhabitants of the house of Blackbook City's self-styled but undisputed (well, among monsters) queen.

Lady Orochi

A humanoid-formed dragon who slipped into Blackbook City's world to avoid the repercussions and added insult to injury of a Stalker with a Crush pursuit going wrong, her arrival allowing monsters and demons of all kinds to sneak in and make their home there as well. Taking advantage of the situation, she declared herself as the ruler of the city, though her "power" is only acknowledged by fellow monsters with the world's original inhabitants trying to take it back.


Lady Orochi's right hand (you mean it comes off?) and sidekick, originally a stag beetle Orochi caught where she was from.


The head maidservant at the manor, a foxgirl in a fox mask to hide eye damage and a Glasgow smile given to her when she was chasing a kuchisake-onna as a child - she was from the same world as Orochi, who felt slightly sorry for her and took her in, taking her with her into Blackbook City along with Mushimaru, hence how she found herself in her occupation, whose backstory would have been given before this portrayal in Swansongs.


Another servant, supposedly a witch, actually a human sent to spy at Orochi Manor by the Card Squad with two companions, a couple of hellhounds, Nikolai and Dimitri. She typically falls into the roles of cooking and repairs or modifications as well as their magical equivalents, those magical equivalents as well as most of the cooking done by the hounds.

Nikolai and Dimitri

Freya's partners, a pair of half-brother hellhounds, primarily as bodyguards for Freya in case the rest of the mansion staff realize what she's up to and for the sake of the assignment acting as mansion guards.
  • Affably Evil
  • Cluster F-Bomb: Nikolai uses coarser words as if they were simply colloquial if he's anxious.
  • Hair-Trigger Temper: Nikolai, though not to a raging extreme.
  • Hellish Pupils: They lack visible pupils altogether.
  • Insufferable Genius: And they're really cocky and exhibitionist about it. They often suggest or reveal, sometimes in unison, what the other mansion staff never would have devised or pull each other aside to snicker at something nobody else seems to get.
  • Red Oni, Blue Oni: Nikolai's somewhat emotional and edgy while Dimitri is more smugly collected. Their eye colors also ended up corresponding.
  • Those Two Guys
  • You, Get Me Coffee: Dimitri often literally and very casually does this to the fellow staff members, sometimes even his own brother, though only Nikolai and Momo humor him without complaint.

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